Swimwear Size Charts

Slight variations from one manufacturer to another invariably occur so please check the measurements in the specific size chart assigned to the product you are viewing. The size chart is located underneath the product description. Please note, the size charts shown on our website are given to us by the brand.

Size Charts by Swimwear Brand


How to take your Measurements

Measure under your arm, around the fullest part of your chest and around your back to the starting point under your arm.

Bend to one side to find the crease of your waist. Stand straight.
For female suits, measure around your waist allowing one finger between your body and the tape.
For male suits, measure 1" (2.5cm) below waist or just above the hip bone (where you would normally wear your swimsuit).

Stand straight, find the top of your hip bone. Measure around your hips, keeping the tape on the top of your hip bone.

Run tape measure over the fullest portion of your bust, down between your legs and up your back to your shoulder.