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StretchCordz specialises in swimming resistance products designed to enhance a swimmer's training and performance. StretchCordz offer a wide range of resistance products made from high-quality materials that are built to last.

StretchCordz resistance products are perfect for all swimmers, from beginners to professional athletes. StretchCordz are designed to simulate the resistance of water, making it easier to train and develop strength and power in the water. Swimmers can use these products to improve their stroke technique, build endurance, and increase their overall swimming speed.

Some of the most popular StretchCordz resistance products include drag belts, stationary swim trainers and resistance bands. These products can be used in various ways, such as tethering them to the pool wall, wearing them while swimming, or attaching them to a stationary object for dry-land training.

In addition to their standard resistance products, StretchCordz also offers custom resistance products tailored to specific needs and requirements. These products are ideal for swimmers looking to target specific muscle groups, improve their swimming technique, and enhance their overall performance.

StretchCordz is a trusted brand in the swimming community, providing top-quality resistance products that have been proven to help swimmers achieve their goals and improve their performance in the water.

StretchCordz resistance products are manufactured by NZ Manufacturing in the United States. 


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