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Swimwear Fabrics

A big factor in selecting the best swimsuit for you is first determining the right fabric for your needs. As each of the brands we carry offer swimsuits in varying fabrics that have been engineered for either recreational, training, or competitive use, selecting the right fabric is as important as selecting the right size when it comes to purchasing swimwear.

As a general rule of thumb:

  • If you spend long hours in chlorinated aquatic environments, we strongly recommend buying a swimsuit that is made from chlorine resistant swimwear fabrics like Polyester, over less durable materials like Elastane.  
  • If you are racing or competing at a high level you might like to look for swimsuits that are made from high performance fabrics, like Speedo’s Aqualab engineered Fastskin fabric.
  • If you are a recreational swimmer who spends lot of time at the beach or a small amount of time in chlorinated aquatic environments, you could select swimsuits that are made from chlorine resistant swimwear fabrics or materials like elastane and lycra.

Swimwear Fabrics by Brand

If you would like to learn more about the varying fabrics utilised by each of the brands we carry, you can click on the relevant link below to view all swimwear fabrics for the selected brand.

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