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Anti-fog goggle spray is designed to prevent goggles from fogging up. It is a coating that is applied to the lenses of goggles, and it works by creating a thin film on the surface of the lens that prevents moisture from condensing into droplets, which is what causes fogging.

When you wear goggles, your body heat and sweat can create a warm and humid environment inside the goggle, causing the lenses to fog up. Anti-fog goggle spray helps to reduce this by creating a hydrophilic layer on the lens, which attracts and spreads moisture evenly across the surface of the lens, instead of forming droplets that obstruct your vision.

Anti-fog goggle sprays are commonly used by swimmers and other athletes who wear goggles or swim masks. Anti-fog can be very effective in preventing fogging and improving visibility, which can be especially important in situations where clear vision is necessary.

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