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World Aquatics Approved swimwear and equipment is designed to meet the stringent regulations set forth by World Aquatics (formerly FINA), the governing body for competitive swimming. World Aquatics Approval is a testament to the quality, performance, and safety of the swimwear and equipment.

Swimwear and equipment that are World Aquatics Approved have undergone rigorous testing and analysis to ensure they meet World Aquatic's standards. These standards include criteria such as buoyancy, water resistance, and compression. World Aquatics Approval is given only to swimwear and equipment that meets or exceeds these standards, ensuring that swimmers can perform at their best in competition.

To obtain World Aquatics Approval, swimwear and equipment manufacturers must submit their products to World Aqutics for testing and analysis. World Aquatics then reviews the products to determine whether they meet the established criteria. If the product meets World Aquatic's standards, it is granted World Aquatics Approval and can be used in World Aquatics sanctioned competitions.

When a product is approved by World Aquatics, it is assigned a unique QR code that serves as a digital certificate of approval. The QR code is a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned by a smartphone or a specialized scanner to access information about the approved product.

The World Aquatics approved product's QR code contains details about the product, including the manufacturer's name, the product model, and the date of approval. This information is stored in a centralized database managed by World Aquatics, which can be accessed by anyone who scans the QR code.

The QR code serves as proof of World Aquatics Approval, which is required for a product to be used in World Aquatics sanctioned competitions. By scanning the QR code, athletes, coaches, and officials can quickly and easily verify that a product is approved for use in competition.

The use of QR codes for World Aquatics approved products is part of World Aquatic's efforts to ensure the integrity of competitive swimming. By making it easy to verify the authenticity of approved products, World Aquatics is helping to prevent the use of non-approved products that could provide an unfair advantage to athletes.

In summary, the QR code that World Aquatics issues once a product is approved serves as a digital certificate of approval that can be scanned to verify the product's authenticity and compliance with World Aquatic's standards. The use of QR codes is part of World Aquatic's commitment to maintaining the integrity of competitive swimming.



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