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Vorgee Destroyer Goggles - Silver Mirror/Black


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    The Vorgee Destroyer Goggles - Silver Mirror/Black are FINA Approved and designed to be the perfect choice for swimmers who need a combination of comfort and functionality during both racing and training. The goggles come with several features that make them stand out from other swim goggles on the market.

    One of the key features of the Vorgee Destroyer goggles is their fixed, deep, cushioned seals. This design helps to create a comfortable and secure fit, reducing the risk of leaks and allowing swimmers to focus on their technique and performance in the water. The cushioned seals also help to prevent pressure points around the eyes, reducing discomfort during longer swim sessions.

    The racing profile of the Vorgee Destroyer goggles means they have a sleek and low-profile design that reduces drag in the water. This can help swimmers to achieve faster times and better performance during competitive races. The ultra-lightweight construction of the goggles also makes them easy to wear for extended periods, without feeling heavy or cumbersome.

    The silver mirror lens of the Vorgee Destroyer goggles is designed to reduce glare and improve visibility in bright, sunny conditions. This can be particularly useful for outdoor swimming or when swimming in well-lit indoor pools. The lens also features an anti-fog coating, which helps to prevent the build-up of condensation on the inside of the goggles, ensuring clear vision throughout the swim.

    The Vorgee Destroyer goggles come with four interchangeable nose bridges, which allows swimmers to customize the fit of the goggles to their individual face shape. The silicone competition headstraps are designed to be durable and comfortable, and help to keep the goggles securely in place during races or training sessions.

    • FINA Approved
    • Ultra light, low profile, silver mirror lens
    • Fixed, deep silicone eye seals for added comfort
    • Silicone competition headstraps
    • Anti-fog coating for enhanced visual clarity
    • 4 interchangeable nose bridges
    • UV protection
    SKU: 808003-BK
Quickly becoming one of Australia's leading and most trusted aquatic accessories brands, Vorgee leave no swimmer doubting their equipment with their high quality, stylish and innovative range of swim accessories. Since 2005 when Vorgee opened its doors to the public a desire and passion for producing high quality products that are easy to use and understand has seen them forge a reputation as an innovative market leader in goggle design and accessories. This passion to adhering to stringent quality control, as well as using the latest technologies, best materials and manufacturers can leave you assured that when you purchase a pair of goggles or some accessories from Vorgee you will not only look stylish on pooldeck but you will also never look back at the pack.
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