Speedo Fastskin Junior LZR Racer X Black & Chroma Blue Jammers

Speedo Fastskin Junior LZR Racer X Black & Chroma Blue Jammers


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The Speedo Fastskin Junior LZR Racer X Black & Chroma Blue Jammers features increased zonal compression which streamlines the body while support seams hold you higher in the water, making you feel your fastest. Designed for young athletes using medal-winning Speedo swimwear technology

Product Features:
  • FINA Approved
  • Featuring the same medal-winning Speedo Fastskin technology used in the Men's Fastskin LZR Racer X Jammer
  • Increased compression & freedom of movement - A combination of 2 unique LZR Racer X fabrics offers horizontal stretch resistance providing intense muscular compression but still allows excellent freedom of movement through every stroke
  • Support seams - ultra-sonically bonded jammer seams have been specifically placed to improve the linkage of the body’s muscular kinetic chain, promoting better body positioning and increased muscular awareness
  • Improved jammer waistband - Microfibre and silicone strips guarantee a soft yet secure waistband. Anti-friction cord technology ensures the cord offers even tension and remains secure
  • Construction - Improved jammer finishes and components ensure a better fit, while the jammer's unique tape design guarantees you’ll stand out on the blocks
  • Regular waist height - The regular waist boys' jammer style offers greater flexibility and may be preferred by breaststroke and IM swimmers. However, waist height comes down to personal preference
  • Black and chroma blue colourway 
  • Fabric Upper – 65% Polyamide / 35% Elastane
  • Fabric Lower – 62% Polyamide / 38% Elastane
SKU: 8/10628C724

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Official FINA Approved Swimsuit

About FINA Approval

About FINA Approval

The Fastskin Junior LZR Racer X Black & Chroma Blue Jammers has been officially approved by FINA, the world governing organisation for swimming, diving and waterpolo. FINA approved swimwear must be used at FINA events, FINA sanctioned international events and the Olympic Games. Events at National Level are subject to the rules issued by Member Federations of competent jurisdiction. World records can only be homologated when achieved with FINA approved swimwear. FINA Approved racing swimsuits have a unique FINA barcode printed on the swimsuit, making it easily identifiable to swimming officials.




Fastskin Junior LZR Racer X Black & Chroma Blue Jammers manufactured by Speedo Swimwear the worlds leading swimwear brand. Speedo is passionate about life in and around the water, creating revolutionary new technologies, designs and innovations.

Size Chart

Speedo Fastskin Junior LZR X Boys

TAG SIZE* 24 26 28 30 32
BOYS SIZE 06 08 10 12 14
59CM - 62CM
23" - 24"
63CM - 66CM
24" - 26"
67CM - 70CM
26" - 28"
71CM - 74CM
28" - 29"
75CM - 78CM
29" - 31"
* Tag size is the size printed on the swimsuit size label. It is the number shown in brackets in the size drop down menu e.g Boys 10 / 26" - 28" (28)

Stock Availability

SIZE Dispatch Price
Boys 08 | Waist 24" - 26" | UK26 IN STOCK. SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS $219.95
Boys 10 | Waist 26" - 28" | UK28 IN STOCK. SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS $219.95
Boys 12 | Waist 28" - 29" | UK30 IN STOCK. SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS $219.95
Boys 14 | Waist 29" - 31" | UK32 IN STOCK. SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS $219.95