Arena Powerskin ST 2.0 Limited Edition Batman Boys Jammers

Arena Powerskin ST 2.0 Limited Edition Batman Boys Jammers


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The Arena Powerskin ST 2.0 Limited Edition Batman Jammers marks the next-generation in one of arena’s longest-standing FINA approved range of racing suits. Building on the original ST’s proven legacy, the 2.0 makes a leap in terms of technology, performance, comfort, and durability. 

Superior knitted fabrics have been augmented in the ST 2.0 with an extra durable lining to provide outstanding stretch, optimal compression and total freedom of movement. The result is a highperformance suit that minimizes surface drag for exceptional hydrodynamics, and offers unrestricted movement without compromising key muscle support.

In the ST 2.0, the seams have been moved to deliver greater ergonomic qualities, helping with body and leg lift and positioning, while also offering unrestricted biomechanical movement. In addition, flatlock construction of the seams contributes to the suit’s perfect fit, with the seams sitting snugly against the body to help keep optimum shape in the water.

  • FINA Aprproved
  • Limited Edition Print
  • Low profile seams
  • Greater support and compression
  • Fina Approved
  • Front and back lining
  • Extra-Flexible Knitted Fabric
  • Extra durability
SKU: 19-001704-503

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 Powerskin ST 2.0 Limited Edition Batman Boys Jammers is manufactured by Arena Swimwear, the Official Swimwear & Equipment Partner to Swimming Australia and the Australian Dolphins Swim Team. For over 35 years Arena has equipped the world’s leading swimmers and lovers of watersports with racing, training, and leisure swimwear and accessories built on a foundation of in-depth research, technical know-how, and an unyielding commitment to quality. Arena is the authentic waterwear brand for athletes and real sport lovers. Wherever there are water sports, there is Arena.

Size Chart

Arena Powerskin Junior Jammers Race Size Chart

AU BOYS SIZE 6 8 10 12
US/UK SIZE 22 24 26 28
54cm - 56cm
21" - 22"
56cm - 59cm
22" - 23"
59cm - 62cm
23" - 24"
62cm - 65cm
24" - 26"
60cm - 64cm
23.5" - 25"
65cm - 69cm
25" - 27"
71cm - 75cm
28" - 29.5"
78cm - 82cm
30.5" - 32"
*Size chart has been updated for 2019 

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Boys 08 / 24" SOLD OUT $94.95
Boys 10 / 26" IN STOCK. SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS $94.95
Boys 12 / 28" IN STOCK. SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS $94.95