Zealous Phoenix Mens Jammers

Zealous Phoenix Mens Jammers

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Rise above the ashes and fly through the water like bird gliding through the sky! In the ultra sleek Zealous Phoenix Jammers, you’ll be unstoppable! These cool jammers feature an explosion of fiery red and rust shades under shards of midnight black.

More than just a hot look, these fiery jammers fit like a dream. With flatlock stitching, a reinforced draw cord, and a firm fit, the Zealous Phoenix Jammers could turn even the slowest fish into a powerful phoenix bird! Best of all, they are built to last through anything and everything, thanks to their unbeatable chlorine resistant Zealous fabric.

Product Features:

• Chlorine resistant
• Knee-length design
• Firm fit
• Crotch lined
• Flatlock stitching
• Reinforced draw cord

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