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Where To Wear Your Swimsuit

Training Swimsuits

Training swimsuits are a great choice for those looking for an all purpose swimsuit. Chlorine resistant training swimsuits are fantastic for swimmers who spend hours swimming in chlorinated pools. Lycra swimsuits on the other hand are a great choice for those who spend a small amount of time at the pool. Most surf swimmers, divers, rowers, recreational swimmers and those who participate in other water sports tend to like the lycra swimsuits due to the stretch.

While there is nothing technically slow about training swimsuits they are not considered to be ideal for racing as they are generally lined in the front, back or both and if the swimsuit is chlorine resistant the fabric is much denser and heavier than racing swimsuits. However, a lot of junior swimmers like to race in Lycra swimsuits as they are comfortable, provide a firm fit and are often a more affordable option.

Training swimsuits should never be worn in hot spas, saunas or steam rooms.

High Tech Racing Swimsuits / High Performance Competition Swimsuits

High Tech Racing swimsuits are made from very sensitive fabrics which are often thinner and lighter than your traditional training swimsuits. Therefore, we recommend that your racing swimsuit should only be worn at important swimming meets such as State, National & International Competitions. They should NEVER be worn at swimming training.

You should wear your racing swimsuit for your race only. DO NOT wear your racing swimsuit in your warm up, race warm down or in between races as the swimsuit will perish faster. It is also more likely to catch on something when you are sitting around waiting for your next race.

Make sure you remove your racing swimsuit after each race and follow the "5 rules on how to care for your swimsuit."

NOTE: It is not uncommon for competitive swimmers to own several racing swimsuits which they interchange throughout their swim meet.

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