Vorgee Finger Paddle Set

Vorgee Finger Paddle Set

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Finger Paddles designed by coaches for swimmers to aid in training the muscle development and coordination. They produce resistance to the water, while increasing the proprioceptive awareness. By using the finger paddle the swimmer is able to consciously feel a high elbow position in Breastroke and a flexed elbow in backstroke, and most positive application of force in all strokes. Strength and technique is improved.

NOTE: There is no Vorgee Logo on the hand paddle straps. They are plain white only.

  • Small (yellow)
  • Regular (orange)
  • Corrects and strengthens stroke
  • 100% Polypropylene
SKU: 808078/808079

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Quickly becoming one of Australia's leading and most trusted aquatic accessories brands, Vorgee leave no swimmer doubting their equipment with their high quality, stylish and innovative range of swim accessories. Since 2005 when Vorgee opened its doors to the public a desire and passion for producing high quality products that are easy to use and understand has seen them forge a reputation as an innovative market leader in goggle design and accessories. This passion to adhering to stringent quality control, as well as using the latest technologies, best materials and manufacturers can leave you assured that when you purchase a pair of goggles or some accessories from Vorgee you will not only look stylish on pooldeck but you will also never look back at the pack.

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