Strokemakers Hand Paddles Size 1 S

Strokemakers Hand Paddles Size 1 S

An oldie but a goldie, the Strokemaker Hand paddles are the OG stroke technique paddles.  

Engineered to improve your stroke while limiting stress on your shoulders, these hand paddles will: 
  • Increase distance per stroke by inhibiting early recovery
  • Strengthen swimming specific muscles - i.e. muscles used in water propulsion
  • Improve your feel for the water with strategically placed holes and a flexible design
  • Exagerate both correct and incorrect swimming movements 

Perfect for drills, pulling sets and sprint-assisted swimming, you can use Strokemaker hand paddles for all four competative strokes. 

Product Features:
  • Dimensions - 19cm x 18cm

This product is SOLD OUT or from a past range.

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Strokemakers are the company behind the original stroke technique paddles. There paddles have been designed to improve technique and increase strength in the swimming specific muscles while reducing the pressure on the shoulders. Strokemakers paddles are used by top swimmers all over the world.

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