Odeclas Ethan Briefs

Odeclas Ethan Briefs

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What’s true blue and will stick to you like glue? The Odeclas Ethan men’s briefs, of course! These royal blue show-stoppers have a trendy geometric style white design that zigzags its way across the back and front of these bewitching blue briefs. And it’s not all about looks! These beautiful briefs were designed by Argentinian Olympic swimmer Javiera Salcedo, and that lady knows a thing or two about what serious swimmers need to stay comfortable through even the toughest training sessions and get to the top of their game. With a perfect fit and incredible durability, these briefs will have you going places!    
Product Features 
  • Chlorine resistant fabric
  • 53% Polyester - 47% PBT blend fabric
  • High UV protection (UPF 50+)
  • Fast drying
  • Full black lining made with non-degradable material
  • Perfect fit
  • Long lasting 
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The Odeclas brand was created by Spanish Olympic swimmer, Javiera Salcedo. Odeclas (Javieras surname "Salcedo" spelt backwards) was created after combining her training in fashion design and years of professional swimming. Javiera ensures all Odeclas products are made from innovative materials and oversees the production process from start to finish ensuring all products are manufactured to the highest standard.

Size Chart

Odeclas Male Size Chart

BOYS SIZE 10 12 14    
MENS SIZE XSmall Small Medium Large XLarge
TAG SIZE (XS) (S) (M) (L) (XL)
* Tag size is the size printed on the swimsuit size label. It is shown in brackets following the size on the size drop down menu e.g. Boys 10 (XS)
These sizes are a guide, ideally for a medium fit. If you require a tighter fit, Odeclas reccomend you choose one size down. 

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Mens Large / 34" (L) SOLD OUT $44.95 $22.48 Save 50%