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Poly-spandex is a popular fabric choice for swimwear designed for swimming training. This material is a blend of polyester and spandex fibers, which offers a range of benefits for swimmers. Poly-spandex fabric is known for its durability, excellent stretch and recovery, and resistance to fading and sagging over time. This makes it an ideal choice for swimwear that is subjected to regular use in chlorinated water.

Not only is it functional, poly-spandex fabric is also comfortable to wear and offers a great fit that conforms to the body's shape. This is important for swimwear used in training, as it allows for a full range of motion without hindering performance. Poly-spandex is breathable and quick-drying, which helps to regulate body temperature and minimize discomfort during long training sessions.

Poly-spandex fabric is an excellent choice for swimwear designed for swimming training. Its combination of durability, stretch, comfort, and quick-drying properties make it a reliable and functional fabric for swimmers of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, poly-spandex swimwear can help you perform at your best and enjoy your training sessions to the fullest.


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