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How To Put On Your Swimsuit

While putting on your swimsuit may seem like a simple task, we often get emails from customers asking, "How do I put on my swimsuit?" Don't feel embarrassed, putting on swimwear really isn't as easy at it seems!

So here is a simple three step guide to putting on your swimsuit.

STEP 1 - Place your feet through the leg holes of the swimsuit

If you are putting on a training swimsuit this is relatively easy as the leg holes are distinct, open and easy to find. However, this is somewhat harder when putting on a high tech racing swimsuit. It is often easier to find the leg hole by placing your arm all the way through it and then carefully gathering the excess fabric together so you can slip your foot through each leg hole.

It is very important that your toenails don't catch on the fabric, as this can cause pulls and damage your swimsuit. If you are trying on your racing swimsuit for size or putting it on to race in, we recommend placing a plastic bag over your foot or a sock before placing your foot through the leg holes. This makes is easier for your foot to slip through the hole and ensures your toenails don't catch on the delicate fabric.

For females it is really important to understand the concept of stepping through the top of your swimsuit before placing your feet through the leg holes. Many women tend to step in though the opening at the back of the swimsuit and end up with the back straps at the front of them. So if you are a female step through the opening at the top, so that by the time you start to pull the swimsuit on the front of it, is at the front of your body and the back straps are actually behind you (not in front!).

STEP 2 - Pull the swimsuit up to your knees, hips and then waist

The next step is to gather your swimsuit together and start to work it up your body starting from your ankles, up to your knees and hips. Don't use your fingernails to pull the swimsuit up, as like toenails this will only cause damage to the fabric.

If you are a female it is really important that you don't grab the straps and pull them up, dragging the rest of the swimsuit along. This causes damage to the fabric and can sometimes break the stitching on the straps or edges of the swimsuit. Also if you try to pull the swimsuit up your body using the straps the bottom half of your swimsuit may get caught on your knees, thighs or hips and will stretch the swimsuit.

If you have purchased men's swimwear the guide stops here. You should now have your swimsuit on and all that is left is to tie up the waist cord so that your swimsuit does not come down when you dive in the pool.

STEP 3 - Pull the swimsuit up to your chest

Now that the swimsuit is up to your waist, you need to continue to pull it up so it is sitting just above your bust. You can now slip each arm through the relevant strap (left arm through the left strap, right arm through the right). Again, please be careful that you don't stretch the straps or use your finger nails to pull the straps over your shoulders.

And there you go! Your new swimsuit is now on, you look fantastic of course and are ready for training or racing!

What about putting on a sports bikini?

Good question! Simply follow Step 1 and Step 2 to put the sports bikini pants on. To put on a sports bikini top you will need to:

  1. Place the bikini top in front on you and place your arms through the relevant shoulder strap (left arm through the left strap, right arm through the right strap).
  2. Work the straps up your arm, and then pop your head through the bottom of the bikini top so it pops out the top (like a singlet top).
  3. All you need to do now is slowly work the swimsuit down over your chest and upper part of your back.

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