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How To Care For Your Swimming Goggles

You might be surprised to know that your swimming goggles actually need just as much care as your training swimsuit and high performance racing swimsuits. The team at swimmer.com.au have developed the following goggle care guide to ensure you get the most use out of your goggles.

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RULE 1 - Don't rub the inside of the eye cup lens

Most swimmers will use their fingers, a towel or even lick the inside of the eye cup lens with their tongue to clean the lens or wipe away fog. Rubbing the inside of the goggle lens will cause damage, scratches and may even remove the anti-fog coating. This rule is really important for those of you who wear your goggles in the surf.

If your goggles are foggy simply dip them under the water and tip the lens up so the water runs out. This should clear the fog.

RULE 2 - Rinse after use

After you have worn your goggles in training or in your race make sure you rinse them in cold fresh water and lay flat to dry. Goggles are not made to withstand heat, so do not use warm or hot water to rinse them as this will cause damage to the strap, clips and lens.

Don't use detergents or other chemical products to wash your goggles as these will also cause damage. Cold fresh water is your best option.

RULE 3 - Dry after rinsing

After you have rinsed your goggles, the best thing to do is lay them flat to dry. Don't throw your goggles into your wet gear bag or wrap them up in a towel. This will cause bacteria and mould to breed and can cause damage to the goggles. Never leave your goggles out in the sun as the straps, clips and eye cups will dry out and break.

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