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DMC Swim Elite 2 Fins - Indigo

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    The DMC Swim Elite 2 Fins - Indigo have been designed as an all round swim training fin, ideal for intermediate to advanced athletes. They have been developed with a universal foot, unlike the original Elite Fins which have a left and right specific foot. The principal function of the DMC Swim Elite 2 Fins is to enable anyone from an intermediate level swimmer to an Olympic swimmer to achieve an exact kick balance while using their prefered arm stroke. As well as strengthening and toning the muscles, using the Elite 2 Fins during swim training sessions gives the legs neuromuscular memory so that when the swimmer proceeds to swims without fins, they kick more effectively.
    The DMC Fin range is not only a favourite amongst Australian and International Olympic athletes but also the fins of choice for many swim coaches worldwide. 

    • Universal foot (no left and right specific foot)
    • Super soft silform construction
    • V rail design increases surface area and displaces more water with up and down kicks
    • Drain chute on the top of the fins allowing water to flow freely, so that your fins stay on furing flip and tumble turns
    • Non-slip tread
    • UV Proof
    • Note: this item no longer comes in a carry bag. It will arrive on a cardboard header.


    • Silform
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DMC Swim is the World Leader In Swim Training Fin Technology with several models of Hi-Tech Swimming Fins or Flippers.
DMC Elite 2 Fins Size Chart
Size EUR US Mens US Womens Foot Length Foot Width Fin Length Fin Width
2XSmall 35 3 5 22cm 9.5cm 29cm 19.4cm
XSmall 37 4.5 6 22.5cm 9.9cm 30.3cm 20.2cm
Small 39 6 7.5 24cm 10.4cm 31.5cm 21.3cm
Medium Small 40 7.5 9 25cm 10.8cm 33cm 22.2cm
Medium 41 8 9.5 26cm 11.3cm 34.4cm 23cm
Medium Large 43 9 10.5 27cm 11.7cm 35.6cm 23.9cm
Large 45 11 13 28cm 12.2cm 37.1cm 24.6cm
XLarge 47 13 14.5 29cm 12.6cm 38.3cm 25.5cm
Updated March 2022

All feet are different, so fitting a foot into a fixed shape foot cavity of moulded flexible material is an inexact science. DMC fin sizes are pretty close to shoe sizes, but their different models have slight variations in their unique foot cavity either being universal, or specific left & right.

The most relevant measurement is from the back of the strap (at the top of the heel) to the toe. Due to the soft material there is some give and flexibility but not as much as a lace up shoe of course. The sizing on our website is provided by the DMC brand and is a 'Guide' only.

Fin Length = Measurement from back of fin heel to top of fin blade
Fin Width = Measurement of widest point of fin blade


How to measure your foot length

SIZE Dispatch Price
2XSmall (EUR 35 / Mens 3.5 / Womens 5) IN STOCK. SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS $98.95
XSmall (EUR 36 / Mens 4.5 / Womens 6) IN STOCK. SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS $98.95
Small (EUR 38 / Mens 6 / Womens 7.5) SOLD OUT $98.95
Medium Small (EUR 40 / Mens 7.5 / Womens 9) SOLD OUT $98.95
Medium (EUR 41 / Mens 8 / Womens 9.5) IN STOCK. SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS $98.95
Medium Large (EUR 43 / Mens 9 / Womens 10.5) IN STOCK. SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS $98.95
Large (EUR 45 / Mens 11 / Womens 13) SOLD OUT $98.95
XLarge (EUR 47 / Mens 13 / Womens 14.5) IN STOCK. SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS $98.95

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