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The DMC Super Fin is an all-level swim fin - reduces fatigue - increases speed - gentle kick action.
The Super Fin is a new standard in technology for learn-to-swim and recreational swimmers.
The DMC Super Fin uses DMC's patented Reverse-V-Rail (RVR) is now the standard technology for learn-to-swim and recreational swimmers. Built with an even softer material than other DMC fins the SUPER FIN develops your kick action while assisting your swim stroke and breathing pattern.
  • Features
  • Designed with DMC's patented Reverse V Rail (RVR) technology.
  • Universal foot cavity in the DMC Fins Super Fin.
  • Softer SILFORM© material.
  • Center drain chute.
  • 12 sizes from 5XS through to 2XL.
  • Benefits
  • RVR offers correct torque for maximum speed.
  • Silicone SILFORM© material for maximum comfort.
  • Reduce fatigue.
  • Suitable for all swimmer levels.

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