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Blucore Corsuit Training Sessions

Blucore Training Sessions

The Blucore Corsuit can be used for almost any swimming training, so here are some example sessions to demonstrate how the Corsuit can be applied to different types of training. All sessions are penned by Blucore’s High Performance Coach, who has extensive experience in working with both elite and sub-elite swimmers. However, every coach is different, and not all sessions will apply to all coaching methodologies. The sessions herein are purely intended to provide inspiration for the different ways the Corsuit can augment good swimming training.
  • Example Session - Sprint 1
  • Example Session - Sprint 2
  • Example Session - Sprint 3
  • Example Session - Medley
  • Example Session - Middle Distance 1
  • Example Session - Middle Distance 2
  • Example Session - Long Distance
  • Example Session - Triathlon
  • Example Session - Open Water


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