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Arena Swimwear's Max Life Fabric is a high-performance material designed specifically for training swimwear. Made from a blend of polyester and PBT, Max Life Fabric is extremely durable, chlorine-resistant, and offers excellent shape retention, ensuring that your swimwear stays looking and fitting like new for longer.

The Arena Max Life Fabric's superior chlorine resistance makes it ideal for frequent use in chlorinated swimming pools, where traditional swimwear materials can quickly break down and lose their shape. The fabric also provides excellent UV protection, preventing color fading and material degradation from exposure to the sun.

In addition to its technical properties, Arena Max Life Fabric is also soft and comfortable to wear, allowing for a full range of motion during training sessions. This combination of durability, comfort, and performance makes Max Life Fabric a top choice for competitive swimmers and serious athletes who demand the best from their training swimwear.


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