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Aqua Knuckles

Aqua Knuckles Dubl Wide - Dark Blue

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    The Aqua Knuckles Dubl Wide - Dark Blue are the ultimate tool to revolutionise your swimming technique and propel your performance to new heights. Designed with precision and perfected through rigorous research and testing, Aqua Knuckles Dubl Wide is the go-to choice for athletes worldwide seeking to enhance their hand positioning and maximize their surface area contact in the water.

    With Aqua Knuckles, you can achieve optimal open-finger positioning like never before. The silicone Dubl Wide bands, are expertly crafted to fit comfortably on your ring and middle fingers, creating a 5mm gap that ensures your fingers are positioned perfectly for improved stroke efficiency and control. Say goodbye to inefficient hand placement and welcome a new era of swimming excellence.

    By wearing the Dubl Wide during practice, you'll develop muscle memory that trains you into better open-finger technique. After just a few sessions, you'll experience the sensation of proper finger separation, leading to an increase in hand surface area of up to 10%.

    • Comes in a mesh reusable bag
    • Double silicone bands
    • Made to slide over the ring and middle fingers of each hand
    • Come in a set of two
    • Enhance hand positioning in water
    SKU: AK-DB

Boost your swimming technique and performance with Aqua Knuckles. The Aqua Knuckles silicone bands, are designed to be slipped onto your ring and middle fingers, creating a 5mm gap for optimal open-finger positioning. Developed through extensive research and field testing with top swimmers, Aqua Knuckles helps you achieve better stroke efficiency and control in the water. Experience the innovative brand trusted by athletes worldwide for enhanced hand positioning and increased surface area contact. Join the Aqua Knuckles revolution and unlock your swimming potential today.

Aqua Knuckles Dubl Wide Size Chart
Size Ring Finger Size Diameter
4 4-5.5 14.9-16mm
6 6-7.5 16.45-17.7mm
8 8-9.5 18.2-19.4mm
10 10-10.5 19.8-20.2mm
12 12-12.5 20.6-21mm
13 13 21.4-21.8mm
Updated August 2023
SIZE Dispatch Price
4 / Ring Finger Size 4-5.5 IN STOCK. Ships within 24 hours on weekdays $44.06 SAVE 10% $48.95
6 / Ringer Finger Size 6-7.5 IN STOCK. Ships within 24 hours on weekdays $44.06 SAVE 10% $48.95
8 / Ring Finger Size 8-9.5 IN STOCK. Ships within 24 hours on weekdays $44.06 SAVE 10% $48.95
10 / Ring Finger Size 10-11.5 IN STOCK. Ships within 24 hours on weekdays $44.06 SAVE 10% $48.95
12 / Ring Finger Size 12 SOLD OUT $44.06 SAVE 10% $48.95
13 / Ring Finger Size 13 SOLD OUT $44.06 SAVE 10% $48.95

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