AMANZI Swimwear Styles

Amanzi Active Sports Bikini

The AMANZI Active Sports Bikini is designed to provide competitive and active swimmers with a fully functional two piece training swimsuit. The sports bikini top features thin shoulder straps designed to reduce the weight placed on the neck and shoulder muscles. The wider back band provides security and support through the back and bust area. The hidden under bust drawstring cord adds functionality preventing the swimsuit from moving while swimming and diving. The sports bikini pants are a moderate style with a medium leg height, ideal for all figures. The hidden waist drawstring cord provides a secure fit. Shop all AMANZI Sports Bikinis

Amanzi Proback One Piece Swimsuit

The AMANZI Thin Strap style swimsuit is a great all-purpose style swimsuit for swimming training, surf swimming and swim meet warm ups. The thin straps have been designed to sit between your shoulder blades providing freedom of movement in the shoulder area whilst swimming. The thin shoulder and back straps reduce the weight on the neck and shoulders. The wide open back has been designed with comfort in mind. The AMANZI Thin Strap One Piece joins together at the hips minising the amount of seams in the swimsuit. It has a semi cut leg height which is suitable for all figures. The AMANZI Thin Strap One Piece Swimsuit is a popular choice amongst active swimmers. Shop all AMANZI One Piece Swimsuits