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Ian Thorpes feelings about the expectation level placed upon him

“The level of expectation that’s on me is enormous. It is only outweighed by my own expectations." Ian Thorpe

Ian Thorpes view of the American Swimming Team
“The American team is incredible at the moment... I think of the American team as my friends, we wish them well but not too well!” Ian Thorpe

Ian Thorpe making the annoucement about his comeback
"Jeff made his announcement last week, I made my announcement this week and at this rate Dawn will be competing by the end of the year." Ian Thorpe. He follows by saying that Australia will have a fantastic swim team.

Ian Thorpe in relation to Abu Dhabi as a training venue
"Abu Dhabi is the ideal training venue for us to be able to have staging camps there and be able to flash directly into Europe. I will be spending the majority of my time in Abu Dubai and in Europe I will be working with Leigh as my head coach."

Ian Thorpe on why he won't be training wih Tracey
"The only reason why I wouldn’t swim with Tracey, is that she has young children and I want to be more mobile." Ian Thorpe

Ian says he wants to relocate around the world for training.

Ian Thorpe on developing a new stroke
"The one thing that I am very grateful for when I started this, and the one thing that has saved me is my stroke. When Leigh first saw me swimming again I had a very clean stroke and wasn’t distrupting the water which meant althougth I was slow we didn't have to work on that skill."

Ian Thorpe in relation to whether the level of satisfaction achieved at the Olympics has been matched by anything else
"If we are talking about moments of eurphoria there is nothing that has matched my experience at the Olympics. The only time will be when I get married or have kids that that will actually be eclipsed."

However, Ian says he has the same level of satisfaction through his charity work, especially reaching the 10 year mark.

Ian Thorpe's view on swimming in Racing Jammers for the first time since wearing the big black full length Racing Swimsuit
" I have said how I feel about (racing) suits and no (racing) suits. I am about to find out if I am right. I have said it doesn’t make that much of a difference, it comes down to the performance of the athlete." Ian Thorpe

"I used to swim in the smallest costume and in bigger ones and I have broken records in both." Ian Thorpe

Live Updates from www.swimmer.com.au