The Coolest Gear in the Pool: The Latest Odeclas Trunks and Briefs

Odeclas Trunks & Briefs 2017

Looking for a trendy new look? You will be doing back flips for the latest and greatest Odeclas trunks and briefs. Created by Spanish Olympic swimmer, Javiera Salcedo- did you notice that Odeclas is Salcedo spelt backwards?- these shorts have it all and then some.

With a background in fashion design and years of experience as a pro swimmer, Salcedo knows a thing or two about what swimmers need. Made with innovative design and first class materials, everything that Odeclas makes is high quality.

Every pair of trunks and briefs from Odeclas are 100% chlorine resistant and have a flawless fit. If you are looking for swimwear that can keep up with you through even the longest training sessions, you have got to check out these trunks and briefs from Odeclas.

Ready to start shopping? Here is a quick rundown of the top trunks and briefs from the latest Odeclas line.

Our Chief Briefs

Hey, fellow! You’ll love the black and yellow Odeclas Flash Briefs. These 7 cm trunks are made from 53% polyester and 47% PBT chlorine resistant featuring high UV 50+ protection that will keep your shorts looking perfect swim after swim. With a jet black background, these quick drying trunks feature golden dot accents all over.

How about a modern and cool camouflage? The vibrant blue camouflage Odeclas Limit Briefs are sure to be one of the most popular looks of the year. Featuring 7 cm sides and a full non-degradable materials black lining, these 53% polyester and 47% PBT chlorine resistant briefs offer a high UV 50+ protection.

Our Fave Funky Trunks

Fancy a laser show? The vibrant and bold 53% polyester and 47% PBT Odeclas Lastic Trunks will make you the star of your own sound and light show. These classic cobalt trunks feature magenta, red, yellow, green, and blue laser pattern all over the place. Featuring 11 cm sides, full black coloured lining, and UV 50+ protection, these quick drying shorts have it all.

You’ll loose your marbles over the Odeclas Rocco Trunks! These 53% polyester and 47% PBT 11 cm trunks feature a navy blue design with a rainbow coloured splash of jelly beans. Made with high UV 50+ protection and top quality fast drying fabric, these shorts can keep up with you swim after swim.

It’s time to save the world in the awesome Odeclas Captain America Trunks! These true blue trunks feature a Captain America style. With a bright blue background, these impressive trunks feature a red, white, and blue stars and stripe Captain America logo on the side. Made with 53% polyester and 47% PBT long-lasting fabric, these trunks feature a full non-degradable black lining with a full UV 50+ protection that’ll keep these trunks looking like new for ages.

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