Peacocks Can Swim: 10 Facts About Peacocks

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We absolutely love the peacock print featured on the Birdwing Training One Piece Swimsuit that Hive is offering this 2013. This list inspired by the Birdwing print that can be found in both a womens and girls range. The peacock design will hold its bright colours all summer long on the tough Hive chlorine resistant swimsuit. This design is perfect for girls and women who love peacocks as much as we do, or who simply want a unique design for by the pool. Now let’s cut to the chase and deliver the peacock facts as promised by the title of the blog!

1. Peacock Flounder are a type of fish that obviously, like most fish, can swim. These fish can change colours within 8 seconds to match their surroundings, and frequently this gives them the blue and green design found on peacock birds.

2. Peacocks cannot swim. The peacocks do not have the webbed feet required of birds to be capable of our favourite activity- swimming! With the beautiful blues and greens on their feather you would think they were meant for the water though! The Birdwing Girls One Piece and Birdwing Womens One Piece certainly looks great in the pool with its peacock print that matches the blue and greens found in lakes, pools and the sea.

3. Males are called peacocks. Females are called peahens.

4. The peacocks are the lucky gender that gets to display the flamboyant feathers. Peahens have a much more subtle look with smaller and duller coloured feathers.

5. The peacock’s feathers make up 60% of its body length.

6. A one day old peafowl can walk, eat and drink without assistance from its parents.

7. Peafowl can live up to 20 years whether they are in the wild or in captivity!

8. Peacocks can only fly a very short distance.

9. The correct way to identify a group of peacocks is to call them a “party”.

10. Peacocks require social interaction from other peafowl or they become quickly depressed.

Check out the Birdwing Womens One Piece Swimsuit and the Birdwing Girls One Piece Swimsuit for a cool peacock design that is offered on the practical and comfortable one piece cut. Hive always designs their womens one piece swimwear in styles that ensure your swimsuit will stay on whether you are being tumbled by waves or just diving into the pool. Most females know that not all training swimwear brands can boast that level of coverage for all water related activities, so if you like to play in the water check out Hive swimwear today!




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