Odeclas Cloe Sports Bikini

Odeclas Cloe Sports Bikini

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You’ll look like you fell from heaven and got wrapped up in a rainbow in the vibrant Odeclas Cloe sports bikini. The Cloe bikini top features interwoven lines of cherry red, cotton candy pink, and bold amethyst colours while, on the bottoms, you’ve got a fab lime, aqua, and indigo mashup of stripes. And this suit is more than just a gorgeous style!

Designed by Argentinean Olympic swimmer Javiera Salcedo, the Odeclas brand name is synonymous with comfort and quality. Forget about trendy and crazy uncomfortable suits from the mall! Made with a flawless design and top notch materials, every Odeclas sports bikini fits like a dream.

Product Features:
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Composition 87% Polyester - 13% Elastane
  • High UV Protection (UPF 50+) which keeps colours intact
  • Quick drying
  • Full black lining made from non-degradable material
  • Perfect fit
  • Long lasting
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WOMENS SIZE   08 10 12 14
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The Odeclas brand was created by Spanish Olympic swimmer, Javiera Salcedo. Odeclas (Javieras surname "Salcedo" spelt backwards) was created after combining her training in fashion design and years of professional swimming. Javiera ensures all Odeclas products are made from innovative materials and oversees the production process from start to finish ensuring all products are manufactured to the highest standard.

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