Mum & Daughter Styles: Cool & Stylish Kneelengths

Amanzi Kneelengths 2017

Move over bikinis! The coolest girls around the pool are all sporting knee length suits now and nobody makes a better long suit than AMANZI. One of the best brands to ever come out of Australia, this label has ultra practical and super chic gear that blows the competition out of the water.

Designed with athletes and the swim obsessed women and girls in mind, AMANZI creates swimwear that is unlike everything that you have ever worn before. Best of all, these very practical swimsuits are also incredibly beautiful.

In fact, AMANZI’s swim gear is so well designed that it’s worn by Olympic swimmers, triathletes, and Junior World Champions year after year. Whether you and your little girl are looking to grab a gold medal or you are just hunting for a top quality knee length swimsuit that can keep up with you and your active lifestyle, these suits are exactly what you need this year.

Ready to start shopping? Here is a quick rundown of our favourite knee length one piece swimsuits from one of our all time favourite swimwear companies.

Knee length suits are definitely not boring anymore! The bold and vibrant AMANZI Pineapple Party Girls Kneelength and AMANZI Pineapple Party Women’s Kneelength will turn your impression of knee length swimsuits on its head. With a modern and fashionable pineapple print in a gorgeous jewel tone style, this suit is sure to get you compliments every time that you wear it. Designed with a ruby, sapphire, and emerald pineapple print, this AMANZI Armor chlorine resistant fabric suit features a wide shoulder strap and back band, maximum 50+ UV protection, bar tack reinforcement, placement print, and gusset lining. With a flawless fit and a leg height that falls 5cm above knee, this knee length one piece will have you flying through the water at top speeds.

Got a burning passion for swimming? Show some love with the AMANZI Ignite Girls Kneelength and AMANZI Ignite Women’s Kneelength. This AMANZI Armor chlorine resistant fabric one piece knee length suit offers a practical wide shoulder strap and back band with a maximum 50+ UV protection that’s perfect for the beach. Featuring a crazy flame design in an unexpected array of bold shades, this one piece will definitely have you standing out from the crowd. The bar tack reinforcement, placement print, and gusset lining make this suit ideal for training while the leg height 5cm above knee that stays put all day long makes this knee length suit a dream for racers!

Grab the gold in this lime and gold dream suit! The AMANZI Tropics Girls Kneelength and the AMANZI Tropics Women’s Kneelength have a trendy tribal style that’ll make every lady, from 5 to 50 years old, jealous! Designed with top notch AMANZI Armor chlorine resistant fabric, a wide shoulder strap and back band, this fab knee length one piece offers a maximum 50+ UV protection, bar tack reinforcement, placement print, pink gusset lining, and a leg height around 5cm above knee.

Fast fact: Did you know that “amanzi’ means “water” in the Zulu language?


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