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10 Cool Facts about Snakes to Get Excited about Funky’s New Swimwear Line for Toddlers

Snake and Ladders

Do you remember the game Snakes and Ladders? Funky and Funkita just released a cute line of girls and boys swimwear inspired by the fun designs of the board game.  The colourful and crazy designs of the Slippery Snakes swimwear will delight your little one. Let us give you a brief introduction to the swimwear then we’ll get into those cool facts about snakes.

Swimwear for Toddler Boys

For the young boys we have the Funky Trunks Slippery Snakes Toddlers Boys Trunks. The patchwork design features snakes scooching around a colourful checkerboard. With a comfy design, your little guy won’t mind wearing these at the pool to splish and splash for hours. As a bonus, you can get him a matching Funky Trunks Still Speed Toddler Boys Long Sleeve Sun Top.

Swimwear for Toddler Girls

Let your little girl break the stereotypes that girls can’t be into anything reptilian with this fun snake-themed swimwear. The colourful pattern and cartoon snakes of the Funkita Slippery Snakes Toddlers Girls One Piece Swimsuit will appeal to her wild imagination, and the one piece cut will make it a cozy fit for the pool. For girls who want to show a tiny bit of their cut bellies, the Funkita Slipper Snakes Toddlers Girls Tankini is equally adorable. Top either of these off with the Funkita Still Pink Toddler Girls Long Sleeve Sun Top.

The Fun Snake Facts

  1. Snakes do not have eyelids. They have see-through scales on top of their eyes to protect them.
  2. Snakes swallow their food whole.
  3. Snakes can eat prey bigger than their heads, because they have extremely flexible jaws.
  4. A snake heart can move into different positions, so that prey can make its way through its digestive system.
  5. Snakes have more than 200 teeth!
  6. There is a snake that can fly. It is called the paradise tree-snake.
  7. The biggest snake is the Anaconda which can grow up to 11.5 meters long.
  8. The smallest snake usually is just 5 centimeters long.
  9. There are 3,000 species of snakes.
  10. Only 375 species of snakes are actually venomous.

Want More?

Stay tuned to our blog to hear about all the latest releases from Funky Trunks and Funkita swimwear! We have lots of new swimwear about to hit our internet racks, so be sure to keep your eyes on our website!

-Happy Swimming!




Pink Tribe versus the Blue Tribe? Where do you stand?


PInk and Blue Army Funkita

Line drawn in the sand there are two types of people: those who like blue and those who like pink. With Funky Trunks and Funkita's new line of girls swimwear and boys toddlers swimwear, there will be no mistaking whose side you are on in the epic battle of the colour palettes! Whether you are ready or not, it is time to stand up for what you believe in when you hit the water. Let us introduce you to the new pink and blue prints that will serve as your armor for combat.

GIRLS ONLY! The Pink Tribe

Boys in the past may have sometimes gotten away with stealing our colour ladies, but once the Pink and Blue wars broke out boys were absolutely banned from the colour pink with no exceptions. Now the power of pink in the hands where it belongs, so we no longer have to deal with the pesky boys. Let the blue tribe sort those boys out.

For all you strong, creative and smart girls out there, get ready to join the pink tribe by checking out the official uniform the Pink Army Girls One Piece. This swimwear features a scattering of pink, white and black that will have you ready for battle in the water. So grab your Pink Army Girls One Piece, attitude, and strength, and meet the rest of us in the pool.

The All-Inclusive Blue Tribe

Members of the blue tribe began to form together because the pink tribe would just not follow along with the rules. Boys and girls are allowed in the blue tribe, so it is a good tribe for those who do not mind being exposed to cooties and other germs!

For the toddler boys, we have the super cool Anti-Freeze Toddlers Trunks in the classic and cosy Funky Trunks cut with a playful blue, white and black print.  Feel free to wiggle and thrash as much as you want in these comfy trunks all day in the pool.

For the girls, we have the Anti-Freeze Girls One Piece with blue, white and black that'll motivate you to zoom through the pool with your opponents. A huge advantage of this blue swimwear is that you'll more easily blend into the blue hues of water, so make sure to use this camouflage to your advantage in the pool.

Don't Fit into a Tribe?

Maybe there are more than two types of people in this world, and you don't really dig pink and blue. That is okay, just don't let members of the pink and blue tribe know. Come explore the rest of our swimwear options to browse a rainbow of different options. P.S. Don't forget to check out our swimwear sale for great deals of the top swimwear brands out there.


AMANZI Jungle Adventure


Grab your safari hat, binoculars and bug spray, things are about to get a little bit wild here at swimmer.com.au! AMANZI Swimwear just released a new line of jungle-themed swimwear that will make you want to swing with the monkeys, swim with the hippos and fly with the parrots. Each piece of swimwear is an adventure of its own that will free your imagination from the boring old styles of regular, old swimwear. Without further ado here are our two favorite prints from this jungle-safari themed line from AMANZI Swimwear!

1) In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle the Tiger Roams Tonight!

Going on safari would be okay, but perhaps a safari isn't as glamourous as you may usually prefer. If you want a little bit of fabulous style with your jungle tour, then you are going to love the Roar Womens One Piece and the Roar Girls One Piece. Our favorite AMANZI girl, the safari queen, is elegantly riding on a tiger into the jungle as the parrots greet them. The tiger and safari queen are draped in jewels, feathers and a safari outfit that is just to die for!  The vibrant colours of the print are complimented by the bright yellow trim and straps of the Roar One Piece. It is definitely a perfect look for ladies who love to do everything, even safaris, with high style and class!

2) Tango through the Jungle with the Toucans!

The neon landscape on the prints of the Toucan Tango Womens One Piece and the Toucan Tango Girls One Piece will make you want to dance and play. To match the flamboyant style of this print, the straps and trim alternate between neon sky blue and sunshine yellow to create an eye popping style. Women and girls who like louds styles are just going to love the Toucan Tango One Piece.

Want more Amazing AMANZI Swimwear?

If you liked the unique and fun-loving designs featured on these one pieces, then you'll love the rest of the AMANZI collection. Be sure to browse our website to see all the hottest swimwear from AMANZI and other top swimwear designers. Just as a warning, it may be hard to keep on budget with all this beautiful swimwear available with just a click of the mouse!


Celebrate Halloween with the Addams Family Girls Toddlers Swimwear from Rival


Have you introduced your daughter to the Addams Family Movie yet? Maybe she is still a little too small still, because this movie is rated PG-13 after all. Or maybe you are a more liberal spirited family that lets the kids watch what they want for the most part. Either way you can have fun with Rivals new girls toddlers swimwear that set out to honour everyone’s favourite little Addams, Wednesday.

Wednesday’s character was known for her memorable role as the young daughter with a dark attitude like you can see in this scene from the Family Values where Wednesday pretends to not to be able to swim in order to not save her fellow camp mate. Wednesday knew how to bring the clouds out on any sunny day to make us all laugh at our own optimistic trifles.

The Wednesday Girls Tutu Cute One Piece captures some of the characters inner darkness with midnight black and hot pink. The cut of this one piece include a cute little skirt that compliments the striped-edgy look of this swimwear. Ruching on the chest of the swimwear gives the pattern a little extra fun texture. It is a perfect spooky look for little girls who love to twirl while working on their evillest laugh for Halloween.

For a cover up there is the Wednesday Girls Rash Shirt that features the same cute and black and pink colours of the one piece. A skull and bone decal with a girlie bow gives this look a frighteningly cute touch. To put a bit of punk rock style in it there are black and pink ruffle details on the long sleeves. Great for girls who love there scary things to come in pink!

If you and your little girl wished Halloween was more than once a year she is just going to love this creepy twist on swimwear. Who says a bit of Halloween Celebration can go on in the pool anyways? Happy Halloween from swimmer.com.au!


Any Blind Freddie Could See How Cool Rival’s New Swimwear Is


Rival just introduced a new range of swimwear this spring that’ll have your eyes popping from its bodacious colours here at swimmer.com.au. To get acquainted with this swimwear you’ll need to take a stroll away from the bustling capital of Sydney over to the famous Bondi beach for some fun in the sand.

Bondi Beach is home to tourists, day trippers, backpackers and Sydneysiders who want some high quality time in the sand. Bondi Beach is famous for its blue-green waters and pristine sands that’ll match the needs of any beach connoisseur. Any day at Bondi you’ll see a fascinating mix of coffee lovers, beach bums, surfers and free spirits that all gather to this beautiful piece of beach. Just as a heads up people from all walks of life are welcome. It is not unusual to spot a topless sunbather or openly gay and lesbian couples enjoying a day in the sun.

Freddy Bondi Blue is inspired by the Australian beachside lifestyle that Rival Swimwear makers have experienced firsthand since their business is run right out of our own backyard here in Australia. The Bondi Blue is available in womens swimwear, mens swimwear and boys swimwear. Let us tell you a little more about each gender specific design of the Freddy Bondi Blue swimwear line.

Freddy Bondi Blue For Women

For women who prefer the look of one pieces, look no further than the Freddy Bondi Blue One Piece. It is a perfect choice for casual and fitness swimming. The print features alternating horizontal strips of brilliant blue and midnight black. The black stripes look like they are painted on with a rough stroke, so that the stripes seem to casually meld together. The straps are thin and black which allow you to comfortably swim in the pool.

If you are looking for something to show off that awesome swimmer’s body, the Freddy Bondi Blue Sports Bikini is a perfect choice for athletic and fitness swimmers. The two pieces are adorned with the same pattern seen in the Freddy Bondi One Piece. Each piece is fully front-lined to make the bikini comfortable for long hours at the pool. The hipster cut of the leg makes for a perfect bottom to match the flirty look of the spaghetti strap top. This is perfect for women who love to work hard in the pool, so that they can play hard as a reward.

Freddy Bondi Blue For Men

The Freddy Bondi Blue Mens Trunks are perfect for athletic and fitness swimmers who want a brilliant look for the water. The bold blue and black stripes are casually slapped on with a paint brush to give this swimwear a one-of-a-kind look. These trunks are cut to stay on whether you are surfing, diving, lapping or relaxing. The 100% polyester material ensures that there is a snug fit that won’t lose its elasticity over time. A hidden draw-cord allows you to make adjustments to make sure these trunks fit your waistline.

Freddy Bondi Blue For Boys

Wish you had been born a sailor? The striped print of the Freddy Bondi Blue Boys Trunks will have you sailing ‘argh’ in no time. Note: these trunks do not come with a parrot, eye patch, boat or sword. The tough material of these here trunks makes them perfect for walking the plank, sword fights and swimming. Great for boys who wish they could live their lives out on the seven seas.


How to Keep Your Competitive Edge Razor Sharp

Funky Razor Blast Swimwear

Swimming is one of the few sports where you only get one shot at your goal. There are no timeouts, substitutes or half times. It is just you, your head, the water and your swimwear. We at swimmer.com.au believe that what you wear in the pool can help make or break athletes. Not that a certain type of swimwear will necessarily make anyone swim faster, but how the swimwear makes the swimmer feel while in a heat can be a game changer.

Australian swimmer Elka Graham said, “In training everyone focuses on 90% physical and 10% mental, but in races its 90% mental because there’s very little that separates us physically at the elite level.” We definitely agree with Ms. Graham’s sentiment, but we think this extends to almost all levels of athletic swimming. If a swimmer isn’t right in the head during a meet, most of the time they are going to have difficulty performing.

Any boost, including swimwear that makes you feel confident, can be used to your advantage when it comes the time to compete against fellow swimmers. One line from Funky Trunks and Funkita we felt channelled the good attitude swimmers need when hitting the pool was the Razor Blast print. The “Razor” in the name and the sharp edges on the print reminded us of the razor thin adjustment swimmers have to make to adjust their techniques. Not to mention the action of “shaving” off seconds from your time by working hard.

The Razor Blast print features blue, black and indigo stripes zigzagging horizontally across the print. On top of looking good with a motivational name, the Razor Blast swimwear is designed for athletic swimmers by the team at Funky Trunks. The design team at Funky Trunks are swimmer themselves, so historically they’ve done a great job at putting out top notch fitness and athletic swimwear. The print is available for all genders and ages, so check it out by following the links below.

Funky Trunks Razor Blast Boys Trunks
Funkita Razor Blast Girls One Piece
Funkita Razor Blast Girls Sports Bikini
Funky Trunks Razor Blast Jammers
Funky Trunks Razor Blast Mens Trunks
Funky Trunks Razor Blast Toddler Boys Trunks
Funkita Razor Blast Womens One Piece
Funkita Razor Blast Womens Sports Bikini


Find Out if Picasso was a Fluke or a Genius with Funky Swimwear

Colour Frame

Just for the fun of it, we wanted to mix things up in this blog by starting with a question for you swimwear lovers out there! Do you think the following passage is true or false?

“When Picasso was in pre-school his first paintbrush was a potato. In fact he used it so much they called him Potato Picasso. Lost for decades these incredible works of art were discovered stuck to an old fridge and demonstrated young Potato’s love for his sand pit and paddling pool.”

If you though the answer if false, congratulations! You get one million internet bonus points!

Funky swimwear never backs away from their humorous marketing, so the above passage is actually their marketing team pulling the reader’s leg. This passage is from The Funky 2013 Swimwear Magazine about their Colour Frame and Ocean Sands prints that available for boys, girls, men and women.

Maybe the fridge gave it away for you, because fridges for the home weren’t invented until the 1910’s. Maybe the thought of calling any child Potato seemed a little off putting. Maybe you even thought it was true, and Funky Trunks marketing team got you this time. Or maybe you already knew a little bit about Picasso’s childhood to know this passage was improbable, but if not, let us fill you in.

From a very young age Picasso showed a remarkable knack for classical (realistic) drawing. Check out this link to see how at the age of 13 Picasso created works that outdo what most adults artists can produce ever. That is why by age 13 Picasso was admitted to a top School of Fine Arts in France. Not until later in life would Picasso begin using his signature style that appears child-like due to the abstract nature of it. It is funny to think that in order to create his child-like art, Picasso actually needed to mature in his artsy techniques!

Jokes aside, Funky Trunks does a great job of mimicking the cubic style in original patterns seen on their athletic swimwear this swim season. The Ocean Sands and Colour Frame prints offer wave-inspired pictures repeated in little cubes to create an eye popping look. Check out the Colour Frame prints available in a variety styles in the following links. With these swimwear styles you can take a little bit of Picasso’s style with you whenever you hit the water.

Funky Trunks Colour Frame Boys Trunks
Funkita Colour Frame Girls One Piece
Funkita Colour Frame Girls Sports Bikini
Funky Trunks Colour Frame Mens Trunks
Funkita Colour Frame Toddler Girls One Piece
Funkita Colour Frame Womens One Piece
Funkita Colour Frame Womens Sports Bikini


Quiz: Which The Finals One Piece Matches Your Distinct Personality?


Picking out the perfect one piece can be a big pain. The Glamorous and New Funnies Range with glitzy designs hasn’t made our jobs as swimmers and fashionistas any easier. Let us help you pick out the perfect Funnies one piece with this short quiz. These designs are available in womens one piece swimwear and girls one piece swimwear, so make sure you get any friends or family to join in on the fun quiz!

1. What is your Favourite Disney movie?

a) The Little Mermaid
b) Finding Nemo
c) Alice in Wonderland
d) Tarzan
e) Fantasia

2. What is your favourite colour?

a) Turquoise
b) Purple
c) Anything Neon
d) Pink
e) Bright Blue

3. The perfect day would include which of the following activities?

a) Visiting an aquarium
b) Scuba diving
c) Painting
d) Cuddling a cheetah
e) Surfing

4. Where would like to visit most?

a) Japan
b) France
c) Mars
d) Anywhere with a jungle
e) California

5) Which would best describe your personality?

a) Loud
b) Shy
c) Creative
d) Wild
e) Chill

Now you will need to add up all your answers. Whichever letter you got the most indicates the swimwear that matches your personality best! If you don’t like the swimwear that this quiz picked out for you, check out all the different styles from the New Funnies Range to pick one out for yourself!

If you answered mostly A, the Mermaid Turquoise One Piece is a perfect one piece for you. This swimwear features a shiny and loud pattern in a beautiful turquoise colour. Perfect for women and girls who dream of what life would be like under the sea.

If you answered mostly B, the Rolling Wave One Piece is the fitness swimwear of your dreams. This swimsuit features a delicate pastel pattern of abstract waves that is calm and beautiful.

If you answered mostly C, check out the Splat One Piece. This one piece features glowing splats of paint on a midnight black background. It is a perfect style for someone who is looking to add onto their already quirky style.

If you answered mostly D, check out the Cheetah One Piece that features a print with a wild cheetah pattern. White and pink colours alternate in the background to give extra oomph to this wild pattern. This swimwear is perfect for girls who are the life of the party, even at swim practice.

If you answered mostly D, try out the Squares One Piece. This fitness swimwear features a gorgeous print with glittering black and blue squares that is fit for your adventurous and laid back style.