2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil & Funky Trunks World Cup Swim Caps


For all our swimmers out there who have a passion for football, you are going to love the new line of swim caps from Funky Trunks. Even though all of us can’t be in Brazil to see the world’s best football teams face off, we still can show support for our favourite teams when in the pool. The only downside is you may catch a hard time from fellow swim mates if your team doesn’t do so well in Brazil in just under a couple of months.

Each cap features a soccer ball design to show you have football on the brain. They also have the nation’s name and colours along with a prominent Funky Trunks logo. And as usual, Funky Trunks caps are made with 100% silicone for a snug and long-lasting fit that will last you a long time after the 2014 FIFA World Cup is over.

Rio 14

If you aren’t a football fan, but enjoy watching the world cup, the Rio 14 cap is the perfect swim cap for you. The Rio 14 swim cap shows all of the team’s flags, so you don’t really have loyalty to any single team. Although if you are looking for a team, us Aussies would appreciate your support!

Les Blues

Even though France has only won the World Cup once, I guess they are still a good team. Right? Although you may have questionable taste in football, this red, white and blue Les Blues cap will at least amp up your taste in style in the water.


Brazil is good at a lot of different things, but they are pretty much a nation of awesome soccer players. Brazil is also hosting the 2014 World Cup, so why not show your support for the host nation by wearing the Canarinho swim cap?

Three Lions

The odds are not really looking good for England in the World Cup, but if you want to wear your Three Lions swim cap loud and proud we can respect that. Besides, the red and white colors of the Three Lions swim cap matches most swimwear.

Go Aussie

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! We may be bias, but the Go Aussie swim cap and football team are the best! The Go Aussie is our top choice of the Funky Trunks World Cup swim cap line.

Die Adler

Die Adler, or the Eagle, swim cap is great swim cap for all those Germany fans out there.  We think the colours would look nice on you too.

La Furia

La Furia is a nice swim cap and all, there is just one caveat. The La Furia team is in the same groups as the Aussies, so we don’t know if we can actually endorse this cap. Sorry!



Silicone Swim Caps Rule! Latex Swim Caps Stink!


When it comes to swimming accessories, every swimmer has their preferences. I’d argue though that if you don’t prefer silicone swim caps, your opinion is clearly wrong. The only other major option out there is latex swim caps, which isn’t really an option at all unless you are completely bald. I hate latex swim caps with a passion! Anyway, now that I’ve warned you of my personal biases, let me tell you about the benefits of silicone swim caps vs. latex swim caps, so you can make the best decision for your swim cap needs for your training sessions.

1. Latex caps are so cheap!

Yes, it undeniable that latex swim caps cost less than most silicone swim caps. Usually latex swim caps only cost around $3-5 while silicone swim caps range from $6-15 dollars. The problem with the price difference is that latex swim caps are not a bargain, but they are actually just cheap. A bargain is when you get a high quality product for a good price. When something is cheap it just means it is cheap, because it is no good to start with- like latex swim caps.

Latex swim caps are so thin, they inevitably end up tearing. Any money you save ends up going into the time and money it costs to replace the latex swim caps constantly. So yes, up-front you pay a little bit less for the latex swim caps, but in the end you spend a lot more maintaining them.

2. Latex caps are so tight!

Latex caps are so tight that they cut off your circulation, leaving a line around your head! Latex caps are so tight that they rip your hair, even if your hair is short. Latex caps are so tight that they are an extremely uncomfortable distraction from focusing in the pool!

Before silicone swim caps were an affordable option, swimmers just had to deal with the discomfort of latex swim caps. There just weren’t any other options available. We should take advantage of the fact that we now have affordable silicone swim caps available that fit comfortably and snugly around all head sizes and hair dos perfectly.

3. Drag

Latex creates a lot of extra drag in the pool that adds on precious time to your laps. Silicone swim caps are smooth, so the water easily goes past them. If you are looking for a racing swim cap, not going with a silicone swim cap really is putting an unnecessary limitation on yourself.

So I have I convinced you yet? I want to take care of your guys, so I’ve only included links to silicone swim caps below. We at swimmer.com.au only offer the best swim caps out there, so we simply just don’t carry the hair ripping, drag inducing and circulation cutting latex swim caps. Latex swim caps are a thing of the past. Check out some of the best Tornado’s 2013 silicone swim caps to add to your essential swimming accessories.

Patriot Red Swim Cap
Patriot Blue Swim Cap
Aquastream Violet Swim Cap
Aquastream Blue Swim Cap
Aquastream Red Swim Cap
Illusion Black Swim Cap
Illusion Red Swim Cap 


Feng Shui Your Swim Cap

Tornado Swim Caps

Obviously using the term feng shui to describe fashion rather than interior decor is a cultural faux pas on my part, but please bear with me for a second to explain. The connection between simplicity in design in all the visual arts is an important aspect East Asian art history. We just loved these swim caps that the South Korean swimwear company, Tornado, released this 2013, because they reminded us of the classic simplicity exhibited in a lot of East Asian art.

Some of this simplicity in style originates from the difficult-to-master technique that creating art with ink and brushwork required of traditional East Asian artists. Some artists even claimed they needed to go into a meditative state to create the concentration required to be successful with the brushwork techniques.

This level of meditative concentration is something that all athletic swimmers are extremely familiar with when we are in the water. When we enter the pool, we leave the rest of the world behind to enjoy the bliss of the familiar strokes in the water. By getting these Tornado swim caps you can remind yourself of the value of being mindful while you are in the water to achieve optimal results from your training and racing.

Anyways, enough pseudo philosophy, let’s talk some more about these stylish Tornado swim caps.

The Candy Dreams Silicone Swim Cap features simple wisps of sunset pink on a blue background. This silicone swim cap is perfect for swimmers who want an abstract yet stunning looking for the pool.

The Starz Silicone Swim Cap design is offered in White, Black and Blue to match whatever colour theme you are going for this swim season. In yellow print a very Zen quote is under the Tornado brand saying “Because There are Stars in the Sky”. Now there will be stars on your swim cap too with a background of fading multi-coloured lines.

The Flutterby Silicone Swim Caps comes in Deep Purple and Aqua Blue. The design features stylized vines with monarch butterflies in the foreground. A gentle and sophisticated style that is perfect for swimmers who specialize in the butterfly stroke.

The Floral Delight Silicone Swim Caps comes in Red and Blue. The design is wisps of gradients of colour that form an abstract floral-like design that looks great in the pool. This subtle look matches most styles of swimwear.

The Meow Meow Silicone Swim Caps come in black, white and yellow. Each cap features two kitty cats and paw prints. Every kitty lover is going to want one of the Meow Meow swim caps.

We hope you enjoy these Tornado swim caps as much as we do here at swimmer.com.au. Let us know what you think of the swim cap designs in the comment box below!


Swim Caps for Gamers Released by South Korean Swimwear Company

Tornado Sports

If gaming swimwear accessories were going to come from somewhere, it was going to be from South Korea. South Korea has a culture that absolutely loves to game! Professional gamers can earn up to 6 digit contracts, and you can watch professional gamers go at it on South Korean cable television. People go out to play at the popular ‘bangs’, facilities that host multi-player games for an hourly fee. The gaming industry generates $5 billion dollars annually in South Korea which is roughly $100 per citizen.

So we were not all that surprised when Tornado, a swimwear company based out of South Korea, produced these gaming themed swim caps. These silicone swim caps feature retro video game stars on each cap that’ll let you take your gaming habit into the water.

The first swim caps' we want to talk about are the Robotica swim caps. These swim caps feature a maze of a space themed characters printed with different expression from winking to smiling to wincing. Each print of the character features a brightly printed space suit that matches the neon coloured theme of these silicone swim caps. Check out the Robotica silicone swim caps below in the following links below:

Robotica Blue Swim Cap
Robotica Red Swim Cap
Robotica Yellow Swim Cap

Moving on to the next design, everyone will recognize the characters featured on the Pac Attack swim caps. These caps feature the infamous Pac Man ghosts along with some other familiar designs and character from 1980s video games. The Pac Attack silicone swim caps are perfect for gamers who just love the classics. Check out these retro style silicone swim caps in the following links below:

Pac Attack Red Swim Cap
Pac Attack Black Swim Cap
Pac Attack White Swim Cap

If you were ever a fan of Tamagotchi or the various knock-offs, you are going to love the Animalia swim cap. This silicone swim cap features numerous familiar Tamagotchi pets in their various stages in blue and white bubbles that look fantastic on the lipstick red background. Perfect for those who are sentimental about their first pet being a digital one. Check out this design through the link below:

Animalia Swim Cap

1,000 bonus points to anyone who knows the foreign video game characters featured on this last swim cap. The powerful girl and boy characters are featured with roughly drawn stars on various coloured backgrounds. Perfect for gamers who like to seek out international games rather than just restricting themselves to the mainstream market. Check out the following silicone caps in the links below:

Space Cadets Green Swim Cap
Space Cadets Red Swim Cap
Space Cadets Navy Swim Cap


This Adorable Elderly Couple Wore Matching Outfits for Over 35 Years!

Match Made in Heaven!

Recently we read this story on The Guardian about an elderly couple who wore the same outfit for over 35 years. The wife makes their outfits out of the same materials she gets from the fabric store. It started as a tradition when she made him a t-shirt when he visited her down south during the summer. The husband would not wear anything besides a tie and shirt, but he had to wear the t-shirt his new girlfriend made or risk hurting her feelings. Ever since they were married, they go to the fabric store to pick out materials together to make matching outfits.

Humorously the the wife told the Guardian, “We find it funny when watching those crime shows and they say, "What was he wearing when you last saw him?" We could just point to ourselves and say, "This!"

So as you can see, matching outfits doesn’t have to be all about being cutesy. It can be a matter of practicality. Maybe you guys coach for the same swim team. Perhaps you want to inspire family unity by wearing the same print! Or maybe you just want to be a cutesy that of course is fine too.

Maru released the stunning Odessa training swimwear and swimwear accessories in mens and womens styles. The pattern features a tangle of straight lines that creates a chaotic and stunning grid that both genders will love. Remember all Maru training swimwear is chlorine-resistant, so matter how many hours you plan to spend in the pool this swim season the pattern stays clear.

For womens one piece swimwear they offer a variety of colours in the Odessa print. This means that you can wear the same pattern as your loved one, but change up the colours to match your personal style. Check out the following swimwear to see which one matches your personal preferences:

For guys, they made the choice a little bit simpler offering the pattern in a visually interesting black and white. For those who want a less loud display of the pattern, the Odessa Jammers two panels are the only part of the swimwear that features the pattern. If your guy is a bit of resistant about wearing matching patterns, the Odessa Jammers may be a good compromise.

If you want to arm the whole family in the Odessa pattern the Maru Odessa Silicone Swim Caps are a great option. These stretchy silicone swim caps fit on all hairstyles and head sizes. This is a great way to be able to easily track down all the kids at the local pool this summer. It will also look great in family pictures!


Have Your Child Channel Their Inner Penguin with Maru’s Penguin Goggles and Swim Cap

Channel Your Inner Penguin

Recently the mystery behind the penguin’s 9+ feet per second speed was revealed to the world. These feathery creatures fascinate us with their ability to zip through the water, combined with their inability to fly has fascinated scientists and normal citizens for year. Plus, penguins are really freaking cute. Who hasn’t wanted a pet penguin at some point? Or at least to give one a hug? These may be inadvisable activities, but still we can admire penguins from afar.

With movies like Happy Feet and March of the Penguins, kids are crazier about penguins than ever before. Unfortunately, the closest you can probably get to giving your kid (or yourself) a pet penguin is by getting them swimwear accessories that features these loveable animals. This summer Maru released some fun Penguin themed swimwear accessories that kids absolutely love!

The Penguin Blue Junior Goggles and the Penguin Pink Junior Goggles feature an animated penguin on the left and right frame of the goggles. These junior goggles are ideal for taking outside with UV protection to protect the swimmers eyes from the sun. The water is kept out with Maru’s innovative poly seal to create an extra comfortable underwater viewing experience. The nose bridge and straps are adjustable to fit snug around the head. The Penguin junior goggles are ideal for swimmers aged 2 to 6 years old.

Also available is the Penguin Junior Silicone Swim Cap that features two animated penguin wearing different coloured swim trunks on a grey background. These silicone swim caps fit comfortably on every shaped head. They are a perfect match to go with the Penguin Blue Junior Goggles, and your little one will look super cute with the matching junior goggles and swim cap.

Maru’s 2013 Penguin Accessories makes it easier than ever to go to the pool, because your little one will be super excited to show off their absolutely cool penguin gear. It is funny how when kids really like something, it is easier to get them to actually wear it. Say goodbye to the days of bugging your kids to wear their goggles and swim cap to the pool. Say hello to the days of letting him/her know it is inappropriate to wear swim caps and goggles to grandma’s house.



How to Swim with Sharks!!!

Swim Like a Shark

Ever dream of swimming with sharks? I can’t say that I share your dreams, but kudos to you adventurous folks out there. After seeing Maru’s 2013 Shark and Sea Monster kids swimwear we got excited about sharing tips and tricks to swimming with sharks as related by experts.

First things you should do though is check out some of Maru’s awesome Shark swimwear and Spikey Monster accessories to see if you can find some awesome duds to wear on your swimming with sharks adventures, or maybe just to swim practice for those of who prefer non-shark infested waters.

The Maru Boys Sharks Jammers offer a print covered in sharks swimming through a midnight black seascape. These chlorine-resistant jammers will not fend off the sharks, but it will actually keep the sharks on your swimwear. There is only so much that chlorine-resistant swimwear can offer after all!

Maru also has a great Shark Silicone Swim Cap with a matching pattern that matches with the Maru’s Shark jammers. When you hum the Jaws tune in the pool, you’re friends will definitely be giving a double take when you wear this swim cap.

For those who prefer more friendly sea monsters with less pointy teeth, Maru is offering a series of Spikey Monster Swim Accessories. To get a hold of these friendly monsters check out the Spikey Monster Silicone Swim Cap, Spikey Monster Turquoise Swim Bag, Spikey Monster Pink Swim Bag and the Spikey Monster Orange Swim Bag.

Now without further delay, let’s get to our swimming with the sharks without losing a leg tips.

  1. Stay calm. In order to follow rules, you need to maintain a sense of calm throughout the experience. Freaking out can lead to you making a deadly mistake.
  2. No Sudden movements. Your movements should be mellow and smooth as possible. Rapid splashing makes the shark think you are in distress, which makes you the perfect victim for lunch time.
  3. Maintain eye contact with the shark. Sharks rely on an element of surprise for attacks, so if you keep an eye on them they know they don’t have a chance at biting you.
  4. Do not bleed. If you, the shark or someone else has a cut or injury do not swim with the sharks. If you already are, get out of the water immediately.
  5. Distract the sharks. As long as sharks are focused on eating something else they more than likely won’t eat you. Most swim with sharks programs rely on this theory, so they will feed the sharks while you swim the sharks.
  6. Watch Shark Week! Okay maybe watching Shark Week won’t help you swim with the sharks, but it is still an extremely entertaining programming.
  7. Listen to your guide. If you are swimming with sharks you probably are participating in a program. Make sure to closely listen to and follow the instruction of the person explaining to you how to safely swim with sharks. Never attempt to swim with sharks without the supervision of a professional.

For First-Timers: How to Swim With Sharks in the Bahamas
'Golden rules' for safe swimming with sharks


Be a Superhero in Comic Strip Inspired Swimwear

Shine Like a Superstar

We at Swimmer.com.au are particularly excited by Maru’s release of comic inspired training swimwear this 2013. So much that we wanted to compile a list of comic strip super heroes that swim too. We know that all you swimmers out there are superheroes in your own right, so let your superhero side show with one of Maru’s fantastic comic inspired training swimwear.  To check out some of Maru’s comic inspired swimwear zoom down below the pictures to see training swimwear styles available for men, women, boys and girls.

The Starburst Design

Zoom! Pow! Bam! All of the kick butt moves in comic strips have the bad guys seeing stars like the ones seen on the following womens swimwear and girls swimwear. You’ll competitors will be seeing stars when you pass them in the pool. Don’t forget Maru’s chlorine-resistant swimwear will hold its brightly coloured stars no matter how many hours you spend training and playing in the pool.

The Inner Beast Design

Sometimes as swimmers we have to channel more primal instinct to really push us to cut seconds off to the finish. Get closer to your inner beast with these Superhero designs from Maru. Check out these swim caps and training jammers to give yourself a competitive edge for your next swim meet.


Check Out These Swimwear Accessories That Your Kids Will Love!

Vorgee For Kids

Going to the pool can be an adventure or a headache with small children, and usually it is a mix of both. To make that adventure a little bit easier finding fun swimwear accessories for your kids will make them excited for their next visit to the pool. Much like how adults, especially the ladies, get excited about wearing that new outfit out for the first time, kids are delighted when they finally get to show off their absolutely cool new swim gear at the pool.

Also, when kids are enthused about wearing something, you usually don’t have to bother them as much about wearing it. Sometimes it can be difficult to get little Jimmy to wear his swim goggles when they are boring and/or uncomfortable, but this is no longer a problem with Vorgee swimwear accessories. Vorgee’s goggles and caps are designed especially to fit kids, so that they look cool (adorable) and feel comfortable in the pool.

For first time swimming goggle users aged 2-8 years old, we recommend the Vorgee Dolphin Tinted Lens Goggle. Available in a variety of colours with differing frames, nose pieces and multi-coloured straps that appeal to the eyes of little ones. The quick-fix strap made with high grade silicone makes it easy and fast to adjust to your little ones head, so you can make sure that before he/she dives in the goggles will stay comfortable and snug.

For all the young Olympians aged 4 to 12 years old out there who do performance, fitness or leisure swimming, we recommend the Vorgee Voyager Jnr Tinted Lens Goggle. These racing goggles also come in a variety of cool multi-coloured goggle and strap combinations. It has an extra high grade anti-fog treatment that ensures your little swimmer will be able to see where they are going above and below water. Vorgee’s special flat lens offers perfect visual clarity with zero distortion.

If you have an even smaller future Olympic champion aged 18 months to 6 years old, the Vorgee Kids Alive Starfish Tinted Lens Goggles have the same features as the Voyager swimming goggles discussed above. These goggles come in multiple colours, so that you can get your little one’s favourites.

To top it all off you need to check out Vorgee’s Swim Caps which are creative and fun. One cap features a stylish and colourful lady fish who has bright lipstick, stripes, mascara and a big smile. For this fishy design see The Miss Fish Pink Silicone Swim Cap, Miss Fish Purple Silicone Swim Cap and the Miss Fish Aqua Blue Swim Cap. For those who want a tougher look, there is the Pirate Silicone Swim Cap. This design features a one eyed skeleton pirate complete with eye patch and two swords in the background who is out to seek all the buried treasure.


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