Looking Cool in Winter Blues

Winter Blues Prints 2016
On the hunt for some cool styles in winter shades? If you love the blue hues of the season and want to grab a fashionable, chlorine resistant swimsuit for yourself, we have got you covered! Check out our favourite blue hues of the year for men, women, girls and boys.
Firstly, let’s talk about our blue hues in chlorine resistant suits for women. Want a cool new style? You’ll be looking anything but ugly in the Dolfin Lollie Uglies One Piece Swimsuit with its vibrant, throwback style in shades of lime, aqua and navy. For classic look with a bit of an edge, you will love the Dolfin Sting Blue One Piece Swimsuit.
One of our favourite looks of the year is the ultra-high fashion Arena Samba Deep Sea & Blue Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. For a super modern and chic look, you’ll adore the Finals Matrix Foil One Piece Swimsuit. Looking for a chlorine resistant bikini in your favourite blue hues? Check out the Hive Pacifica Women’s Sports Bikini.
For your little lady, you can channel her love of the underwater world in the Zealous Aquamarine Girls One Piece Swimsuit or check out the artsy style of AMANZI Bluebelle Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Want a super vibrant style? There are endless chlorine resistant styles in blue hues. She’ll be as pretty as a picture in the AMANZI Sakura Girls One Piece Swimsuit or, if she is more of a bikini girl, go for the classic Funkita Hail Storm Girls Sports Bikini.
On the hunt for a classic, cool men’s look? Search no further than the Arena Board Royal Men’s Jammers. If you like a modern, bold style, you will definitely want to grab yourself a pair of the Zoggs Darwin Blue Men’s Jammers. And speaking of modern, the Rival Off The Hook Men’s Trunks are definitely have one of the freshest looks of the year.
Want Jammers with a style that is somewhere in the middle? For the perfect mix of classic and cool, check out the Zoggs Geo Sport Spliced Men’s Jammers. And, last but certainly not least, the black and blue kaleidoscopic Speedo Kalido Men’s Jammers are one of our top picks of the year.
Looking for a suit for the little one? For a hyper-modern look check out the Speedo Abyss Boys Jammer or the ultra-flashy Tornado Carnival Blue Boys Jammers. Searching for chlorine resistant trunks that he will love? You have got to see the Funky Trunks Chevron Stream Boys Trunks. Does he love the traditional look? Get him a pair of the Arena Board Royal Boys Jammers.
Want to complete your look? Grab some essential accessories! We adore the Speedo BioFUSE Grey & Japan Blue Endurance Fitness Fin Set for intense training. Want to fly through the water? Michael Phelps has got you covered with his MP Focus Blue & White Centre Snorkel.
Ready to upgrade your vision? Check out the trendy and practical Zoggs Fusion Air Blue & Yellow Gold Mirror Lens Goggles. Before you finish your shopping trip, be sure to also pick up your own Funkita Ocean Sun Backpack to carry it all away in!


Light the Fuse with These Amazing Vorgee FUZE Goggles

Vorgee FUZE Goggles 2016

If you need a new pair of goggles, you have got to check out the Vorgee Missile Fuze Mirrored Lens Goggle. Loved by pros and amateurs alike, these goggles blow the competition out of the water. Endlessly comfortable with top grade visual clarity, the Vorgee FUZE Goggles are sure to light your fuse!

As Australia's leading and most trusted aquatic accessories brands, Vorgee is a name that we have come to trust. Thanks to their stringent quality control, cutting edge technologies and top of the line materials, Vorgee is at the top of their game. Whether you are prepping your kids for their first swim lessons or are searching for a pair of goggles that you can take to the Olympics, these are the goggles for you!

Ready to check out your next new favourite pair of goggles? Here’s everything that you need to know about your new Vorgee FUZE Goggles. First things first, you will be blown away by how comfortable these googles are! Thanks to their adjustable nose piece, you can tailor the nose piece to fit perfectly over the bridge of your nose. Whether you have got a small and narrow nose or are more on the big and wide side, you can adjust the bridge until it fits you flawlessly.

The Vorgee FUZE Goggles slim line liquid soft silicone eye seals provide a perfect fit around your eyes while giving you a comfortable and snug fit while racing. Your new Vorgee Missile Fuze Mirrored Lens Goggles have dual coloured silicone competition straps and dual coloured eye seals so you can look perfect while flying through the water distraction-free.

The Vorgee Missile Fuze Mirrored Lens Goggle’s polychromatic mirrored anti-fog lens provide you with the maximum visibility in all conditions. Because these amazing googles are able to adjust depending on levels of light, you will always have an impressive level of vision and eye protection. When it’s a bright day, your lens will adjust to be darker and then adjust to a lighter colour when you are in low light. This means that you don’t have to mess with carrying around different goggles for different conditions. You can grab the one pair and use them outdoors for a sunny day in the sea or bring them with you to an indoor pool.

And it is not just about practicality! These ultra-light low profile mirrored lens goggles are seriously fashionable and modern. There is a remarkable selection of colour options so you can find exactly the right pair for you and your unique style. You can grab a pair of Vorgee Missile Fuze Mirrored Lens Goggles in the following colours:

• blue and aqua
• black and green
• pink and light pink
• black and orange
• green and yellow
• pink and orange
• pink and purple
• black and silver
• black and white
• purple and aqua

Why not get your own chic, cool, hot or girlie pair of Vorgee Missile Fuze Mirrored Lens Goggle? These tough and stylish goggles are sure to last you for years.


Why We Love the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Line of Goggles

Aquashere Kayenne Goggles 2016

The perfect goggles should be completely forgettable. Like all truly great swim gear, you should be able to slide it on then wear it for hours without distraction. With top quality goggles, you should never have to stop swimming to make adjustments.

If you are sick of tugging at straps and suffering through surprise leaks, you will love the Aqua Sphere Kayenne line of goggles. Like everything that Aqua Sphere puts out there, their eyewear is flawless. Once you try a pair of their goggles, you will be a lifelong fan.

Since their inception, Aqua Sphere has worked with the world’s top swimmers. Working with elite athletes like four-time Olympian Amanda Beard and Ironman World Champion Faris al Sultan, the Italian swimwear company is focused on developing products that give serious swimmers exactly what they need to be their best. Through constantly evolving research and development, Aqua Sphere continues to innovate and offer a complete range of swimwear, eyewear and accessories that are second to none.

The new Aqua Sphere Kayenne Line of Goggles is just another example of their dedication to top quality design and engineering. With oversized, ultra-durable Plexisol® lens for 4-point expanded, 180-degree visibility and 100% UVA/UVB protection, the lens in the Kayenne Line are incredibly impressive.

Anti-fog treated for long lasting clarity, these Aqua Sphere goggles will provide you with perfectly clear vision under even the most trying conditions.

Thanks to Aqua Sphere Kayenne Line of Goggles’ unique One-touch, Quick-Fit Buckle™ you can get a perfect fit with simple adjustments - even while wearing! Forget about the days of stopping to tug at straps! These goggles are easy to adjust in a hurry.

The stabilizing nose bridge keeps your goggles fitting securely and comfortablely and, of course, there is a silicone strap for comfort and durability. Aqua Sphere’s attention to detail really shows in the Kayenne Line of Goggles and you can feel the difference in quality as soon as you pick them up.

So, which one of the Kayenne Line of Goggles is right for you? If you are an outdoor swimmer, you will definitely want to go for a polarized lens. The Aqua Sphere Grey and Orange Kayenne Polarized Lens Goggles or the Ladies Aqua Sphere Kayenne Polarized Lens Goggles in Violet and Pink are great picks for swimming ocean laps.

For a classic clear lens goggle, you will love the Aqua Sphere Black and Silver Kayenne Clear Lens Goggles. Prefer a more lady like look? Check out the Aqua Sphere Fuchsia and Translucent Kayenne Lady Clear Lens Goggles or the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Powder Blue and Glitter Lady Clear Lens Goggles for an extra touch of flash.

And, fear not, smoke lens lovers! We haven’t forgotten about you. For just the right level of smokiness, grab the Aqua Sphere Green and Black Kayenne Smoke Lens Goggles or the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Black and Silver Smoke Lens Goggles. They will give you just the right level of shade combined with top quality vision.




The Quirky World of Swim Cap Designs

Training Swim Caps 2016

Looking for a bright and fun way to express yourself? Get a flashy new swim cap! While you might not be able to wear a whole lot in the pool, you can definitely pack some serious style into a little cap. With an endless array of designs, patterns, characters and themes, there is truly something for every fish in the sea.

Channel your inner Flying Fish with the Michael Phelps Dome Cap Black and Silver or Michael Phelps Dome Cap White and Blue, and jet through the water like the world’s great Olympian. The FINA Approved, 100% Silicone cap is made with the best quality construction you will find anywhere.

Feeling cosmopolitan? Check out the international designs and themes from Vorgee Silicone Swim Caps. Announce your wanderlust with themes from Mexico, London, Russia, Dubai, Australia, Tokyo and Paris. Vorgee is one of Australia’s leading swim gear companies and their ultra-comfortable swim caps are made from 100% high grade silicone.

For a totally different look, flaunt your inner geek with a meme theme like the Funky Trunks Grumpy Cat Swim Cap, a quirky Funky Trunks Pool Shark Swim Cap or pay homage to your favourite cartoon dad with the Funky Trunks Homerhead Swim Cap. Funky Trunks’ top of the line swim caps are made from durable silicone and flexible one size fits all design.
Shopping for the little girl in your life? If she has a sweet tooth, she will love the AMANZI Sweet Treats Silicone Swim Cap. Like all of their gear, AMANZI’s swim caps are second to none in terms of quality and durability. For a flash of colour, check out the Funkita Flaming Go Go’s Silicone Swim Cap with its two baby pink flamingos kissing on a hot pink background. Not just cute, this cap is built to last. The exceptional styling combined with Funkita's exclusive C-Infinity chlorine resistant fabric provide superior comfort and durability for prolonged use in the pool and under the sun.
For your little guy, go for the Vorgee Alien Silicone Swim Cap or the Vorgee Dinosaur Silicone Swim Cap. More of a Speedos fan? He will flip over the Speedo Planets Junior Swim Cap. Made with 100% durable silicone, this one size fits all cap will last him for years.
Young and old comic book fans alike we love the villain and hero theme of the Maru Super Hero Swim Cap and the old school cool of the Maru Wow Swim Cap. The ultimate blend of quality and style, Maru is a top pick amongst professional and amateur athletes around the globe.
Looking for a classic polyester swim cap? Check out the Arena Polyester Swim Cap, available in red and blue. The great thing about polyester caps is that it won’t tug at your hair and it is easy to slide on. While it isn’t ideal for serious swimmers, it is the perfect hat for sliding on and off kids with ease. It is also great for casual female swimmers who are sick of getting their hair pulled!
With all of the designs, patterns, characters and themes available, how can you pick just one? Start shopping and get ready to clear out an extra drawer!


Racing Along with the New Colour Waves in the Cobra Ultra Range

Arena Cobra Ultra Goggles 2016

Around the pools, lakes, rivers and oceans of this world, Arena has become a name that is synonymous with innovation and quality. This game-changing swim gear company is at the top of its field and their amazing gear can help propel you to success.

If you are looking for goggles that you can put on and forget about, look to the latest line from Arena. Their Cobra Ultra Range is one of the most impressive lines of goggles on the market today. Professional and amateur swimmers alike have been drooling over them since the day they hit the shops and it is easy to see why.

The ultimate in racing goggles, the Cobra Ultra and Cobra Ultra Mirror goggles have a flawless fit, hydrodynamic design and provide optimum vision. Their sleek shape will allow you to propel through the water at top speed while their anti-fog UV protection lenses will provide you will perfect sight.

The Cobra Ultra’s hard lens are designed for a perfect underwater view and are exactly what you need for outdoor swimming. With five interchangeable nose bridges, a dual silicone strap, RFA back clip and a thin gasket, TPE seal, polycarbonate lenses, extra wide peripheral vision and low profile hydrodynamic design, there is nothing that Arena can’t brag about with their Cobra Ultra Range.

With such an impressive lineup of features, the only question you have to ask yourself is: which style is right for you? From high fashion to classical standards, Arenas knows that swimmers want something that is not just functional but also looks cool.

Do you love the mirrored lens look? Arena has got you covered! Check out the ultra-chic feminine style of the pink Arena Cobra Ultra with pink and white mirrored lens. In the market for something more traditional? You will love the Arena Cobra Ultra Red Revo, Black & White Goggles with white and black mirrored lens. Of course, they aren’t just stylish looking. Like every style in the Arena Cobra Ultra range, these goggles are perfectly engineered for an amazing fit. With their low profile mirror lenses and sleek design, the Cobra Ultra Mirror goggles will have you gliding through the water. Thanks to their anti-fog lenses and secure silicon straps, these goggles will never be a distraction.

Want an extra bit of flash with your mirrored lenses? Check out the Arena Cobra Ultra yellow and black mirrored lens goggles or the Arena Cobra Ultra silver, green & white mirrored lens goggles. They are all great pics that’ll last you for ages.

Not into the mirrored lens look? You will love the Arena Cobra Ultra googles with tinted lenses. Go for the Arena Cobra Ultra with red and smoke tinted lens goggles or the Arena Cobra Ultra with white and blue tinted lens goggles.

Are you ready to join the club? Find out why Australia’s fastest swimmers James "Missile" Magnussen, Cate & Bronte Campbell and Emily Seebohm are all in love with the Arena Cobra Ultra Range!




Transform Your Training with the New Vorgee Stealth Range

Vorgee Stealth Kickboard  Pull Buoy 2016

Ready to take your training to the next level? It is time to start working with a kickboard and pull buoy. Target your muscles and perfect every element of your technique with the New Vorgee Stealth Range. Loved by beginners and pros like, this Aussie company has some seriously impressive training gear that every water lover needs in their life.

Vorgee was established back in 2005 to fill a gap in the aquatics market. At that time, there were companies catering to beginners and companies that served pro swimmers but there weren't any holistic aquatics company. Vorgee filled that void by creating a company that takes care of swimmers from their first lesson to the day they carry home their gold metal.

Made up of an experienced team of swimmers, Vorgee is all about developing high quality swimming products and swim gear for every level. Their dedication to becoming a lifelong one-stop shop has made them into one of Australia’s leading and most preferred aquatic brands.

One of the best things that swimmers at every level can do is to expand their training strategies. While swimming and working out in the gym are great ways to get fit, using a swim training tool like a kickboard can make a major difference in both your fitness level and your technique.

So, when you are ready to take things to the next level, grab a Vorgee Stealth Kickboard. This impressive kickboard allows you to focus on your legs so that you can practise your kick stroke, become stronger and improve your balance. Doing short, intense bursts of training on your Vorgee Stealth Kickboard will improve your speed and power while longer sessions will build your muscles.

The Vorgee Stealth Kickboard’s unique hi-tech design offers geometric balance and stability while creating the ideal floatation position. The unique underwater channel lifts the body position and allows the water to flow through creating less resistance. Best of all, the high quality EVA construction means that your Vorgee Stealth Kickboard is going to last for ages.

When you want to start focusing on your upper body, grab a Vorgee Stealth Pull Buoy. A pull buoy is a fantastic training aid that will balance your lower body and allow you to focus on your upper body technique. You’ll quickly build up shoulder and arm strength by using targeted, powerful strokes.

The latest pull buoy from the new Vorgee Stealth Range is truly impressive. Its hydrodynamic design creates a level of comfort and buoyancy that is second to none. Its unique hi-tech design naturally puts you into ideal floatation position while swimming without having to tense your muscles. The Vorgee Stealth Pull Buoy offers geometric balance and stability that you won’t find with cheaper pull buoys. And, of course, like all of Vorgee’s products, this pull buoy is built to last. Its high quality EVA construction means that it will last you through countless training sessions.

When it comes to investing in your future in the water, the New Vorgee Stealth Range will give you the most bang for your buck, both in terms of cash and the payoff that you’ll see from your training sessions.



2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil & Funky Trunks World Cup Swim Caps


For all our swimmers out there who have a passion for football, you are going to love the new line of swim caps from Funky Trunks. Even though all of us can’t be in Brazil to see the world’s best football teams face off, we still can show support for our favourite teams when in the pool. The only downside is you may catch a hard time from fellow swim mates if your team doesn’t do so well in Brazil in just under a couple of months.

Each cap features a soccer ball design to show you have football on the brain. They also have the nation’s name and colours along with a prominent Funky Trunks logo. And as usual, Funky Trunks caps are made with 100% silicone for a snug and long-lasting fit that will last you a long time after the 2014 FIFA World Cup is over.

Rio 14

If you aren’t a football fan, but enjoy watching the world cup, the Rio 14 cap is the perfect swim cap for you. The Rio 14 swim cap shows all of the team’s flags, so you don’t really have loyalty to any single team. Although if you are looking for a team, us Aussies would appreciate your support!

Les Blues

Even though France has only won the World Cup once, I guess they are still a good team. Right? Although you may have questionable taste in football, this red, white and blue Les Blues cap will at least amp up your taste in style in the water.


Brazil is good at a lot of different things, but they are pretty much a nation of awesome soccer players. Brazil is also hosting the 2014 World Cup, so why not show your support for the host nation by wearing the Canarinho swim cap?

Three Lions

The odds are not really looking good for England in the World Cup, but if you want to wear your Three Lions swim cap loud and proud we can respect that. Besides, the red and white colors of the Three Lions swim cap matches most swimwear.

Go Aussie

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! We may be bias, but the Go Aussie swim cap and football team are the best! The Go Aussie is our top choice of the Funky Trunks World Cup swim cap line.

Die Adler

Die Adler, or the Eagle, swim cap is great swim cap for all those Germany fans out there.  We think the colours would look nice on you too.

La Furia

La Furia is a nice swim cap and all, there is just one caveat. The La Furia team is in the same groups as the Aussies, so we don’t know if we can actually endorse this cap. Sorry!



Check Out These Ugly Mesh Bags!


Actually we think these bags from Dolfin Swimwear are awesome. Dolfin Swimwear recently released a line of “Neon Uglies Mesh Bags” that are absolutely wild! These bags will add a bit of neon fun to any day at the pool.

The Neon Mesh Gear Bags come in key lime, hot pink and lemon yellow. All have a neon orange draw string to give these neon mesh bags an absolutely electric look. Each bag is made with tough polyester material that is perfect for carrying all of your swimwear accessories. Check out the Neon Mesh Gear Bags by following the links below.

Dolfin Mesh Equipment Bag Lime
Dolfin Mesh Equipment Bag Pink
Dolfin Mesh Equipment Bag Yellow

If you can’t get enough of the neon look, make sure to also check out Dolfin’s Uglies line of womens and toddlers neon-themed swimwear.


Silicone Swim Caps Rule! Latex Swim Caps Stink!


When it comes to swimming accessories, every swimmer has their preferences. I’d argue though that if you don’t prefer silicone swim caps, your opinion is clearly wrong. The only other major option out there is latex swim caps, which isn’t really an option at all unless you are completely bald. I hate latex swim caps with a passion! Anyway, now that I’ve warned you of my personal biases, let me tell you about the benefits of silicone swim caps vs. latex swim caps, so you can make the best decision for your swim cap needs for your training sessions.

1. Latex caps are so cheap!

Yes, it undeniable that latex swim caps cost less than most silicone swim caps. Usually latex swim caps only cost around $3-5 while silicone swim caps range from $6-15 dollars. The problem with the price difference is that latex swim caps are not a bargain, but they are actually just cheap. A bargain is when you get a high quality product for a good price. When something is cheap it just means it is cheap, because it is no good to start with- like latex swim caps.

Latex swim caps are so thin, they inevitably end up tearing. Any money you save ends up going into the time and money it costs to replace the latex swim caps constantly. So yes, up-front you pay a little bit less for the latex swim caps, but in the end you spend a lot more maintaining them.

2. Latex caps are so tight!

Latex caps are so tight that they cut off your circulation, leaving a line around your head! Latex caps are so tight that they rip your hair, even if your hair is short. Latex caps are so tight that they are an extremely uncomfortable distraction from focusing in the pool!

Before silicone swim caps were an affordable option, swimmers just had to deal with the discomfort of latex swim caps. There just weren’t any other options available. We should take advantage of the fact that we now have affordable silicone swim caps available that fit comfortably and snugly around all head sizes and hair dos perfectly.

3. Drag

Latex creates a lot of extra drag in the pool that adds on precious time to your laps. Silicone swim caps are smooth, so the water easily goes past them. If you are looking for a racing swim cap, not going with a silicone swim cap really is putting an unnecessary limitation on yourself.

So I have I convinced you yet? I want to take care of your guys, so I’ve only included links to silicone swim caps below. We at swimmer.com.au only offer the best swim caps out there, so we simply just don’t carry the hair ripping, drag inducing and circulation cutting latex swim caps. Latex swim caps are a thing of the past. Check out some of the best Tornado’s 2013 silicone swim caps to add to your essential swimming accessories.

Patriot Red Swim Cap
Patriot Blue Swim Cap
Aquastream Violet Swim Cap
Aquastream Blue Swim Cap
Aquastream Red Swim Cap
Illusion Black Swim Cap
Illusion Red Swim Cap 


Feng Shui Your Swim Cap

Tornado Swim Caps

Obviously using the term feng shui to describe fashion rather than interior decor is a cultural faux pas on my part, but please bear with me for a second to explain. The connection between simplicity in design in all the visual arts is an important aspect East Asian art history. We just loved these swim caps that the South Korean swimwear company, Tornado, released this 2013, because they reminded us of the classic simplicity exhibited in a lot of East Asian art.

Some of this simplicity in style originates from the difficult-to-master technique that creating art with ink and brushwork required of traditional East Asian artists. Some artists even claimed they needed to go into a meditative state to create the concentration required to be successful with the brushwork techniques.

This level of meditative concentration is something that all athletic swimmers are extremely familiar with when we are in the water. When we enter the pool, we leave the rest of the world behind to enjoy the bliss of the familiar strokes in the water. By getting these Tornado swim caps you can remind yourself of the value of being mindful while you are in the water to achieve optimal results from your training and racing.

Anyways, enough pseudo philosophy, let’s talk some more about these stylish Tornado swim caps.

The Candy Dreams Silicone Swim Cap features simple wisps of sunset pink on a blue background. This silicone swim cap is perfect for swimmers who want an abstract yet stunning looking for the pool.

The Starz Silicone Swim Cap design is offered in White, Black and Blue to match whatever colour theme you are going for this swim season. In yellow print a very Zen quote is under the Tornado brand saying “Because There are Stars in the Sky”. Now there will be stars on your swim cap too with a background of fading multi-coloured lines.

The Flutterby Silicone Swim Caps comes in Deep Purple and Aqua Blue. The design features stylized vines with monarch butterflies in the foreground. A gentle and sophisticated style that is perfect for swimmers who specialize in the butterfly stroke.

The Floral Delight Silicone Swim Caps comes in Red and Blue. The design is wisps of gradients of colour that form an abstract floral-like design that looks great in the pool. This subtle look matches most styles of swimwear.

The Meow Meow Silicone Swim Caps come in black, white and yellow. Each cap features two kitty cats and paw prints. Every kitty lover is going to want one of the Meow Meow swim caps.

We hope you enjoy these Tornado swim caps as much as we do here at swimmer.com.au. Let us know what you think of the swim cap designs in the comment box below!