Michael Phelps Goggles

Michael Phelps Goggles

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? The birth of the Michael Phelps swimwear brand of course! Designed by the Flying Fish himself and his world famous coach, the latest and greatest training gear to hit the world of swimming has got it all.

The most decorated Olympian of all time teamed up with his coach Bob Bowman to create a checklist of what the best swim gear in the world should have. The two of them then united with Aqua Sphere, one of the best swimming equipment makers, to get all of those boxes ticked.

Phelps, Bowman, and Aqua Sphere worked together for years to create the ideal training wear then launched the MP brand. According to the Flying Fish, “[his] decision to partner with Aqua Sphere and launch the MP brand was driven by the opportunity to enhance the technical aspects of swimming products available in the marketplace." And he really has done just that. The MP brand is perfect for training.

If you haven’t tried Michael Phelps’ swimwear yet, what are you waiting for? So many swimmers at every level have tried it out for the first time and are never going back to another brand. The MP brand has nailed the art of combining form and function.

Feeling inspired? Here are a couple of the most gorgeous suit from the MP brand’s new releases.

Turn Japanese in the Asian-inspired MP Michael Phelps Dale Women’s One Piece Swimsuit! Featuring a gorgeous multi-coloured Japanese print over a black and white pattern, this suit is ultra eye-catching. With a full open back, the Dale one piece is as practical as it is cool. Made from 100% polyester Aqua Infinity fabric, this Geisha inspired training one piece is chlorine resistant, fast drying, and offers a UPF 50+ protection. Grab it from Europe with a front lining or order it from the United States for a fully lined suit.

Love a bit of the gritty city? You will want to take a bite out of the Big Apple when you see the New York-inspired Michael Phelps Phoenix Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. Made from 100% polyester Aqua Infinity fabric, this trendy training suit has all of the top notch feature of the MP Michael Phelps Dale Women’s One Piece, like being chlorine resistant, fast drying, and offering up a UPF 50+ protection.

And let’s not forget about some of the MP classic looks! While the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio may be long over, we are still obsessed with the Brazilian-inspired Michael Phelps Corco Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. This bright and bold suit features a Brazilian flag, palm trees, Christ the Redeemer, and a gorgeous Brazilian lady. Made from chlorine resistant fabric, this suit features thin straps for freedom of movement, cut out sides, and an open back style.

How about a nod to Michael Phelps’ home country? For a red, white, and blue explosion of colour that will have you chanting USA! USA! USA!, you have got to lasso up a MP Michael Phelps USA Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. Made with chlorine resistant material and featuring thin straps, an open back style, and cut out sides, this could be your new favourite suit.



The Choice is Clear: Adidas Toddler & Junior Goggles

Adidas Junior Goggles 2016

Lost in a sea of goggle options? Forget about cheap, leaky goggles that will leave your little one with red and irritated eyes. If you are looking for a top rated toddler and junior goggle, the choice is clear! You have got to check out the latest and greatest Adidas toddler and junior goggles.

Few brands are as internationally beloved as Adidas and there’s a reason for that. Not many companies can compete with Adidas’ first class design and engineering. With cool styles that kids love and distraction-free, leak-proof designs that will keep them happy in the water for hours, these are the goggles your junior fish needs to swim to the head of the class.

If you want your little one to learn to love the pool and become a great swimmer, you need to give your junior swimmer the best. For junior size goggles with 100% polycarbonate lenses, modern streamlined design, over-moulded TPR seal, an adjustable nose piece, and an adjustable strap, check out these top picks.

Have a junior poolside princess? She will fall head over heels in love with the Adidas Aquasurf Pink & Purple Tinted Lens Junior Goggles. Made with a one-piece frame with an easy back strap with clip, this kid specific size goggle has a 100% silicone frame and comes in fun colours with a slight tint.

Does she love pink but need a clear lens for indoor swimming? Look no further than the Adidas Aquastorm Pink Clear Lens Junior Goggles. These junior size, modern streamlined design goggles with 100% polycarbonate lenses feature, over-moulded TPR seal, adjustable nose piece, and an adjustable strap.

Last but not least, we are crazy for the large and in charge style of the Adidas Aquazilla Pink Tinted Lens Junior Goggles. Designed in a kids’-specific size, these goggles have a soft and flexible one piece TPR frame that feature an adjustable split strap. Ideal for pool or open water swimming, the Adidas Aquazilla Pink Tinted Lens Junior Goggles feature a slight tint.

For your junior Michael Phelps, check out the Adidas Aquasurf Lime & Blue Tinted Lens Junior Goggles. These top quality goggles are made with a one-piece frame and easy back strap with clip. Made from a 100% silicone frame in a kid specific size in fun colours, these goggles have a slight tint for both indoor and outdoor use.

A perfect sea colour look for both boys and girls, the Adidas Aquastorm Blue Clear Lens Junior Goggles is a top pick. With a modern streamlined design, over-moulded TPR seal, adjustable nose piece, adjustable strap, and 100% polycarbonate lenses, these junior size goggles will give your little one distraction-free swimming.

Like a bold look? You will love the Adidas Aquazilla Blue Tint Lens Junior Goggles. Made in a kids specific sized soft and flexible one piece TPR frame, these impressive goggles feature an adjustable split strap. Perfect for pool or open water swimming, the Adidas Aquazilla Blue Tint Lens Junior Goggles feature a slight tint.



See the Finish Line in Adidas Adult Goggles

Adidas Goggles 2016

It’s not easy to find the perfect goggles. Tracking down a decent pair that are comfortable for extended wear, provide crystal clear vision, and never leak is so much harder than it should be!

Fortunately, Adidas felt our pain and came to the rescue with some seriously impressive adult goggles. Made with a modern streamlined design, over-moulded TPR seal, adjustable nose piece, adjustable strap, and 100% polycarbonate lenses, the latest and greatest Adidas adult goggles tick all the boxes.

Ready to get your new favourite pair of goggles? From mirrored to smoked to tinted lens, here are the top picks that stole our heart at first swim.

A fan of mirrored goggles? You won’t find a better pair than the Adidas Persistar Black Mirrored Lens Goggles. These Fina approved goggles are made from 100% thermoplastic gum with an adjustable back strap and a low profile competition frame that has been streamlined for minimal drag. With mirrored polycarbonate lenses, these Adidas Persistar goggles are as practical as they are stylish.

Hey, chicas! Like a girlie mirrored look? We love the Adidas Aquasation Pink Mirrored Lens Goggles. The mirrored lenses work to reduce glare while the three interchangeable nose pieces and super-soft 100% TPR frame ensure an ultra-comfortable fit. Have a need for speed? The round racing style strap of these cute and cool goggles will keep you racing at top speed.

Ready for some fashionable goggles that’ll blue your mind? You’ve got to get the Adidas Aquasation Blue Mirrored Lens Goggles. Like the Adidas Aquasation Pink Mirrored Lens Goggles, these trendy and top grade goggles feature mirrored lenses to reduce glare, three interchangeable nose pieces, round racing style strap and a super-soft 100% TPR frame that’ll keep you comfortable through even the longest training sessions.

Prefer a smoked lens? You’ll be a trendsetter in the Adidas Aquastorm Black Smoked Lens Goggles. Made with a modern streamlined design that features an adjustable strap and adjustable nose piece, these chic frames have an over-moulded TPR seal and 100% polycarbonate lenses.

If you want a flash of colour with your smoked look, you need the Adidas Aquastorm Shock Blue Smoked Lens Goggles. Like all of Adidas pro quality goggles, these smoked lens goggles have everything that you need and more to take your swimming technique to the next level. With modern streamlined design and over-moulded TPR seal, you’ll always be comfortable in these goggles. Thanks to the adjustable nose piece and adjustable strap, the Adidas Aquastorm Shock Blue Smoked Lens Goggles with 100% polycarbonate lenses really are one size fits all.

And, we didn’t forget about the tinted lens lovers! For those of you looking to keep a bit of light out of your eyes, you will love the Adidas Persistar Grey Tinted Lens Goggles. These Fina approved goggles are made with 100% thermoplastic gum and feature tinted polycarbonate lenses that have been streamlined for minimal drag. With a low profile competition frame and adjustable back strap, these are the perfect distraction-free goggles for race day!



Unleash Your Inner Mermaid with AMANZI Swim Caps

Amanzi-Swim-Caps 2016

Who says that swim caps have to be uncomfortable and drab? Not AMANZI! You will feel like a goddess of the sea in their practical and trendy swim caps.

Made from 100% premium silicone, these one size fits all swim caps are great for long and thick hair. Engineered for superior stretch, these caps will stay in place through even the toughest swim training sessions. Even if you’ve got Rapunzel locks, these swim caps will stay in place through every movement.

Ready to stand loud and proud at the pool? You need the AMANZI Peacock Pride Swim Cap. This gorgeous purple cap features a bold peacock design bright shades of teal and slate. Easily one of the most beautiful looks of the year, this one is sure to be a trendsetter.

Love a girlie look? You’ll fall head over heels for the AMANZI Flamingle Swim Cap. This silver cap features hot pink flamingos dancing next to a rosy AMANZI logo. Beach babes will adore the AMANZI Beach Babe Swim Cap. This adorable pink retro style cartoon cap with a blonde surfer girl will steal your heart the second you lay eyes on it. Another cute and girlie pick, we adore the AMANZI Kiss My Splash Swim Cap. With an aqua background covered in white raindrops, this flashy cap has a Kiss My Splash catch phrase slogan and is sealed with a kiss.

Hey, groovy girls! If you like the hippie vibe, you will love the AMANZI Spring Wings Swim Cap. With a jet black background, this cool cap has got a motif of multi-coloured wildflowers and butterflies. For another happening throwback style, check out the AMANZI Blossom Swim Cap. With a rose and white polka dotted background, this hat has a psychedelic floral arrangement front and centre.

More into modern trends? You will love the AMANZI Harvest Swim Cap. On trend with an aqua, lime and rose geometric pattern, this Mayan inspired cap is the perfect pick for fashionistas. Can’t get enough of the geometric tribal design? You need the AMANZI Azteca Swim Cap. This colourful and bright Aztec inspired pattern features vibrant shades of lavender, rose, lime, aqua and lemon.

Hungry? You will want to chow down on the AMANZI Sweet Treats Swim Cap. This royal purple cap features a mouth-watering array of bold and bright cakes, cupcakes and ice cream sundaes. Equally sweet, you will want to eat the AMANZI Very Berry Swim Cap right up! With a lime back ground and bright and fresh strawberries scattered all over, this is the perfect cap for sweet and fruity swimmers.

Whichever cap you go for, you can buy with confidence. AMANZI is one of Australia’s top sports swimwear companies. Designed for swimmers by swimmers, their gear can stand up to constant chlorine exposure. And it’s not all about fashion! AMANZI is incredibly practical and well designed. In fact, this is the company that the best athletes from around the world swear by. Whether you are a casual swimmer or on the hunt for the gold, AMANZI Swim Caps are a top pick.



Why Goggles Fog Up & What You Can Do About It

Why Goggles Fog Up 2016

When you are a swimmer, fog is a major issue. If things are getting hot and steamy with your goggles, it is time for a change! Here’s everything you need to know about why goggles fog up and what you can do about it.

Why Do My Goggles Fog Up?

In simple terms, your goggles will fog up when their lens are colder than the air surrounding them. Typically goggles get foggy because of warm and wet air as well as body heat.

If you have anti-fog goggles and they are still fogging up, it could be because of their age. Even great pairs of anti-fog goggles won’t last forever. If they are well-used, it is possible their anti-fog coating has worn away or that sweat, sunscreen or dirt has built up on the inside of the lens.

How to Take Care of Anti-Fog Goggles

Even the best anti-fog goggles can get damaged. It is really important to use a protective pouch or case to prevent scratches. Remember, anti-fog goggles use a coating and that coating can be scrapped off if you aren’t careful so be vigilant in protecting your goggles.

Chlorine and other chemicals in the pool can also wear down the anti-fog coating. Be sure to rinse your goggle with warm water. This will wash away any residue. Rather than rubbing at the lens, just leave it to air dry to avoid any damage.

How to Prevent Foggy Goggles

Whether or not you have anti-fog goggles, it is good to have quick and easy fog fixes to use when you are on the go. You can use anti-fog products on any type of lens in any goggles. Here are a few of our favourites anti-fog cleaning formulas and sprays.

Foggies Wipes

The SBR SPORTS INC. FOGGIES wipes are a must-have. These anti-fog towelettes will defog your goggles and clean them at the same time. They will dry in just a few seconds and prevent foggy lens. Whether you are swimming, snowboarding, skiing, or diving, these wipes are incredibly useful. The little wipe packet weighs next to nothing so you can tuck it away anywhere. Even better, you can reuse them five to six times if stored in an airtight bag.

Zoggs Anti-Fog Spray

If you prefer a spray, you can get the same impressive two-in-one effect with the Zoggs Fogbuster Lens Cleaner. This lens cleaner and anti-fog solution is easy to use and will get your goggles sparking clean and fog-free.

Arena Anti-Fog Spray

A favourite brand amongst Olympic swimmers and other world class athletes, Arena is always at the top of their game. The Arena Antifog Goggle Spray is no exception. Just spritz some inside of your goggles and it’ll prevent them fog in even the most humid conditions. Perfect for goggles of all kinds, all you need to do is spray Arena Antifog Goggle Spray on your lens then wait five minute. Once the coating is dry, you are good to go for distraction-free swimming.


Why You Need to Try the Triswim Shampoo & Conditioner

TriSwim Shampoo 2016

While swimming is great for your body, it can wreck havoc on your hair. From leaving blondes looking like green haired punk rockers to causing some serious irritation, chlorine and hair don’t mix.  That doesn’t mean that you need to give up your fave hobby to have great hair and irritation-free skin though! You just need to treat your hair and scalp with the TLC they deserve.

For flawless locks that hold up to even daily training sessions, you have got to check out the Triswim Shampoo and TriSwim Conditioner. These impressive blends can totally transform dried out, discoloured locks into the mane of your dreams.

The TRISWIM SHAMPOO is designed to eliminate chlorine, bromine, salt water and chemical odour. Every time you lather up, the shampoo latches onto pool chemicals and pulls them out of your hair so they rinse right down the drain.

This salon quality shampoo heals dry, itchy skin and parched hair while it hydrates and moisturises your scalp and hair. In fact, in addition to the fact that it removes chlorine and chlorine odour as it eliminates the dreaded green tint, it even relieves dandruff, pool rash and eczema symptoms. Pretty impressive stuff for one single shampoo to tackle!

But don’t just take our word for it! Professional athletes and casual swimmers from around the planet are in love with this impressive stuff. In fact, TRISWIM has been rated number one by the United States Masters Swimming. If it is their favourite hair and skin care product, you know that TRISWIM is something pretty special.

With its mild but fresh lime citrus scent, this is a great shampoo for men, women and kids so grab a bottle of TRISWIM SHAMPOO for your whole school of fish. Perfect for every hair type, this shampoo is a swimmer’s dream.

Ready to take your hair to the next level? Finish off with TRISWIM CONDITIONER. This unique blend is specifically formulated to be ultra hydrating to counteract the harsh and drying elements of chlorine, bromine, salt and the sun.

Formulated with keratin, proteins and mega nutrients, TRISWIM CONDITIONER will leave your hair looking and feeling amazing. With a pineapple and citrus scent, this salon quality conditioner relieves dandruff, pool rash and eczema symptoms while it hydrates and moisturises dry, brittle strands.

Paraben free and created with no animal testing, TRISWIM CONDITIONER was also rated as the United States Masters Swimming’s number one hair and skin care product.

Even better, this stuff is a great value for the money. When you are using TRISWIM CONDITIONER, a little bit goes a long way so you can share it with the whole family and still have your bottle last for ages. So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to upgrade! Forget about watered down hair products that leave your hair weighed down and damaged by chlorine. Treat yourself to the best.

Pro tip: Have long locks? Wet your hair and add a grape size amount of TRISWIM CONDITIONER before you jump in the pool. By saturating your hair before you get into the water, your hair won’t be able to absorb nearly as much chlorine.



The Latest Swimmer Must-Haves: Tri Swim Body Wash & Body Lotion

TriSwim Body Wash 2016

Love swimming? Don’t let pool chemicals and salt water get under your skin! With so many amazing products out there, you can make dry, itchy, and irritated skin a thing of the past.

Listen up, swimmers! There are two essential keys to keeping your skin healthy. First off, you have got to hydrated and protect your skin before you jump in the pool. This means using a lotion designed to protect your skin against pool chemicals and salt water. Ladies, if you have got long locks, you will also want to give your hair a good coating of conditioner to prevent your strands from sucking up chemicals.

The second step comes when you leave the pool. To give your skin a proper cleaning and hydration, you need to use an ultra effective body wash. Forget about watered down products from the pharmacy. You need a body wash that has been designed to wash away chemicals and irritants.

Ready to upgrade your routine? Check out a couple of products that the pros swear by.

Swimmer Must-Have: TRISWIM LOTION

Skin feeling parched from long days in the pool? Slather on TRISWIM LOTION before you jump in the pool. This powerful swimmers’ must-have will block chlorine, salt water, and bromine from being absorbed into your skin and causing irritation.

Made with aloe vera, vitamin E and ProVitamin B5, this innovative formula will soothe, repair and restore even the driest, itchiest, most sunburnt skin. That’s why the TRISWIM brand has been rated the best of the best by the pros at United States Masters Swimming.

With a light citrus orange scent, this salon rated product has a universally great scent that everybody in your family with love. A great value for the money, you only need a tiny bit of TRISWIM LOTION to get a major impact. Cruelty free and paraben free, this product is perfect for animal lovers and those with sensitive skin.

Swimmer Must-Have: TRISWIM Body Wash

If you swim, you need the TRISWIM Chlorine-Out Body Wash. Enriched with aloe vera, vitamin E and ProVitamin B5, this impressive body wash offers a penetrating moisturiser that will nourish your skin and act as a healing agent.

Designed to counteract the harsh impact of chlorine, bromine, salt water, the TRISWIM Chlorine-Out Body Wash whisks away chemical odours and leaves your skin feeling smooth and irritation-free.

Whether you have eczema, chronically dry skin, or are just dealing with the itch and irritation that comes from being regularly exposed to chlorine, salt, and sun, the TRISWIM Chlorine-Out Body Wash has got covered!

Paraben free and created with no animal testing, you can feel good about using the TRISWIM Chlorine-Out Body Wash. In fact, this stuff is so good that TRISWIM was made the official hair and skin care product for United States Masters Swimming.

Made with a Japanese Yuzu citrus scent, the salon rated TRISWIM Chlorine-Out Body Wash has a fresh and clean scent that’s great for men, women and children alike. Forget about having a bathroom full of products! TRISWIM Chlorine-Out Body Wash is one bottle that the whole family can use for clean and hydrated skin.



See Clearly with Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes

Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes 2016

Ready to see your future? Imagine yourself crossing the finish line with 20/ 20 vision! Whether you are a swimmer, snowboarder, skier, cycler or runner, you can keep your lens clear in any and every condition.

Even the best lens can succumb to fog and you’ve got to come prepared for it! When you are racing at top speed, having clear vision is absolutely essential. Athletes from land to sea to sky are obsessed with the Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes for a good reason. This ultra portable and incredibly effective fix is an athlete’s dream come true.

On your big race day, you will definitely want to stash a Foggies Anti-Fog Wipe in your bag to ensure fog-free glass anywhere, anytime. They are the ultimate on-the-go tool for athletes.

Of course, with all the sports gear hype out there, it’s good to know what you are buying before you dish out your hard earned cash. Here’s everything you need to know about these impressive anti-fog fixes.

About Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes

These impressive wipes are made by SBR SPORTS. Even if that name isn’t familiar, you probably know their products. These are the guys who make TRISWIM, which is specially formulated skin and hair products for swimmers. They also produce athlete’s skin lubricants TRISLIDE and SKIN SLICK as well as the sports-focused skincare line DERMASPORT.

Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes: How They Work

The Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes work on snowboard and skiing masks, swim goggles and running and cycling lens. These little wipes will de-fog any kind of lens in a snap and weigh next to nothing.

Not only are these anti-fog wipes easy to carry, they are also reusable. If you store your Foggies in an airtight bag, you can use them again five to six more times.

Made by industry leader SBR Sports, Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes will clean your lenses and de-fog them. Tested in countless situations by a range of athletes, there wipes are the real deal.

To use Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes, simple wipe a thin layer over your mask, goggles or glasses and then leave it to dry. The solution will disappear within three seconds. Once the cleaning agent is gone, you will be left with crystal clear, fog-free vision. After you are done, just toss your Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes into an airtight bag to reuse again in a snap.

Testing Out Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes 6 Pack

Want to grab a few Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes to test them out for yourself? Order a Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes 6 Pack. This affordable pack will give you up to 36 cleanings so you can wash and de-fog your lens for a few weeks to see what you think about the SBR Sports, Inc. Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes.

Upgrade to Foggies Anti-fog Wipes 48 Pack

Have you fallen head over heels in love with the Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes? So have we! Countless swimmers, snowboarders, skiers, cyclers and runners carry these impressive wipes with them every time they are out. Are you a scuba diver? Hockey player? Footballer? The Foggies Anti-Fog Wipes will work for your visors, goggles, and masks too!


Everything You Need to Know about Zoggs Goggles

Zoggs Racing and Training Goggles 2016

Since 1992, Zoggs has been making some of the greatest swimwear and accessories out there. Based out of Sydney, Australia, this is a company run by dedicated swimmers. Thanks to their expertise, they know the business of goggles like nobody else.

Known for their innovation, flawless fit and endless comfort, Zoggs Goggles are a favourite amongst some of the best swimmers on the planet. Want a pair for yourself? Here’s everything you need to know about goggle shopping.

Who Needs Goggles?

Goggles are an absolute essential for competitive swimmers. The more time that you spend in the water, the more important it is to have top quality goggles.

Spending hours in chlorinated or salt water can be incredibly irritating to your eyes. It is important to protect your eyes from the elements so that you can swim for hours without distraction.

Of course, having a great fit is even more important so be sure to find the perfect goggles for you before wearing them to a long training sessions. You definitely don’t want something that leaks or squashes the bridge of your nose!

How to Choose Between Tinted & Clear Goggles

If you swim outdoors, tinted or smoked goggles are an obvious choice. They are also a good pick if you swim in an indoor pool surrounded by a lot of windows. Even without natural night, goggles are great if you end up swimming in a lane next to a bright wall with a ton of lights.

There are some cute novelty tints like pink, blue and a range of other colours as well but those won’t have much of an impact on the actual amount of light hitting your eyes.

Ultimately, if you swim on a regular basis, it is good to have clear and smoke lens goggles handy for a range of different conditions.

Why We Love the New Zoggs Goggles

With a wide range of options available, the new Zoggs goggles are perfect for both indoor and outdoor swimming. If you’ve never worn a pair of professional quality goggles, these will blow your mind! Designed for hours of wear, Zoggs FINA approved goggles give you crystal clear, distraction-free swimming.

Zoggs has really thought of everything to make their goggles as comfortable as possible. Their split-yoke strap will reduce the amount of pressure around your eyes while the larger frame size will give you an ultra-comfortable fit. Their unique 4 Flexpoint Technology means that the frames are strong yet flexible. Finally, thanks to the Zoggs easy-to-adjust silicone strap, you can get the fit you need in a flash!

And, you can forget about your Zoggs goggles ever leaking. They are designed to mould to the exact curves of your face for a perfect seal. With their trademarked Soft-Seal Plus hypo-allergenic liquid silicone frame, Zoggs goggles will fit like a natural extension of your face. Additionally, the Zoggs CLT (Curved Lens Technology) gives you a perfect 180 degree view with the Fogbuster anti-fog lenses control moisture.

Zoggs Newest Goggles

Want clear goggles? Check out the Zoggs Aqua-Flex Blue, Clear & Blue Clear Lens Goggles. Into tinted goggles? You’ll love the Zoggs Aqua-Flex Titanium Orange, Clear & Grey Tinted Lens Goggles.

For smoked, go for the Zoggs Aqua-Flex Black, Clear & Orange Smoke Lens Goggles; Zoggs Aqua-Flex Green, Clear & Grey Smoke Lens Goggles; Zoggs Aqua-Flex Titanium Black, Clear & Lime Smoke Lens Goggles or the Zoggs Aqua-Flex Titanium Green, Clear & Grey Smoke Lens.



Why Swimmers Love the Zoggs Goggles & Masks

Zoggs Adult Goggles 2016

Meet Zoggs. Started in Australia by swimmers looking for a higher quality of gear, Zoggs has quickly become one of the most innovative names in the swimming pool. While they are now a full service brand for all things swimming, Zoggs is a swimming goggles company at heart. Loved by swimmers around the globe, their goggles and masks are second to none.

Zoggs is dedicated to making new swimmers comfortable in the water and taking experienced swimmers to the next level. Whatever skill level you are at right now, Zoggs goggles and masks are a top pick. With a durable construction and distraction-free fit, there’s nothing not to love about this first class brand.

If you haven’t tried Zoggs goggles and masks yet, what are you waiting for? With accessories for everyone from 5 years old to 95 years old and head to toe gear for beginners to pros, you need to check out Zoggs.

Ready to find your new favourite swim accessory? Check out the latest Zoggs Goggles and Masks.

For 180 degree crystal clear peripheral vision, the Zoggs CLT™ Curved Lens Technology in the Zoggs Panorama Clear & Smoke Lens Goggles give you flawless vision. Featuring a maximum UV protection, Fogbuster™ anti-fog technology and smoke tinted lenses, these goggles are perfect for swimming in every condition. Whether you are an outdoor or indoor swimmer, they will keep your comfortable for hours.

Thanks to the split-yoke strap, these goggles are ultra comfortable and easy to adjust. They’ve got a quick adjust strap mechanism and incredibly durable silicon strap.

When a bold and flashy style? We love the bold look of the Zoggs Panorama Red Tinted Lens Goggles. With Fogbuster™ impregnated anti-fog lenses, maximum UV protection, CLT™ Curved Lens Technology 180 degree, these goggles are second to none. Featuring a medium level of sun protection, these goggles perfect for indoor and outdoor goggles.

If you are looking for a larger frame, you will love the Zoggs Tri-Vision Black & Black Tinted Lens Mask. With Curved Lens Technology™ that provides 180 degree vision and Fogbuster™ anti-fog impregnated, these goggles will always give you perfect sight in any light. Thanks to the CV™ Clearer Vision lenses that are able to amplifying light for low light conditions, these are a clear everyday essential piece of gear. Featuring a split-yoke strap, these goggles are endlessly comfortable.

Prefer a clear lens? You’ll flip for the Zoggs Tri-Vision Blue & Blue Clear Lens Mask. Perfect for indoor and outdoor swimming, the CV™ Clearer Vision lenses amplify light while providing a UV360 sun protection through the CLT™ Curved Lens Technology. With a comfortable oversized frame, these split-yoke strap frames are made with a super soft silicone seal that reduces pressure around your eyes.

Want a bold and trendy look? You’ve got to check out the Zoggs Tri-Vision Green & Clear Smoke Lens Mask. Featuring moisture control Fogbuster™ anti-fog impregnated lenses, UV360 sun protection, 180 degree vision CLT™ Curved Lens Technology, reduced glare and CV™ Clearer Vision lenses amplify light, these goggles are perfect for swimming anytime, anywhere.