How to Improve Your Game with the All New Arena Powerfin Pro Fins

Arena Powerfin Pros 2016

If you aren’t already using swim fins, what are you waiting for? While some swimmers aren’t crazy about them, the majority of serious professionals and coaches are head over heel for the benefits of using swim fins as a part of your regular training routine. Using top quality swim fins, like the impressive new Arena Powerfin Pro Fins, can be a total game changer for swimmers at every level.

By using fins during your training, you can improve your body position and stay streamlined. Because your body will naturally sit at a higher position with swim fins, it will push you into a flawless form over and over until you naturally start to create that position yourself. Whether you are just starting out or need an extra boost when your posture starts to sag, this can be a real asset.

On top of just improving your form, swim fin will have you flying through the water at top speeds. By getting your body used to the feeling of moving through the water at top speeds, you’ll develop neuromuscular patterning which will keep you going faster even when your fins are off.

Swim fins are also great for just improving your overall fitness level. Many swimmers get into the habit of propelling themselves forward with their arms. While that’s great for your upper body, your lower body often doesn’t get the same attention.

By using swim fins, you will not only improve your cardiovascular health but you’ll also give your legs a great workout. Swim fins are particularly good for improving your ankle flexibility. This is really important for swimmer because a lack of flexibility can mean getting water caught between your feet and toes and slowing you down.

Feeling inspired to get some swim fins of your own or to upgrade your current pair? There’s no better pick than the all new Arena Powerfin Pro Fins. Featuring a short inclined blade, special cuts on the bottom ribs and side rails, these new fins are top notch. Made from 100% long life silicone, the Arena Powerfin Pro Fins will last you for ages. Thanks to their open heel design, they are some of the most comfortable fins you will ever wear. With superior comfort, you’ve got a reduced chance of blisters and can swim for hours distraction-free.

Ready to get your own fins? Take your swim training to the next level with the Arena Powerfin Pro Fins! Available in sizes 38 to 47, you can find the perfect Arena swim fins that’ll fit you perfectly. For a classic look, check out the sleek Arena Powerfin Pro Black Fins. For a bright and bold look, you will love the Arena Powerfin Pro Lime Fins. Searching for a girlie style? Grab the Arena Powerfin Pro Pink Fins.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to have better control, a faster power kick, maximum forward thrust and maximum ankle flexibility, it is time to get yourself a pair of Arena Powerfin Pro Fins.



Arena Training Essentials That’ll Make You a Better Swimmer

Arena Swim Keel 2016

Who doesn’t want to become a better swimmer? If you are like most of us and you are striving to get stronger and faster, you need to enhance your training routine!

The best way to take your training to the next level is to regularly incorporate swim training equipment into your routine.

For the latest and greatest equipment, look no further than Arena. A trusted name for Olympic swimmers over the better half of the century, they are one of the top names in swim training equipment. So, when you are ready for an upgrade, check out the all new equipment from Arena. Here are a few of their top training essentials.

Training Essential: Pull Buoy

Ready to get stronger and improve your stroke technique? You need a pull buoy and there’s no better choice than the Arena Free Flow Pull Buoy. This 8-shaped float is lightweight and engineered for unbeatable buoyancy and comfort.

With an improved streamlining, the Arena Free Flow Pull Buoy fits perfect between your legs and will have you flying through the water at top speeds. Thanks to its soft foam, you’ll never have to worry about skin irritation. Grab your own Arena Free Flow Pull Buoy in bold lime or bright pink.

Insider tip: Try not to accentuate your kicking while using a pull buoy. While you might want to stiffen up, it’s important to stay loose and flexible. Just place the pull buoy between your thighs and go! As you move forward, pay close attention to your shoulders. Swimmers tend to over-rotate their shoulder and create the wrong catch in their arm stroke. Fortunately, the more you use it, the easier it will get and the stronger you will become.

Training Essential: Swim Keel

For a multi-purpose training aid that will make your upper and lower body stronger while helping you to improve your core alignment and technique, you need a swim keel.

This amazing tool is a two-in-one pull buoy and kickboard. With an exclusive type of streamlined grip, this weighted floater will transform your posture and take your training to places you never thought possible.

With its ergonomic shape that allows for a wide range of different hand positions, you can do countless different workouts with one single piece of training equipment. Measuring 18cm x 26cm, the outer material is 100% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) while the inner portion is 70% Alloy of iron, 30% PE.

Ready to grab your own? Check out the sleek Arena Swim Keel Black, bright Arena Swim Keel Lime or the bold Arena Swim Keel Pink.

Training Essential: Flex Paddle

Another one of our favourite training aids is the flex paddle. An awesome way to get stronger with every session, any serious swimmer should have the Arena Flex Paddle Set as a regular part of their training routine. Featuring a flexible net surface for enhanced water feel, stroke control and optimal ergonomics, this paddle set is second to none.

Made from polyester and silicone, their impressive design creates perfect pressure distribution so your Arena Flex Paddle Set will never slip and slide as you are powering through the water.

Get your own set of Arena Flex Paddle Set Green or Arena Flex Paddle Set Pink and start training!


A Breath of Fresh Air: The New Arena Centre Snorkels

Arena Centre Snorkels 2016

Do you need a snorkel that will never get in the way? You have got to check out the new Arena Centre Snorkels. These impressive swim snorkels have been impeccably engineered to ensure that you can spend your time focusing on your swimming technique rather than fussing with your snorkel.

As one of the most trusted and innovative brand names in the world of swimming, few companies can compete with the quality of Arena. Since they were launched way back in 1973, Arena Water Instinct Company has stolen the hearts of countless Olympic swimming champions.

With an endless dedication to innovation, Arena is striving to getting everyone into the water and providing them with all of the equipment and gear that they need to reach the top of their game.

The latest line of swim snorkels from Arena are just as impressive as everything else that this ground-breaking swim gear company has produced.

If you haven’t been using a swim snorkel because you just find them too annoying, we have got great news for you! The latest and greatest line of Arena swim snorkels will change everything for you.

The impressive new Arena Centre Snorkels have been designed so that you can concentrate on getting to the other side of the pool without ever having to turn your head to the side to breath. While it might seem like a minor difference, it can be a real game changer for swimmers who are still trying to master their technique.

Thanks to the one-way purge valve on the Arena Centre Snorkels, you’ll never inhale water. Its swivel head makes it easy to breath and also grab a breath of fresh air and chat with your coach between swimming drills.

Ready to start shopping? With great choices for adults and kids as well as a stunning range of colours, you can find the perfect Arena Centre Snorkels for you and everyone else in your family.

Made with a silicone strap and PVC mouthpiece, the adult Arena Centre Snorkels are durable and offer an ultra-soft hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece that will allow you to wear your snorkel comfortably for hours of swimming. The additional padding on the head support creates a level of security and ease of wear that is unbeatable.

Featuring a frontal layout, you can grab your own bold Arena Swim Snorkel Lime, girlie Arena Swim Snorkel Pink or the sleek and timeless Arena Swim Snorkel Black.

Looking for a centre snorkel for your little one? The junior Arena Small Swim Snorkel is perfect for new swimmers. By allowing them to forget about their breathing and messing with a snorkel, the flawlessly fitting Arena Centre Snorkels allow kids to focus on improving their technique.

Give your little one everything that he or she needs to become a great swimmer! The Arena Centre Snorkels will allow them to swim through the water at top speeds without ever having to lift or turn their head. Thanks to the ultra-comfortable fit and top grade construction, the Arena Centre Snorkels are ideal for even the longest training sessions.

Get your nipper an Arena Small Swim Snorkel Black or treat your little girl to an Arena Small Swim Snorkel Pink.



Flipping Over the Fantastic DMC Fins

DMC Fins 2016

Are you searching for fins that are ideal for lap swimming? Then you have come to the right place! Find out why the greatest swimmers from around the planet are flipping over the fantastic DMC fins.

There is nothing worse than trying to swim with uncomfortable fins. Distracting and downright dangerous, having the wrong swim fins can totally destroy your swimming technique.

Ditch the cheap, outdated swim fins! Super comfortable and made from silicone, DMC fins are second to none. With a flawless fit and durability that no other company can match, these fins are an obvious pick for any serious swimmer.

Founded by a World Surf Life Saving Body-surfing Champion, Qualified Swim Coach and former firefighter, DMC is a swim gear company that is run by swimmers for swimmers. As an integral part of the DMC line of swimming products designed to suit everyone from absolute beginners up to serious, pro level athletes, the DMC swim fins are beloved around the globe.
Used by members of the International and Australian Olympic Swim Team, DMC Swim training short fins are flawless engineered and moulded of silicone to avoid any possible abrasion. The more time that you spend wearing fins in the water, the more you will appreciate the outstanding fit of the DMC swim fins.
The goal of the DMC swim fins is to help swimmers of every single level to achieve the exact right balance in their kick while toning and strengthening their muscles for long term benefits. The more often you do swim training in fins, the more perks you get from it. Using good swim fins during your training will train the neuromuscular memory in your legs so that your legs kick more effectively even when you aren’t wearing fins.
Ready to grab a pair of your own? Find out why serious swimmers are singing the praises of the DMC Swim Elite Fin Set. Perfect for lap swimming, these impressive silicone fins are outstandingly comfortable.
Available in fluorescent green, hot pink, elite orange and charcoal, you can find your own perfect fit in the small, medium, medium large, large or extra-large DMC Swim Elite Fin Set.
Ready to upgrade your swim fins? If you want to move to the absolute top of the line, check out the DMC Swim Warrior Bronze Fin Set. Combining the ultimate power and comfort, these fins will give you maximum thrust through minimal effort.
Designed to reduce discomfort, DMC Warrior Fins are the only swim fins on the market that guarantee the lowest level of muscle fatigue and cramping. Thanks to the highly engineered moulding, silicone instep and blade placement in the swim fins, you will never find another pair of swim fins as comfortable as these. And did we mention their ultra-cool look? These bronze fins will make you like a powerful swimming god or goddess!
Whether you do your swim training in the DMC Swim Elite Fin Set or blow away the competition in the DMC Warrior Fins, you can trust that this incredible swim gear brand will help you take your swim training to the next level.


Banish Too Big Snorkels: Finding the Perfect Small Fit Snorkel

MP Small Fit Snorkel
When it comes to finding the perfect snorkel, fit is everything. If you have ever been out in the water with a poorly fitting snorkel, you know how annoying it is to deal with leaky or uncomfortable styles.
While shopping around and trying on different snorkels is a great strategy, finding the right snorkel is hard if you don’t know what you are looking for. Rather than going through an endless process of trial and error, it’s best to go with trusted brands that have been designed uniquely for you.
If you are sick and tired of oversized snorkels that leave you gasping for air, go for a small fit snorkel! While they can be harder to find, they are an absolute game changer. Ready to fall in love with snorkels again? You have got to check out the Michael Phelps Focus Small Fit line of Snorkels.
To the surprise of no one, it turns out that Michael Phelps knows a thing or two about the kind of swim gear that serious swimmers are looking for. With a uniquely designed low-profile style, the Michael Phelps Focus Small Fit Snorkel has been carefully engineered for optimal comfort and maximum durability.
Thanks to the hydrodynamic tube of the Focus Small Fit Snorkel, there’s minimal drag and breathing is easier than ever. Designed for distraction-free swimming, the Focus snorkel has a silicone comfo-bite mouthpiece that minimises jaw fatigue and an ultra-lightweight, adjustable head bracket that features a soft, integrated cushion for ultimate comfort. All of the impressive features of the Michael Phelps Focus Small Fit Snorkel combine to allow you to focus on your technique and position rather than messing around with your gear.
Available in classic blue or neon yellow and black, the Michael Phelps Focus Small Fit Snorkel will help you to improve your cardiovascular strength and up your lung capacity.
On the hunt for the perfect centre snorkel? Check out the Michael Phelps Focus Centre Snorkel. Available in a small fit, this low-profile snorkel is designed with MP’s signature hydrodynamic tube which reduces your drag and lets you fly through the water at top speed.
Like the Michael Phelps Focus Small Fit Snorkel, the Focus Centre Snorkel features a lightweight, adjustable, head bracket with a built-in custom as well as a silicone Comfo-Bite style mouthpiece that was engineered for minimal jaw fatigue.
Both styles of Michael Phelps Focus Small Fit Snorkel also feature a one-way water purge value that allows you to clear any excess water instantly.
Ready for an impressively comfortable way to increase your lung capacity and improve your swim training? Grab a Michael Phelps Focus Centre Snorkel in small fit! Check out the sleek blue and white MP design or go for the bold black and neon yellow style.
There is no better time than now to ditch your old snorkel and upgrade to a standard of style and quality that only Michael Phelps can offer. You definitely won’t regret treating yourself to the Michael Phelps Focus Small Fit line of Snorkels.


The Greatest Hand Paddles and Why You Need Them

Training Hand Paddles 2016

Here’s a high five to you, fellow swimmer! Getting started with hand paddles is one of the best things that you can do to improve your swimming technique. Often called free weights for swimmers, hand paddles are a great way to improve your upper body strength. By building up your shoulder muscles you will be able to fly through the water at speeds you’ve never dreamed of!

Ready to get started with hand paddles of your own or upgrade your current pair? There are tons of options out there made from PVC free materials with silicone straps and available in different sizes to suit anyone and everyone. Check out a few of our favourite handle paddles to find the perfect pair for you.

Have you ever wondered how Michael Phelps got to the top of his game? While he probably has quite a few tricks up his sleeve, we know that one of the keys to his success is an amazing set of hand paddles. Keen to follow in his path? Check out the Michael Phelps Strength Paddle Set. Designed to mimic the natural bone structure of the hand, the natural pulling of the motion vents combined with palm risers create for a flawless motion. Available in different sizes, the ergonomic wrist strap and finger loops are completely adjustable, durable and streamlined.

Another one of our top picks is the Speedo BioFUSE Power Paddle Set. Made with Speedo BioFUSE technology for optimal comfort and fit, these hand paddles have been ergonomically engineered to improve your grip and reduce hand fatigue while creating maximum resistance in the water so that you can improve your upper body strength as effectively as possible.

Are you an Arena fan? From one of the best swim gear companies out there, you will love the Arena Trax Hand Paddle Set. These impressive hand paddles are were created with power training in mind. PVC free with fully adjustable silicone straps, these paddles are available in different sizes to ensure a perfect, distraction-free fit. Want to check out finger paddles? Try out the Arena Elite Finger Paddle Set. These essential training tools work out the catch phase on all 4 strokes.

On the hunt for a flashy style? For the perfect blend of form and function, the Arena Vortex Evolution Hand Paddle is a great pick. These paddles are PVC free and feature silicone straps that will give you an amazing fit during even your toughest power workouts. Grab them in fluorescent green or get yourself a pair of the hot pink Arena Vortex Evolution Hand Paddle.

Last but certainly not least, we are head over heels for The Finals Turbine Blue Large Hand Paddle Set. These provide a top-of-the-line fit that stays securely in place so that you can focus on our technique rather than being distracted by your training gear.

So, swimmers, when you are ready to take your training to the next level, it’s time to grab a pair of hand paddles and get back in the pool!








Feel the Burn with Strength Training Tools

Strength Training Tools 2016
If you want to get faster, you have got to get stronger! When you are ready to take your training to the next level, you have got to get the right strength training tools to enhance every pool session.
Want to steal the thunder from Michael Phelps? Grab a pair of Michael Phelps Alpha Pro Neon Fins and you’ll be flying through the water at top speeds! Designed to mimic swimmers’ natural competitive kicking tempo with an asymmetrical short blade design, these fins will provide you with the strong resistance you need to take your training to the next level.
Loved by Australian and International Olympic Swimming Team Members, the DMC SWIM Fins are another great way to improve your strength training technique. Flawlessly moulded in silicone, these will help everyone from novice to an Olympic standard swimmers achieve the perfect kick balance. Available in many different colours, we love the grey and pink styles.
On the hunt for the perfect pull buoy? If you want to improve your technique and become stronger, you need an Arena Freeflow Pull Buoy. This lightweight 8-shape pull buoy fits comfortably between your legs and helps you focus on your upper body technique while developing the muscles in your shoulders and arms.
Looking for something a bit flashier? You will adore the Vorgee 3 Layer Pink & Purple Pull Buoy or the Vorgee 4 Layer Pink & Purple Pull Buoy. Made from a durable EVA construction, this is the perfect tool for mastering your upper body technique and getting into the best shape of your life.
Another great way to boost your technique is with Arena Vortex Evolution Hand Paddle Set. Providing a strong resistance with your every move, you can get a serious workout pushing through the water in these impressive hand paddles. Prefer finger paddles? Find out why we love the Arena Elite Finger Paddle Set. This essential training tool is used to work out the catch phase on all four strokes and will leave you feeling the burn.
When you are ready to start focusing on your lower body technique, check out the Speedo EVA Kickboard, which is available in many different colours and will provide you with great stability while you kick your way across the pool at top speeds.
An ideal training aid for all levels of swimmers, we love the Arena Kickboard too! Available in many different colours, this ultra-durable kickboard allows multiple hand positions and will help you get to the top of your game!
On the hunt for the perfect bag for carrying around your strength training swim gear? Check out the Speedo Teamster Backpack. This 35 litre capacity bag features a removable bleacher seat with a raised 15" laptop sleeve that will keep your stuff dry when you are poolside. Available in many different colours, grab one for yourself in pink, marigold or purple. Prefer an ultra-light weight bag? Go for the classic Speedo Mesh Training Bag available in navy and red.
So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get out there and blow the competition out of the water!


Looking Cool in Winter Blues

Winter Blues Prints 2016
On the hunt for some cool styles in winter shades? If you love the blue hues of the season and want to grab a fashionable, chlorine resistant swimsuit for yourself, we have got you covered! Check out our favourite blue hues of the year for men, women, girls and boys.
Firstly, let’s talk about our blue hues in chlorine resistant suits for women. Want a cool new style? You’ll be looking anything but ugly in the Dolfin Lollie Uglies One Piece Swimsuit with its vibrant, throwback style in shades of lime, aqua and navy. For classic look with a bit of an edge, you will love the Dolfin Sting Blue One Piece Swimsuit.
One of our favourite looks of the year is the ultra-high fashion Arena Samba Deep Sea & Blue Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. For a super modern and chic look, you’ll adore the Finals Matrix Foil One Piece Swimsuit. Looking for a chlorine resistant bikini in your favourite blue hues? Check out the Hive Pacifica Women’s Sports Bikini.
For your little lady, you can channel her love of the underwater world in the Zealous Aquamarine Girls One Piece Swimsuit or check out the artsy style of AMANZI Bluebelle Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Want a super vibrant style? There are endless chlorine resistant styles in blue hues. She’ll be as pretty as a picture in the AMANZI Sakura Girls One Piece Swimsuit or, if she is more of a bikini girl, go for the classic Funkita Hail Storm Girls Sports Bikini.
On the hunt for a classic, cool men’s look? Search no further than the Arena Board Royal Men’s Jammers. If you like a modern, bold style, you will definitely want to grab yourself a pair of the Zoggs Darwin Blue Men’s Jammers. And speaking of modern, the Rival Off The Hook Men’s Trunks are definitely have one of the freshest looks of the year.
Want Jammers with a style that is somewhere in the middle? For the perfect mix of classic and cool, check out the Zoggs Geo Sport Spliced Men’s Jammers. And, last but certainly not least, the black and blue kaleidoscopic Speedo Kalido Men’s Jammers are one of our top picks of the year.
Looking for a suit for the little one? For a hyper-modern look check out the Speedo Abyss Boys Jammer or the ultra-flashy Tornado Carnival Blue Boys Jammers. Searching for chlorine resistant trunks that he will love? You have got to see the Funky Trunks Chevron Stream Boys Trunks. Does he love the traditional look? Get him a pair of the Arena Board Royal Boys Jammers.
Want to complete your look? Grab some essential accessories! We adore the Speedo BioFUSE Grey & Japan Blue Endurance Fitness Fin Set for intense training. Want to fly through the water? Michael Phelps has got you covered with his MP Focus Blue & White Centre Snorkel.
Ready to upgrade your vision? Check out the trendy and practical Zoggs Fusion Air Blue & Yellow Gold Mirror Lens Goggles. Before you finish your shopping trip, be sure to also pick up your own Funkita Ocean Sun Backpack to carry it all away in!


Light the Fuse with These Amazing Vorgee FUZE Goggles

Vorgee FUZE Goggles 2016

If you need a new pair of goggles, you have got to check out the Vorgee Missile Fuze Mirrored Lens Goggle. Loved by pros and amateurs alike, these goggles blow the competition out of the water. Endlessly comfortable with top grade visual clarity, the Vorgee FUZE Goggles are sure to light your fuse!

As Australia's leading and most trusted aquatic accessories brands, Vorgee is a name that we have come to trust. Thanks to their stringent quality control, cutting edge technologies and top of the line materials, Vorgee is at the top of their game. Whether you are prepping your kids for their first swim lessons or are searching for a pair of goggles that you can take to the Olympics, these are the goggles for you!

Ready to check out your next new favourite pair of goggles? Here’s everything that you need to know about your new Vorgee FUZE Goggles. First things first, you will be blown away by how comfortable these googles are! Thanks to their adjustable nose piece, you can tailor the nose piece to fit perfectly over the bridge of your nose. Whether you have got a small and narrow nose or are more on the big and wide side, you can adjust the bridge until it fits you flawlessly.

The Vorgee FUZE Goggles slim line liquid soft silicone eye seals provide a perfect fit around your eyes while giving you a comfortable and snug fit while racing. Your new Vorgee Missile Fuze Mirrored Lens Goggles have dual coloured silicone competition straps and dual coloured eye seals so you can look perfect while flying through the water distraction-free.

The Vorgee Missile Fuze Mirrored Lens Goggle’s polychromatic mirrored anti-fog lens provide you with the maximum visibility in all conditions. Because these amazing googles are able to adjust depending on levels of light, you will always have an impressive level of vision and eye protection. When it’s a bright day, your lens will adjust to be darker and then adjust to a lighter colour when you are in low light. This means that you don’t have to mess with carrying around different goggles for different conditions. You can grab the one pair and use them outdoors for a sunny day in the sea or bring them with you to an indoor pool.

And it is not just about practicality! These ultra-light low profile mirrored lens goggles are seriously fashionable and modern. There is a remarkable selection of colour options so you can find exactly the right pair for you and your unique style. You can grab a pair of Vorgee Missile Fuze Mirrored Lens Goggles in the following colours:

• blue and aqua
• black and green
• pink and light pink
• black and orange
• green and yellow
• pink and orange
• pink and purple
• black and silver
• black and white
• purple and aqua

Why not get your own chic, cool, hot or girlie pair of Vorgee Missile Fuze Mirrored Lens Goggle? These tough and stylish goggles are sure to last you for years.


Why We Love the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Line of Goggles

Aquashere Kayenne Goggles 2016

The perfect goggles should be completely forgettable. Like all truly great swim gear, you should be able to slide it on then wear it for hours without distraction. With top quality goggles, you should never have to stop swimming to make adjustments.

If you are sick of tugging at straps and suffering through surprise leaks, you will love the Aqua Sphere Kayenne line of goggles. Like everything that Aqua Sphere puts out there, their eyewear is flawless. Once you try a pair of their goggles, you will be a lifelong fan.

Since their inception, Aqua Sphere has worked with the world’s top swimmers. Working with elite athletes like four-time Olympian Amanda Beard and Ironman World Champion Faris al Sultan, the Italian swimwear company is focused on developing products that give serious swimmers exactly what they need to be their best. Through constantly evolving research and development, Aqua Sphere continues to innovate and offer a complete range of swimwear, eyewear and accessories that are second to none.

The new Aqua Sphere Kayenne Line of Goggles is just another example of their dedication to top quality design and engineering. With oversized, ultra-durable Plexisol® lens for 4-point expanded, 180-degree visibility and 100% UVA/UVB protection, the lens in the Kayenne Line are incredibly impressive.

Anti-fog treated for long lasting clarity, these Aqua Sphere goggles will provide you with perfectly clear vision under even the most trying conditions.

Thanks to Aqua Sphere Kayenne Line of Goggles’ unique One-touch, Quick-Fit Buckle™ you can get a perfect fit with simple adjustments - even while wearing! Forget about the days of stopping to tug at straps! These goggles are easy to adjust in a hurry.

The stabilizing nose bridge keeps your goggles fitting securely and comfortablely and, of course, there is a silicone strap for comfort and durability. Aqua Sphere’s attention to detail really shows in the Kayenne Line of Goggles and you can feel the difference in quality as soon as you pick them up.

So, which one of the Kayenne Line of Goggles is right for you? If you are an outdoor swimmer, you will definitely want to go for a polarized lens. The Aqua Sphere Grey and Orange Kayenne Polarized Lens Goggles or the Ladies Aqua Sphere Kayenne Polarized Lens Goggles in Violet and Pink are great picks for swimming ocean laps.

For a classic clear lens goggle, you will love the Aqua Sphere Black and Silver Kayenne Clear Lens Goggles. Prefer a more lady like look? Check out the Aqua Sphere Fuchsia and Translucent Kayenne Lady Clear Lens Goggles or the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Powder Blue and Glitter Lady Clear Lens Goggles for an extra touch of flash.

And, fear not, smoke lens lovers! We haven’t forgotten about you. For just the right level of smokiness, grab the Aqua Sphere Green and Black Kayenne Smoke Lens Goggles or the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Black and Silver Smoke Lens Goggles. They will give you just the right level of shade combined with top quality vision.