What GabbiFresh Taught the World about Plus-Sized Swimwear

Zoggs Swimwear

The blogger from GabbiFresh famously flaunted her plus-sized swimwear in what she referred to as the “fatkini” for all of the major media outlets to show the world extra curves are nothing to be ashamed of. She wanted to push women to be comfortable with their body types, even if that type just happened to be curvier. She also wanted women to not buy into the fact that women should shop for their body type, but they should wear the clothes that make them happy.

Every woman, no matter what her size, has experienced the criticism of dressing for her body type. Is my butt too small for these pants? Are my hips to wide for this skirt? The list goes on and on setting off a negative feedback loop about how women feel about the way they look, and it isn’t a healthy way to approach any type of clothing.

It is important to us at swimmer.com.au that every swimmer, no matter what their size, has access to swimwear that allows them to enjoy fitness and athletic swimming. It would be a major failure on our parts if any swimmer walked away feeling like they couldn’t enjoy lapping in the pool, because they couldn’t find swimwear that provided support and comfort in the pool.

Zoggs released a line of chlorine resistant swimwear this 2013 that is perfect for women who have a little extra curves. Zoggs definitely understand that women all have different needs up top and bottom for feeling comfortable in the pool. Let us tell you about some of the highlights from Zoggs 2013 curvy girl collection.

Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

The Spiro Wyomi Training One Piece Swimsuit offers a design on the bust with cute circles made of dashes dancing across the bust. The cut of the Spiro Wyomi offers a shelf bra lined by a cute pink stripe that makes the shelf look like it is part of the design. It is a simple and chic design for working out and relaxing by the pool.

The Altona One Piece Swimsuit offers a simple black design with cute purple, white and green flowers on the bust. There is a built in bust shelf that is disguised with the complimentary rouched material. Adjustable straps ensure that you get the right fit that won’t put strain on your shoulders or back. A tummy control helps smooth out the lines of the tummy to create less drag and resistance when you are lapping in the pool. The Altona is perfect for women who really want high quality training one piece swimwear that’ll feel comfortable with everyday fitness use.

The Navy & Blue Gold Kneelength and Black & White Gold Kneelength offer a simple solid design with a complimentary contour line beneath the bust. This training kneelength swimsuit is perfect for those looking for swimwear for athletic or fitness swimming. The tummy control and mid cut leg smooth out lines that slow you down in the pool. Zoggs Swimshapes helps tone and curve your body to give you extra confidence for the pool. The adjustable strap ensures the straps will provide enough support without chafing the shoulder.


Funkita Form Womens Top Styles

Funkita Top Styles

Are you an active woman wanting greater support from her swimwear, but not sure what style is right for you? Funkita Form embraces comfort and functionality and combines hidden support, coverage and chlorine restistance for the fuller figure. Firming and controlling powermesh linings, padded cups, mastectomy pocketing and underwires all offer great structure for the bust and body support for a variety of sizes.

The Crossover One Piece and Tankini Style uses beautifully gathered fabric across the mid area to break up the body's shape. Featuring a hidden underwire, powermesh lining, adjustable straps, mastectomy pocketing and  modest neckline, this style can be tailored to your body shape to provide lift and support to all the right places.

The Zip Front One Piece and Tankini Top has exceptional coverage, with is full back and wide fabric straps. This style includes powermesh lining, mastectomy pocketing and D-E underwire support. The Zip feature creates a flattering neckline that can adjust for different looks.

Feel fabulous in the flattering Wedgewood Scoop Neck One Piece or Tankini. The Scoop Neck is an elegant neck style with adjustable straps to sculpt to your body and length. This style includes front lining, padded cups and mastectomy pocketing, great for many body types.

The Split Strap One Peice and Tankini Top, is a simples style one piece with a unique double strap feature. With adjustable straps the garment can fit to your body length. The Split Strap One Piece and Tankini Top includes a powermesh front panel, padded cut and mastectomy pouch. Look gorgeous in the Royal Ascot Split Strap One Piece when your out and active, or lazing around th pool!


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Behind the scenes of the 2011 Arena Swimwear Collection

Here's a few behind the scenes photos from the 2011 Arena Summer Swimwear Collection photoshoot featuring the much loved Michael Klim from Milk Skin Care and our golden girl Emily Seebohm! The first 2011 Arena Swimwear shipment arrives at Swimmer.com.au in July! Stay tuned for more updates!
Michael Klim at the 2011 Arena Collection photoshoot

Emily Seebohm at the 2011 Arena Collection Photoshoot

Michael Klim at the 2011 Arena Collection Photoshoot

Emily Seebohm at the 2011 Arena Collection Photoshoot

Emily Seebohm at the 2011 Arena Swimwear Collection photoshoot



Funkita Form for Mothers Day!

Mothers Day is approaching very quickly, so if you still haven't had the chance to get your gorgeous mother a fabulous present don't fret! The 2011 Funkita Form Collection has arrived just in time for Mothers Day! Spoil your mum with a Funkita Form swimsuit + get a FREE Silicone Swim Cap (give it to you mum or if you're cheeky keep it for yourself!)



Shape up in Speedo Shaping Swimwear

Speedo Lux Pro Shaper Swimsuit

Over the years I have found myself wanting to jump back into swimming laps for fitness but the thought of having to pop on a one piece swimsuit just makes me cringe. Unfortunately, the older I get the more my body struggles with gravity, so yes it’s true my body sags in all the wrong places!

However, recently I found a solution to my problem. It’s called the Speedo Lux Pro Shaper and it’s designed to shape, control and lift the parts of your body that no longer want to stay in place.

So here’s a list of reasons why I love this fabulous body shaping swimsuit:

1. The first thing I love about the Lux Pro Shaper Swimsuit is the bust support it offers. Not only does it have a solid built in underwire, but it also has removable soft padded bra cups that enhance and prop up my bust.

2. Secondly, the Lux Pro Shaper Swimsuit offers body control and body shaping around the tummy area. I have found that some body shaping swimsuits have too much control so much so that I can’t breathe, however the Speedo Lux Pro Shaper has medium control which means it provides a firm fit without taking your breath away.

3. I also love the gathering the Lux Pro Shaper has around the tummy area. While the tummy control operates on the inside, the outside of the swimsuit gathered at the sides which I find to be quite flattering and feminine. There is also gathering under the bust line so the swimsuit doesn’t ever look like it is skin tight on my body showing up what I call my imperfections!

4. The straps are my fourth reason for loving the Lux Pro Shaper swimsuit. I can wear them two ways: straight over the shoulders or crossed over at the back. The straps have a hook on the end of them much like the ones on a bra strap. When I am wearing my body shaping swimsuit to the beach or on weekends at home around the pool I wear the straps straight over my shoulders, but if I go to the pool to swim or do water aerobics I cross the straps over at the back as I find it gives me more back support and I even notice more bust support.

5. Unlike most body shaping swimsuits the Speedo Lux Pro Shaper is made from Speedo Endurance fabric, meaning that it is a 100% chlorine resistant swimsuit. I just love the fact that I can buy a shaping swimsuit that is made it to last the distance no matter how much or how little I am in the pool.

6. The Speedo Lux Pro Shaper has a low leg height which is hard to find in womens training swimwear. These days womens training swimsuits are made for athletes with no consideration for masters swimmers or recreational swimmers. I feel comfortable with the low leg line as it’s not too revealing but not too old school!

7. Finally, the Lux Pro Shaper is available in sizes 14 – 18. So now there’s no excuse for not being able to find a suitable swimsuit! No matter what size you are you can look fabulous at the pool in the Speedo Lux Pro Shaper, I know I do!

You can find more information about the Speedo Lux Pro Shaper Swimsuit and Body Shaping Swimwear at the Swimmer.com.au Online Swimwear Store.