Transform Your Training with the Michael Phelps Strength Paddle Set

Michael Phelps Strength Paddle 2016

Are you ready to take your training to the next level? If you want to improve your upper body strength, you need to get a set of strength paddles. They will take your swim training to places you never thought possible! Like a set of free weights for the water, you can use these to create a boost of power with every stroke. You will be stronger after every single time you use them.

If you are looking to get the best strength paddles out there, look no further than the Michael Phelps Strength Paddle Set. Like Michael Phelps himself, this gear is second to none. They are flawlessly designed training gear that will totally transform your routine and push you to your physical peak.

What do you get when you bring together the world’s number one swimmer and the top swimming equipment manufacturer for fitness and recreational swimming, aquatic exercise, and triathlons? Enter the MP brand of gear from Michael Phelps and Aqua Sphere. This game-changing brand is unlike anything else you have ever seen. With decades of experience and expertise, the MP Brand has scrutinized every detail of their gear for proprietary technologies and performance enhancing designs for competitive swimmers to ensure that they are bringing out one perfect line after the next.

The Michael Phelps Strength Paddle Set has been designed to mimic the natural bone structure of your hand to create a more natural pulling motion. Rather than awkwardly holding you back, this strength paddle set will allow you to move forward naturally. By adding resistance, you will automatically force your arms to work harder. Of course, the harder your arms work, the stronger that they will become. With vents and raised palm supports, the Michael Phelps Strength Paddle Set enhance your feel for the water while you power through it.

Perhaps the best feature of all is the comfort level. Unlike so many other strength paddle sets out there, these provide some serious comfort. The Michael Phelps Strength Paddle Set has ergonomic wrist straps and finger loops that are fully adjustable, durable and streamlined. While it might not seem like a big deal, it can make all of the difference when you are in the water. Rather than distracting you, the Michael Phelps Strength Paddle Set will feel like a natural extension of your hand and allow you to move through the water distraction-free. This means that you can focus on your form rather than messing with your gear.

Available in small, medium and large, the Michael Phelps Strength Paddle Set has been designed to fit anybody and everybody. By creating a flawless fit, these paddles will help you propel through the water at speeds you would have never thought possible.

And it’s not all about function. The Michael Phelps Strength Paddle Set is stylish too! The small size red, medium sized neon light and large size blue paddle sets will have you looking amazing as you fly through the water.

At just $34.95, the Michael Phelps Strength Paddle Set is well worth every cent!







2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil & Funky Trunks World Cup Swim Caps


For all our swimmers out there who have a passion for football, you are going to love the new line of swim caps from Funky Trunks. Even though all of us can’t be in Brazil to see the world’s best football teams face off, we still can show support for our favourite teams when in the pool. The only downside is you may catch a hard time from fellow swim mates if your team doesn’t do so well in Brazil in just under a couple of months.

Each cap features a soccer ball design to show you have football on the brain. They also have the nation’s name and colours along with a prominent Funky Trunks logo. And as usual, Funky Trunks caps are made with 100% silicone for a snug and long-lasting fit that will last you a long time after the 2014 FIFA World Cup is over.

Rio 14

If you aren’t a football fan, but enjoy watching the world cup, the Rio 14 cap is the perfect swim cap for you. The Rio 14 swim cap shows all of the team’s flags, so you don’t really have loyalty to any single team. Although if you are looking for a team, us Aussies would appreciate your support!

Les Blues

Even though France has only won the World Cup once, I guess they are still a good team. Right? Although you may have questionable taste in football, this red, white and blue Les Blues cap will at least amp up your taste in style in the water.


Brazil is good at a lot of different things, but they are pretty much a nation of awesome soccer players. Brazil is also hosting the 2014 World Cup, so why not show your support for the host nation by wearing the Canarinho swim cap?

Three Lions

The odds are not really looking good for England in the World Cup, but if you want to wear your Three Lions swim cap loud and proud we can respect that. Besides, the red and white colors of the Three Lions swim cap matches most swimwear.

Go Aussie

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! We may be bias, but the Go Aussie swim cap and football team are the best! The Go Aussie is our top choice of the Funky Trunks World Cup swim cap line.

Die Adler

Die Adler, or the Eagle, swim cap is great swim cap for all those Germany fans out there.  We think the colours would look nice on you too.

La Furia

La Furia is a nice swim cap and all, there is just one caveat. The La Furia team is in the same groups as the Aussies, so we don’t know if we can actually endorse this cap. Sorry!



Diana Chlorine Resistant Kneelengths

Finding the perfect style of kneelength training suit can be quite the challenge. Some designs of these swimsuits are just way too loud, and they are covered with tacky decoration from the knees to the straps! While others kneelength training suits are just too plain with just black and nothing else. How boring!

We thought that Diana struck a fantastic balance between too much and too little to create their tasteful line of kneelength training suits that come in two fun designs. We wanted to take the time to introduce these fabulous new kneelength training suits that are perfect for swim training, aqua aerobics and general pool use. The unique material of the Diana swimsuits makes the material last longer and dry faster, so this is a swimsuit you’ll have around for a long time!

First up is the futuristic design of the Galactic Kneelength Chlorine Resistant Training Suit. This training suit features an aquatic laser shooting across right side of the training suit in Galactic Blue Kneelength or Galactic Purple Kneelength. The neon of the design stands out from the black of the rest of the training suit. The Diana logo is scrolled tastefully across the laser in cursive to create an out of this world look. Perfect for ladies who like a splash of neon to liven up their workout!

Next we have the whimsical daisy design of the Daisy Kneelength Chlorine Resistant Training Suit. A light purple floral design with stripes gently graces the bust of this kneelength training suit. The Diana logo is scrolled countless times in fun falling letters in the background of this design. For those of you in the United States, this is a perfect style of swimsuit to welcome in spring. Even when the seasons change again, who doesn’t want to relish the wonderful weather of spring everyday by wearing this Diana kneelength training suit?

Stay tuned to our blog to hear all about the latest styles and trends in athletic swimwear fashion.

-Happy Swimming!



Finishing is Everything


College swimming coach and writer Matthew Allan hit the nail on the head when he wrote about swimming:

“In our sport it is natural and necessary to set up goals to inspire us. We all want to achieve the next level, the break-thru performance. What we (all of us) must not forget is that the journey to these goals is the best part. The daily process of obtaining success takes up the majority of our time and effort throughout our lives. Remember to appreciate what you’ve done in the past and what you are doing in the present on your way to higher goals. This will allow you to always strive for something more without missing out on the fact that your path to success is as much a starting point as it is a finish line.”

All swimmers know the importance of finishing. Whether it is finishing the last lap at practice or finishing at a meet, pushing to the end is the most important thing to all swimmers. Sacrificing any finish line, no matter how small, is as good as giving up. Just pushing halfway is just something that swimmers do not do.

So what keeps you going in water? Your family? Your team? Your dreams? The bar of chocolate you get after practice? Or is it your swimwear?

We at swimmer.com.au are obviously a little bias on this point, but we find that swimwear can serve as a symbol of everything that we want to be in and out of the water. The perfect piece of fitness swimwear makes you feel at home in the pool, but also represents something to remind you to give everything you’ve got.

With this reasoning we absolutely love The Finals swimwear. The Finals represents our end goal to be first at the touch out when it comes times to compete, and all of the steps it takes to become a champion. Let us introduce you to our favourite mens jammers from The Finals swimwear that has the potential to transform your performance in the pool if you allow it.

The Aztec Blue & Green Jammers and The Aztec Multicolour Jammers both serve as a totem to the strength of the powerful fallen empire of the South American civilization, the Aztecs. Channel the energy of warriors with these jammers. They also just happen to be chlorine resistant jammers that ensure the powerful look these jammers doesn’t fade after the first few visits to the pool.

The Onyx Green Jammers and Onyx Blue Jammers allow you to gather strength from the onyx stone that is forms inside of lava. Only under pressure and heat can you and the onyx stone truly reach your maximum potential for greatness. The sleek curved panel of the print is fired up with a colourful print that looks bad ass in the water.

Do you sometimes get a little too heated at swim matches, so much so that it throws off your game? In ancient times European soldiers used to use the amethyst stone to protect them in the battle field and keep them level headed. You can channel this ancient energy by getting the cooling Amethyst Jammers.


Check Out These Ugly Mesh Bags!


Actually we think these bags from Dolfin Swimwear are awesome. Dolfin Swimwear recently released a line of “Neon Uglies Mesh Bags” that are absolutely wild! These bags will add a bit of neon fun to any day at the pool.

The Neon Mesh Gear Bags come in key lime, hot pink and lemon yellow. All have a neon orange draw string to give these neon mesh bags an absolutely electric look. Each bag is made with tough polyester material that is perfect for carrying all of your swimwear accessories. Check out the Neon Mesh Gear Bags by following the links below.

Dolfin Mesh Equipment Bag Lime
Dolfin Mesh Equipment Bag Pink
Dolfin Mesh Equipment Bag Yellow

If you can’t get enough of the neon look, make sure to also check out Dolfin’s Uglies line of womens and toddlers neon-themed swimwear.


Great Girls Toddlers Swimwear for Your Little Uglies!


Looking for some adorable fitness swimwear for your little girl? Look no further than the “Little Dolfin Uglies” Collection. These prints offer wild blasts of neon that add a huge splash of fun to pool time with a price tag that we can all afford. By the way, if you like the “Little Uglies” prints, they are available in womens sizes too.

All of the “Little Dolfin Uglies” are made especially for toddlers. The material is made of a mix of 91% polyester and 9% spandex that is gentle on your little one’s skin. The Little Uglies one pieces are fully lined in cute contrasting colours to avoid any uncomfortable chafing in the pool. The cut is made appropriate for a toddler’s body with a high back and neck with a low leg that’ll ensure they’ll feel comfy and confident in the pool.

On top of that these fun Little Uglies all have beautiful vibrant colours that your little girl will absolutely love. It also ensures when her favourite colour goes from pink to orange to whatever else, she’ll still like her multi-coloured bathing suit. The thin straps that fit snugly over little shoulders are made with cute black and white material that adds extra fun to the cute look of the Little Uglies toddlers swimwear line.

To check out all the fun and colourful designs of the girls toddlers one pieces from Dolfin Swimwear, follow the links listed below.

Dolfin Zalia Toddlers One Piece
Dolfin Xanadu Toddlers One Piece
Dolfin Fizz Toddlers One Piece
Dolfin Slinkie Toddlers One Piece
Dolfin Charo Toddlers One Piece
Dolfin Ozzy Toddlers One Piece

We just introduced Dolfin Swimwear as the newest brand to be offered at swimmer.com.au. We are excited for you guys to get a chance to try out the swimwear created by their dedicated production team that is based out of Pennsylvania, United States. If you like the different designs you see in the Little Uglies range, make sure to check out the other athletic swimwear Dolfin has to offer. Dolfin Swimwear offers fitness swimwear in a variety of styles for girls, boys, men and women. Not all of their designs have the loud pastel colours we see in the Little Uglies by the way, if those colours aren’t exactly your style.


Introducing Dolfin’s Uglies Womens Swimwear Collection


Help us welcome the wild and colourful Uglies collection from Dolfin swimwear by perusing the wild, stylish and colourful sports bikinis and athletic one pieces. All of these quirky designs are inspired by original names that we absolutely love. Let us take you through a tour through the unique world of Uglies. Before we can get started, you can check out the swimwear on your own by following the links below.

Find Your Inner Mountain Man

Zalia is a miniature town in the mountains of West Virginia in the United States. West Virginia’s slogan is, ‘The Mountain Man is Always Free”. With the Zalia One Piece or the Zalia Sports Bikini you can sport your freedom every time you hit the pool for training. The print of the Zalia features a myriad of neon colours including purple, green, yellow and red in scribble gone free patterns.

Meet Your Inner Poet and Explorer

The Xanadu One Piece and the Xanadu Sports Bikini get their names from the movable kingdom under the empire of Kublai Khan’s Yuam Empire. The kingdom would literally be transported from one sport to another according to the seasons. Samuel Coleridge infamously wrote about the city in his poem “Xanadu” that you can read write by following this link. It is inspired by Marco Polo’s description of his visit to Xanadu in the 13th century. Here is what Marco Polo wrote about Xanadu

“There is at this place a very fine marble Palace, the rooms of which are all gilt and painted with figures of men and beasts and birds, and with a variety of trees and flowers, all executed with such exquisite art that you regard them with delight and astonishment. Round this Palace a wall is built, inclosing a compass of 16 miles, and inside the Park there are fountains and rivers and brooks, and beautiful meadows, with all kinds of wild animals (excluding such as are of ferocious nature), which the Emperor has procured and placed there to supply food for his gerfalcons and hawks, which he keeps there in mew....”

Grab a Drink with Your Inner Cajun

Ready to take a trip down to New Orleans to party it up during their infamous Mardi Gras celebrations in the French Quarter? Well grab your mask, the Fizz One Piece and the Fizz Sports Bikini to get ready for the trip. The Fizz takes its name from a famous New Orleans cocktail that combines lemon juice, gin and carbonated water to make a tasty delight for grown-ups. For you folks under the drinking limit, the lemon juice and carbonated water combo is just as tasty! The print of Fizz fitness swimwear takes the colourful explosion of Carnival, but shakes it up by updating the colours to neon to create a great look for hard work at the pool.

Brainstorm with Your Inner Toymaker

Who doesn’t love slinkies? The toy was accidentally made by Richard James in 1943 when he was trying to develop a spring to support instruments on ships during rough seas. His wife would give it the name the “Slinky” later after surfing the dictionary for the right word to describe it. The Slinkie One Piece and Slinkie Sports Bikini take all the fun of the slinky, but add huge splashes of colour. The Slinkie print features erratic waves of neon flowing horizontally across the athletic swimwear.

Have a Laugh with Your Inner Comedian

The Charo One Piece and Charo Sports Bikini takes its name from the famous Spanish-American comedian, Char. You can see one of her comedy appearances here or see her lesser known skill of playing flamenco guitar here. Char was also known for her loud sense of flamboyant style, and the Charo print definitely take inspiration from the comedian’s sense of style. The Charo print features loud colours of neon mixed with dark colours to give a true Latina feel to the fitness swimwear.

Dance all Night Long with Your Inner Rockstar

“Ozzy” Osbourne was the lead singer of the famous heavy metal band, Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath was one of the groundbreaking bands to develop the heavy metal genre. The Ozzy One Piece and Ozzy Sports Bikini are as wild as Ozzy with repeated explosions of neon colours. Rock out every time you go to the pool by grabbing up this fabulous swimwear.


Is Lighting Actually Dangerous to Swimmers?

Winners are Grinners

Ever been absolutely bummed to go inside during a lightning storm? Had a practice called off due to some stormy weather? Lightning is a constant enemy to those of us who want to swim in the water, but we’ve always been curious if it is actually dangerous. Who does lightning think it is anyway!?

After research we found out that the short answer to our question is yes, lightning is in fact dangerous to swimmers. We found our answer at the The Straight Dope, a magazine that answers scientific questions for us, the oblivious reader. Their hilarious slogan, “Fighting ignorance since 1973. (It’s taken longer than we thought),” shows that we’ve still got a lot to learn.

A basic summary is that lightning tends to strike the surface of the water then conducts a short distance of around 20 feet. So if a lightning strikes water about a mile away you are good, but if it is 10 feet away you are toast. Just to be safe I would definitely advise to take cover whenever there is a lightning storm. You are not safer in open land than you are in the water, so get yourself inside! As the old saying goes “You may not know enough to come out of the rain, but you are still redeemable if you take cover during a lightning storm.” Okay, we may have added that last part.

There is one safe way to mix lightning and water though. By getting yourself Dolfin’s new lightning-bolt-inspired athletic swimwear lines that’ll give you a truly shocking appearance for the pool. This electric line features two different prints. The Bolt print features horizontal rows of colourful lightning. The Xena print features a chaotic shower of lightning bolts. Both of these prints are available in mens swimwear and womens swimwear. Find out more by following the links below.

Dolfin Bolt Jammers 
Dolfin Xena Blue Jammers
Dolfin Xena Purple Jammers
Dolfin Bolt One Piece
Dolfin Xena Blue One Piece
Dolfin Xena Pink One Piece

We just started offering Dolfin Swimwear at swimmer.com.au! We really like the high quality swimwear they offer, but we are especially a fan of the Lycra material that is used to create the swimwear mentioned above. This unique blend of 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra makes for a snug fit that holds it elasticity even with daily training in the pool. We are excited for you guys to try out the awesome products that Dolfin will be offering through swimmer.com.au.


Dolfin Swimwear Goes for the the Domino Effect

Domino Swimwear

All swimmers are familiar with “the domino effect” whether they realize it or not. For those who don’t know, the domino effect is chain reaction when one small change leads to another similar change then repeats over and over again. How do you think “the domino effect” applies to your life in the water?

“The domino effect” is similar to a swimmer’s life in and out of the water, because every small thing we do (or don’t do) in the hours of training eventually leads to gradual changes to improve us as swimmers. Every small thing we do impacts how we perform in the pool, so it is important we try to have a positive domino effect rather than a negative one.

The results of a swimmer who works hard ends in something that makes all the hours of training worth it in the end. The results are why we keep pushing everyday in the water, to become someone better. On top of that, most swimmers may or may not be a little crazy anyway to be willing to work so hard!

We were particularly inspired by Dolfin’s Domino Swimwear line that is available in womens swimwear and mens swimwear. The Domino swimwear range features beautiful abstract designs that swerve and curve to create a stunning look that’ll make you look great while you are putting in time at the pool. Every time you wear this swimwear you can remind yourself of all the tough work you’ve done to get where you are today. The Domino design will motivate you to keep lapping harder and faster, even when you feel like you’ve given it everything you got.

Check out Dolfin’s Domino fitness swimwear by following the links below.

Dolfin Domino Blue Jammers
Dolfin Domino Green Jammers
Dolfin Domino Blue One Piece
Dolfin Domino Green One Piece
Dolfin Domino Red One Piece
Dolfin Domino Multi One Piece

All of the above fitness swimwear is made with Dolfin’s signature Chloroban material that is made of 100% high quality polyester. The Domino is tough swimwear that is cut and designed to spend long hours in the pool, just like you. We are excited to be offering Dolfin’s latest swimwear here at swimmer.com.au. Check out to see if you may just need one (or two) more piece of athletic swimwear from Dolfin to complete your collection and spice up training time.


SWIMMER.COM.AU Introduces New Brand to their Website

Introducing Dolfin Swimwear

We are always scoping out the best swimwear out there to offer you at swimmer.com.au, because the swimwear industry is constantly evolving and growing. That is why we are excited to add another high quality fitness swimwear brand to our website, Dolfin Swimwear. Check in with our blog for the next couple of weeks to learn about all the new Dolfin Swimwear we’ll be offering for great prices.

Dolfin runs by the ideal that they want to make fitness swimwear that does not break the bank of their swimmers. They work hard to create high quality swimwear that has extremely competitive prices. Since Dolfin Swimwear is still a lesser known brand than many others we have up here at swimmer.com.au, there is huge potential for customers to get great deals on their swimwear. There is nothing like getting a high quality piece of swimwear that will last you for years, but without the high quality price tag that often comes with top of the line products!

Don’t be fooled by the spelling of their name, extremely knowledgeable people are working at Dolfin. They were just trying to make a joke with the pun of “fin” in their name, but we won’t hold the fact their marketing team likes using puns against them. This American brand is based out of the East Coast state called Pennsylvania. Everyone we talked to from the company, from product development to the designers, were extremely caring about the product they delivered. To them swimwear was more than just a day job, so we were definitely excited to see what they had to offer.

From our initial testing of their swimwear in the pool, we can tell their hard-work is paying off. When you wear their swimwear into the water it almost feels like you are as at home in the water as a dolphin, because the fabric quality and cut of their swimwear feels natural as a second layer of skin. On top of the comfort their fitness swimwear offers, their swimwear is made with their 100% polyester Chloroban material that holds the colour and elasticity of the swimwear through hard use in the pool.

One of our favourite prints from them, offered both in mens swimwear and womens swimwear, is the visually stunning Rondo swimwear that is perfect for all levels of swimmers. For those guys and gals who love super bright colours, you can go past the Rondo Multi Jammers and Rondo One Piece Swimsuit which feature brilliant colours splashed in overlapping strokes on a black background. For a more regal look, check out the Rondo Purple Jammers they are rich in colour and look great on the guys.

These are just a couple of the designs that Dolfin Swimwear has to offer at swimmer.com.au. Make sure to check out their full line by exploring our site.