Looking Hot in Zoggs’ Summer 2016 One Pieces

Zoggs Main Summer 2016 One Pieces

Hey, ladies! Are you looking for a stylish, comfortable, flattering suit that’ll last you for a lifetime? Believe it or not, such a thing really does exist! Thanks to Zoggs, you really can have it in all in one single swimsuit.

Forget about choosing between stylish and practical suits. And the days of replacing your swimsuit every single year? Those dark ages are in the past! Aussie owned and operated swimwear company Zoggs has created a new industry gold standard to beat: the lifetime warranty.

Run by quality-obsessed swimmers, Zoggs is the first swim gear company in the world to provide a lifetime guarantee with their swimwear. This means that you can choose a chic, flattering suit and wear it every single swim. What more could you ask for?

This award-winning swim wear company engineered an amazing fabric that they call Aqualast. Once you put on your first Aqualast swimsuit, you’ll never go back. Its durability and fit is truly second to none.

But, of course, what’s an amazing quality suit worth if you don’t love how you look in it? Every water-obsessed woman out there knows that you need to feel amazing in your swimsuit or it’ll spend its days gathering dust in your drawer. Zoggs truly understands this and has spared no expense in making your suit flawless.

With a wide range of sizes and shapes, there is a Zoggs suit that will fit you like a glove. With varying leg heights, adjustable straps and bust sizes that go up to an F cup, Zoggs designed their suits with every woman in mind. They have an extensive range of multiway back types as well as front lined suits which allow you to focus on your form rather than the fit of your suit.

And you’ll never feel self-conscious in your Zoggs wear! Thanks to their booty enhancing suits and tummy control, you can confidently flaunt your assets around the pool. Carrying a little extra weight? They didn’t forget about you pregnant ladies! Zoggs has some of the best fitting maternity swimwear on the market.

Ready to get your own Zoggs swimsuit? For a vibrant splash of colour, check out the Zoggs Circuit Womens One Piece Swimsuit available in sizes 8 to 18 with a fly back. For a bold and bright star back suit, you will fall in love with the Zoggs Neon Zee Womens One Piece Swimsuit, available in sizes 6 to 16 with adjustable straps. Like all of the swimsuits in the Zoggs Womens Summer 2016 One Piece collection, these suits are made with Aqualast and offer a lifetime guarantee.

On the hunt for a modern look? You will fall head over heels for Zoggs Geo Chrome Womens One Piece Swimsuit designed with bold, geometric red accents and an aqua back, available in sizes 6 to 16.

Love the speed back style suits? Go for Zoggs Solar Womens One Piece Swimsuit. Black with a vibrant splash of aqua and blue along with azure accents and straps, this gorgeous suit is available in sizes 8 to 18.

Last but not least is our favourite look of the season! For kaleidoscope of beauty, get yourself a Zoggs Amara Womens One Piece Swimsuit with a twin back available in sizes 6 to 16.


The Ultra-Durable Looks from the Men’s Zoggs Summer 2016 Line

Zoggs Main Summer 2016 Mens Jammers

How long did your last pair of swim shorts last? One season? Maybe two if you were lucky? If you are sick of searching for new gear every single year, you will love the new Men’s Zoggs Summer 2016 Line. Built to last, these ultra-durable looks will stand up to the test of time. You can literally keep wearing them until you are too old to lower yourself into the pool!

While there are a lot of companies out there that advertise long-lasting gear, Zoggs stands behind it. Their new Aqualast swimwear is unlike anything else on the market. In fact they are so confident in the quality, durability and reliability of their revolutionary Aqualast material, they are putting their money where their mouth is. Zoggs is the first and only swimwear company on the planet to offer a lifetime guarantee on their fabric. How impressive is that?

Born in Australia, Zoggs’ dedication to quality has propelled them to be one of the biggest names in the industry. Whether you are just swimming to get fit or have dreams of bringing home the Olympic gold one day, Zoggs is a full service swim brand that has got you covered.

Spurred by a passion for swimming and designing truly innovative products, these guys understand swimmers at all levels and ages. After winning Best Swimwear Brand 2013, Zoggs has just gotten better every with every single line they’ve put out there. The latest Men’s Zoggs Summer 2016 release is surely one of the most impressive lines out there today.

Available in sizes 12 to 22 with a 48 cm leg, these jammers are perfectly designed to fit every size and body type. Thanks to the durable fabric and impeccable attention to detail, these will fit you like a second skin every single time you slide them on.

If you are looking for a pair of cool, comfortable and durable jammers, look no further than the Zoggs Blaze Mens Jammers. Like all of the new Zoggs shorts, these jammers are made with Zoggs’ legendary Aqualast material. Grab them in black with grey, lime and yellow accents or check out the navy version.

Looking for something a bit flashier? You will love the new Zoggs Darwin Jammers! Check out the Zoggs Darwin Neon Red Mens Jammers with a bold geometric pattern or try the Zoggs Darwin vibrant yellow and black Men’s Jammers.

Another one of our favourite looks of the year is the Zoggs Swift Mens Jammers. Available in blue and grey, these hip jammers are just bold enough to be interesting while just classic enough give you that timeless look that’ll keep you loving these jammers for years.

Into a bit more colour? Show off your artistic side with the Zoggs Technic Multi Mens Jammers or rock every colour under the sun with the Zoggs Spectrum Mens Jammers.

Whichever jammers you decide to go for, you can trust that Zoggs will always stand behind their products with an industry-leading guarantee.



The Endless Array of Sizes and Looks from Zoggs Summer 2016 Women’s Line

Zoggs Main Summer 2016 Body shapes

On the hunt for a durable, fashionable swimsuit? Look to Zoggs! This award-winning swim gear company is second to none when it comes to cool looks and crazy long-lasting material. If you are looking for a swimsuit that’ll truly last you a lifetime, Zoggs is the number one brand out there.

This Australian owned and operated company is the first swimwear company on the planet to offer a lifetime guarantee. Zoggs, who won the illustrious Best Swimwear Brand award, has created the revolutionary new material, Aqualast. Thanks to the quality, durability and reliability of their unique Aqualast material, you can trust that your suit is going to stand up to all that you can throw at it.

Zoggs is run by swimmers for swimmers. The folks at this innovative company know how important it is to find a suit that will suit every woman of every shape and size. Thanks to their attention to detail, you know that your Zoggs suit will stay in place for hours. Forget about the old days of tugging at your suit mid-swim! These suits have a flawless fit.

One of the top picks from the new women’s summer range is the Class Diva line of suits with its range of lime, rose and aqua designs. The Zoggs Class Diva Womens One Piece Swimsuit is available in a wrap front style in sizes 8 to 22 size with a low cut leg and tummy control. You’ll love the ultra-flattering rose and lime geometric pattern over the waist!

With its 50 shades of blue, the Zoggs Zen Resort Womens One Piece Swimsuit collection is stunning.

Love the classic style of black and white gear? You’ll fall head over heels for the Zoggs Bohemian Magic group of suits. Go for the Zoggs Bohemian Magic Womens One Piece Swimsuit with its Mesh X Over strap and classic black with white accents, available in sizes 8-20 with a medium cut leg.

For a different take on the black and white look, check out the Zoggs Bohemian Magic Scoopback Womens One Piece Swimsuit, available in sizes 8 to 22 in black with an ornate white pattern, tummy control and medium cut leg or the Zoggs Bohemian Magic Squareback in black with white floral accents. For the ultimate chic, high fashion look, you’ll adore the Zoggs Bohemian Magic Hi Front Womens One Piece Swimsuit, available in sizes 8-18.

Do you prefer a Kneelength suit? You will adore the cute but ultra-practical Zoggs Torquay Navy Womens Kneelength navy suit with blue accents, available in sizes 12-22.

Last, but certainly not least, check out the Zoggs Cottesloe Black Womens One Piece Swimsuit, available in sizes 8 to 20 in navy and black with a medium cut leg and bust support.


Why We Love Zoggs 2016 Girls Swimwear

Zoggs Main Summer 2016 Girls

Are you looking for some cute, durable girls swimsuits? We’ve got you covered! For the ultimate blend of fashion, fun and resilience, you have got to check out the Zoggs 2016 Girls Swimwear collection. With so many styles and colours, there is sure to be something that’s just perfect for your little swimming princess!

If you have never used any of Zoggs’ gear before, prepare to be impressed. This award-winning Australian swim gear company is at the top of its game. Designing gear for everyone from toddlers in swimming lessons to women on their way to the Olympics, Zoggs is a pro at catering to every level.

Whether you are six or 60, you can count on your Zoggs swimsuit lasting you a lifetime. Thanks to their revolutionary Aqualast material, their suits are sure to outlast every other suit on the market. In fact, they stand behind their durability promise! They are the one and only swimwear company on the market to offer a lifetime guarantee with each and every one of their swimsuits. So, when you buy a Zoggs suit, you know that you are buying top of the line quality, durability and reliability.

Ready to get your little girl her very own Zoggs swimsuit? She is sure to love the Zoggs Flower Festival Girls One Piece Swimsuit for girls ages 6 to 14. Available in a yaroomba style with a floral violet, rose and aqua design with bright pink straps or with a rowlee style in blue with floral accents on the side.

Is she more of an artsy kind of gal? If so, she will adore the Zoggs Tribal Art Girls One Piece Swimsuit designed for girls aged 6 to 14. Available in a rosy, multi-coloured doodle design with a blue fly back or a bold aqua, lime and rose hand-drawn pattern with a cross back style or a pink and aqua Zoggs Tribal Art yaroomba style one piece suit.

If your little gal is a budding hippie, she will fall in love at first sight with the Zoggs Zesty Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Designed for girls aged 6 to 14, this duo back, multi-coloured vintage throwback is sure to make her the envy of the pool.

For animation and cartoon lovers, grab the Zoggs Rascals Bella Girls One Piece Swimsuit with a cross back, designed for girls ages 6 to 14.

And we haven’t forgotten about the youngest little girls! For little swimmers aged 2 to 6, check out the Zoggs Daisy Stripe Toddler Girls Classic Back One Piece Swimsuit with navy strips, a daisy accent and polka dotted back. For an extra bit of frill, be sure to look at adorable Zoggs Daisy Stripe Frill Toddler Girls One Piece Swimsuit.

Available in a yaroomba, classic or scoop back style, your little lady is sure to go crazy for the under-the-sea theme of the Zoggs Carnival Toddler One Piece Swimsuit.

If she loves ruffles and checks, you are sure to put a smile on her face with the Zoggs Happy Check Toddler Girls One Piece Swimsuit available in tie back style or a classic back and patterned with the happiest emojis around!



Are you ready for the 2016 RIO Olympic Games?

Zealous Limited Edition Rio Range 2016

Are you ready for the 2016 RIO Olympic Games? While you might not be able to take home your medal this year, you can look like a world class Olympian in the new limited edition Zealous Rio Range.

A name we have all come to trust and love, the latest line from Zealous is seriously stylish and brilliantly engineered. What better way is there to honour the mind-blowingly talented swimmers who are on their way to Rio?

This year’s summer Olympic games will be held in Brazil’s second largest city Rio de Janeiro from Friday, 5 August until Sunday, 21 August. With the likes of Chad le Clos, Missy Franklin and Cesar Cielo hitting the Rio 2016 Olympic swimming pool, this is sure to be a year full of record-breaking thrills that will keep us all glued to the TV.

When you are ready to turn off the TV and hit the pool, slip on your new Limited Edition Zealous Rio Range gear. Coming out in July, this line has something for everybody. For the ladies, check out the Zealous Rio Womens One Piece Swimsuit. For the gents, go for the Zealous Rio Trunks. Both suits are styled with an explosion of colour. Saturated in deep hues of blue, green, yellow and purple, you will be turning plenty of heads poolside.

But it’s not all about looks, of course! Zealous Swimwear has been endorsed by Olympic Champions and professional athletes for its stellar engineering, durable design and flawless fit. The Australian owned and operated swimwear company is passionate about giving casual and pro swimmers alike exactly what they need to be at their best every single time they dive in.

Zealous Swimwear’s mantra is: Strength // Courage // Inspire. They strive to inspire swimmers with their bold prints while allowing them to glide through the water without having to think about their gear. Every single one of their swimwear products is top quality, chlorine resistant, long lasting and comfortable for leisure and professional athletes.

Like all of their suits, the limited edition Zealous Rio Range has been made from a high grade polyester blend with polyester lining. Every aspect of your suit was meticulously designed using unique, vibrant, one-of-a-kind artwork. Thanks to the chlorine resistant properties of Zealous’ fabric, you can expect your limited edition Zealous Rio suit to keep looking amazing swim after swim.

Made from top grade colour fast fabric, you know that your Zealous suit won’t fade with regularly exposure to the sun and chlorine. In fact, you can expect it to last you for a solid year of regular use without fading. And, since it was finished with reinforced stitching for an ultra-durable fit, you know that it will fit you like a glove every time you slip it on.

Have we mentioned how comfortable Zealous suits are? You will never have to worry about chaffing here! The rubber inside of each suit is tightly enclosed with a binding material that your skin slides smoothly over without chaffing and breaking out into a rash.

What more could you ask for from a suit? When you are ready to start getting into the Olympic spirit, it is time to get your own Limited Edition Zealous Rio Gear!



Why We Love the Cool and Comfortable Sports Bikinis from Disseny Sports

Disseny Sport 2016 Bikinis

Hello from sunny Barcelona, Spain! Are you ready to join the greatest swimmers from Spain and around the globe? Get yourself a cool and comfortable sports bikini from Disseny Sports! As soon as you slip it on, you will see what all of the fuss is about.

This innovative swim gear company is passionate about bringing top design and premium comfort to swimmers at every single level of the game. And forget about tugging at your bikini! Every Disseny sports bikini has a flawless fit. Designed with athletes in mind, these bikinis will hug your curves and stay in place through even the most intense swims.

Made from a top grade blend of PBT and polyester, the latest and most impressive line of sports bikinis from Disseny has the brand’s characteristic blend of comfort and durability. With its high compression and chlorine resistance, your new Disseny bikini is built to last. And, of course, the company stands behind their amazing products. Every suit that Disseny sells comes with a quality assurance customer guarantee.

When you are ready to flaunt your impeccable style and amazing swimming skills like a Mediterranean goddess, grab yourself a Disseny sports bikini! There is a style out there for everyone so you are sure to find the right bikini for you.

Ready to get a bit flashier? Go for the Disseny Alba Sports Bikini. You will be turning heads poolside with this bold and bright rainbow themed splash of colour.

If you can’t decide on the right colour for you, you will love the Disseny Arlequi Sports Bikini. This geometric masterpiece features every colour under the rainbow.

Feeling like you never want to leave the water? You never have to with the bright and bubbly Disseny Pompas Sports Bikini! This rose, violent and azure underwater themed suit will make you feel at one with the sea.

Want something less down to earth? Reach for the stars, future swimming Olympian, with the gorgeous Disseny Andromeda Sports Bikini! You will feel inspired by this magenta, violet and aqua starry theme bikini.

One of the coolest trends this season is the mix and match look! To get on the latest and greatest bandwagon, pick up your very own Disseny Cloissa Sports Bikini. With its multi-coloured top and vibrant hot pink bottoms, you will be the envy of the pool. Not a pink kind of gal? Go for the messy graffiti look with Disseny Garabatos Sports Bikini’s abstract art style top and glowing florescent green bottoms.

Did you miss out on Woodstock? Bring the hippie vibe into 2016 with the Disseny Flower Sports Bikini. This groovy rainbow colour suit will transport you back to the summer of love.

Whatever style you go for, you can trust your Disseny suit to stay looking amazing swim after swim!


The Latest and Greatest Disseny Trunks

Disseny Sport Trunks 2016

What does the human body and the earth have in common? They are both 70% water! When you are in the water as much as we are, you might even feel like it is even more than that. Whether you are just learning the basic techniques or are at the top of your game, you’ve got to feel at home in the water. You need trunks that feel like a second skin so that you can move though the water like a powerful force of nature.

The latest and greatest new trunks from Disseny will have you feeling ready to take on the world. As soon as you slip them on, you will see why professional swimmers from around the globe are obsessed with this innovative Spanish swimwear company.

Made from a chlorine resistant, ultra-durable, high quality blend of PBT and polyester, these trunks are built to handle all of the wear and tear that you can throw at them through daily training. With top grade, heavy compression, the Disseny trunks fit like a glove and will never be a distraction when you are racing through the water.

The ultimate pairing of form and style, it’s easy to find a pair of Disseny trunks that suit your style. From goofy to modern to traditional, there is something for everybody in the latest line of trunks. Before you decide to buy the same old style again, have a look at all of the fresh styles that Disseny is offering this year.

Are you a groovy kind of guy? Flaunt your outta sight swimming skills in the Disseny Colours Trunks. Their crazy pattern will totally trip out your fans when they watch you race!

More of a modern kind of chap? You will love the Disseny Puntos Trunks. The pixelated, vibrant shades of black, red, orange and purple will give you a fresh and stylish look.

Another bright but minimalistic style is the Disseny Rattles Trunks. These black, white and red trunks have just enough colour to make them interesting while the classic tones will keep them looking fresh for ages.

So, guys, have you decided on your look yet? Whether you go for an urban look or a 70s vibe, you are going to love your new Disseny trunks.








Feeling fierce? Slip on some Disseny Tribal Trunks. This bold pick features a lion pattern with a good old tribal tattoo thrown on top!


The All New Hot and Cool Disseny Sports Bikinis

Disseny Sport Sports Bikinis 2016

Looking for the perfect Sports Bikini? For the ultimate blend of form and function, check out the hot and cool selection of sports bikinis from Disseny Sports. The innovative Spanish company is all about bringing professional and novice swimmers to the top of their game. Whether you are going to hit the open water or get in a few laps through the gym pool, the latest Disseny sports bikinis have got you covered.

With their PBT/ polyester blend fabric and flawless fit, Disseny Sports Bikinis are impressively forgettable. You can slide your suit on and forget about it! Thanks to their tireless dedication to quality, Disseny sports bikinis always fit like a dream so you’ll never find yourself pulling and tugging at your suit. With a Disseny Sports Bikini, you can keep moving distraction-free.

Of course, it isn’t all about function and fit. There are tons of ugly and practical suits crowding out swim gear shops! The great thing about Disseny sports bikinis is that they look as good as they feel. In fact, their latest range of sports bikini is one of the chicest lines to date.

When you are feeling fierce, unleash your inner lioness with an animalistic kaleidoscopic print suit. Nothing brings out the warrior in every woman like kicking butt in the pool! When you are feeling like master of the sea, slip on your Disseny Tribal Sports Bikini. The uber cool yellow and black design will inspire your fierce inner fighter!

Another gorgeous animal inspired look, you will turn heads every time you wear your stunning Disseny Leopard Sports Bikini. The ultimate in attention-grabbing fun, this rainbow coloured leopard print bikini will make sure that all eyes are on you every time you flaunt your stuff.

More of a player than a fighter? The Disseny Lets Play Sports Bikini will make you smile every time you slip it on. This playful cartoon style suit will unleash you inner child every time you go for a splash.

And Disseny didn’t forget about you rock and roll chicks! Their Disseny Swim Rock Sports Bikini is a nod to all of the guitar shredding, water pounding women of the world. Taking a walk on the crazy side? You will love the Disseny Crazy Sports Bikini!

If you still haven’t found the style for you, say aloha to one of the coolest suits of the year. The Disseny Hawaii Sports Bikini will make you feel like you are swimming in the tropical paradise off of Hawaii.

Looking for a more lady like style? Your heart will be aflutter as soon as you lay eyes on the Disseny Bolboreta Sports Bikini. This super cute pink, lime, aqua and yellow butterfly themed bikini will push you out of your cocoon.

Whether you go for a feminine or fierce look, your Disseny is a perfect blend of comfort and durability, making it perfect for both training and competition. Thanks to its heavy compression and high resistance to chlorine, these sports bikinis can stand up to it all!



Get a Boost of Style with the New Disseny one piece line


Whether you are hitting the water for the first time or are on your way to the Olympics, Disseny Sport is a company after your own heart. With their comfortable fit and trendy styles, the latest line of Disseny One Piece Swimsuits are perfect for swimmers of every shape, size and level.

Disseny Sport has worked tirelessly with all of the biggest names in the business to get constant feedback to improve their constantly evolving line of gear. They stand behind all of their suits in terms of quality, fit and durability.

Made from a top notch blend of PBT / Polyester, the new Disseny one piece line guarantees your comfort as well as their suit’s great resistance to chlorine. With a strong compression level, these suits are perfect for both training and competition.

Ready to buy your new favourite suit? Made from top grade materials, the only question you will have to ask yourself is: how can I choose just one?! With all of the stunning designs from the new Disseny one piece line, it’s impossible to decide on the best one!

Want to express your inner lioness? There’s a suit for that too! Grab a stunning black and yellow Disseny Simba One Piece Swimsuit for yourself and you’ll be feeling more powerful than ever.

Lions, tigers and… wolves? Oh my! You’ll be scaring away the competition when you go for a moonlit swim under the stars with the cool Disseny Wolf Night One Piece Swimsuit.

Are you over the whole animal print thing? Maybe you have been feeling more like a goddess lately than a tiger. If so, you will fall head over heels for the vibrant shades of blue in the Indian-inspired Disseny Shiva One Piece Swimsuit.

Digging the 80s theme? I’m so sure you will be lusting after the tubular Disseny New Graffiti One Piece Swimsuit. You will be transported back in time as soon as you step into this gnarly suit!

Can’t decide on the right colour for you? With a bright splash of colour from every shade in the rainbow, the Disseny Explosion One Piece Swimsuit is a perfect pick! You will have all eyes on you in this stunning suit.

Last but certainly not least is one of the greatest suits of the year. To express your undying love of the water, you need the Disseny Swim Love One Piece Swimsuit. There is nothing better than the feeling of the water surrounding your body as you propel through the waves and this suit will tell everyone exactly how you feel.



Become a Poolside Goddess with the New Disseny One Pieces

Disseny One Piece Swimsuit 2016

Straight from steamy Barcelona, meet Disseny Sport! This swim gear company is all about bringing design and comfort to the level. Working with both pros and amateur to create the answer to all of your waterside dilemmas, the new Disseny One Pieces Swimsuits provide a superior level of comfort alongside ultra chic design.

Made from a top grade blend of PBT and polyester, the latest and greatest offering from Disseny has the brand’s characteristic stamp of comfort and durability. With its high compression and chlorine resistance, your new Disseny One Piece Swimsuit is built to last. And, of course, the company puts their money where their mouth is! Every suit that Disseny sells comes with a quality assurance customer guarantee.

So, when you are ready to flaunt your swimming skills and feel like a poolside goddess, look no farther than the amazing new Disseny one piece suit. They ooze the cool Spanish style that you will find at the best beaches on the Mediterranean.

Are you a bad girl at heart? A suit after your own heart, the Disseny Princess Rebel One Piece Swimsuit is a fierce style that your inner rebel princess will fall in love with at first sight.

Looking for more of a minimalistic style? For a dreamy suit in a cool array of blue hues, go for the Disseny Blue One Piece Swimsuit. This futuristic looking suit is a classic but modern look that you will never get tired of.

Not an aqua lover? If you prefer a warmer shade, you will love the Disseny Cremona One Piece Swimsuit. This red hot suit has vibrant shades of fuchsia, magenta, red, yellow and black. Its traditional style is one that’ll never go out of fashion.

If you are on the hunt for an ultra-feminine look, go for the gorgeous violet and peach flower-themed Disseny Violet One Piece Swimsuit. It is definitely one of the prettiest suits that you will see this season.

For a little more flair, get your mermaid on with another bold pick. Become a real fish with your own scales in the Disseny Niza One Piece Swimsuit! This vibrant suit has bright shades of blue, black and magenta that will make you feel like the most beautiful fish in the sea.

And what if you can’t decide on your favourite colour of swimsuit? Why not get them all! Thanks to the Disseny Rainbow One Piece Swimsuit, you don’t have to be stuck with one colour all year. Fly through the water sporting every colour under the sun.

So, ladies, what’s it going to be? Sweet, sexy or bold, every suit in the new Disseny one piece line is a great pick!