Fly to the Finish in Junior Powerskin STs

Powerskin ST Junior

On your mark, get set, go grab the latest and greatest Junior Powerskin STs! These FINA approved suits feature strong compression, top performing strong knitted fabric and an open back style that is perfect for racing. If your little one is ready for serious swimming, it’s time for an upgrade.

Help your little Jenny Thompson or Michael Phelps junior take their swimming game to the next level with a professional quality racing suit. Here are a few of the favourite FINA approved styles and looks of junior swim teams from around the globe.

The gold standard of racing suits, you will fall in love at first sight with the Arena Carbon Flex Cyan & Grey Kneelength. Gorgeous and practical, this impressive suit features a high tech Flex System, open back style, and biomechanically aligned seams that allow for a maximum range of movement. Constructed with new carbon technology, thermal bonding, and a water tight non-slip rubber seal around the legs, this suit is the ultimate in distraction-free swimming. If you are ready to invest in the best, look no further than this top of the line Arena suit.

Another favourite with the female fishes, the Speedo Fastskin Openback Girls Kneelength has got it all. This FINA Approved racing suit is made from Speedo Endurance+ Chlorine Resistant Fabric that has been designed with a perfect 53% Polyester and 47% PBT blend. Ideal for racing and swimming training sessions, this extremely durable racing suit features wide should straps, and an open back that guarantee a full range of movement so she can focus on her technique rather than her suit.

And what’s not to love about a classic black look? The FINA approved Agon Lethal Black Kneelength Racer offers good compression, an open back style, and drag reducing resin stripe technology. Sleek and practical, this is the kind of suit that she will never get tired of.

For the buoyant boys, you have got to check out the Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Jammers Blue. Easy to put on and made with ultra lightweight fabric, these crazy comfortable jammers are made with carbon bands and feature a sleek construction intelligent compression. These Carbon Air jammers might look like classic navy blue jammers but are actually a state-of-the-art suit that will have him flying through the water.

On the search for a trendy but practical style? Your little Mr. Mustachio will flip for The Agon Stache Jammers. On a bold ruby red background dotted with black moustaches, this FINA approved suit features the compression he needs to fly forward along with a top notch resin stripe tech that reduces drag.

Last but certainly not least, from a brand that we have loved for generations, the Speedo Fastskin High Waisted Boys Jammers are this year’s must-have boys suit. Bold and bright with a neon, retro-inspired geometric accent leg, you can’t go wrong with these FINA approved jammers. Made with Speedo Endurance+ chlorine resistant fabric in a blend of 53% Polyester / 47% PBT, these are one of the top jammers for racing and swim training.



Everything You Need to Know about Zoggs Goggles

Zoggs Racing and Training Goggles 2016

Since 1992, Zoggs has been making some of the greatest swimwear and accessories out there. Based out of Sydney, Australia, this is a company run by dedicated swimmers. Thanks to their expertise, they know the business of goggles like nobody else.

Known for their innovation, flawless fit and endless comfort, Zoggs Goggles are a favourite amongst some of the best swimmers on the planet. Want a pair for yourself? Here’s everything you need to know about goggle shopping.

Who Needs Goggles?

Goggles are an absolute essential for competitive swimmers. The more time that you spend in the water, the more important it is to have top quality goggles.

Spending hours in chlorinated or salt water can be incredibly irritating to your eyes. It is important to protect your eyes from the elements so that you can swim for hours without distraction.

Of course, having a great fit is even more important so be sure to find the perfect goggles for you before wearing them to a long training sessions. You definitely don’t want something that leaks or squashes the bridge of your nose!

How to Choose Between Tinted & Clear Goggles

If you swim outdoors, tinted or smoked goggles are an obvious choice. They are also a good pick if you swim in an indoor pool surrounded by a lot of windows. Even without natural night, goggles are great if you end up swimming in a lane next to a bright wall with a ton of lights.

There are some cute novelty tints like pink, blue and a range of other colours as well but those won’t have much of an impact on the actual amount of light hitting your eyes.

Ultimately, if you swim on a regular basis, it is good to have clear and smoke lens goggles handy for a range of different conditions.

Why We Love the New Zoggs Goggles

With a wide range of options available, the new Zoggs goggles are perfect for both indoor and outdoor swimming. If you’ve never worn a pair of professional quality goggles, these will blow your mind! Designed for hours of wear, Zoggs FINA approved goggles give you crystal clear, distraction-free swimming.

Zoggs has really thought of everything to make their goggles as comfortable as possible. Their split-yoke strap will reduce the amount of pressure around your eyes while the larger frame size will give you an ultra-comfortable fit. Their unique 4 Flexpoint Technology means that the frames are strong yet flexible. Finally, thanks to the Zoggs easy-to-adjust silicone strap, you can get the fit you need in a flash!

And, you can forget about your Zoggs goggles ever leaking. They are designed to mould to the exact curves of your face for a perfect seal. With their trademarked Soft-Seal Plus hypo-allergenic liquid silicone frame, Zoggs goggles will fit like a natural extension of your face. Additionally, the Zoggs CLT (Curved Lens Technology) gives you a perfect 180 degree view with the Fogbuster anti-fog lenses control moisture.

Zoggs Newest Goggles

Want clear goggles? Check out the Zoggs Aqua-Flex Blue, Clear & Blue Clear Lens Goggles. Into tinted goggles? You’ll love the Zoggs Aqua-Flex Titanium Orange, Clear & Grey Tinted Lens Goggles.

For smoked, go for the Zoggs Aqua-Flex Black, Clear & Orange Smoke Lens Goggles; Zoggs Aqua-Flex Green, Clear & Grey Smoke Lens Goggles; Zoggs Aqua-Flex Titanium Black, Clear & Lime Smoke Lens Goggles or the Zoggs Aqua-Flex Titanium Green, Clear & Grey Smoke Lens.



Gorgeous Girls’ Suits in Every Colour & Style under the Sun

Girls Sports Swimwear 2016

Are you searching for the perfect girls’ swimsuit? Your search ends here! We have collected together the world’s greatest chlorine resistant swimsuits in every colour and style under the sun. Ideal for training and recreation, these are the kinds of suits that you will never want to take off.
One of our favourite suits of the year, the Odeclas Carmela One Piece Swimsuit features chlorine resistant, quick drying high UV (UPF 50+) protection fabric. This stunning polka dotted black and white suit with bold rose accents is sure to make you the belle of the pool!
More of a classic girl? You will adore the Speedo Endurance Black Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Front lined and made from Speedo Endurance Fabric, this timeless jet black suits features a logo print on from, a comfortable V-shape back and a medium leg cut.
Ready to stand out from the crowd? You will flip for the Odeclas Fresh One Piece Swimsuit. This striking lime green one piece swimsuit features lemon, kiwi, grapefruit and orange accents that will make you shine amongst the pool of other swimmers! This chlorine resistant suit with a medium leg cut is ideal for serious swimmers.
For an ultra-bold and bright tropical look, we are obsessed with the Speedo Fairy's Place Girls One Piece Swimsuit and the Speedo Ultraviolet Jungle Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Ideal for training and recreation, both suits are made from chlorine resistant Endurance Fabric and feature contrast front lining.
Looking for a knee length suit? We’ve got you covered! For an ultra-high tech pick that will leave the competition in the dust, you will be blown away by the Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Kneelength Pink. Featuring carbon bands in an ultra-lightweight fabric, this intelligent compression swimsuit is easy to put on and will have you flying through the water at top speeds.
For the flower girls out there, check out the retro-inspired tie-dyed Speedo Coachella Girls Kneelength suit. Ideal for training and recreation, this front lined throwback suit is made from Speedo Endurance Fabric. With a V-shaped back design, you’ll have a maximum range of movement and distraction-free swimming in this groovy suit.
We haven’t forgotten about you bikini loving girls! For a fabulous and ultra-comfortable look, you will adore the AMANZI Giza Girls Sports Bikini. This Egyptian-inspired pyramid patterned swimsuit is perfect for you young Egyptian Princesses! Made from AMANZI Armor chlorine resistant fabric and featuring a medium leg cut, this gorgeous suit is chlorine resistant and lined. With maximum 50+ UV protection and a hidden waist drawstring, you’ll never want to take this sports bikini off.
Another out of this world pick, we are crazy for the Disseny Sport Andromeda Sports Bikini. This rose, violet and bold navy suit was inspired by the cosmos and will inspire you to reach for the stars! This PBT / Polyester blend suit is chorine resistant and offers a secure, firm fit that will keep up with your toughest training sessions.
Whether you go for a classic one piece, a knee length suit or a sports bikini, we are confident that these built-to-last suits will have you taking your swimming game to the next level!


What is the purpose of carbon in a racing suit?

FINA Approved Racing Suits 2016

Carbon? In a racing suit?! Taking a cue from racing cars, the new generation of racing suits has taken on a carbon form. The latest line of racing suits from Arena was developed using some of the most cutting edge technology in the world.

The Arena Powerskin Carbon-Air line is the latest innovation using Arena’s breakthrough carbon technology. Their unique method uses ultra-lightweight fabric with the brand’s trademarked Intelligent Compression to create maximum comfort and speed. It is some seriously impressive and game-changing gear.

But don’t just take our word for it! Ask Olympic medalists Breeja Larson and Cammile Adams or American record-holder and Olympian Connor Jaeger. They are all in love with the astonishing carbon racing suits from Arena.

In the water, Arena’s Powerskin Carbon-Air racing suits’ Carbon Bands lock at a critical stretch point to provide lateral support and control exactly when and where it’s needed. Thanks to Arena’s incredibly light form of Comfortable Compression, you can have amazing streamlining without sacrificing a bit of comfort.

Arena’s Powerskin Carbon-Air’s fabric weighs an incredibly light 125 g/m2. That is a full 30% lighter that the materials in the Carbon-Pro. It doesn’t get any more streamlined than that! Every inch of the Arena racing suits are thoughtfully engineered. The women’s styles are all made with their trademarked SmartStretch shoulder straps, which feature “intelligent stretching” that creates a remarkable level of support without creating tension.

Ready for one of your own? In terms of women’s racing suits, you couldn’t find a better pick than the Women’s Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Knee Length. In the market for jammers? Check out the Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Jammers.

Both of the Arena Powerskin Carbon Air suits provide the benefits of intelligent compression coupled with the unbelievable lightness of a sleekly constructed suit. With the integration of Carbon Fibre Bands into the horizontal weave of the Carbon Air material, the Intelligent Compression is unleashed. This makes your suit easy to put on and keeps it fitting like a second skin for ages.

But don’t click on your order just yet! Arena has a few tricks up their sleeve. Another brilliantly engineered piece of swim tech is the Arena’s incredible carbon flex material. The Women’s Arena Carbon Flex Kneelength as well as the Men’s Arena Carbon Flex Jammers are made with the latest and great technological advancements.

The placement of Arena’s thermal bonded seams and are bio-mechanically aligned to allow optimum freedom of movement. Every single stitch is strategically placed and anchored. The rear seams create an ingenious “tension line” that provides you with a lifting effect on the back of your legs, helping to alleviate the drag that comes from exhausted legs. For the guys, the Arena Powerskin Carbon Jammers have added height in the crotch and waist to provide maximum coverage and comfort.

Swimmers, it is time to forget about your grandparents’ swimming gear! Leap into the 21st century with high tech gear from Arena to get the competitive edge.


Michael Phelps Exceeds Expectations with His New MP Xceed Goggles Range

Michael Phelps Xceed Goggles 2016

Looking for the perfect racing goggles? Michael Phelps has got you covered! His new Xceed racing goggles are flawlessly designed to give you a real competitive edge every time you slide them on.

As usual, the Baltimore Bullet is at the top of his game. His gear, like his swimming game, is consistently flawless. This new line of eyewear is no exception.

Combining their patented curved lens technology with a hydrodynamic low profile fit, the new Michael Phelps Xceed Racing Goggles are causing a real stir in the pool.

But don’t take it from us! Let’s here from the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, had to say about them: “The XCEED goggles are the best goggles that I have ever worn– they are super comfortable and the vision is insane. The ability to see so clearly with incredible peripheral vision allows me to see the wall and other swimmers underwater unlike ever before.”

If they are good enough for Michael Phelps, they will easily meet the needs of every amateur and pro swimmer out there. Like all of his gear, Michael Phelps’ new XCEED goggles have been masterfully engineered. The man knows what it takes to speed through the water and he has made sure that his gear enables every swimmer to be at their best.

The patented curved lens on the Michael Phelps XCEED Goggles expand your field of vision so you’ll never need to alter your head position to see through them. And, thanks to the anti-fog treated polycarbonate lenses, you know that you will always have picture perfect vision!

Made with ultra-soft Softeril gaskets and engineered with Exo-Core technology, the Michael Phelps XCEED Goggles provide a watertight seal and maximum comfort so that you can focus on your form rather than your gear!

The compressed Micro-Gasket provides a leak resistant seal with a low profile design and high-quality, low-profile silicone strap with textured grip effect mean that your Michael Phelps XCEED goggles will stay exactly where you want them to be BUT if you do need to make a quick adjustment after you dive in, the hydrodynamic, low-profile head buckle make last minute fixes a breeze.

Best of all, these guys are built to last. Designed and manufactured in Italy and FINA approved, the Michael Phelps XCEED goggles have a semi-rigid exoskeleton that maximizes their structural strength and stability.

So, the only question remaining is: what colour? Whether you are an indoor or outdoor swimmer, Michael Phelps has got just what you need. The Michael Phelps XCEED Yellow & Black Clear Lens Goggles are a perfect pick if you are regularly do your laps in the pool and need to have a clear view of your competition. If you are lucky enough to live by a great outdoor swimming area, grab the Michael Phelps XCEED Grey & Black Smoke Lens Goggles or go bold in the Michael Phelps XCEED Blue & Black Smoke Lens Goggles.

Starting at just $39.95, you know these Michael Phelps XCEED googles will last you for ages and give you a competitive edge in the water.


Everything You Need to Know About Junior’s Racing Suits

Junior Racing Suits 2016


Are your kids ready to start racing? Congratulations! Now here is your homework. While swim meetups can be a lot of fun, there is a lot of preparation that goes into them. The first step is to get the right junior’s racing suit.

Before you pick out a suit, you need to know a few things about compression level, fabric, and sizing. Choosing the right racing suit might seem like a daunting task but it’s easier than you might think. Like all sports gear, you need to find just the right combination of form and function for your little athlete.

When it comes to girls racing suits, you can find all of the basics in a suit like like the Arena Powerskin ST Kneelength swimsuit. This strong, knitted fabric is endlessly durable and provides a compression level that will reduce drag and help her keep the perfect form.

For another seriously impressive girls racing suit, check out the Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Kneelength. This racing suit has an intelligent compression level that makes the fabric feel like an unbelievably light second skin. The construction of this Carbon Air suit is seriously state-of-the-art suit and will keep the suit’s sizing perfectly fitting.

Another ultra popular girls junior suit is the The Speedo Fastskin Openback Girls Kneelength swimsuit. Made from chlorine resistant fabric, this suit is very durable and has just the right sizing and compression level to help her speed through the water. Its flawless fit will let her focus on her form and forget about her suit.

Looking for something a bit trendier? Check out the gorgeous Arena Limited Edition Powerskin ST Shark/Silver/Orange Kneelength. She will look like a star poolside in this beautiful racing suit. This stunning number is made from the most durable fabric out there and the best compression level that you will find anywhere.

When it comes to boys junior racing suits, the Arena Carbon Flex Jammers are second to none. Everything from the compression level to the sizing to the stitches of the fabric have been scientifically engineered. With a flexible fit and maximum compression, these jammers are the most comfortable suit to ever hit the scene. He won’t have to worry about tugging at suit in this easy-to-wear piece of gear.

Another great pick from Arena is the Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Jammers. WIth an intelligent compression fit and otherworldly lightness, these jammers are seriously sleek. Made from their ultra light, trademarked Carbon Air, this suit is state of the art. It is great from swimmers of all shapes and sizes.

For an incredibly hip style, check out the Agon Flames Jammers. The second-skin sizing and compression level makes these cool jammers popular with amateur swimmers and serious racers alikes.

FINA Approved, the Speedo Fastskin High Waisted Boys Jammers are made from chlorine resistant fabric that will keep them looking amazing swim after swim and a compression level that will have him flying through the water.

Now that you have got your junior’s racing suits covered, maybe it’s time to grab yourself a suit?




A Carbon Suit that is easy to get on…Now that’s innovation

Arena Carbo Air Blog - Edit

The Arena Powerskin Carbon Air's bring the benefits of intelligent compression coupled with an unbelievable lightness of the suit provided by a sleek construction and, for the women, a new smart stretch shoulder strap that makes it extremely comfortable. By integrating Carbon Fibre Bands into the horizontal weave of the ultralight Carbon Air, the full power of Intelligent Compression is unleashed. These superior features combine to make the Carbon Air especially easy to put on.  Carbon Air is a state-of-the-art suit that delivers the benefits of Intelligent Compression with the comfort of a second skin.


  • Available in Kneelength & Jammer
  • Easy to put on
  • Ultra Lightweight Fabric
  • Carbon Bands
  • Intelligent Compression
  • Sleek Construction
  • Smartstretch Shoulder Strap
  • FINA Approved

Check Out These FINA Approved Racing Jammers

Fina Approved Maru XT1 Jammers


Maru released FINA approved racing jammers for men and boys this 2013 that look awesome! On top of having a sleek back look with complimentary lines that follow the contour’s of the swimmer’s leg muscles, they also have some awesome features that we’re excited about at swimmer.com.au.

Before we get into the details of the features, here is quick access to the top Maru FINA approved racing swimwear available at swimmer.com.au this 2013:

For those who want to hear a little more about the FINA Approved Racing Jammers from Maru please continue on.

Xtra Life Lycra Material
All of the Pro Maru racing jammers are made with this advanced technology material that is perfect for the needs of every athletic swimmer. The material provides extra stretchiness with a capability to stretch to 7 times its length, but the material still immediately rebounds to the original size. This gets rid of the infamous bagginess issue that comes with racing swimwear.

Optimal Muscle Compression
Athletic swimmers know about the importance of compression to reduce drag, but many may not know about the value of limiting the movement of muscles. With the long hours athletic swim in the pool, lactic acid frequently can cause soreness or cramping. By compressing the muscles we prevent those problems for faster swimming and quicker recovery.

50% Thinner Material
When a race comes down to just a millisecond, it becomes clear that any little advantage can make the difference between being the second or first to touch out. By reducing the thickness of the material it reduces weight that’ll let you reduce your lap time just a little bit. Despite the material being 50% thinner, the durable material does still provides coverage for parts we may not everyone and their grandmother seeing.

Silicone Gripper on Legs
This grip that goes around the legs fits snugly around the leg like a silicone swim cap. This means that it ensures the jammers stay in place, but does not cut of the circulation to the leg. There is nothing more annoying than a pair of racing jammers that are too tight around the legs or too loose around the legs. Maru designed racing jammers to try to eliminate this annoying problem that plagues female and male swimmers around the world.

Teflon Coating
The Teflon coating repels water to cut your time, but it also has some additional benefits you may not think about. Ever put on wet jammers for practice? It isn’t fun is it? With Teflon coating you reduce the water that gets into the jammers, so that they dry a lot faster. That means dealing with soggy swimwear a lot less which is something that we can all be happy about!



Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2 available at Swimmer.com.au

Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2

If there is one thing swimmers are not, they are not uniform. All genders, backgrounds, personalities and ethnicities are drawn to the rush of battling towards the touch. Why then are most racing swimsuits black? While black may work perfectly for some swimmers, some of us would like a little variety in the pool to help bring our best come race day. Not to mention, a more colourful suit helps our competitors identify who is beating them to the finish.

Thankfully, we have brands like Arena who are making changes to the boring black racing swimsuits with a vibrant new collection of racing suits made to look good and perform great.

Arena has recently released their new and improved Carbon Pro racing swimsuit range called the Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2, a replacement for the original Carbon Pro.

What makes this new swimsuit awesome is that they are not only amongst the worlds fastest racing suits but they are super bright and colourful. The Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2 racing swimsuits are  brightening up swim meets around the world. While the Orange and Dark grey Carbon Pro Mark 2 have been released, Arena are expecting to release new colours including Cyan and Fuchsia later this year. So now you can stand out on the blocks and look good while you kick butt in race!

The Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2 racing line is not just about the look though, it is also about the state of the art technology behind the knee-lengths and jammers. For those who aren’t too concerned about the technical side of their suit let us put it simply: it makes you faster.

For those of you who want to know how it makes you faster, continue on with this blog while we explain to you what the Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2 offers.

1) Making You Glide Faster Through the Water 

Our skin has this unfortunate characteristic of not fitting well into water, even if we swimmers feel more comfortable in water than anywhere else. When we swim our skin and curves cause for drag which ultimately adds precious seconds to our swim time. The Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2 has two main ways of dealing with this.

To smooth down our muscle curves and any excess fat, the suit offers an Intelligent Muscle Compression System. This basically allows the suit material to stretch the perfect amount before stiffening to compress the muscles. It enhances compressions on areas of the body that are not as active while releasing compression where the muscles are active; creating a balance that does not constrain a swimmer’s ability to perform.

The suit itself also is designed to not cause drag in the pool. A poorly designed swimsuit will slow you down as much or more than swimming naked would. The material of the Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2 is made with a water repellent coating and low profile bonded seams that make sure your suit isn’t slowing you down.

2) Giving You Freedom of Movement

Kicks, dives, turns and even pre-race stretching are negatively affected by suits that are not flexible enough to handle powerful, quick and strong movements. The Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2 has a Power Return Construction designed to help the fabric spring back quickly into place after you make a motion. For example, when you kick the fabric stretches then with the power return construction, the material quickly snaps into place. Taping in key areas aids this quick snap back movement.

3) It keeps you confident

Swim suits are not just about all the technology that comes with the suit, it is about how it makes the swimmer feel. The variety of colours offered in racing suits are meant to give racers an extra confidence boost. Just a little increase of positivity can affect the outcome of a race. To win, you ultimately need to believe in yourself first.


Engine Shredskin Medalist Kneelength Racing Swimsuits

Engine Shredskin

The Engine Shredskin Medalist Kneelength Racing Swimsuits have just been released at Swimmer.com.au.

The Engine Shredskin Medalist Kneelength Swimsuit is the latest in high performance racing swimwear. FINA Approved for National and International swim meets, the Shredskin is Engine's most versatile racing swimsuit. Constructed with Hydrophobic fabric this suit repels water so you can glide through the pool and shred the competition.

The Shredskin Medalist Kneelength Swimsuit is available in two great colours. The Engine Medalist Pink Kneelength is a predominantly black swimsuit with a bright pink stitch. The Engine Medalist Royal Blue Kneelength a beautiful Royal Blue from top to bottom! Both swimsuits feature flat-lock sewn seams and fabric panels that are constructed to contour the body and muscle groups. With premium construction and reliability the Shredskin Kneelength is light and has great elasticity allowing for greater movement, making this suit comfortable and long lasting.

Improve your muscle endurance, strength and power with the Engine Shredskin Medalist Swimsuit today!