What Colours Means & How They Affect Your Mood

Colours and Moods 2016

Every wonder what different colours means? Did you know that colours can affect your choices and mood? While it might seem like a pile of myths, there is some real science behind it.

Colour psychology is actually a massive field of study. In the world of marketing and branding, colours are incredibly important. Different shades relay different messages to consumers, even if the people looking at advertisements don’t realise it.

When you go into any shop, restaurant, hotel, club, café or anywhere else where people spend money, you are entering into a constructed world. Even just going to a business office or visiting the doctor puts you into an environment where each colour was chosen for a reason.

Professionals select different colours to create different moods. From encouraging impulse purchases to making you eat more, colour matters!

Want to know which colour is best for your personality? Here’s a guide to what colours means.

Red is the colour of passion! Associated with fire and blood, this is one of the most powerful hues in the rainbow. From romantic red roses to flashing red emergency lights, this a colour that will get your heart racing.

A blend of red and yellow, orange has the heat and energy of red while also representing some of the happiness and joy of yellow. A versatile and attention getting colour, orange is the colour of traffic cones and sunshine.

Yellow is the colour of happiness. It is a bright and joyful shade that gets our attention. We often associate food with yellow (see how many companies use it in their branding!) and it’s a common taxi colour because it catches our eye.

We associate green with safety. It’s the colour of nature and many of our healthiest foods are green. It’s also the colour we associate with money. Got a job interview? Might want to go green! People connect the colour green with the idea of stability so a green shirt might subconsciously make your interviewer think you are punctual and reliable.

Blue is another shade associated with the earth and stability. The colour of the sea and sky, blue gives us a sense of trust. Simply looking at the colour blue makes people feel more relaxed. You might notice that a lot of hospitals have blue curtains and walls. That is because it makes patients feel more at ease when they able to stare at a plain blue space.

The colour of purity and cleanliness, white is the hue of all things fresh and safe. From minimalistic high tech products to old fashioned wedding dresses, white has a special place in our culture.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from white is black. Associated with power, elegance, and evil, this colour is a very mixed bag. We have things like black humour as well as black tie events, just showing the range this colour can represent.

A mix of red, yellow and black, the colour brown has a serious quality while also portraying earthiness and warmth. More light hearted than black, this is a colour of reliability that can also be seen as boring.

So, what about you? What’s your favourite colour?


Life’s a Beach, Enjoy The Waves

Beach Inspired Swim Prints 2016

Forget about boring black swimming suits! It is time to get under the sea and nautical inspired prints for the whole family. Whether you are at the beach or at pool, these playful chlorine resistant looks will transport you to a tropical oasis.

If you are ready to upgrade your old suit for a cool and comfortable new underwater themed wonder, you’ve come to the right place. Check out this quick rundown on the top new beach-themed suits.

Love aquariums? Why not carry one with you! The Zealous Aquamarine Women’s One Piece Swimsuit is a stunning aquamarine scene of the deep blue sea covered in a rich, colourful coral in every shade of the rainbow. This front lined swimsuit features supportive 20mm straps as well as a medium leg cut and a keyhole back for maximum freedom of movement.

One of our fave ladies looks of the year, the Disseny Sport Shiva One Piece Swimsuit is a real head turner. This gorgeous PBT and polyester blend chlorine resistant suit features a striking design of a woman in bold shades of indigo, mauve, and magenta.

For the little senoritas out there, check out the Rival Madison Girls One Piece Swimsuit. This 100% polyester resist suit features a Sorrento back style for a comfortable and secure fit. Prefer a two piece? You need to see the stunning rose and jet black tropical pattern of the Rival Madison Girls Sports Bikini.

If you have a toddler girl, you will flip for the Zoggs Sea Garden Tuille Toddler Girls One Piece Swimsuit. This Chlorine Resistant suit is made Hydrolife Fabric. Designed to last up to 200 hours in chlorinated pool water, this suit is as powerful as it is comfortable.

Make the competion green with envy in the emerald AMANZI Coralia Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Made from AMANZI Armor Chlorine Resistant Fabric with 100% Polyester Jade Coloured Lining, this suit features maximum 50+ UV protection, bar tack reinforcement, medium leg height, and placement print.

Ahoy, matey! Want a suit with a legendary sea monster in vibrant turquoise and salmon? Check out the AMANZI Sea Enemy Jammers for men and boys. Made from AMANZI Armor chlorine resistant fabric and an elasticated waistband with a hidden drawstring. Featuring maximum 50+ UV protection, these cool and practical shorts have it all.

Prefer a brief? You’ll love the Odeclas Vilco Trunks. One of the most fashionable looks we have seen in ages, these briefs are sure to be flying off the shelves. The Odeclas chlorine resistant briefs are made from a 53 % Polyester - 47 % PBT blend of quick drying fabric. These ultra durable briefs feature a high UV (UVF 50+) that’ll keep the colours looking vibrant for ages. Featuring a full black coloured lining, these trunks offer a comfortable 11 cm side length.

Got a little guy in swimming lessons? Check out the Speedo Shark Frenzy Toddler Boys Short Jammers. These adorable shorts are made with ENDURANCE fabric. Featuring a 16cm side length, an elasticated waist, and an internal drawcord, your new shorts will have a perfect fit for distraction-free swimming.



Greatest Hits: Bust a Move in These Dance Inspired Suits

Dance Swim Prints 2016

It’s ladies’ night and we’ve got some gorgeous prints that’ll make you want to move! Want to check out the greatest hits from around the globe? Here here’s a collection of bright, playful, dance inspired chlorine resistant swimwear that we adore.

Can’t go to the disco? Bring the disco to you with the Odeclas Simona One Piece Swimsuit! This rainbow disco ball inspired suit will have you making beautiful music in the water. Chlorine resistant and made from a 53% polyester - 47% PBT blend, these quick drying suits offer high UV (UPF 50+) protection that will keep it vibrant swim after swim. With a perfect fit body and long durability, this suit will have you dancing on air.

Love the 80s? Throwback rocker chicks will love the retro inspired Dolfin Razzle Winners One Piece Swimsuit. Constructed with 80% Nylon / 20% Lycra Xtralife Fabric, this fully lined suit features a keyhole back and a flawless design that allows for maximum freedom of movement.

Feeling spicy? Before you go out to dance the night away at a samba club, do a few laps around the pool in the striking Speedo Samba Women’s Sports Bikini. Made from ENDURANCE fabric, this suit features contrast front lined top as well as a contrast front lined bottom. With adjustable straps, a low leg, and an internal drawcord, you can swim comfortably for hours in this distraction-free suit.

Ready for festival season? You need to get the AMANZI Tribal Vibe Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. Made from AMANZI Armor chlorine resistant fabric with a maximum 50+ UV protection, this fab suit features 100% blue coloured polyester lining. With printed back and shoulder straps, bar tack reinforcement, medium leg height, and placement print, this is sure to be your new favourite suit.

Attention, pop princesses! You need the show stopping AMANZI Electro Pop Women’s Sports Bikini. Made from AMANZI Armor chlorine resistant fabric, this suit has a 100% polyester lining and maximum 50+ UV protection. Thanks to the medium leg height, hidden underbust drawstring, and hidden waist drawstring, this suit fits like a dream.

For the budding rock stars out there, there are tons of gorgeous suits for girls that’ll make you want to dance. One of the most popular looks of the year is the bold and bright Speedo Freestyle Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Made with ENDURANCE fabric, this contrast front and back lined suit features waterbased placement print and an embroidered centre logo.

Want a look that will stand out from the crowd? The extraordinary Zoggs Tribal Art Crossback Girls One Piece Swimsuit is perfect for loud and proud little ladies. This bright aqua design suit features lime and magenta accents with a bright hand drawn print. Made from Aqualast 100% chlorine resistant fabric with a lifetime guarantee, this suit features a full front lining and ultra comfortable fit.

Does your junior Olympian prefer a two piece? She will love the Disseny Sport Pompas Sports Bikini. Made with a high quality PBT and polyester, this beautiful chlorine resistant suit will make her the envy of the pool. With a bold royal purple and magenta background featuring aqua bubble accents, this suit is second to none!



Unleash Your Inner Mermaid with AMANZI Swim Caps

Amanzi-Swim-Caps 2016

Who says that swim caps have to be uncomfortable and drab? Not AMANZI! You will feel like a goddess of the sea in their practical and trendy swim caps.

Made from 100% premium silicone, these one size fits all swim caps are great for long and thick hair. Engineered for superior stretch, these caps will stay in place through even the toughest swim training sessions. Even if you’ve got Rapunzel locks, these swim caps will stay in place through every movement.

Ready to stand loud and proud at the pool? You need the AMANZI Peacock Pride Swim Cap. This gorgeous purple cap features a bold peacock design bright shades of teal and slate. Easily one of the most beautiful looks of the year, this one is sure to be a trendsetter.

Love a girlie look? You’ll fall head over heels for the AMANZI Flamingle Swim Cap. This silver cap features hot pink flamingos dancing next to a rosy AMANZI logo. Beach babes will adore the AMANZI Beach Babe Swim Cap. This adorable pink retro style cartoon cap with a blonde surfer girl will steal your heart the second you lay eyes on it. Another cute and girlie pick, we adore the AMANZI Kiss My Splash Swim Cap. With an aqua background covered in white raindrops, this flashy cap has a Kiss My Splash catch phrase slogan and is sealed with a kiss.

Hey, groovy girls! If you like the hippie vibe, you will love the AMANZI Spring Wings Swim Cap. With a jet black background, this cool cap has got a motif of multi-coloured wildflowers and butterflies. For another happening throwback style, check out the AMANZI Blossom Swim Cap. With a rose and white polka dotted background, this hat has a psychedelic floral arrangement front and centre.

More into modern trends? You will love the AMANZI Harvest Swim Cap. On trend with an aqua, lime and rose geometric pattern, this Mayan inspired cap is the perfect pick for fashionistas. Can’t get enough of the geometric tribal design? You need the AMANZI Azteca Swim Cap. This colourful and bright Aztec inspired pattern features vibrant shades of lavender, rose, lime, aqua and lemon.

Hungry? You will want to chow down on the AMANZI Sweet Treats Swim Cap. This royal purple cap features a mouth-watering array of bold and bright cakes, cupcakes and ice cream sundaes. Equally sweet, you will want to eat the AMANZI Very Berry Swim Cap right up! With a lime back ground and bright and fresh strawberries scattered all over, this is the perfect cap for sweet and fruity swimmers.

Whichever cap you go for, you can buy with confidence. AMANZI is one of Australia’s top sports swimwear companies. Designed for swimmers by swimmers, their gear can stand up to constant chlorine exposure. And it’s not all about fashion! AMANZI is incredibly practical and well designed. In fact, this is the company that the best athletes from around the world swear by. Whether you are a casual swimmer or on the hunt for the gold, AMANZI Swim Caps are a top pick.



Why You Need to Try the Triswim Shampoo & Conditioner

TriSwim Shampoo 2016

While swimming is great for your body, it can wreck havoc on your hair. From leaving blondes looking like green haired punk rockers to causing some serious irritation, chlorine and hair don’t mix.  That doesn’t mean that you need to give up your fave hobby to have great hair and irritation-free skin though! You just need to treat your hair and scalp with the TLC they deserve.

For flawless locks that hold up to even daily training sessions, you have got to check out the Triswim Shampoo and TriSwim Conditioner. These impressive blends can totally transform dried out, discoloured locks into the mane of your dreams.

The TRISWIM SHAMPOO is designed to eliminate chlorine, bromine, salt water and chemical odour. Every time you lather up, the shampoo latches onto pool chemicals and pulls them out of your hair so they rinse right down the drain.

This salon quality shampoo heals dry, itchy skin and parched hair while it hydrates and moisturises your scalp and hair. In fact, in addition to the fact that it removes chlorine and chlorine odour as it eliminates the dreaded green tint, it even relieves dandruff, pool rash and eczema symptoms. Pretty impressive stuff for one single shampoo to tackle!

But don’t just take our word for it! Professional athletes and casual swimmers from around the planet are in love with this impressive stuff. In fact, TRISWIM has been rated number one by the United States Masters Swimming. If it is their favourite hair and skin care product, you know that TRISWIM is something pretty special.

With its mild but fresh lime citrus scent, this is a great shampoo for men, women and kids so grab a bottle of TRISWIM SHAMPOO for your whole school of fish. Perfect for every hair type, this shampoo is a swimmer’s dream.

Ready to take your hair to the next level? Finish off with TRISWIM CONDITIONER. This unique blend is specifically formulated to be ultra hydrating to counteract the harsh and drying elements of chlorine, bromine, salt and the sun.

Formulated with keratin, proteins and mega nutrients, TRISWIM CONDITIONER will leave your hair looking and feeling amazing. With a pineapple and citrus scent, this salon quality conditioner relieves dandruff, pool rash and eczema symptoms while it hydrates and moisturises dry, brittle strands.

Paraben free and created with no animal testing, TRISWIM CONDITIONER was also rated as the United States Masters Swimming’s number one hair and skin care product.

Even better, this stuff is a great value for the money. When you are using TRISWIM CONDITIONER, a little bit goes a long way so you can share it with the whole family and still have your bottle last for ages. So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to upgrade! Forget about watered down hair products that leave your hair weighed down and damaged by chlorine. Treat yourself to the best.

Pro tip: Have long locks? Wet your hair and add a grape size amount of TRISWIM CONDITIONER before you jump in the pool. By saturating your hair before you get into the water, your hair won’t be able to absorb nearly as much chlorine.



Get Up Close & Personal with the NewSpeedos Monogram Prints

Monogram Prints 2016

It’s all about custom looks these days! Even if you don’t want your name monogrammed all over your gear, you’ve gotta love the monogram branding trend. And, of course, like so many things in the world of swimming, nobody does it better than Speedo.

Every look in the Speedo Monogram Prints range is totally 100% chlorine resistant and ideal for training. Featuring a wide range of continuous pattern prints, you can find the perfect suit for you in this range. Whether you are looking for one pieces, sports bikinis, or jammers, Speedo has got your back and your bum covered. Here are the top looks for women, girls and boys.

Hey, ladies! Why not show some love for your fave swimwear brand in the Speedo Black Monogram Women’s One Piece Swimsuit? Made from ENDURANCE fabric with a contrast front lining, this gorgeous suit has a crisscross “S” pattern in jet black and slate grey.

With a medium leg and bagged out underarm, the Speedo Black Monogram Women’s One Piece Swimsuit will leave you comfortable after even the longest, toughest training session. Prefer sport bikinis? Get the same look with the Speedo Black Monogram Women’s Sports Bikini. Made with a waterbased yardage print, this sports bikini features a low leg and internal drawcord for a flawless fit.

If you are after a bit of colour, go for the Speedo Navy Monogram Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. This navy blue ENDURANCE fabric one piece features an “S” monogram crisscross pattern in neon pink. You can also grab the same great look with the two-piece Speedo Navy Monogram Women’s Sports Bikini. Featuring a contrast front lined bottom low leg and internal drawcord, this suit looks and feels like a dream.

Like a bolder look? Stamp your name on the Speedo Monogram Bali Blue & Green Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. Like every ladies’ suit in the Speedo Monogram Print collection, this striking cobalt and cerulean blue one piece is made from ENDURANCE Fabric and features a contrast front lined, medium leg, bagged out underarm and waterbased yardage print. For a bold and bright colour two piece, grab the Speedo Monogram Bali Blue & Green Women’s Sports Bikini.

Speedo also has the same great monogram style for girls! The Speedo Monogram Girls Sports Bikini is a beautiful pink and purple style with all the bells and whistles. Made from Speedo Endurance Fabric, this suit has a top contrast front lining and is bottom front and back lined. Like all of the other Speedo monogram looks, this suit features a waterbased yardage print, internal drawcord on brief and an embroidered logo.

And, let’s not forget about the boys! For a cool navy and aqua look, we love the Speedo Slate Monogram Boys Jammers. These Slate Monogram Boys Jammers are made from 100% chlorine resistant Speedo Endurance fabric. Designed to stand up to the test of time, Speedo Endurance fabric is quick drying and will hold its shape, swim after swim. In fact, this ultra impressive swimwear fabric is 20 times more fade resistant than the plain old swimwear you would grab off the rack at a department store.



Knockout Kneelengths!

Kneelengths 2016

Who says knee length suits have to be boring? There are so many comfortable, modest coverage suits that’ll knock your socks off! If you are looking for a suit that is ideal for training, chlorine resistant, and comes in tons of vibrant and bright colours, you have come to the right place.

Here is a quick rundown on all of the latest and greatest knee length suits made by our favourite companies from around the globe. From trendy fashionista faves to beautiful and unique one pieces, these are the best of the best.

For a pop of colour, you will fall head over heels for the Speedo Sunrise Dye Leaderback Women’s Kneelength. With an accent featuring a swirly mix up of ginger orange, rose pink and dandelion yellow running up the leg, this suit is a gorgeous twist on a classic style.

Featuring thick straps that meet at a V-shape back, the Speedo Sunrise Dye Leaderback Women’s Kneelength gives you a full range of movement. Made from ENDURANCE fabric with a waterbased yardage print and a contrast front lined, this suit will have you flying through the water at top speeds.

Easily one of our favourite suits of the year, the AMANZI Bubbleyum Kneelength is a beautiful pick. This bubble gum fun look is made from Amanzi Conka chlorine resistant fabric. Designed with wide shoulder straps and back band while featuring a leg height approximately 5 cm above knee, this ultra comfortable suit is idea for training.

The saccharine sweet AMANZI Bubbleyum Kneelength features a maximum 50+ UV protection,

bar tack reinforcement, modest coverage, placement print and a pink gusset lining. If you are looking for something as gorgeous as it is practical, look no further.

For a classic look, we love the Dolfin Zip Front Navy Kneelength. This navy blue suit features a light blue accent stripe down the side along with a fab front zipper accent. With maximum coverage and ultimate comfort, this suit is ideal for training.

Made from fully lined 100% RELIANCE™ polyester, this suit features a shelf bra with removable cups and a locking zipper with a cover that allows for an easy on and off. With knee length coverage, modest coverage, and a full SPF 50+ coverage, this suit has literally got your back.

Ready to stop the show? You have got to check out the Arena Routes Women’s Kneelength. This bold sapphire, ginger orange, lime, magenta, and sapphire design is easily the most striking style of the year. This suit is perfect for those looking for maximum coverage in a training swimsuit.

The Arena Routes Women’s Kneelength is made from front lined 54% Polyester / 46% Polyester PBT

Max Life® Fabric that will stand up to even the most intense training session.

Attention, fashionistas! You will fall head over heels in love with the Arena Odense Women’s Kneelength. Made from 54% Polyester / 46% Polyester PBT Max Life® Fabric, this awesome suit is front lined and features a medium leg cut. With a gorgeous graffiti background on an accelerate back design, this knockout knee length has it all.


Don’t Be a Square: Get Geometric Suits for the Whole Family

Geometric Swim Prints 2016

You’ll be swimming circles around the competition in the latest geometric looks for the whole family! Ready to start shopping? Don’t be a square! Check out the top new looks.

Grab the limelight in the Speedo Geo Feathers Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Made with contrast front lined ENDURANCE fabric, this multi-coloured kaleidoscope design is one of the most eye-catching suits of the year. Featuring a digital yardage print and embroidered logo, this radiant suit will make you the star of the show.

With thick straps that come together in a V-shape with a keyhole back design, the chlorine resistant Speedo Geo Feathers Girls One Piece Swimsuit allows for exceptional freedom of movement. Perfect for serious swimmers and causal swimmers alike, this suit can stand up to chlorine, sun and constant wear.

Prefer a two piece? Grab the Speedo Geo Feathers Girls Sports Bikini! Featuring carrot orange accents with a jet black back and the same fabulous rainbow coloured mosaic, this suit checks all the boxes! Made from ENDURANCE fabric, this contrast front lined suit features adjustable straps that come together in a crisscross back. This fab suits has also got a digital yardage print and an internal drawcord on brief. With an embroidered logo in back, there is nothing not to love about this striking sports bikini.

Looking for a longer suit? The Speedo Geo Feathers Girls Kneelength is ideal for training and easily a favourite of all this year’s kneelengths. Made from ENDURANCE fabric, this practical and cool kneelength suit features a V-shape for maximum freedom of movement.

The bright colours of the stunning Speedo Geo Feathers Girls Kneelength one piece will stay look amazing for ages thanks to the chlorine resistant fabric. Featuring a contrast front lining and waterbased yardage print, this knee length suit has it all.

Budding fashionistas out there will adore the Speedo Geo Graffiti Girls One Piece Swimsuit. This colourful geometric print suit will have you standing out from your school of fish! Featuring red and white adjustable and detachable straps that come together in a crisscross back, this suit is incredibly comfortable.

Made from ENDURANCE® Fabric, the Speedo Geo Graffiti Girls One Piece Swimsuit features a contrast front and back lining as well as waterbased yardage print.

The junior Michael Phelps out there will love the Zoggs Geo Sport Boys Trunks. With vibrant bright colours of blue made into a shattered geometric design, these trunks are sure to be a hit. Made from 100% chlorine resistant Aqualast fabric, these Zoggs trunks feature a drawcord waist for a comfortable and secure fit.

Guys who are seriously into swimming with love the Zoggs Geo Sport Spliced Men’s Jammers. These jet black jammers with a colourful stained glass accent are ideal for daily training. Featuring 100% chlorine resistant Aqualast fabric, Zoggs is so confident in their jammers that they give you a lifetime guarantee. Thanks to the drawcord waist, you’ll never have to worry about adjusting your jammers mid-swim.

The ladies will be standing on their head for the Zoggs Geo Chrome Women’s One Piece Swimsuit! This black and white geometric wonder suit features red, adjustable straps that come together in an aquaback design. Made from 100% chlorine resistant Aqualast fabric with a full front lining and a medium leg cut, this one piece has got it all.


Feeling Super!

Feeling Super Prints 2016

Ready to save the world? If you are feeling like a hero, you need a super suit! Whether you are a superman, wonder woman or a junior hero, we have got the perfect superhero look for the whole family.

For the ultimate superhero kit, you have got to add a chlorine resistant, bright colour super hero inspired swimsuit to your essentials. Check out our favourite red, white and blue looks for women, men, boys, and girls.

Get a dose of girl power with the AMANZI Nefertari Girls One Piece Swimsuit! With a slate black background featuring a colourful Egyptian inspired pattern with neon hieroglyphics, your little girl will feel like a mini Cleopatra in this awesome suit. Constructed from AMANZI® Armor chlorine resistant fabric, this 100% polyester suit offers a maximum 50+ wet and dry UV protection.

Featuring a full front coloured lining, bar track reinforced stitching, placement print, and a medium leg height, the AMANZI® Nefertari Girls Proback One Piece Swimsuit is as stunning as it is practical. Best of all, this super soft swimsuit is built to last! Swim after swim, your suit will stay looking gorgeous through regular training sessions under the sun and in chlorine.

Got a mini superman in training? Get your super nipper the Funky Trunks Power Pants Boys Trunks. Made from C-Infinity fabric, these power trunks are chlorine resistant, quick drying, shape retaining and offer a 50+ UV protection.

With an adorable black, blue, red, and yellow comic book print, these super trunks feature front lining as well as a drawcord and elastic at the waist for a perfect fit.

For grown up super heros, you need the Maru® Boom Trunks! Make a crack, boom, bang every time you hit the pool. With an old school Batman Comic Strip design, these shorts dry in a flash and can stand a punch! Made from Pacer Fabric, these 100% chlorine resistant, 100% polyester offer a total UV protection.

Prefer a brief? The Speedo Team Replica Men’s Briefs are here to save the day! These jet black and green smoke briefs feature yellow and white hot flames alongside glowing stars. With the Official Australian Olympic Team logo alongside the classic Speedo logo, these shorts will make you feel like an Olympic super man.

Made from ENDURANCE® Fabric, the Speedo Team Replica Men’s Briefs feature 8 cm sides, front lining, digital placement print and plastisol placement print. With an internal drawcord, these awesome shorts fit like a dream.

And, let’s not forget the ladies! You heroines out there have got to check out the Maru Wow Sparkle Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. With a super hero inspired pattern, the bright colours of this suit will have you feeling like a superstar. This bold blue, orange, purple and pink one piece features a V shaped back for maximum range of movement and superior comfort.

Designed with 100% Polyester Maru® Pacer Fabric, this super one piece is 100% chlorine resistant and offers total UV protection. With a medium leg and ultra fast drying fabric, this show-stealing one piece is ideal for daily training sessions.



Bohemian Magic

Zoggs Bohemian Magic 2016

Love the boho chic look? It is time to bring a little bohemian magic into your next swim session with the new Zoggs Swimshapes Range! These gorgeous, durable, and ultra supportive suits will enchant the competition and leave you feeling like a star.

If you are looking for a chlorine resistant suit that is ideal for training, you need to check out the bright colours and bohemian inspired looks from Zoggs.

This owned and operated Aussie company is a full service brand. From goggles to fins, you can count of these guys to make top notch gear. Whether you are a pro swimmer or are just looking for a comfortable suit to wear while you hang out by the pool, you have got to check out the new Zoggs Swimshapes Range.

For a classic and ultra flattering look, the Zoggs Cottesloe Black Women’s One Piece Swimsuit is a perfect pick. This solid black suit features a left hip Zoggs logo and a powerback design. Comfortable and cool, the Zoggs Cottesloe Black Women’s One Piece Swimsuit is made from Aqualast, Zoggs’ awesome 100% chlorine resistant fabric. This fabric is so impressive, in fact, they offer a lifetime guarantee. What more could you ask for? If you said a medium leg cut and shelf bra, you are in luck! These suits are designed to be comfortable and supportive enough for daily training sessions.

Another ultra sleek pick, the Zoggs Class Diva Women’s One Piece Swimsuit is a jet black suit with an amethyst and emerald geometric accent pattern. With removable cups, a medium leg cut, and a scoopback design, this 100% chlorine resistant suit will give you hours of distraction free swimming.

If you love bold and bright colours, you will fall under the spell of the Zoggs Zen Resort Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. This Aqualast 100% chlorine resistant fabric constructed, high back one piece swimsuit has a gorgeous charcoal and sapphire geometric floral design. Part of the Zoggs Swimshapes, these suits features a low leg cut, adjustable straps, tummy control and full foam cups, you will look and feel like a superstar every time you slip it on.

On the search for a longer style one piece? The Zoggs Torquay Navy Womens Kneelength provides maximum comfort with a trendy look. Made from Aqualast 100% chlorine resistant fabric, this stunning suit has a shorts style leg cut and shelf bra for the ultimate support. This navy blue suit with royal blue accent features a keyhole back design that it perfect for keeping you comfortable during training sessions.

Last but not least, our favourite look of all is the Zoggs Bohemian Magic Scoopback Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. Constructed of Aqualast 100% chlorine resistant fabric, this chic suit offers tummy control, a medium leg cut, and full foam cups. Ideal for training, this trendy jet black suits has a white lace-inspired pattern around the neck and an ultra practical scoopback design to allow you a maximum freedom of movement.

Whether you go for a sleek black look or bright colours, your new suit from the Zoggs Swimshapes Range is sure to charm you!