Why We Love the Cool and Comfortable Sports Bikinis from Disseny Sports

Disseny Sport 2016 Bikinis

Hello from sunny Barcelona, Spain! Are you ready to join the greatest swimmers from Spain and around the globe? Get yourself a cool and comfortable sports bikini from Disseny Sports! As soon as you slip it on, you will see what all of the fuss is about.

This innovative swim gear company is passionate about bringing top design and premium comfort to swimmers at every single level of the game. And forget about tugging at your bikini! Every Disseny sports bikini has a flawless fit. Designed with athletes in mind, these bikinis will hug your curves and stay in place through even the most intense swims.

Made from a top grade blend of PBT and polyester, the latest and most impressive line of sports bikinis from Disseny has the brand’s characteristic blend of comfort and durability. With its high compression and chlorine resistance, your new Disseny bikini is built to last. And, of course, the company stands behind their amazing products. Every suit that Disseny sells comes with a quality assurance customer guarantee.

When you are ready to flaunt your impeccable style and amazing swimming skills like a Mediterranean goddess, grab yourself a Disseny sports bikini! There is a style out there for everyone so you are sure to find the right bikini for you.

Ready to get a bit flashier? Go for the Disseny Alba Sports Bikini. You will be turning heads poolside with this bold and bright rainbow themed splash of colour.

If you can’t decide on the right colour for you, you will love the Disseny Arlequi Sports Bikini. This geometric masterpiece features every colour under the rainbow.

Feeling like you never want to leave the water? You never have to with the bright and bubbly Disseny Pompas Sports Bikini! This rose, violent and azure underwater themed suit will make you feel at one with the sea.

Want something less down to earth? Reach for the stars, future swimming Olympian, with the gorgeous Disseny Andromeda Sports Bikini! You will feel inspired by this magenta, violet and aqua starry theme bikini.

One of the coolest trends this season is the mix and match look! To get on the latest and greatest bandwagon, pick up your very own Disseny Cloissa Sports Bikini. With its multi-coloured top and vibrant hot pink bottoms, you will be the envy of the pool. Not a pink kind of gal? Go for the messy graffiti look with Disseny Garabatos Sports Bikini’s abstract art style top and glowing florescent green bottoms.

Did you miss out on Woodstock? Bring the hippie vibe into 2016 with the Disseny Flower Sports Bikini. This groovy rainbow colour suit will transport you back to the summer of love.

Whatever style you go for, you can trust your Disseny suit to stay looking amazing swim after swim!


The Latest and Greatest Disseny Trunks

Disseny Sport Trunks 2016

What does the human body and the earth have in common? They are both 70% water! When you are in the water as much as we are, you might even feel like it is even more than that. Whether you are just learning the basic techniques or are at the top of your game, you’ve got to feel at home in the water. You need trunks that feel like a second skin so that you can move though the water like a powerful force of nature.

The latest and greatest new trunks from Disseny will have you feeling ready to take on the world. As soon as you slip them on, you will see why professional swimmers from around the globe are obsessed with this innovative Spanish swimwear company.

Made from a chlorine resistant, ultra-durable, high quality blend of PBT and polyester, these trunks are built to handle all of the wear and tear that you can throw at them through daily training. With top grade, heavy compression, the Disseny trunks fit like a glove and will never be a distraction when you are racing through the water.

The ultimate pairing of form and style, it’s easy to find a pair of Disseny trunks that suit your style. From goofy to modern to traditional, there is something for everybody in the latest line of trunks. Before you decide to buy the same old style again, have a look at all of the fresh styles that Disseny is offering this year.

Are you a groovy kind of guy? Flaunt your outta sight swimming skills in the Disseny Colours Trunks. Their crazy pattern will totally trip out your fans when they watch you race!

More of a modern kind of chap? You will love the Disseny Puntos Trunks. The pixelated, vibrant shades of black, red, orange and purple will give you a fresh and stylish look.

Another bright but minimalistic style is the Disseny Rattles Trunks. These black, white and red trunks have just enough colour to make them interesting while the classic tones will keep them looking fresh for ages.

So, guys, have you decided on your look yet? Whether you go for an urban look or a 70s vibe, you are going to love your new Disseny trunks.








Feeling fierce? Slip on some Disseny Tribal Trunks. This bold pick features a lion pattern with a good old tribal tattoo thrown on top!


The All New Hot and Cool Disseny Sports Bikinis

Disseny Sport Sports Bikinis 2016

Looking for the perfect Sports Bikini? For the ultimate blend of form and function, check out the hot and cool selection of sports bikinis from Disseny Sports. The innovative Spanish company is all about bringing professional and novice swimmers to the top of their game. Whether you are going to hit the open water or get in a few laps through the gym pool, the latest Disseny sports bikinis have got you covered.

With their PBT/ polyester blend fabric and flawless fit, Disseny Sports Bikinis are impressively forgettable. You can slide your suit on and forget about it! Thanks to their tireless dedication to quality, Disseny sports bikinis always fit like a dream so you’ll never find yourself pulling and tugging at your suit. With a Disseny Sports Bikini, you can keep moving distraction-free.

Of course, it isn’t all about function and fit. There are tons of ugly and practical suits crowding out swim gear shops! The great thing about Disseny sports bikinis is that they look as good as they feel. In fact, their latest range of sports bikini is one of the chicest lines to date.

When you are feeling fierce, unleash your inner lioness with an animalistic kaleidoscopic print suit. Nothing brings out the warrior in every woman like kicking butt in the pool! When you are feeling like master of the sea, slip on your Disseny Tribal Sports Bikini. The uber cool yellow and black design will inspire your fierce inner fighter!

Another gorgeous animal inspired look, you will turn heads every time you wear your stunning Disseny Leopard Sports Bikini. The ultimate in attention-grabbing fun, this rainbow coloured leopard print bikini will make sure that all eyes are on you every time you flaunt your stuff.

More of a player than a fighter? The Disseny Lets Play Sports Bikini will make you smile every time you slip it on. This playful cartoon style suit will unleash you inner child every time you go for a splash.

And Disseny didn’t forget about you rock and roll chicks! Their Disseny Swim Rock Sports Bikini is a nod to all of the guitar shredding, water pounding women of the world. Taking a walk on the crazy side? You will love the Disseny Crazy Sports Bikini!

If you still haven’t found the style for you, say aloha to one of the coolest suits of the year. The Disseny Hawaii Sports Bikini will make you feel like you are swimming in the tropical paradise off of Hawaii.

Looking for a more lady like style? Your heart will be aflutter as soon as you lay eyes on the Disseny Bolboreta Sports Bikini. This super cute pink, lime, aqua and yellow butterfly themed bikini will push you out of your cocoon.

Whether you go for a feminine or fierce look, your Disseny is a perfect blend of comfort and durability, making it perfect for both training and competition. Thanks to its heavy compression and high resistance to chlorine, these sports bikinis can stand up to it all!



Get a Boost of Style with the New Disseny one piece line


Whether you are hitting the water for the first time or are on your way to the Olympics, Disseny Sport is a company after your own heart. With their comfortable fit and trendy styles, the latest line of Disseny One Piece Swimsuits are perfect for swimmers of every shape, size and level.

Disseny Sport has worked tirelessly with all of the biggest names in the business to get constant feedback to improve their constantly evolving line of gear. They stand behind all of their suits in terms of quality, fit and durability.

Made from a top notch blend of PBT / Polyester, the new Disseny one piece line guarantees your comfort as well as their suit’s great resistance to chlorine. With a strong compression level, these suits are perfect for both training and competition.

Ready to buy your new favourite suit? Made from top grade materials, the only question you will have to ask yourself is: how can I choose just one?! With all of the stunning designs from the new Disseny one piece line, it’s impossible to decide on the best one!

Want to express your inner lioness? There’s a suit for that too! Grab a stunning black and yellow Disseny Simba One Piece Swimsuit for yourself and you’ll be feeling more powerful than ever.

Lions, tigers and… wolves? Oh my! You’ll be scaring away the competition when you go for a moonlit swim under the stars with the cool Disseny Wolf Night One Piece Swimsuit.

Are you over the whole animal print thing? Maybe you have been feeling more like a goddess lately than a tiger. If so, you will fall head over heels for the vibrant shades of blue in the Indian-inspired Disseny Shiva One Piece Swimsuit.

Digging the 80s theme? I’m so sure you will be lusting after the tubular Disseny New Graffiti One Piece Swimsuit. You will be transported back in time as soon as you step into this gnarly suit!

Can’t decide on the right colour for you? With a bright splash of colour from every shade in the rainbow, the Disseny Explosion One Piece Swimsuit is a perfect pick! You will have all eyes on you in this stunning suit.

Last but certainly not least is one of the greatest suits of the year. To express your undying love of the water, you need the Disseny Swim Love One Piece Swimsuit. There is nothing better than the feeling of the water surrounding your body as you propel through the waves and this suit will tell everyone exactly how you feel.



Zoggs Flower Power

Flower Power Zoggs Swimwear

Ready to take a trip back to a time when peace, love and flowers ruled the world? Then you are going to love Zoggs’ new line of womens and girls swimwear. Taking inspiration from everyone’s favourite hippie era, the 1960’s, Zoggs generated a vibrant set of swimwear that will keep you stay inspired through every lap in the pool.

As a bonus, the swimwear is made with Zoggs’ tough chlorine-resistant material, the bright colours of this swimwear will last even the strictest training schedule. This means the swimwear will keep its form and colours through the wash and swim practice, so you can focus more on swimming rather than replacing your swimwear over and over again.

Without further ado, let us briefly introduce this new line of flower power themed swimwear, because we know you are ready to finally get started shopping.

For Girls Swimwear

For all the young ladies out there, Zoggs released fresh and modern swimwear that will match your need for cool and retro. Using awesome colours and designs, Zoggs created unique swimwear that looks great for swim practice or lounging by the pool. Warning: These designs aren’t for girls who like to blend into the crowd.

Our favourite of all the designs from Zoggs this year is the Peace Bella Crossback One Piece Swimsuit. This thin strap one piece offers flowers in trippy Alice-in-Wonderland type patterns. The sky is blue, green and pink while the flowers are like something out of a Tim Burton film making for a print that’ll knock your swim cap off.  This is a design made for girls who have a unique perspective on life in and out of the pool!

If you are a butterfly lover, you are going to love this next swimsuit. The Wings Bella Girls One Piece Swimsuit features thousands of overlapping butterflies creating a fluttery design. These are just your standard butterflies though, there wings are all the colours of the neon rainbow. Complete with thin pink crossback straps, the delicate beauty of this swimwear is perfect for girls who don’t mind being a tad on the girlie side!

For Womens Swimwear

For womens swimwear, there is a special one piece that you are just going to fall in love with, so don’t take a look unless you are ready for some new swimwear! The Flower Freeze Womens One Piece Swimsuit features a print with a delicate bouquet of modern flowers on a black background. Two thin, pink straps top off this elegant look for an unforgettable style. This is a style for women who like a good mixture of dainty and bold styles to create perfect yin and yang looks.

Want Something More?

Find the perfect piece of swimwear can take a little while. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the perfect website for browsing swimwear. We work hard to offer the best of best swimwear from top swimwear companies for discounted price. Take a look around to find the perfect swimwear to add to your collection. P.S. If you are looking for a great deal, check out the fab sales section!

-Happy Swimming!






Catch the Wave like Designs from Zoggs New Line of Womens and Girls Swimwear

Zoggs Wave Design Swimwear

The sound and beauty of waves has inspired countless people throughout the ages- from artists to scientists, and of course, to us swimmers. Although Zoggs has not literally put a wave of the ocean on their new prints, they've used the fluctuation of wave-like motion to create colourful and hypnotizing designs for their new line of womens sports  swimwear and girls sports swimwear.

Go Old School

Ready to take it back? Then check out the Retro Wave Girls One Piece Swimsuit, the Retro Wave Sprintback Grils One Piece Swimsuit and the Retro Wave Yaroom Girls One Piece Swimsuit. All of these fabulous inspirations draw inspiration from the past and waves, so that you ride a wave back in time. Whether you like tie dye, water colours or ancient Persian rugs, you’ll find something in the Retro Wave line for you! As a bonus, all of Zoggs swimwear is made with chlorine-resistant swimwear that will hold its colour even hours after training in the pool.

Get Your Party On

Ready to get wild with some neon confetti? Then check out the crazy colourful print of the Curl Curl Fly Back Womens One Piece Swimsuit. The colourful print is complimented by the neon pink fly back straps that’ll make your swimming style a visual blast, This one piece swimsuit is perfect for ladies who like to swim all day and party all night long.

Swim the Rainbow

If you are a lady who enjoys all colours of the rainbow, then you are going to love the Eden Womens One Piece Swimsuit and the Techno Check Womens One Piece Swimsuit. These one pieces from Zoggs both feature undulating rainbow designs that are extremely unique. If you are a lady who enjoys everything colourful, then check out these two designs, because we think you’re going to like what you see.

Be Hypnotized

Look into my eyes! The swirling design of the Congo Womens One Piece Swimsuit features a hypnotizing print that draws your eyes into the centre with a captivating design. Circles intertwine in a blue hued design make it easy to get lost in the print if you aren’t careful. This swimwear is a great match for women who like swimwear that can help them get lost when they are taking extra laps in the pool. There is also the Congo Womens One Piece Swimsuit in pinks.

Don’t See Anything You Like?

… Then be sure to peruse through the rest of our website. We just released tons of new Zoggs swimwear for women and girls. Not to mention we feature tons of athletic swimwear from the top swimwear brands out there. Basically our goal at swimmer.com.au is to pick out the best swimwear for our customers then offer it at discount prices. Less work and less money to shop for swimwear? Sounds like a good deal! Stay tuned to our blog for the latest news from swimmer.com.au.

-Happy Swimming




Zoggs Toggs: High Value Men’s Swimwear

Zoggs Mens Swimwear


Zoggs is one of the pre-eminent swimwear brands of Australia. With a passion for swimwear and promoting everything swimming around the world, they have been leading the way in the swimwear world for a long time now. They've earned a reputation as a swimwear company that consistently produces high quality swimwear that matches the needs of fitness and athletic swimmers.

Recently Zoggs dropped tons of new swimwear to the world for the high summer season. As usual, we here at swimmer.com.au picked the best of the best of the designs and cuts to offer on our website at discount prices. Our end goal is to help swimmers find the swimwear they want and need at one convenient online market, so take a look around to see what you like. In the meantime, let us introduce you to our favourites of the men’s line of swimwear from Zogg’s High Summer Collection.

The Geo Line of Zogg’s Men’s Swimwear

Resilient, clean cut and brilliant- the Geo Line offers the type of swimwear one really wants when they spend a lot of time in the pool training. Made with Zoggs' signature material, Aqua Last, Zoggs guarantees that the material of this line will hold up for a lifetime. The Picasso-like design with thick black lines and a myriad of colour creates a stand out design that looks great in the pool. The quality of material and style make these a fantastic pair of trunks for guys who are serious about their time in the pool. Check out the variety of options with the Zoggs Geo Sports Spliced Mens Jammers,  the Zoggs Geo Sport Boys Trunks and the Zoggs Geo Wave Spliced Boys Jammers.

The Optic Sports Line of Zoggs Men’s Swimwear

The Optic Sports Line is a treat for the senses with neon strips of colour intertwining to form an energizing design that will really get you going in the pool. Athletic cuts, high quality material and the Zogg’s lifetime guarantee, the Optic Sports Line offers athletic swimmers a mesh of fashion and quality that feels and looks great in the water.

The Lennox Mens Trunks

As one last and final option, we really liked the design of the Zoggs Lennox Mens Trunks blue & Green and Zoggs Lennox Mens Trunks in multi, so we wanted to give them a special mention on the blog. Thin strips of colourful blocks overlap one  another to form a unique pattern. As usual the cut of the trunks offers support and comfort, so that you can feel comfortable in these trunks even after lots and lots of laps in the pool.

Don’t See Anything you Like?

There are lots of other options to choose from on our website for top notch athletic and fitness swimwear. Take a look around to find the perfect swimwear and/or swimwear accessories for your needs. By the way, we also have tons of men’s swimwear in our sales section if you are look for an awesome bargain.

-Happy Swimming!




New Zoggs Toddler Boy Products PLUS 10 Facts for Kids about Sharks

Zoggs Toddler Boy Products

As high summer rolls around, Zoggs is releasing tons of new and fun swimwear for toddlers boys. Made with high quality material at affordable prices, this swimwear will make splashing around the pool all the more fun. This swimwear is covered in too cute, colourful sharks that your little guy will love.

You can check out the swimwear of this line by looking at the Shark Fever Splice Hip Racer, the Zoggy Hip Racer and the Shark Fever Toddler Boys Jammers. All of these toddler boys swimwear are covered in cartoon-sharks that are swimming on a dark background. What is even better is that the material is chlorine-resistant, so that the bright colours of this swimwear will hold true even after hours of playing in the pool. These pieces of shark themed swimwear are perfect for little boys who like to chase after their friends in a pool, pretending they are a shark themselves.

If you plan at spending time outdoors by the water, don’t forget to cover up your little guys delicate skin with the Shark Fever Toddler Boys Long Sleeve Sun Top. Who knew that something with such pointy teeth could actually protect your skin!

Now without further ado, here are your promised shark facts!

  1. Sharks can hear very well. They can hear a fish moving from up to 500 meters away!
  2. Baby sharks are called pups.
  3. Great white sharks are born 1.5 meters long.
  4. When male and female sharks like each other, they bite to show their interest.
  5. Sharks don't chew their food at all. When they take a bite they swallow it whole.
  6. The biggest shark to ever lived, during the times of the dinosaurs, was the Megalodon. It probably grew up to 18 meters long.
  7. If sharks have to eat the same thing too many times in a row they won’t eat it. They like to have all sorts of different foods in their diet!
  8. Sharks do not have a bone in their body. Instead they have what our ears and noses are made up of, cartilage.


With all the fun swimwear out, don’t feel like these are the only options for Zoggs toddlers swimwear. Check out all of the options on our website, so that you can find the perfect swimwear for your little guy. Be careful though, chances are that you may find some swimwear that you want from yourself- not that, that is a bad thing at all.

-Happy Swimming!




Diana Chlorine Resistant Kneelengths

Finding the perfect style of kneelength training suit can be quite the challenge. Some designs of these swimsuits are just way too loud, and they are covered with tacky decoration from the knees to the straps! While others kneelength training suits are just too plain with just black and nothing else. How boring!

We thought that Diana struck a fantastic balance between too much and too little to create their tasteful line of kneelength training suits that come in two fun designs. We wanted to take the time to introduce these fabulous new kneelength training suits that are perfect for swim training, aqua aerobics and general pool use. The unique material of the Diana swimsuits makes the material last longer and dry faster, so this is a swimsuit you’ll have around for a long time!

First up is the futuristic design of the Galactic Kneelength Chlorine Resistant Training Suit. This training suit features an aquatic laser shooting across right side of the training suit in Galactic Blue Kneelength or Galactic Purple Kneelength. The neon of the design stands out from the black of the rest of the training suit. The Diana logo is scrolled tastefully across the laser in cursive to create an out of this world look. Perfect for ladies who like a splash of neon to liven up their workout!

Next we have the whimsical daisy design of the Daisy Kneelength Chlorine Resistant Training Suit. A light purple floral design with stripes gently graces the bust of this kneelength training suit. The Diana logo is scrolled countless times in fun falling letters in the background of this design. For those of you in the United States, this is a perfect style of swimsuit to welcome in spring. Even when the seasons change again, who doesn’t want to relish the wonderful weather of spring everyday by wearing this Diana kneelength training suit?

Stay tuned to our blog to hear all about the latest styles and trends in athletic swimwear fashion.

-Happy Swimming!



Star Light Star Bright Shine in Zoggs Swimwear

Zoggs Swimwear

Zoggs Swimwear is continuing a program in 2014 to get kids in the UK hyped about swimming by sponsoring days filled with water sports ranging from racing to water polo. The Oceans of Fun Programs motivation is to get kids more active, and better yet, more interested in playing in the water. We at swimmer.com.au think that this program definitely deserves two thumbs up, because we can’t imagine a childhood (or an adulthood) not spent enjoying the joys of splashing around in the pool.

We weren’t too surprised to see them come out with athletic swimwear that is star-themed given the stellar performance of the company. When you get high performance Zoggs swimwear, you are investing in a company that gives back to the swimming community. Let us tell you a little bit more about their new star-themed swimwear line that was just released this summer.

The Zoggs Womens Star One Piece Swimsuit features a multitude of colour of striped stars dancing across a purple background. Racerback straps provide extra support for athletic and fitness swimming, so you can feel comfortable with lots of laps in the pool. This design is perfect for ladies who want a style with bright colours for the time they spend working hard in the pool.

For all the girls out there, there is the Girl Stars one piece swimsuit that features pink, white and blue stars in various fun designs. Pink racerback straps add a little bit of girliness to this look that is great for swim practice. The Zoggs logo is scrolled in pink letters on the hip. This look is great for girls who are stars underwater and on solid land.

For all the boys out there, they can check out the loud star patterns on the Boys Red Drummond Trunks and Boys Green Drummond Trunks. The print of these trunks is covered with bold stars to create an intricate design. These trunks are perfect for guys who plan to be the star of their next swim meet.

Remember that all of Zoggs swimwear is made with 100% chlorine-resistant material, so this swimwear is built to last a lot of hours in the pool. Zoggs is the perfect brand for swimmers who would be in the water all day long if things like work and school didn’t stop them.