Prints that Rock

Rock and Roll Swimwear Prints 2016

If you are looking for cool styles and bright colours that will make you stand out from the squad, look no further than our collection of the greatest chlorine resistant prints that rock! Forget about wearing the same old dull black uniform this year. From florescent bikinis to Jammers that’ll get you noticed poolside, here is a quick rundown of our favourite bright colours and styles for women, men, boys and girls.

Let’s start with the ladies first, of course! You can have all eyes on you in the Dolfin Blitz Pink Winners One Piece Swimsuit. Not a pink swimsuit kind of gal? Show off your wild side in the Disseny Sport Wolf Night One Piece Swimsuit. Fancy yourself a modern fashionista? The Maru Queen Women’s One Piece Swimsuit will knock your socks off. If you are feeling California cool, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on the Speedo Venice Women’s One Piece Swimsuit.
Wearing a knee length suit doesn’t have to mean forgoing style! If you love a full coverage fit and a bright colours, check out the chlorine resistant Arena Limited Edition Powerskin ST Kneelength which is available in green, cyan and orange designs.
For the girls, stand out from the squad in the gorgeous Native American themed AMANZI Dreamcatcher Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Looking for something a bit more psychedelic? Check out the Hive Atoll Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Searching for a chlorine resistant bikini? She will flip for the AMANZI Radicool Girls Sports Bikini or the ultra-bright and bold Funkita Sugar Cube Girls Sports Bikini.
And we haven’t forgotten about the boys! For you old school cartoon lovers, grab a pair of the cool Maru Bang Boys Jammers. For boys with their eyes on the future, check out the hyper-modern Tornado Cyber Boys Jammers. If he’s a little devil, he will adore the Maru Demon Boys Jammers. If you are in the market for chlorine resistant trunks, check out the Speedo Skulls Boys Trunks for a bright and bold pick.
For you guys looking for 90s throwback styles with bright colours, you’ll dig the Q Swimwear Grunge Halloween Jammers. For a modern and hip look, check out the Dolfin Blitz Blue Jammers in bright colours of lime green and cyan blue. If you believe that real men wear pink, it will be love at first sight with the Dolfin Blitz Jammers in rose pink with bold orange and black accents. If you like a more classic style with just a bit of flair, you will love the Dolfin Sting Jammers which come with a bright aqua blue or fluorescent green side accent. Searching for chlorine resistant trunks? Our top pick of the year are the Disseny Sport Puntos Trunks.
Not ready to upgrade your suit yet? Add some pizzazz with a new swim cap. Make waves with the Dolfin Sonic Lime Lycra Swim Cap or rock every colour of the rainbow in the Dolfin Zip Lycra Swim Cap.
Alright, swimmers, now it is time to stand out from the squad! Grab one of favourite chlorine resistant chic styles in bright colours and you’ll never go back to boring old black.


Bird of a Feather: Stunning Nature-Inspired Women and Girls Looks

Bird Prints for Swimwear 2016

It’s time to get back to nature! If you love beautiful bird and feather swimwear prints, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want a sports bikini, a one piece or a knee length suit, there are gorgeous styles out there for everyone from toddlers taking their first lessons to women who are ready to go pro. Check out these stunning nature-inspired looks for women and girls.
Ready to go bold? Make a splash with the stunning AMANZI Toucan Tango Women’s One Piece Swimsuit or take a mini tropical getaway in the Zoggs Prey Women’s One Piece. Looking for a suit that’ll turn heads? You will fall head over heels for the Zealous Soaring Skies Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. Are you more of a bikini lover? Check out the gorgeous design and flawless fit of the stunning Hive Hypnotic Red Women’s Sports Bikini.
And forget about the days of boring cookie-cutter girls swimming suits! The perfect suit is out there waiting for your little one! Are you searching for a swimsuit that is as bold and bright as your athletic girl? Let her soar above the crowd in the Zealous Soaring Skies Girls One Piece Swimsuit. If she loves the ultra-girlie look, she will adore the Maru Flutter One Piece Swimsuit.
Think there aren’t any cool knee length suits out there? Think again! Let her flaunt her flawless style in the Maru Flutter Kneelength. If you have a little one just starting swim lessons, get her excited about her new gear with the Zoggs Pretty Bird Toddler Girls Frills One Piece or the Zoggs Pretty Bird Toddler Girls One Piece.
Want a matching mum and daughter look? Check out the AMANZI Otomi Women’s One Piece Swimsuit and AMANZI Otomi Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Another one of our favourite duos is the Zealous Firefly Women’s One Piece Swimsuit and Zealous Firefly Girls One Piece Swimsuit or the Zealous Blue Moon Women’s One Piece Swimsuit matched with the Zealous Blue Moon Girls One Piece Swimsuit.
For an ultra-bold show-stopping mum and daughter style, check out the Zealous Soaring Skies Women’s One Piece Swimsuit and the AMANZI Tropicana Girls One Piece Swimsuit. And don’t think that we forget about you two-piece lovers! For the same cool style, check out the AMANZI Otomi Women’s Sports Bikini and the AMANZI Otomi Girls Sports Bikini.
As every swim parent knows, you can’t just show up at practice with a cute swimsuit. You need all the essentials! Make her feel like the belle of the swim meet in an ultra-cute Funkita Flamingo Go Go's Swim Cap.
And that’s all you need to take your love of the water to bright blue skies! Whether you go with a vibrant Toucan-inspired look or bold Zealous Firefly Women’s One Piece Swimsuit or something in between, you are sure to make waves this summer with a gorgeous nature-inspired look!


Get in Full Bloom with this Season’s Floral Prints

Swimwear Floral Prints 2016

Not into the plain black and blue suits that are dominating the racks this year? Embrace all things colourful with our favourite fresh and bright looks of the year that will set you apart from the competition. And, best of all, all of these looks are all chlorine resistant so they will stay looking flawless swim after swim.
First up, the Uglies! While their name might be ugly, these swimsuits are anything but! As always, some of our favourite picks of the year come from the Dolfin Ugies line. With gorgeous styles like the Dolfin Dazzle Uglies One Piece Swimsuit and the Dolfin Lollie Uglies One Piece Swimsuit, you can’t go wrong with this collection.
Living a charmed life? Flaunt it! Grab the beautiful AMANZI A Charmed Life Women’s One Piece Swimsuit and feel stunning every time you hit the water. Another amazing look, the Maru Tahiti Women’s One Piece Swimsuit could stand on its own in any art competition.
On the hunt for a more modern floral style? We adore the ultra-chic Zoggs Acid Rock Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. One of the other stand-out picks this season is the tropical and fresh Zoggs Prey Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. It’s so vibrant that you’ll feel like you are on an exotic getaway every time you slide it on.
If you want to stand out from the crowd, check out the fresh and bright Rival Tropical Punch Women’s One Piece Swimsuit or the ultra-flattering Speedo Contour Women’s Botanica One Piece Swimsuit.
For you ladies looking for something bright and fresh yet subdued and classic, you will love the fashionable Rival Classic Samba Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. A bit of diva? Check out the Speedo Hollywood Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. You will feel like a star as soon as you slip it on.
Of course, it’s not all about one pieces. If you want a fresh, bright, colourful bikini with a flawless fit and chlorine resistant fabric, check out the Hive Atoll Women’s Sports Bikini. Love all things girlie? You will fall head over heels for the colourful and cool AMANZI Bijou Bouquet Girls Sports Bikini.
And don’t forget about the little ones! There are so many gorgeous, chlorine resistant girls’ suits out there this year. By far and away one of the most beautiful suits we have seen this year is the Rival Peppa Potts Girls One Piece. If your little girl is into bright, colourful looks, she will love the bold aqua, rose and lime look of the Zealous Evergreen Girls One Piece Swimsuit.
If she loves bikinis, you are in luck! There are an endless number of stunning, chlorine resistant suits out there that look and fit like a dream. One of the most popular suits of the year is definitely going to be the bright sea foam green Hive Euphoria Girls Sports Bikini. If she loves pink, she will fall in love at first sight with the AMANZI Bijou Bouquet Womens Sports Bikini.
So, what are you waiting for? Choose the fresh and bright look that suits your style and you’ll be feeling unstoppable next time you dive in.


The Quirky World of Swim Cap Designs

Training Swim Caps 2016

Looking for a bright and fun way to express yourself? Get a flashy new swim cap! While you might not be able to wear a whole lot in the pool, you can definitely pack some serious style into a little cap. With an endless array of designs, patterns, characters and themes, there is truly something for every fish in the sea.

Channel your inner Flying Fish with the Michael Phelps Dome Cap Black and Silver or Michael Phelps Dome Cap White and Blue, and jet through the water like the world’s great Olympian. The FINA Approved, 100% Silicone cap is made with the best quality construction you will find anywhere.

Feeling cosmopolitan? Check out the international designs and themes from Vorgee Silicone Swim Caps. Announce your wanderlust with themes from Mexico, London, Russia, Dubai, Australia, Tokyo and Paris. Vorgee is one of Australia’s leading swim gear companies and their ultra-comfortable swim caps are made from 100% high grade silicone.

For a totally different look, flaunt your inner geek with a meme theme like the Funky Trunks Grumpy Cat Swim Cap, a quirky Funky Trunks Pool Shark Swim Cap or pay homage to your favourite cartoon dad with the Funky Trunks Homerhead Swim Cap. Funky Trunks’ top of the line swim caps are made from durable silicone and flexible one size fits all design.
Shopping for the little girl in your life? If she has a sweet tooth, she will love the AMANZI Sweet Treats Silicone Swim Cap. Like all of their gear, AMANZI’s swim caps are second to none in terms of quality and durability. For a flash of colour, check out the Funkita Flaming Go Go’s Silicone Swim Cap with its two baby pink flamingos kissing on a hot pink background. Not just cute, this cap is built to last. The exceptional styling combined with Funkita's exclusive C-Infinity chlorine resistant fabric provide superior comfort and durability for prolonged use in the pool and under the sun.
For your little guy, go for the Vorgee Alien Silicone Swim Cap or the Vorgee Dinosaur Silicone Swim Cap. More of a Speedos fan? He will flip over the Speedo Planets Junior Swim Cap. Made with 100% durable silicone, this one size fits all cap will last him for years.
Young and old comic book fans alike we love the villain and hero theme of the Maru Super Hero Swim Cap and the old school cool of the Maru Wow Swim Cap. The ultimate blend of quality and style, Maru is a top pick amongst professional and amateur athletes around the globe.
Looking for a classic polyester swim cap? Check out the Arena Polyester Swim Cap, available in red and blue. The great thing about polyester caps is that it won’t tug at your hair and it is easy to slide on. While it isn’t ideal for serious swimmers, it is the perfect hat for sliding on and off kids with ease. It is also great for casual female swimmers who are sick of getting their hair pulled!
With all of the designs, patterns, characters and themes available, how can you pick just one? Start shopping and get ready to clear out an extra drawer!


The Coolest Swimwear Around: The New Boys’ Line from Maru         

Maru 2016 Boys

If he is bored with the same old dull boys’ swimwear options, the new boys’ line from Maru will be a breath of fresh air. Forget about the boring old surf patterns and standard range of dull colours! The new Maru line is rocking some serious flair. Whether you have got a little rocker or a comic book guy at home, there is a line for him. Durable, trendy and affordable, there is nothing not to like about the amazing boys’ from Maru.

Of course, on top of being cool, the new boys’ line from Maru is functional above all else. Made from the elite swimwear company’s trademarked Pacer Fabric, every piece in the boys’ swimwear line has been made from fast drying 100% polyester that is 100% chlorine resistant. This means that the fabric will look fresh for as long as he fits into it!

This top quality construction means that every pair of shorts in the Maru boys’ line is built to last for the long haul. Not only will they dry quickly to make daily transportation to and from the pool easy, their quality will shine through every day that you have them. The fact that they are 100% chlorine resistant and provide total UV protection means that your Maru swimwear will look just good after 1000 swims as they did after the first swim. So, forget about dulled down colours! Your Maru gear will be looking fresh every single day.

For the cartoon lover in your life, you have got to take a look at the Maru Bang Boys Jammers. They are perfect for serious swimmers as well as those who just want to splash around in the pool. The comic book style POW, BANG, BOOM print makes these panel jammers stand out from the crowd. Thanks to Maru’s Pacer Fabric, these jammers will hold up their vibrant colour after anything you can throw at them. The neutral comic book style will make these jammers a hit, regardless of who his favourite super hero is.

If your little guy is more of a Batman fan, the Maru Boom Blue Boys Jammers and the Maru Boom Jammers is a perfect pick. The signature yellow, grey and black pattern with the famous Batman logo and KAPOW! logo will make him standout from the crowd with their boring black shorts. A timeless classic, he is sure to love these shorts until it’s time for the men’s size.

If you have got a budding junior rock star in your life, the Maru Lookout Boys Jammers will be right up your alley. The rock n’ roll inspired pacer jammers are as cool as swim gear comes. The bright orange, black and yellow jammers are uber stylish with their speaker, radio, music note and cartoon face design.

Whatever your guy’s style is, you can find the perfect style in the new boys’ line from Maru that will fit him like a dream and stand up to the test of time (and chlorine!).





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The Cool Girl’s Guide to the New Maru Swimwear Line

Maru 2016 Girls

If you are looking for a fast drying, 100% chlorine resistant kids’ swimsuit that provides total UV protection, look no further. The new girls’ swimwear line from Maru is made from their unique 100% polyester, fast drying Pacer Fabric which ensures that her suit will look flawless until the day she grows out of it!

The new Maru swimwear line will make her the envy of every girl at the pool! With a flawless fit that suits every body type, the new Maru line will allow her to focus on mastering her technique rather than tugging at her suit. The new line offers range of lengths including the medium leg Pacer Rave Back Suits as well as panel and shortie legs. The new Maru girls’ line also have a variety of back styles and front lined suits so that she can choose every detail exactly as she wants it.

Of course, it isn't all about function either. The new Maru swimwear line for girls has a dizzying array of colours and styles so you know there is bound to be one that is perfect for her and her unique style. Because all of the swimsuits in the new Maru collection are 100% chlorine resistant and have total UV protection, they will look just as vibrant and bold after every swim.

For that vibrant gal in your life, check out the bold print of the Maru Woven Girls One Piece Swimsuit with its medium leg and front lined design. For a more fruity design, look to the Maru Watermelon Girls One Piece Swimsuit. They both provide a flawless fit and unparalleled style.

If your little lady loves all things pink, she will adore the Maru Flutter One Piece Swimsuit. The Maru Happy Days One Piece Swimsuit is patterned with adorable doodles while the Maru Flamingo One Piece Swimsuit is a beautiful mix of rose, lavender, violet, lime and navy flamingos. All of the Maru Aero Back styles feature a medium leg and are front lined.

For a vibrant look, your little girl will love the Maru 3D One Piece Swimsuit. Thanks to its 100% UV protection and the fact that it’s 100% chlorine resistant, it’ll look great for ages. For your little swimming cat lover, you won’t want to miss the Maru Kitty One Piece Swimsuit with its cute kitty pattern.

The chatty, tech-crazy girl in your life will immediately fall in love with the Maru TXT One Piece Swimsuit. You know that she’ll fall head over heels when you see this cool, on-trend pattern.

For girls who prefer to wear a kneelength, check out the Maru Flutter Kneelength. It comes in a classic, simple but stunning design that she will never get sick of.

Regardless of which style you pick, all of the suits in Maru’s new girls’ swimwear line are made with Pacer Fabric which is 100% polyester, 100% chlorine resistant, fast drying and provides total UV protection.


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Dive into Comfortable Style with the New Maru Men’s Line

Maru 2016 Mens

After winning a pile of awards for engineering and style, Maru Swimwear is taking the swimming world by storm. The innovative swimwear company has become synonymous with bold design, flawless fit and high quality. If you are looking for swimwear that will stand the test of time while allowing you to focus on your form rather than your gear, you will love the new Maru men’s Line.

Every piece in the new Maru men’s Line is made with their trademarked Maru Pacer Fabric, which is 100% polyester, 100% chlorine resistant, fast drying and provides total UV protection. What more could you ask for from a swimwear?

Maru swimwear is loved by fitness, competitive, and recreational swimmers alike for their durable, comfortable gear. For high performance fabric that will last for ages and a fit that will suit every single body type, look no further than the latest men’s line from Maru.

In the market for some cool gear? Flaunt your fun-loving happy side while you flaunt your swimming technique in the Maru Smilers Trunks. Like everything in the new line, all of the Maru pacer trainers are 100% polyester, 100% chlorine resistant, fast drying and provide total UV protection.

If you aren't a smiley face kind of guy, you can show off your inner warrior with the Maru Tribal Trunks. The ultra-cool pattern will give you a subtle burst of colour while keeping you comfortable for as long as you stay in the pool.

When you are looking to turn heads, slip on the Maru Neon Diamonds Trunks. The vibrant swim trainer is the ultimate blend of form and function. Thanks to the 100% polyester, 100% chlorine resistant fabric with total UV protection, the vibrant style will look as good after 1,000 swims as it did on the day you bought it.

For a classic, traditional (but not too boring!) style, the Maru Freeze Mens Trunks is where it’s at. The durable, long-lasting trainer will keep you comfortable all day long.

If you prefer a Jammer, you will love the Maru Freeze Mens Jammers. The classic style provides you with a no-frills perfect fit. Like the Maru Pacer Trainer line, all of the Maru’s Pacer Panel Jammers are made with the Maru Pacer Fabric that is 100% polyester, 100% chlorine resistant, fast drying and provide total UV protection.

Are you looking for a Jammer with a bit more flair? For all of the comfort of the classic jammer fit with a touch more colour, go for the Maru Tribal Jammers or the Maru Prism Jammers. If you are more of a flashy guy, you will love the high fashion design of the Maru Freeway Mens Jammers.

Whether you go for a classic design or a bold print, you can always count on swimwear designed with 100% chlorine resistant Maru Pacer Fabric. The fast drying material will make it easy to transport your gear while the total UV protection will keep it looking fresh.

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Dive into Colour with the New Maru Women’s Line

Maru 2016 Womens

The durable pacer fabric from Maru’s new women’s line is second to none. If you are looking for something that is 100% chlorine resistant, fast drying and provides you with total UV protection, look no further that this new line of swimwear from Maru.

With a gorgeous array of swim gear that fits every style and every body type perfectly, Maru’s latest and greatest line has been turning heads.

The new women’s line from Maru has a wide array of back styles that were designed with comfort and freedom of movement in mind. Whatever back style you like, they’ve got you covered. The new line also has bust support and a low leg cut in many styles that allow you to focus on your form rather than tugging at your suit.

One of the most popular types of swimsuit backs in the pacer vault back. The flawlessly fitted style gives you an amazing level of comfort that will get you through even the toughest training session. For a gorgeous vibrant style, check out the Maru Neon Diamond Womens One Piece Swimsuit, which features every colour of the rainbow in a beautiful diamond pattern. The 100% polyester, 100% chlorine resistant suit will give you a limitless range of motion with every movement.

For the same style in a cool aqua colour, check out the Maru Scrunch Womens One Piece Swimsuit or the Maru Origami Womens One Piece Swimsuit for a multi-coloured pattern of rose, lavender, and aqua. The Maru Women’s Pacer Vault Back line also comes in the Maru Marble Womens One Piece Swimsuit, which will having you turning heads around the pool with its artistically swirled splashes of colour.

If you prefer a pacer vision back, you have to check out the Maru Butterfly Womens One Piece Swimsuit. Like the rest of the Maru line, it’s 100% polyester, 100% chlorine resistant, fast drying and provides total UV protection. Make sure you have a look at the ultra-bright and colourful Maru Queen Womens One Piece Swimsuit before you make your pick. The high fashion neon light design is one of the most stunning swimsuits out there.

For a Pacer Fast Back style suit, you will love the Maru Zigzag Womens One Piece Swimsuit, which features vibrant bursts of aqua, rose, black and violet. If you are more of a rosy gal, you will fall in love at first sight with the Maru Jewel Womens One Piece Swimsuit and its 101 shades of pink.

For a stunning kaleidoscope of colours and an ultra-comfortable fit, check out the Maru Kaleidoscope Womens One Piece Swimsuit or the more subdued but colourful prism pacer clip back.

If you a low cut leg and bust support are priorities when you are shopping for a suit, you’ll love the Maru Lightning Womens One Piece Swimsuit with its gorgeous array of blues, pinks and greens. Be sure to check out the Maru Shatter Womens One Piece Swimsuit with its confetti of cool colours pattern, bust support, and low leg.


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10 Fun Facts About Swimming + New Girls Athletic Swimwear From Maru

Maru Winter Girls 2015

You can never know too much about swimming if you ask us, so we wanted to create a blog with fun swimming facts. First though, let us briefly introduce you to this new line of swimwear then get into our fun facts!

Take your mark, get set, go! Maru Swimwear just released tons of new swimwear for the whole family including some spectacular selections for all the little lady swimmers out there. If there is one thing that is for sure about girl swimmers, it is that we rule! So of course, we need swimwear that is as equally rocking to match our unique personalities. Maru Swimwear certainly offers some super cool swimwear for us gals.

Of all of Maru’s girl swimwear, the following are some of our favourite pieces of swimwear. The Maru Papillion Auto Back Girls Back One Piece offers a spectacular floral print with neon flowers in a grid-like pattern on a midnight black background. For the Papillion print, you can also go with thin straps rather than the racerback straps of the Maru Auto Back with the Papillion Aero Back Girls One Piece. The Maru Party Rave Girls One Piece is a wild party in style with huge and random neon shapes in abstract design that you crazy gals are just going to love.

The other main options from Maru swimwear are their stylish kneelengths that are cut and designed for competitive and athletic swimming. The Maru Miro Girls Kneelength features panels of colourful designs on a black background. The Maru Camo Star Girls Kneelength has a clever pattern that has a camo-like design, but with stars instead of blotches. Both of these are awesome options that’ll help the future Olympian gals of the world be the first to touch out.

Without further ado, let’s get on onto those fun swimming facts!

  1. Some people the origins of swimming started with the dog paddle. Likely someone fell in the water and begin to panic, so it was a sink or swim situation. Those that didn’t sink would soon learn the art of swimming.
  2. Egyptians have hieroglyphics of them swimming all the way back in 2500 BCE.
  3. When you swim, you use all of the major muscles of your body.
  4. The short your hair is in swimming, the faster your time is! Unless you have a cool swim cap!
  5. There are over 10 million swimming pools worldwide.
  6. The biggest pool in the world is 3,000 feet long and covers 9 acres.
  7. The longest swimming pool in the world is 1,500 feet long. It is located in Morocco.
  8. The deepest swimming pool in the world is 100 feet deep. It is located in Belgium.
  9. The breaststroke is the slowest stroke and the freestyle is the fastest.
  10. Rats can tread water up to three days.


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New Boys Swimwear For Your Little Super Hero!

Maru Winter Boys

We are of the opinion that every little boy is a super hero in his own way. As they zoom through life they will learn the full extent of their super hero skills- many of them they may actually learn in the pool. As us swimmers know, the dedication that is required of swimmers does teach a lot of superhero like qualities like honesty, hard work, strength and team work. Although we may not have lasers shooting out of eyes or anything like that (not that we could tell you if we did!), swimmers still manage to kick some serious but at life in and out of the pool.

So why not celebrate your super-hero powers with some stellar boys swimwear from Maru? They just released a super cool line of super hero athletic swimwear that are perfect for all the hours future Olympians need to spend in the pool. Let us briefly introduce you to all the awesome options from this super cool line.

The New Boys Swimwear From Maru

First off, let’s start with our action figure packed options. The Maru Super Hero Panels Boys Jammers and the Maru Super Hero Boys Jammers both feature a print with a grid of different super heroes in colourful and crazy super heroes. Some of these super heroes may look familiar to you from Power Rangers, Star Wars and more, so take a closer look to see if there are any of your favourites feature on this swimwear.

Next, we have the fun packed Maru Dizzee Boys Jammers which are covered in splashes of blob-like cartoon characters. All of the visual madness will get you totally pumped to work hard at swimwear practice. As a bonus, with the high quality materials of Maru swimwear these jammers will retain their bright colours and shapes no matter how many hours you plan on spending in the water this swim season.

Lastly, we have the Maru Demon Boys Jammers. Covered with fire and pitch-fork wielding demons. The devilish style of these jammers will give you a fiery boost for in the pool. If you need a style that will really get you fired up, these are the perfect jammers for you!

Don’t See Anything You Like?

Then take a look around the rest of our website for tons of options for the top swimwear companies out there. We at swimmer.com.au do the hard work of picking out the best design with the highest quality cuts for discount prices, so all you have to do is peruse through our website to find the perfect piece of swimwear to add to your collection. Stay tuned to our blog for latest releases and news from the swimming world.

-Happy Swimming!

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