New FINA Approved Racing Kneelength Technology by Maru

Fina Approved Maru XT1 Kneelengths

Our goal at swimmer.com.au is to bring athletic and fitness swimmers the latest swim technology news, so swimmers can select the best gear available on the market. Non-swim enthusiasts beware - you are about to be bored by this blog!

All swimmers know that each brand tries to top the next to provide swimmers with materials that provide maximum performance. It is up to you, as a swimmer, to decipher and select which brand provides the best qualities that match your needs. Let us help you make an informed decision by going into the details of the latest material made available by Maru.

Maru Swimwear released their latest Xtra Life Lyrca material for their FINA approved racing kneelength swimwear for women and girls. Lyrca material is a fibre that stretches up to seven time its length then springs back to its original shape. This type of shape retention is important for swimmers when a baggy piece of racing swimwear can be the difference between first to touch out or the last. The stretchiness is important to allow free mobility in the pool, because any restraint is going to slow your lap time down.

Maru's Extra Life Lyrca material is made especially for athletic swimmers. Maru created and tested the swimwear to retain shape, prevent tears and hold true colours. Maru gets that swimmers spend a lot of hours at the pool, and they made a material that will last the intensive hours athletic swimmers spend in the water. Bagging, tearing and colour fading are not an issue you should expect from the Extra Life Lyrca material for longer than 200 hours of use. Athletic swimmers often spend more time than 200 hours a season, but the Maru material outlasts the 200 hours with lasting high grade performance.

Check out additional performance features by following the links to these racing kneelength swimsuits for women and girls. With Maru, the features of the swimwear don’t stop at the material, but extend into every aspect of the racing swimwear.


Check Out These FINA Approved Racing Jammers

Fina Approved Maru XT1 Jammers


Maru released FINA approved racing jammers for men and boys this 2013 that look awesome! On top of having a sleek back look with complimentary lines that follow the contour’s of the swimmer’s leg muscles, they also have some awesome features that we’re excited about at swimmer.com.au.

Before we get into the details of the features, here is quick access to the top Maru FINA approved racing swimwear available at swimmer.com.au this 2013:

For those who want to hear a little more about the FINA Approved Racing Jammers from Maru please continue on.

Xtra Life Lycra Material
All of the Pro Maru racing jammers are made with this advanced technology material that is perfect for the needs of every athletic swimmer. The material provides extra stretchiness with a capability to stretch to 7 times its length, but the material still immediately rebounds to the original size. This gets rid of the infamous bagginess issue that comes with racing swimwear.

Optimal Muscle Compression
Athletic swimmers know about the importance of compression to reduce drag, but many may not know about the value of limiting the movement of muscles. With the long hours athletic swim in the pool, lactic acid frequently can cause soreness or cramping. By compressing the muscles we prevent those problems for faster swimming and quicker recovery.

50% Thinner Material
When a race comes down to just a millisecond, it becomes clear that any little advantage can make the difference between being the second or first to touch out. By reducing the thickness of the material it reduces weight that’ll let you reduce your lap time just a little bit. Despite the material being 50% thinner, the durable material does still provides coverage for parts we may not everyone and their grandmother seeing.

Silicone Gripper on Legs
This grip that goes around the legs fits snugly around the leg like a silicone swim cap. This means that it ensures the jammers stay in place, but does not cut of the circulation to the leg. There is nothing more annoying than a pair of racing jammers that are too tight around the legs or too loose around the legs. Maru designed racing jammers to try to eliminate this annoying problem that plagues female and male swimmers around the world.

Teflon Coating
The Teflon coating repels water to cut your time, but it also has some additional benefits you may not think about. Ever put on wet jammers for practice? It isn’t fun is it? With Teflon coating you reduce the water that gets into the jammers, so that they dry a lot faster. That means dealing with soggy swimwear a lot less which is something that we can all be happy about!



Summer Fun

Maru Swimwear

My personal favourite training one piece swimsuit is from the Maru 2013 collection. The Girls Lottie One Piece features a design with a stunning collage of stylized melons and orchids. The design with the watermelons reminds me of all the fun I’ve had during this summer so far.

We all have our personal favourites when it comes to picking out swimwear. With so many selections of styles it really can be hard to come down to the final decision.

With Maru styles, it is fun to gaze through all of the chlorine resistant swimwear to find the perfect look for by the pool, at the beach or for the next swim meet. If you are looking for racing swimwear, check out the chlorine resistant kneelength swimsuits. If you are looking for swimwear for everyday training, you should checkout Maru’s collection of training one piece swimsuits.

Some swimmers choose their training swimwear by the cut more than the design. Others keep fashion in mind first. Some just want to get the gruelling process of shopping for swimwear over with, so they can get back to the pool already! Let us know how you pick out your swimwear in the comment box below!





This Adorable Elderly Couple Wore Matching Outfits for Over 35 Years!

Match Made in Heaven!

Recently we read this story on The Guardian about an elderly couple who wore the same outfit for over 35 years. The wife makes their outfits out of the same materials she gets from the fabric store. It started as a tradition when she made him a t-shirt when he visited her down south during the summer. The husband would not wear anything besides a tie and shirt, but he had to wear the t-shirt his new girlfriend made or risk hurting her feelings. Ever since they were married, they go to the fabric store to pick out materials together to make matching outfits.

Humorously the the wife told the Guardian, “We find it funny when watching those crime shows and they say, "What was he wearing when you last saw him?" We could just point to ourselves and say, "This!"

So as you can see, matching outfits doesn’t have to be all about being cutesy. It can be a matter of practicality. Maybe you guys coach for the same swim team. Perhaps you want to inspire family unity by wearing the same print! Or maybe you just want to be a cutesy that of course is fine too.

Maru released the stunning Odessa training swimwear and swimwear accessories in mens and womens styles. The pattern features a tangle of straight lines that creates a chaotic and stunning grid that both genders will love. Remember all Maru training swimwear is chlorine-resistant, so matter how many hours you plan to spend in the pool this swim season the pattern stays clear.

For womens one piece swimwear they offer a variety of colours in the Odessa print. This means that you can wear the same pattern as your loved one, but change up the colours to match your personal style. Check out the following swimwear to see which one matches your personal preferences:

For guys, they made the choice a little bit simpler offering the pattern in a visually interesting black and white. For those who want a less loud display of the pattern, the Odessa Jammers two panels are the only part of the swimwear that features the pattern. If your guy is a bit of resistant about wearing matching patterns, the Odessa Jammers may be a good compromise.

If you want to arm the whole family in the Odessa pattern the Maru Odessa Silicone Swim Caps are a great option. These stretchy silicone swim caps fit on all hairstyles and head sizes. This is a great way to be able to easily track down all the kids at the local pool this summer. It will also look great in family pictures!


Kneelength Swimwear is the Past, Future and Present of Competitive Swimming

Maru Kneelengths

If you watched the 2012 Olympics you didn’t see anything other than kneelength swimwear. In fact, you probably noticed a lot of the controversial swimwear not going below the knee! If you go to triathlons you’ll notice the kneelength style becoming more prevalent. For some reason the kneelength and jammer styles haven’t fully permeated the competitive swim world yet, despite it being the best style for competitive swimming.

What are the reasons you’ve hesitated about kneelength swimwear? Tell us in the comment box below! We fear the only reason people resist the kneelength style is because they don’t like how it looks. This is a common complaint from female swimmers who feel like covering up doesn’t look that great. Others complain that they feel constrained with the extra material covering places they are used to being free in traditional training swimwear and racing swimwear.

It does take a little bit of time in the pool to get used to any new training swimwear style, so the sooner you get your kneelength the better. It is imperative to get kneelength swimwear to train in, so that you can get used to how the style feels when you are practising. Every second we train in the pool is with the goal of performing our best on race days, so why would we change up the swimwear we use only on the day of competition? You can only truly improve your swimming if you are always training and practising like it is the day of the race, so it is time to start wearing your kneelength swimwear and jammers all of the time.

Maru is offering training kneelength swimsuits and training jammers this 2013 that are perfect for working hard in the pool. When you wear kneelength training swimwear at practise, during training and the day of competition you can know you are always performing your absolute best.

For the ladies check out the Aquarius Black Kneelength and the Iona Black & Turquoise Kneelength for a fashionable and fun style that offers support and comfort. Because of these chlorine resistant kneelength swimsuits you can go to the pool with confidence knowing your swimwear will stay true to its colour despite the hours you plan on spending towards getting closer to being a champion.

For the men and boys Maru is offering the Solid Black Mens Jammers and the Solid Black Boys Jammers. These midnight black jammers are a practical and simple style for everyday pool use. The chlorine resistant jammers will stay midnight black without fading into an ugly dark grey. These training jammers are perfect for guys who want something simple and professional for working out in the pool on a daily basis.

Be a champion and innovator by sporting your kneelength swimsuit or jammers at the pool all of the time with no shame. Remember that champions are trend setters, not followers. There is no style that is cooler looking than being the first to touch out.


How to Prevent Swim Goggles from Fogging Up

Banish the Fog!!

Ever since swimming goggles were invented, swimmers have struggled against the infamous fog that has annoyingly blocked many of a swimmers sight at pivotal moments in training, practices and races. As we all know vision is extremely important in swimming, so it can be irritating to deal with this incessant fog problem. The following tips and tricks are sure fire methods to battle the fog once and for all.

Buy Anti-Fog Goggles - One of the best ways to fight off fog is to start with a pair of goggles that are less prone to fogging in the first place. Remember any rubbing or scratches on the lenses will make the anti fog lenses less effective at doing their job. The following are some of the best anti-fog goggles available for the 2013 swim season:

As most experienced swimmers know, the anti fog feature of most swimming goggles never last forever or is not completely effective in the first place. Continue on to the following tips to enhance the anti fog feature of your racing goggles.

  • Buy anti fog coating spray. Once the anti fog coating on your swimming goggles wears out, you can buy anti fog spray to apply to your swimming goggles yourself. Unfortunately, manual application is never as a perfect as when you get it from the store, but it does help fight the fog a little bit. Make sure not to do over-do the spray, because you can permanently damage the goggles. You can find anti fog spray at sports stores and online.
  • Dish-Soap: Applying a tiny amount of dish-soap evenly across the swimming goggles lenses then rinsing (without rubbing) is a good solution for those who can’t afford the previous two options. The anti-fog effects usually only lasts one or two visits to the pool, so make sure that you are ready to apply it between visits to keep the anti fog effect.
  • Do NOT use spit on or lick your lenses. Not only does it not work, it is unhygienic. Also rubbing the lenses can decrease the anti-fog covering that is already present on anti fog lenses.
  • Consider prescription lenses. If you wear glasses or contacts, you may want to get prescription racing goggles. It is hard enough to see in the pool with just the fog, but when your vision is blurred as well it becomes nearly impossible. To help see through the fog, prescription swimming goggles can be very useful tool to give swimmers better visual clarity than ever possible before.

Let us know any anti fog tricks you have found to be useful with a comment!


Have Your Child Channel Their Inner Penguin with Maru’s Penguin Goggles and Swim Cap

Channel Your Inner Penguin

Recently the mystery behind the penguin’s 9+ feet per second speed was revealed to the world. These feathery creatures fascinate us with their ability to zip through the water, combined with their inability to fly has fascinated scientists and normal citizens for year. Plus, penguins are really freaking cute. Who hasn’t wanted a pet penguin at some point? Or at least to give one a hug? These may be inadvisable activities, but still we can admire penguins from afar.

With movies like Happy Feet and March of the Penguins, kids are crazier about penguins than ever before. Unfortunately, the closest you can probably get to giving your kid (or yourself) a pet penguin is by getting them swimwear accessories that features these loveable animals. This summer Maru released some fun Penguin themed swimwear accessories that kids absolutely love!

The Penguin Blue Junior Goggles and the Penguin Pink Junior Goggles feature an animated penguin on the left and right frame of the goggles. These junior goggles are ideal for taking outside with UV protection to protect the swimmers eyes from the sun. The water is kept out with Maru’s innovative poly seal to create an extra comfortable underwater viewing experience. The nose bridge and straps are adjustable to fit snug around the head. The Penguin junior goggles are ideal for swimmers aged 2 to 6 years old.

Also available is the Penguin Junior Silicone Swim Cap that features two animated penguin wearing different coloured swim trunks on a grey background. These silicone swim caps fit comfortably on every shaped head. They are a perfect match to go with the Penguin Blue Junior Goggles, and your little one will look super cute with the matching junior goggles and swim cap.

Maru’s 2013 Penguin Accessories makes it easier than ever to go to the pool, because your little one will be super excited to show off their absolutely cool penguin gear. It is funny how when kids really like something, it is easier to get them to actually wear it. Say goodbye to the days of bugging your kids to wear their goggles and swim cap to the pool. Say hello to the days of letting him/her know it is inappropriate to wear swim caps and goggles to grandma’s house.



How to Swim with Sharks!!!

Swim Like a Shark

Ever dream of swimming with sharks? I can’t say that I share your dreams, but kudos to you adventurous folks out there. After seeing Maru’s 2013 Shark and Sea Monster kids swimwear we got excited about sharing tips and tricks to swimming with sharks as related by experts.

First things you should do though is check out some of Maru’s awesome Shark swimwear and Spikey Monster accessories to see if you can find some awesome duds to wear on your swimming with sharks adventures, or maybe just to swim practice for those of who prefer non-shark infested waters.

The Maru Boys Sharks Jammers offer a print covered in sharks swimming through a midnight black seascape. These chlorine-resistant jammers will not fend off the sharks, but it will actually keep the sharks on your swimwear. There is only so much that chlorine-resistant swimwear can offer after all!

Maru also has a great Shark Silicone Swim Cap with a matching pattern that matches with the Maru’s Shark jammers. When you hum the Jaws tune in the pool, you’re friends will definitely be giving a double take when you wear this swim cap.

For those who prefer more friendly sea monsters with less pointy teeth, Maru is offering a series of Spikey Monster Swim Accessories. To get a hold of these friendly monsters check out the Spikey Monster Silicone Swim Cap, Spikey Monster Turquoise Swim Bag, Spikey Monster Pink Swim Bag and the Spikey Monster Orange Swim Bag.

Now without further delay, let’s get to our swimming with the sharks without losing a leg tips.

  1. Stay calm. In order to follow rules, you need to maintain a sense of calm throughout the experience. Freaking out can lead to you making a deadly mistake.
  2. No Sudden movements. Your movements should be mellow and smooth as possible. Rapid splashing makes the shark think you are in distress, which makes you the perfect victim for lunch time.
  3. Maintain eye contact with the shark. Sharks rely on an element of surprise for attacks, so if you keep an eye on them they know they don’t have a chance at biting you.
  4. Do not bleed. If you, the shark or someone else has a cut or injury do not swim with the sharks. If you already are, get out of the water immediately.
  5. Distract the sharks. As long as sharks are focused on eating something else they more than likely won’t eat you. Most swim with sharks programs rely on this theory, so they will feed the sharks while you swim the sharks.
  6. Watch Shark Week! Okay maybe watching Shark Week won’t help you swim with the sharks, but it is still an extremely entertaining programming.
  7. Listen to your guide. If you are swimming with sharks you probably are participating in a program. Make sure to closely listen to and follow the instruction of the person explaining to you how to safely swim with sharks. Never attempt to swim with sharks without the supervision of a professional.

For First-Timers: How to Swim With Sharks in the Bahamas
'Golden rules' for safe swimming with sharks


Be a Superhero in Comic Strip Inspired Swimwear

Shine Like a Superstar

We at Swimmer.com.au are particularly excited by Maru’s release of comic inspired training swimwear this 2013. So much that we wanted to compile a list of comic strip super heroes that swim too. We know that all you swimmers out there are superheroes in your own right, so let your superhero side show with one of Maru’s fantastic comic inspired training swimwear.  To check out some of Maru’s comic inspired swimwear zoom down below the pictures to see training swimwear styles available for men, women, boys and girls.

The Starburst Design

Zoom! Pow! Bam! All of the kick butt moves in comic strips have the bad guys seeing stars like the ones seen on the following womens swimwear and girls swimwear. You’ll competitors will be seeing stars when you pass them in the pool. Don’t forget Maru’s chlorine-resistant swimwear will hold its brightly coloured stars no matter how many hours you spend training and playing in the pool.

The Inner Beast Design

Sometimes as swimmers we have to channel more primal instinct to really push us to cut seconds off to the finish. Get closer to your inner beast with these Superhero designs from Maru. Check out these swim caps and training jammers to give yourself a competitive edge for your next swim meet.


The Swimming Styles of the Georgia (The Country) Teach us to Channel Our Unique Personalities


One thing that makes Georgia stand out internationally is their unique swimming strokes. Given their swimming style doesn’t use the arms, we aren’t even sure if it should be called a stroke. In 2002, Henry Kuprashvili drew international attention to the Georgian swimming style by swimming across the Dardanelles Strait in three hours and fifteen minutes. He did so using the stroke “hands and feet bound Colchian”. Although the hands and feet are not literally bound during this stroke, only undulations of the hips are used to propel the swimmer through the water.

By pushing ourselves to be unique, like Georgia’s swimmers, we can increase the quality of everything we do. Sometimes it is okay to go with the status quo, but it is important to remember the saying by John Wooden, “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” To express ourselves in unique and beautiful ways through wearing high quality and high fashion swimwear is one way to enhance our performance in the pool. The simple truth is when we feel the best about ourselves is when we can perform the best, and swimwear can help us channel the confidence needed to achieve our goals.

Let us tell you about some of the unique training one piece swimwear that Maru is offering in 2013. Remember that all of these one pieces have chlorine-resistant material to ensure the brilliant pattern of your training swimwear stays clears with many visits to the pool.

Womens Training Swimwear

The Parisian One Piece features a classic crocodile skin pattern that dazzles the eye, shifting from one extremity of the rainbow to the other. You can have all the fashion of animal skin without ever laying a hand on an animal! Also, perhaps by wearing the crocodile skin fashion you are channelling the crocodile as your spirit animal, and it is quite convenient that crocodiles just happen to be able swimmers reaching speeds up to 18 mph.

Spin One Piece features Van Gogh-Esque swirls of brilliant neon colours dancing across the black background in waves of beauty. Perfect for women with artistic sensibilities that they would like to show off when you’re working hard in the water. Perhaps wearing this one piece you can Channel Van Gogh’s work ethic, he prolifically produced 900 paintings in just 10 years.

Miami One Piece features the Miami night time skyline reflected in the water. You can dream of the tropical and urban paradise of Miami as you face the regular weather of where you call home, unless you just happen to be lucky enough to live in Miami! You can boast a little bit of woman power when wearing this one piece, because Miami is the only major city in the U.S. founded by a woman.

Girls Training Swimwear

Denim One Piece is a pattern like you’ve never seen before featuring the classic blue jean and bronze button look. Don’t worry, it isn’t actually made of denim, because even the most enthusiastic denim lover knows that materials isn’t suited for the pool. The denim one piece is perfect for women who don’t have a problem confessing their undying love for denim, or even just for women who think the pattern is cute.

Girls Disco One Piece is a retro explosion of colours, stars, 3d shapes and disco written in bubble letters on a tasteful black background. This is a great look for girls who wish that they were born in the 1970’s when the music was fun, the dance floor packed and the styles were fabulous.

Girls Stampz One Piece doesn’t require you to be a stamp collector to enjoy the high fashion cubic statement of juxtaposed aquatic stamps with clown fish accents. This one piece is perfect for girls who are going places, sort of like stamps! This unique looks great in the pool, by the pool, at the beach or anywhere else you want to wear it.

Boys Training Swimwear

DJ Jammers feature two panels that are decked out with a retro rock star style that matches the black of the rest of the swimwear. Great for guys who want a little bit of style in the pool, but don’t want to blow their cool by overdoing the colours and all that other girl stuff.