Checkout the Latest Line from Way Funky in the Pixel Mix Collection

Funky Razor State Swimwear

Funky Trunks and Funkita work hard to make available the latest in fitness and athletic swimwear for their customers by constantly releasing new and improved swimwear. We at swimmer.com.au are constantly impressed by their innovation in design and technology. This Spring we want to welcome in the Pixel Mix Collection that offers a wide variety of prints including the Razor State, Ocean Sand, Colour Frame, Primal Party, QR Crazy, QRQT Crazy, Golden Wings, Garden Party and the Pink Flutterby.

Today we wanted to focus on one of our favourite designs from the Pixel Mix Collection, the Razor State design. Are you ready to cut through the water like a razor? Look no further than Way Funky’s Razor State Swimwear. The print of the Razor State swimwear features zig-zags of neons. Did you know that when you wear neon you actually go faster in the water? Okay, maybe that isn’t true, but some swimmers find bright colours inspire them to keep a positive attitude in the pool that keeps them going lap after lap.

This print is available for both genders for adults and kids. The design of the following swimwear works great for everything from beach vacations to swim meets, so not matter what kind of swimmer you are you’ll find a great match in Funky. Check out the different features of Funky’s latest swimwear by following the links below.

Funky Trunks Razor State Boys Trunks
Funky Trunks Razor State Jammers
Funkita Razor State Girls One Piece
Funky Trunks Razor State Mens Trunks
Funkita Razor State Womens One Piece

Make sure to also check out our Funky Trunks and Funkita 2013 sale to get a bargain on the top athletic swimwear available online! We are doing an end of summer clearance to make room for the 2014 collection already. Stay tuned to our blog to learn about the latest releases from your favourite fitness swimwear brands.

Happy Swimming!


How to Keep Your Competitive Edge Razor Sharp

Funky Razor Blast Swimwear

Swimming is one of the few sports where you only get one shot at your goal. There are no timeouts, substitutes or half times. It is just you, your head, the water and your swimwear. We at swimmer.com.au believe that what you wear in the pool can help make or break athletes. Not that a certain type of swimwear will necessarily make anyone swim faster, but how the swimwear makes the swimmer feel while in a heat can be a game changer.

Australian swimmer Elka Graham said, “In training everyone focuses on 90% physical and 10% mental, but in races its 90% mental because there’s very little that separates us physically at the elite level.” We definitely agree with Ms. Graham’s sentiment, but we think this extends to almost all levels of athletic swimming. If a swimmer isn’t right in the head during a meet, most of the time they are going to have difficulty performing.

Any boost, including swimwear that makes you feel confident, can be used to your advantage when it comes the time to compete against fellow swimmers. One line from Funky Trunks and Funkita we felt channelled the good attitude swimmers need when hitting the pool was the Razor Blast print. The “Razor” in the name and the sharp edges on the print reminded us of the razor thin adjustment swimmers have to make to adjust their techniques. Not to mention the action of “shaving” off seconds from your time by working hard.

The Razor Blast print features blue, black and indigo stripes zigzagging horizontally across the print. On top of looking good with a motivational name, the Razor Blast swimwear is designed for athletic swimmers by the team at Funky Trunks. The design team at Funky Trunks are swimmer themselves, so historically they’ve done a great job at putting out top notch fitness and athletic swimwear. The print is available for all genders and ages, so check it out by following the links below.

Funky Trunks Razor Blast Boys Trunks
Funkita Razor Blast Girls One Piece
Funkita Razor Blast Girls Sports Bikini
Funky Trunks Razor Blast Jammers
Funky Trunks Razor Blast Mens Trunks
Funky Trunks Razor Blast Toddler Boys Trunks
Funkita Razor Blast Womens One Piece
Funkita Razor Blast Womens Sports Bikini


Show off Your Tech Savvy Side with QR Code Inspired Swimwear

QR Code

Funky Trunks and Funkita has done their fair share of updating statuses about their top athletes, checking in at the Olympics, #favouriteswimwear and tweeting what they have had for breakfast. You can even follow Funky Trunks on Facebook to get the latest news on their swimwear and athletes. When the crew at Funky Trunks isn’t in the water, they are usually plugged into some sort of electronic. Sort of like Frankenstein, but a lot less exciting.

The Way Funky designers are definitely hip with the times and fashion trends. That is why they created their QR male and QR female inspired swimwear. There was one glitch with the QR Code, the colours are so boring! Black and white is so meh. Also, the square box of the standard QR code is so limiting. Funky Trunks & Funkita decided to think outside of the QR code box when designing their QR Code inspired prints.

Instead of just sticking to the QR Code box, Frunky Trunks & Funkita added a whole new spin to QR codes by spread the nonsensical patterns all over the print of the swimwear to create a maze of QR codes. We hate to say it, but there isn’t an APP that can read that. Don’t be surprised if people passing by still try to scan you with their smart phones.

Instead of just sticking to the boring old black and white colours of QR Codes, Funky Trunks threw in a whole lot of colours. For the QR Crazy Mens Trunks, QR Crazy Toddler Boys Trunks and QR Crazy Boys trunks they used navy blue, race car red and some neons for good measure. The contrast of the colours screams that you just traded out your i3 processor for the i7. Now, get going! We have Youtube videos to watch before practice!

The QRQT Girls One Piece and QRQT Womens One Piece, Funkita went just a little more feminine in their colour choices by throwing in some pink and pastels to give it a bit of a “girlie” feel. Once you pass your competition in the pool, they may not be calling you “girlie” anymore. There ain’t nothing wrong with throwing off the competition with “cute” looking swimwear, because there are no rules against looking good while kicking other swimmer’s butts.


How Long Can You Hold Your Breath Under Water?

Funkita Primal Night

Does 5 minutes and 3 seconds sound like a long time to hold your breath under water? That is how long Funkita freediver, Amber Bourke, had to hold her breath to set a new Australian National Freediving Record.

So what are these crazy freedivers up to anyways you may wonder? Freedivers basically underwater dive for as long or as far as possible while holding their breath. It is an activity that tests the physical and mental capabilities of even the best swimmers. Time how long you can hold your breath under water next time you hit pool to get a taste of what it must feel like to be freediver.

Amber Bourke is definitely a stellar example of one of the best freedivers in the world. She is continually beating records while expanding her career further into freediving. She started as a synchronized swimmer, but after retiring found a new love for freediving. You can follow Bourke’s progress as a freediver by visiting her blog, Of the Sea.

Bourke recently competed on the international level at the Aida Individual Pool World Championship in Belgrade, Serbia. She broke three Australian records, a world record and brought home a bronze medal. In one heat she participated in the world record for the event was broken by three different female swimmers, a first for any freediving competition. Unfortunately, Bourke fell behind the other two ladies who beat the world records too, but it still is one amazing accomplishment.

We are sure the minor setback at Aida is not going to slow Bourke down. As a swimmer Bourke’s attitude can be an inspiration to us all. When writing about breaking the Australian records in freediving at a competition, her determination for success is apparent. Check out this passage she wrote:

“I still can't quite believe I did it. It is amazing what you can achieve when you dedicate yourself to something. It was only a year ago that I had a black out when trying to do a 120m DYN. I now feel like there are no limits. It is no longer a matter of "if" only "when".”

Feel like you need to channel some of Bourke’s motivation in the water? Check out the swimwear from Funkita that Bourke wears while she trains and competes. We really like the Amazonian-styled swimwear Funkita is offering this 2013 to help channel our inner female strength. Check out the different cuts and styles of the Amazonian-styled Primal Nights athletic swimwear by following the links listed below.

Funkita Primal Night Girls One Piece
Funkita Primal Night Womens One Piece
Funkita Primal Party Girls One Piece
Funkita Primal Party Womens One Piece


Funkita Swimmers Go Big at State Teams Short Course Championship in Canberra

Funkita Pink Flutterby

Fabulous Funkita junior swimmers Monique Rae, Anna Bowles and Meg Bailey all gave a remarkable showing at the Short Course Championship in Canberra. Monique Rae of Cranbrook Eastern Edge took home 3 medals. Anna Bowles of Rocky City took home 7 medals. Meg Bailey of took home 6 medals.

Not impressed yet? Two of these swimmer gals, Rae and Bowles, were on FINA’s list of 28 of Australia’s best junior swimmers in 2013. These two, along with 26 other of Australia’s finest young athletes, will be heading to Dubai next to summer to compete in an international competition. We wish all those junior swimmers good luck!

Although Meg Bailey didn’t make it on the FINA list this year, we’re confident she’ll be on the FINA list soon enough. At the recent Australian States Team SG Championship she recently took home 3 gold medals. One where she clocked an impressive 1 minute 20 seconds for the 100m butterfly!

All three of these young Funkita swimmers serve as great role models to motivate any of us when we want to hit the pool! We’ll be following their swim to careers, because we are sure there are bright things ahead for all three of these young ladies.

If you want to channel some the swimming talent of Rae, Anna or Bailey, why not try out the swimwear they are proudly wearing for training and competitions? Check out the latest Funkita athletic swimwear line to find some of the best designed swimwear out there for girls. On top of being designed for athletic and fitness swimming, Funkita wants to build athletic swimwear that encourages young ladies to put in hard hours in the pool by offering them athletic swimwear that actually looks kind of cute too!

Our favourite Funkita athletic swimwear print this summer is the Pink Flutterby. The design features tightly packed pink butterflies to form a truly unique pattern. It also just happens to be inspired by the butterfly which is our favourite stroke here at swimmer.com.au. Check out the different cuts available in the Funkita Pink Flutterby swimwear by following the links below.

Funkita Pink Flutterby Girls One Piece
Funkita Pink Flutterby Girls Tie Sports Bikini
Funkita Pink Flutterby Toddlers Girls One Piece
Funkita Pink Flutterby Womens Tie Sports Bikini
Funkita Pink Flutterby Womens One Piece

If you aren’t feeling the butterfly design, make sure to check out some of the other Funkita swimwear we offer here at swimmer.com.au. We also just happen to have a variety of Funkita items on sale right now if you are looking for a bargain!


Matching Funky Trunks Swimwear for the Whole Family

Funky Neon Razor Swimwear

Family vacations are a great way for the whole family to spend quality time together in an environment that is away from all the everyday distractions. As we all know, family vacations have their ups and downs on the fun-o-meter, but the memories, good and bad, stay with us in a positive way for the rest of our lives. There is only so much time you’ll get with your little ones before they hit the big, bad world as full-grown adults. It is important to cherish the family vacations, while we still all have time to take them before your kids have kids, jobs and responsibilities of their own.

One great way to add family fun, grimaces, quirkiness and fashion to the family vacation is by getting matching swimwear, with Funkita and Funky Trunks having some awesome options for the whole family. Some family members may like this idea more than others, but actually making it happen is quite a rewarding experience. The wide variety of reactions to the idea of matching swimwear is half the fun! Plus, it’ll look great on the family vacation pictures you’ll be putting up on Facebook when you get home.

The Neon Razor print offers a gender neutral design with green, black and white shapes that’ll look good on everybody. Plus, Funky Trunks and Funkita always releases comfortable and reliable swimwear that feels great when you are splashing, diving, and swimming, so you’ll feel comfortable on top of looking good when your family hits the water on your next family vacation.

There is a cut and style available for all ages and sizes of the family in the Neon razor Print, so get ready for some wholesome (and perhaps embarrassing) fun! Even if you do not want to go with the matching prints, picking a matching brand with Funky Trunks ensures the whole family gets high quality swimwear. Check out the Neon razor Funky Trunk swimwear by following the links below.

For the Boys

Funky Trunks Neon Razor Boys Trunks
Funky Trunks Neon Razor Toddler Boys Trunks

For the Girls

Funkita Neon Razor Girls One Piece
Funkita Neon Razor Girls Sports Bikini

For the Mums

Funkita Neon Razor Womens One Piece
Funkita Neon Razor Womens Sports Bikini

For the Dads

Funky Trunks Neon Razor Mens Trunks

For the Boys & Men

Funky Trunks Neon Razor Jammers


The History of the Butterfly Stroke with Funky Swimwear

Golden Wings

Humans have a history of swimming that goes back for at least 4,000 years. The earliest record of human’s swimming in water is from Ancient Egyptian art that dates back to around 2,000 BC. In this image there is a person shown swimming in a front crawl style. Across many ancient civilizations there is evidence that human always loved swimming. With our love of swimming, it doesn’t surprise us one bit at swimmer.com.au that people have always been drawn to water.

We wanted to explore the history of the butterfly stroke since Funkita's Golden Wings prints features a storm of yellow winged butterflies, which reminded us of our favourite stroke, the butterfly. If you love the butterfly stroke too you can check out the print by following the links to the Golden Wing swimwear styles below:

Funkita Golden Wings Girls One Piece
Funkita Golden Wings Girls Tie Sports Bikini
Funkita Golden Wings Womens Tie Sports Bikini
Funkita Golden Wings Womens One Piece

The Butterfly Stroke is a relatively recent development given the long history of swimming. The arm motion of the butterfly stroke was invented in 1934 by a swimming coach, David Armbruster, at the University of Iowa. He wanted to solve the problem of how long the arm motion’s recovery time took with the breast stroke technique. The second component of the butterfly stroke, the dolphin kick, would be invented by a swimmer at University of Iowa, Jack Sieg. Who would have thought Iowa of all places gave birth to the butterfly stroke?

Jack Seig and David Armbruster combined their two new techniques together to create the butterfly stroke we all know and love today. Learning to coordinate the two moves together efficiently took a little bit of time to figure out. Anyone who has ever tried to swim the butterfly stroke can know how difficult coordinating the arms and legs can prove to be at first, but there is nothing like the first time you get the butterfly stroke right.

FINA of course did not like the butterfly stroke when it first was used in competition. They made the dolphin kick illegal to use in competitions. They also did not create a new event for the butterfly stroke. Instead people would compete under the breast stroke using butterfly arms and shortened breast stroke kicks. Almost all swimmers used this technique, because it is a lot faster than the traditional breast stroke.

Finally, in the late 1950’s the butterfly stroke was legalized. It was given a separate category in competitions, so swimmers could finally compete using the arms and legs of the butterfly stroke.

Sometimes we wonder who will be the next person to invent the next new stroke. FINA will undoubtedly take a while to approve anything new, but it’d be interesting to see the evolution of a stroke through time. For now, the butterfly stroke is enough to keep all us swimmers busy, fit and fast in the pool.


10 Quotes from Alice in Wonderland Inspired by Funky’s Mad Hatter Swimwear

Funkita Garden Party

Funkita's Pixel Mix Collection released swimwear inspired by the famous Lewis Carroll story, Alice in Wonderland. Funkita's Garden Party swimwear collection captures a snap shot of the Mad Hatter’s beautiful garden that surrounded Alice, the Mad Hatter, the hare and crew while they sat down for some tea in the memorable scene. The print on the swimwear features tightly packed flowers that create unbelievable splashes of bright colour. Check out the Garden Party swimwear from Funkita by following the links the all different styles of girls, toddlers and women.

Funkita Garden Party Girls One Piece
Funkita Garden Party Girls Sports Bikini
Funkita Garden Party Ruched One Piece
Funkita Garden Party Tie Sports Bikini
Funkita Garden Party Toddler Girls One Piece
Funkita Garden Party Toddler Girls Tankini Set
Funkita Garden Party Womens One Piece
Funkita Garden Party Womens Sports Bikini

Next let us move on to our top 10 favourite quotes from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

1. “Alice laughed. 'There's no use trying,' she said. 'One can't believe impossible things.'

I daresay you haven't had much practice,' said the Queen. 'When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. There goes the shawl again!”

2. “I don't think..." then you shouldn't talk, said the Hatter.”

3. Begin at the beginning," the King said, very gravely, "and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”

4. “But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

5. “I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” -Alice

6. “Where should I go?" -Alice.
"That depends on where you want to end up." - The Cheshire Cat.

7. “Sentence first -- verdict afterwards.’’ -Queen

8. “No wonder you're late. Why, this watch is exactly two days slow.” –Mad Hatter

9. “Curiouser and curiouser!” – Alice

10. “Tut, tut, child! Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it.” –The Duchess


Find Out if Picasso was a Fluke or a Genius with Funky Swimwear

Colour Frame

Just for the fun of it, we wanted to mix things up in this blog by starting with a question for you swimwear lovers out there! Do you think the following passage is true or false?

“When Picasso was in pre-school his first paintbrush was a potato. In fact he used it so much they called him Potato Picasso. Lost for decades these incredible works of art were discovered stuck to an old fridge and demonstrated young Potato’s love for his sand pit and paddling pool.”

If you though the answer if false, congratulations! You get one million internet bonus points!

Funky swimwear never backs away from their humorous marketing, so the above passage is actually their marketing team pulling the reader’s leg. This passage is from The Funky 2013 Swimwear Magazine about their Colour Frame and Ocean Sands prints that available for boys, girls, men and women.

Maybe the fridge gave it away for you, because fridges for the home weren’t invented until the 1910’s. Maybe the thought of calling any child Potato seemed a little off putting. Maybe you even thought it was true, and Funky Trunks marketing team got you this time. Or maybe you already knew a little bit about Picasso’s childhood to know this passage was improbable, but if not, let us fill you in.

From a very young age Picasso showed a remarkable knack for classical (realistic) drawing. Check out this link to see how at the age of 13 Picasso created works that outdo what most adults artists can produce ever. That is why by age 13 Picasso was admitted to a top School of Fine Arts in France. Not until later in life would Picasso begin using his signature style that appears child-like due to the abstract nature of it. It is funny to think that in order to create his child-like art, Picasso actually needed to mature in his artsy techniques!

Jokes aside, Funky Trunks does a great job of mimicking the cubic style in original patterns seen on their athletic swimwear this swim season. The Ocean Sands and Colour Frame prints offer wave-inspired pictures repeated in little cubes to create an eye popping look. Check out the Colour Frame prints available in a variety styles in the following links. With these swimwear styles you can take a little bit of Picasso’s style with you whenever you hit the water.

Funky Trunks Colour Frame Boys Trunks
Funkita Colour Frame Girls One Piece
Funkita Colour Frame Girls Sports Bikini
Funky Trunks Colour Frame Mens Trunks
Funkita Colour Frame Toddler Girls One Piece
Funkita Colour Frame Womens One Piece
Funkita Colour Frame Womens Sports Bikini


Comic Strips Meet Fashion

Maybe it is all the super-hero inspired movies lately. Perhaps, like me, the designers at Funky Trunks and Funkita Swimwear still find the funny pages the best page in the newspaper. Whatever the motivation, comics slowly and surely have been seeping there way into the latest fashion trends. It started slowly with just the Batman Symbol or other small details added to shirts, but now full comic strips are being displayed on all sorts of clothing, including this summer’s Funkita and Funky Trunks  Colliding Colours Swimwear Collection.

The team at Funky shows the evidence of the current fashion and comic strip connection in the Swim Valentine sports swimwear pieces available in men, women, girls and boys swimsuits. These chlorine resistant swimsuits have brightly coloured prints featuring a love story about the perils of Valentine’s Day.

In a way, the relationship between fashion and comics has always existed. When we look back at comics through history, we can see that time periods fashions displayed on the characters. Also, superheroes always had a special designated outfit that they used for kicking butt. Just like super heroes, swimmers need the perfect sports swimwear to put in work at the pool on their fitness and time.

Funky Trunks offers sports swimwear that gives you the superhero edge that you need to meet your goals in the pool. For males, they offer the unique cuts that offer extra room in the areas that count, giving freedom in the pool that isn't usually experienced in male athletic swimwear. For women and girls, the sports swimwear offers supports to put in hours at a time in the pool while still feeling comfortable thanks to Funky Trunks’ special support design.

You can bet that Superman didn't have an uncomfortable cape.  Those tights he wore also looked extra comfy. I bet he felt really cool wearing the red underwear outside of the tights... Okay, maybe we are taking it too far.

With Funky Trunks you apparently have better fashion designers than Superman did, who keep your style and comfort in mind for the pool. Superman could probably use a makeover from the Funky Trunks design team.