Using Aids to Master Your Technique


Looking to improve your technique? Get some help! If you really want to become a great swimmer, you need more than just some water and a swimsuit. Swimming aids can truly make all the difference in your training. So, when you are ready to go from beginner to winner, here are a few aids that you will need.

One of the most useful aids is a snorkel. The right snorkel can do wonders for your stroke technique and body position. A snorkel that is specifically designed for swim training like the Vorgee Centre Snorkel or the Michael Phelps Focus Snorkel will totally eliminate distraction. By allowing you to keep your head exactly where it needs to be, you can focus all of your attention on your technique rather than wasting energy thinking about breathing.

A lot of new swimmers have a tendency to focus their gaze on the other side of the pool. When you do this, your legs and hips tend to lower and slow you down. Other newbies get into the habit of looking too far down which is just as bad. By keeping your face down, you are creating a constant drag. A swim training snorkel allows you to keep your head just at the surface so that you can keep your eyes on the water directly in front of you and minimise any drag.

Once you have got the whole breathing things under control, it is time to focus on training your arms. A pull buoy is the perfect way to master your upper body technique while building up some serious strength. Pros refer to this as “pulling” because you are using just your arms to pull your body forward. Needless to say, this is a serious workout. Using a pull buoy on a regular basis will transform your upper body strength. To get started with pulling, you just stick the pull buoy between your upper legs and force your upper body to do all of the work.

Like any job, it is important to have the right tools to do what you need. Swim training aids like the Vorgee 4 Layer Pull Buoy and the Funky Trunks Pull Buoy were designed specifically for pulling and will never let you down. They will not only help you to master your upper body movements and build up the muscles in your upper body, they will also auto-correct your body position. From beginners to pros, we all tend to let our lower body sink into the water. A pull buoy will stop this bad habit before it starts. The asymmetric shape of a good pull buoy will keep your hips held high in the water to prevent drag and bad posture. Basically, you can think of it as an exercise tool that helps you perfect your form and technique. What more could you ask for?

Once you have your upper body covered, it is time to think about your lower body. Kickboards will do exactly for your low body what pull buoys do for your upper body. The Funkita kickboard is a favourite among swimmers across the globe. It targets and tones your lower body while developing strength in your legs and core.

From head to toe, there is a swimming aid that will help you become the best. So, when you are ready to take your training to the next level, grab an aid before you hit the water!



Which Backpack is Best for You?

Blog Banner Backpacks

The world of swimming backpacks offers so many choices, it is hard to know exactly where to begin. We all may have those brands we swear by, but that doesn’t mean their backpack offers the features we need for our swimming experience.

Swimmers all want something different from a backpack. That is why there are so many different ones out there with a wide variety of features. We’ve narrowed it down by choosing the five best backpacks on the market out there right now along with the specific features they offer swimmers.

We hope this short little blog helps you land the swimming backpack you need. So let’s get started!

5 Awesome Swimming Backpacks + Features

  1. Arena Fastpack

    This is the backpack for the swimmer who wants every single feature possible available for swimming backpacks. It offers a number of compartments, built-in carabiner, small pockets and mesh organizational inserts. There is a pocket for footwear and just about everything else you could ever need for a good swimming session. One of the cooler features is that it is well-ventilated to not allow moisture to accumulate. If you want the swimming backpack to end all swimming backpacks check out the Arena Fastpack (comes in blue, orange and green).

  2. Engine Backpack

    If you want a backpack with simple style and design- this is the bag for you. It offers a minimum amount of storage compartments and ample space. The style is simple and straight forward, nothing too flashy. If you want to check it out take a look at the Engine Backpack (comes in Pink, Orange, Purple or Yellow).

  3. Funkita Backpack

    If we were going to sum up the Funkita backpack in two words it would be these: loud and big. The style of the backpack is in typical Funkita fashion with a showy design. The volume of the interior is enormous with 40 litters of space. If you’ve got a lot of stuff, you’re going to love this backpack! Check out the Funkita Backpack (available in (Orange, Blue/Orange, Black/Pink).

  4. Speedo Teamster

    Want a smaller version of a backpack? The 25 liter Teamster ought to fit the bill. Also, it has the super nifty feature of a dirt bag. Basically, you put your dirty items in the dirt bag, so you can easily remove them to wash. This calls out the neat freak in our mind! Check out the Speedo Teamster (available in (Marigold, Black, Fuchsia, Blue, Purple, Red, Green).

  5. Vorgee Backpack

    This is a great medium sized back with a volume of 35 liters. There are various multi-functioning pockets that you can adapt to your own use. If you want something that offers affordability, functionality and a decent size, this I a great backpack for you. Check the Vorgee backpack out (available in Pink, Green, Blue).

Conclusion on Swimming Backpacks

If you want a great bag to take to and from swim practice, these five choices are the perfect picks. If you don’t see something you like then take a look around the rest of our website www.swimmer.com.au. We have plenty more where that came from!



A New Generation of Cobra’s


Are you a big fan of Arena Cobra Goggles? Then you are going to love all the new features they've finally added onto this notorious line of goggles. Get strapped in for a journey down new swim gear lane!

As swimmers, we all know a great pair of goggles is of upmost importance. Leaky, foggy, loose or any other low quality features of goggles can make training a terrible experience. Of all the gear out there, besides your swimsuit, this probably the most vital to getting in effective training, so it is a good idea to invest in a high quality pair of goggles like the Cobra line from Arena.

If you are ready to explore a little bit of what Arena Cobra’s have to offer then let’s get started already!

Technical Features of the New Generation of Cobra Goggles from Arena

  1. Anti-Fog Goggles

    As swimmers we've all experienced fogged of goggles. It’s the worst. You’ve probably tried every trick under the sun to de-fog your goggles from applying soap to hoping a pair of anti-fog lenses actually works. Well, Cobra Arena lenses offer the anti-fog protection you've been dreaming of, but it doesn't hurt to invest in some anti-fog spray for when the coating wears off the lenses.

  2. UV Protection

    If you are someone who swims outside a lot then you absolutely need a pair of goggles with UV protection. Exposing your eyes to the harmful rays of the sun can cause serious health problems down the line. Plus, the UV protection makes it easier to see in and out of the water anyways, so you’re going to love this feature just for enhanced visual clarity.

  3. Dual Strap

    Two straps are better than one! Am I right or am I right? This just makes for a better fit that also has a tendency to tangle in the hair less if you don’t use a swim cap. If you don’t use a swim cap you should by the way. Just sayin’!

  1. Hard Lenses

    If you like seeing what you’re doing under the water, hard lenses are the way to go. The hard lenses just offer sharper clarity that softer lenses simply cannot. The hard lenses are also ideal for outdoor swimming where the glare of the sun can cause some major visual obstacles.

  2. Polycarbonate Lens

    The hard, polycarbonate lens is just awesome! As mentioned about this polycarbonate lens offers a hard texture for greater visibility. What we didn’t mention is the material also offers greater durability. It is less likely to get scratched due to any fumbling in a gear bag or dropping it on the cement.

  3. Racing Quality

    If you need swimming goggles that are ready for racing then these are the perfect goggles for you. They offer all the feature you need to enter the world of competitive swimming without any worries.

Don’t Bother with Low Quality Goggles

Invest in Cobra or another Racing Goggles today. It really adds so much more to the swimming experience that cheaper goggles just do not offer. We hope you get the chance to try out the new Cobra goggles or some other fancy pants pair of goggles.

-Happy Swimming!



A Carbon Suit that is easy to get on…Now that’s innovation

Arena Carbo Air Blog - Edit

The Arena Powerskin Carbon Air's bring the benefits of intelligent compression coupled with an unbelievable lightness of the suit provided by a sleek construction and, for the women, a new smart stretch shoulder strap that makes it extremely comfortable. By integrating Carbon Fibre Bands into the horizontal weave of the ultralight Carbon Air, the full power of Intelligent Compression is unleashed. These superior features combine to make the Carbon Air especially easy to put on.  Carbon Air is a state-of-the-art suit that delivers the benefits of Intelligent Compression with the comfort of a second skin.


  • Available in Kneelength & Jammer
  • Easy to put on
  • Ultra Lightweight Fabric
  • Carbon Bands
  • Intelligent Compression
  • Sleek Construction
  • Smartstretch Shoulder Strap
  • FINA Approved

Breathe and Brighten

Arena Main Summer Equipment 2015

Hey Guys,

What’s up! We’re excited to drop some brand new technology and equipment to help swimmers master their strokes. This exciting release from Arena includes a freestyle breathing kit along with new colours Kickboards and new colours in Vortex Hand Paddles.

Mastering a stroke takes more than just swimming lap after lap, because you also need to focus in on different parts of technique. All of these pieces of equipment are definitely essentials if you are training to improve your stroke, so let us give you a quick break down of the feature of these items.

  1. Freestyle Breathing Kit
    The freestyle breathing kit may look odd to those who have never used one, but these little tools are amazing for helping master breathing technique for free style stroke. The purpose of this tool is to teach swimmers how to feel the air pocket they are supposed to use during the free stroke. The blades help guide the swimmer’s head, so the swimmer can better feel the water and air. This tool is available for junior swimmers and adults swimmers, and really anyone of any age can benefit from using this tool.
  2. New Colours in Vortex Hand Paddles
    We at swimmer.com.au are huge fans of the Vortex Hand Paddles, and the new colours they’re offered in doesn't hurt a bit. Basically these paddles are designed for power training, but they are also great to use if you are experiencing any shoulder pain. With micro-adjustments, you can easily fit these paddles to any hand size and/or shape. You’ll be surprised after you put these on how great of a feeling you get of the water!
  1. New Colours in Kickboards

If you’re a swimmer, chances are you've done some time with a kickboard. These allow you to work on the legs and feet for your stroke. Arena’s kickboard offer different hand positions along with grip holes to offer a dynamic kickboard. They’re also now available in a wide variety of colours! This is definitely a must have piece of equipment for anyone who wants to improve their performance in the pool.


Every now and again you need something to lean on, sometimes that little something is a piece of swim equipment. Having these tools can unlock unknown potential into your stroke. When you invest in them you are investing in your progress in the water.

In the meantime stay tuned to our blog to read all of the latest release of swim training equipment and swimwear from top brands out there. P.S. Make sure to peruse our sales section of the site to see if there are any deals you can snatch up on training equipment and other swimwear accessories.

-Happy Swimming



A Splash of Colour

Arena Main Summer Junior 2015

Arena just dropped a new line of Arena Girls One Pieces and Arena Boys Jammers waiting to be worn to a lively swim practice. The energy of the loud splashes of colour on these prints will uplift a kid’s spirit when it comes time to hit the pool. The power of designs and colours are powerful, and Arena utilized them effectively in this new line of swimwear.

So get ready to embrace a multitude of colours with the new line of boys and girls swimwear from Arena. If you want high quality swimwear with fun designs for your kids then the following options will fit the bill. Let us briefly introduce you to this latest line from Arena swimwear.

Brand New Arena Boys Swimwear

Finding the perfect set of jammers is an important part of establishing a swimming regime for boys. The material quality needs to be high, so that it’ll last through many hours in the pool. The cut needs to be comfortable, so it doesn't constrain any parts of the body. Also, a versatile style that fits in at training sessions is a must.

For all of these qualities, the Arena Boys Waterfall Jammer and the Arena Boys Board Youth all fit the bill. Offered in the blue and black both of these styles of swimwear are perfect for guys who are serious about their time in the water. So take a look at those jammers to see the extensive features that make them an optimal choice for young swimmers.

Brand New Arena Girls Swimwear

For girls finding a comfortable one piece that is fashionable and functional is of utmost importance when they first break into their swimming habit and all through the years. Arena offers a variety of prints and styles for girl swimmers, so that the ladies can pick something that fits all their wants and needs for the pool.

For this new line, three specific styles and cuts caught our eye. The Arena Girls Drizzle One Piece Swimsuit features stars and streams off neon across a black background for a sporadic and fun style. The Arena Girls Satellites One Piece Swimsuit offers bold and light-coloured letters on star covered night sky for an out of this world look. Lastly, the Arena Girls Writer One Piece Swmsuit offers a print with neon letters and colours featuring the Arena logo. All of these selections offer exceptionally colourful swimwear that is perfect for athletic and fitness swimming.

Stay Tuned to the Swimmer.com.au Blog!

There are lots of exciting and new releases here at swimmer.com.au for fitness and athletic swimmers of all genders and ages. It is difficult to keep up with all of the brand new releases, and we try to keep our customers updated. Stay tuned to our swimwear blog to catch all of the best swimwear out there, so you can find the perfect piece of swimwear for your friends, family or yourself!

-Happy Swimming!



They’ve Got A Long Way to Go

Arena Junior Main Summer 2015

The long winding journey down life is one full of adventures, problems, victories and losses. This non-stop road begins young, and you might as well throw the kids in the pool to help make sure they have a good time. With kids swimwear from Arena for boys and girls, you are getting them off to a great start towards that first Olympic gold medal.

As youthful swimmers they have years of swim practices, meets and coaches to go through, but this early years are a time to get them enthused about the sport of swimming young. Great swimwear is a key element to making sure they enjoy their time to the fullest.

If you are ready to launch your boy or girls swimmer experience in the pool with full force then check out the following new releases from Arena.

  1. For the Girl Who Loves Animals
    The Arena Girls Passport One Piece Swimsuit is covered with fun words and pictures of animal creating a light hearted print that is perfect for long summer days. The V back straps make for a comfortable fit for all of the hours she’ll be splashing away at the pool.
  2. For the Girl Who Loves Travel
    If your little lady wants to see the world as soon as she is old enough then she’ll love the Arena Girls Routes Swim One Piece Swimsuit. This one piece’s print is covered with the global mat and plane routes from country to country. The interesting theme and playful colours will make it her favourite one piece in an instant.
  3. For the Girl Who Loves Pink
    We know not all girls love pink, but there are still definitely some die hard pink fans out there. The hot pink colour of the Arena Girls Soof One Piece Swimsuit is every little girl’s dream.
  4. For the Boy Who Loves Globe Trotting
    If you little guy as big dreams in and out of the pool, he’ll love the print of the Arena Boys Routes Jammer. These jammers feature a colourful map covered with airplane routes to all of the places he dreams of traveling when he grows up. The athletic cut makes these jammers perfect for long swim session at the pool, so he’ll get comfort and style with these excellent pair of jammers from Arena.
  5. For the Fashion Conscious Fella
    Who says the ladies are the only ones allowed to taste when it comes to fashion? The Arena Shipping Boys Jammers feature a stylish slither of print with a black background. The loud burst of colour complemented by the midnight black shade create a really cool look.

Conclusion on Arena Swimwear for Boys and Girls

If you want swimwear of high quality and style, these are not your only choices. Be sure to check out the rest of swimmer.com.au to see some of the best girls and boys swimwear from the top brands out there. We promise you will not be disappointed with our extensive collection.

-Happy Swimming




Short and to the Point

Arena Mens Jammers 2015

Let’s all be honest, Jammers are not the most comfortable attire in the world. There point is to compress and cover the skin, so that a swimmer’s body can optimally glide through the pool. The decreased water resistance and enhanced muscle control make jammers for training and competitive swimming, but they still can seem like a bit much. Not only does it seem like there is excessive material on jammers, sometimes the designs can just be too loud.

If you want a little break from the length of jammers and crazy designs, Arena offers a special line of something called a MidJammer. These types of jammers only go down 35cm length as opposed to the usual 45cm length for the Jammers. The difference in feel is astonishing when try out these jammers, and we’re of the opinion everyone should own at least one set of MidJammer.

Here are some top notch jammers from swimmer.com.au for you to check out.

For those who like a black and white design for their swimwear, we recommend checking out the Arena Mens Airline MidJammer. These jammers are made with top notch materials which feature streams of white lines on the side with a midnight background. The simple cut and style makes for the perfect pair of jammers for guys who mean business when they’re in the water.

Next up you have the Arena Men Onyx MidJammer as an option. This set of MidJammers offers a simplistic yet standout design with blue stripes on a navy blue background. This blue will help you channel the power of the water as you work hard in the pool, and the high quality cut of the MidJammers won’t hurt either. With these jammers you can focus less on the frill and all about the finish line and in the end we know that touch out is the only thing that really matters.

Lastly, we have some new board shorts from Arena. While these are of regular length with 45 cm, they are of a simple and to the point design. The Mens Board shorts either come in solid blue or midnight black for a straight forward look. Inside is where the magic happens with internal support for the board jammers. These board shorts are ideal for all sorts of activities from surfing to diving to lounging on the beach. Your shorts; your rules.

All of these Arena shorts have a lot in common. They are made of high quality, chlorine-resistant material. The material offers stretch resistance, so they can last after many wears in the pool. Even if none of these jammers match your preferences there are tons of great options from Arena.

So take the time to take a peruse around our website to see if there is swimwear from Arena or some of the other top notch brands that’ll inspire you to kick butt when you are working hard in the pool. Every swimmer has their preferences and that is why we offer so much here right at swimmer.com.au.



Swimmer for Life – A Life Well-travelled

Arena Mens Main Summer 2015

Travelling teaches you how to be a man. Removed from all comfort and responsibilities you get an opportunity to explore who you really are when it comes down to it. This experience is something you should take with you always. As swimmer we know one place you are always at: the pool.

Arena just released a high quality line of travel-themed swimwear. These jammers will teach you to tap into the root of your character to bring out your best every time you are in the water. This type of symbolism can help drive us when we need to go just a little bit harder, a little bit faster and a little stronger.

Let us briefly introduce you to this new line of mens swimwear, so you can find the perfect match for your swimming experience.

For the International Travellers

If you love to hop to other countries to explore the culture, food and women, then you’re going to love the Arena Passport Mens Jammer. Covered with travel related symbols and words on a black background, it is one of those prints that is interesting yet not too loud. Just like when you travel you don’t want to stick out from the crowd, these trunks will not make you stand out too much.

For the Plane Hoppers

Are you ready to go anywhere with the drop of a hat? Then you’ll love the Arena Routes Mens Jammer. This Jammer offers a panel featuring a print with all of the continents with plane roots. Get ready to take off every time you hit the pool with these well cut Arena jammers.

For those Who Don’t Need a Literal Reminder

Some of us need a picture of an elephant, the world or whatever else to remind us of our core values, but others of us would rather be a little more discreet. If you want jammers that still remind you of the monumental nature of travel, but do so discreetly, then check out the sleek and professional design of the Arena Web Mens Jammer and the Arena Goal Mens Jammer. These will keep you focused and driven throughout your time lapping the pool with their energetic and inspiring style.

For Those Who Don’t See Anything They Want Here

If none of these jammers seem to match your taste, then browse the rest of our website for more options from Arena and other top swimwear companies out there. There is no shortage of swimwear options right here at swimmer.com.au, so you might as well find a pair that will match our tastes.

Stay tuned to our blog for the latest releases from all of the major swimwear companies and other swimwear related news.

-Happy Swimming!




The Sensitive Side of Swimwear with Arena Bodylift Technology

Arena Womens Main Summer 15

Have you ever struggled to find a swimsuit? It seems sometimes as if the clingy and unforgiving fabric of swimsuit is made for just one body size. Yet for swimmers, especially women, we all have different body shapes including the hourglass, apple, pear and ruler. Curves make things a little more complicated!

Arena realized this pitfall in the world of swimwear, so they wanted to create a type for everyone. This idea drove them to create women’s swimwear with Bodylift Technology. Here are some lovely features of the Arena bodylift technology:

The Perfect Fit

Using careful design, Arena managed to create a line of swimwear that complements a number of shapes through Arena Bodylift technology. Using artfully placed seams, bias cuts and stunning patterns, they manage to create a fit that is flattering for everyone. You’ll be impressed by all of the fine details that went into making your swimwear.

Chlorine Resistant

The material of this technology is extra resistant to chlorine, so that the colour and shape hold even after extended use. As most swimmers know, chlorine is a rough substance. With this extra layer of protection your swimwear with Body Lift technology will last significantly longer.

Tummy Control Swimwear

Find a swimsuit to complement the tummy is not always easy. With this non-constraining yet effective tummy control panel, the tummy is smoothed out into a more appropriate shape. Using mesh lining the lines of tummy are formed into something more flattering for the pool.  The result is a style that will make you feel comfortable from the inside and out when you are splashing in the pool.

The Swimwear Choices

Ultimately making time in the pool more enjoyable is what the Arena Bodylift technology is all about. Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their swimwear when in the pool and Arena has achieved just that with this new line. Let us briefly introduce you to our favourite one pieces from this line.

  1. Arena Runway Womens One Piece Swimsuit
    This fabulous one piece features a colourful print covered in splashes of colour on a black background. The black material and contorted splashes of the Arena Runway Womens One Piece Swimsuit make for a visually striking design.
  1. Arena Voyage Womens One Piece Swimsuit
    Come take a lovely journey across a sea of shapes and design with the Arena Voyage Womens One Piece Swimsuit. A deep blue background invites you with open seas for sailing across the lap lane without a care in the world.
  2. Arena Makimurax Womens One Piece Swimsuit
    Simple, slick and sexy the Arena Makimurax Womens One Piece Swimsuit is waiting for an avid swimmer to take them for a spin. Check it out to see if it is the perfect piece of swimwear to add to your collection!

Take a Lap Around our Website?

Don’t see any womens swimwear you like here? Then check out swimmer.com.au to find the perfect fit.

-Happy Swimming!