New Arena Swim Bags with YouTube Reviews!

Arena BackPacks


Part of being a swimmer is hauling all of the swim gear around, so getting a good swim bag to do so makes life a heck of a lot easier. Arena’s swim bags and back packs really are the best out there when it comes to offering the best features and materials for moveable storage for swimmers. Let us briefly introduce the best of the best of the Arena swim bags, so that you can either drool over or buy one of these totally sweet bags.

1. The Spiky 2 Backpack

We were going to tell you all about this rad swim equipment bag ourselves, but it turned out YouTube did the work for us. Check out a detailed description and review of the Spiky 2 Backpack from Arena by following this link. It comes with green accent in the Spiky 2 Backpack Royal and orange accents in the Spiky 2 Backpack Fluro Orange.

2. Fastpack 2.0

Again, the nice people of Simply Swim have done a great job of offering a visual and verbal description of the bag on YouTube. So check out the review to the Fastpack 2.0 by following this link.

3. Mesh Bag

This simple mesh bag from Arena did not have a YouTube video, but we’ll go ahead and describe it for you. This mesh bag is made from 100% polyester material that is perfect for taking in and out of the pool. It can easily carry all of your swim gear securely with the cord closure system. Perfect for athletes who like a simply grab and go bag.

Don’t See Anything You like?

Be sure to check out the rest of our website for more swim bags! We also just happen to be having an end of summer clearance sale you may want to check out for some great bargains on swimwear and swim accessories!


Arena Athlete James Magnussen Opens up about his Race Priorities

James Magnussen

At national titles at Brisbane in April 2014, Arena athlete, James Magnussen was shockingly defeated by Cameron McEvoy in the 100 metre freestyle final. In an interview with smh.com.au, Magnussen discussed how his ambitions for beating the world record altered his performance for the worse.

"I've got this mindset where I start chasing that world record and I think to give myself a chance of getting it. I just go out too hard and the rest is history.

... I botched my start and botched my turn and they're pretty simple areas to get right; so I self-destructed a bit but we have plenty of time to (the Commonwealth Games)," Magnussen told smh.com.au.

I think most competitive swimmers can relate to this story. Often it is the things that we practice one million times that we end up messing up at swim competitions, and even the smallest mistake can mean not being first to touch out in the fierce competitive world of swimming.

McEvoy, who took home the victory, claimed to be more competing against himself. McEvoy told smh:

"We were like, alright we can work on this, this and this; try to beat my own time leading up to the Commonwealth Games, that's what swimming, or sport, really, is about. You're always trying to best yourself every time you set out to whatever competition you're doing."

There definitely is a lesson to be learned from this story. Rather than competing against some abstract idea, whether it be to beat world records, shoot for the Olympics or impress that cute girl at the meet, it is always better to just focus on doing our personal best in the pool. In the end, during swim meets it is all about your own personal performance in the pool, so focusing on anything outside of your own body is just a distraction.

Part of being able to focus on doing our best is having high quality swimwear that doesn’t distract us. That is why for mens swimwear and boys swimwear from Arena we really liked the straight forward athletic cut of their new line of swimwear. The design of these athletic jammers feature a snug fit with a no frills print that will let you keep your focus in the water. If simple and high quality swimwear seems to fit the bill for your swimming needs check out the Arena Board Mens Jammers and the Arena Board Boys Jammers.


Intriguing and Delightful Designs for Arena’s New Line of Women’s Swimwear

Arena Delightful Designs Womens


The same old, same old designs of swimwear can get so boring. As swimmers, we want unique designs that help motivate us to get to the pool, because we just have to show our super awesome swimwear off to the rest of the world. Arena recently released a fresh new design of swimwear that offers original prints that’ll help you express your style in the water. In this blog we’ll briefly go over the designs of the swimwear, so that you can begin your search for that extra piece of swimwear that you've been dying to add to your collection.

Do you miss the days of scribbling bubble letters in notebooks when you were bored in class? Then you’ll love the design of the Womens Following One Piece. This one piece’s print is filled with enormous red, pink and blue bubble letter that overlap on a black background. For those who like to reminisce about simple times, you’ve met the perfect one piece.

For ladies who are on the artsy side, you’ll love the crafty design of the Womens Glassy One Piece. Covered in what appears to be pieces of colourful, overlapping Papier-mâché, you may be inspired to create some artwork of your own! Check out this one piece if you want a special one piece that will inspire you in and out of the pool.

Some of just love to <3 all over the place. If you can’t get enough of love and hearts then be sure to check out the Womens Tickers One Piece. The print of the Tickers One Piece features countless overlapping hearts in pink and green surrounded by bold outlines. As a bonus, the hearts can serve as a reminder to work just a little harder in the pool, so that you can keep your ticker going for many years to come by getting good exercise.

Do you miss some of the somewhat bizarre abstract and neon design of the 1980’s? Then check out the almost indescribable and very neon Womens Ska One Piece, Womens Ska Sports Bikini Navy or the Womens Ska Sports Bikini Black. These pieces of athletic swimwear are perfect for girls who just want to have fun, rock out to Madonna and bring back leg warmers to fashion scene.

Don’t See Any Wild Swimwear for You?

Each of us has our own individual sense of style, so that is why we offer such a wide variety of designs and cuts of swimwear on our website. Browse the options at swimmer.com.au to find swimwear that’ll help you look and feel great in the pool this summer.

-Happy Swimming


James “Missile” Magnussen Joins Arena Elite Team

Arena signs sponsorship agreement with World Champion James Magnussen

Arena, one of the world’s leading brands in aquatic sports, is pleased to announce a new sponsorship agreement with Australia’s World Champion freestyle sprinter, James Magnussen. The 22-year-old from Sydney, who became the first Australian to win the world 100m freestyle title at the 2011 Championships in Shanghai, will swim under the three-diamond banner starting in July 2013. “I am very excited and honoured to be working with Arena in the future of my swimming career,” said Magnussen. “The company and the people are highly respected all over the swimming world and so to be joining the International Elite team is something that means a lot to me. Arena shares my passion for swimming and working hard to achieve great things in the water so it is a strong fit for me. I am hopeful of many successes in the future with the Arena Team.”

In the years leading up to his breakthrough in Shanghai, Magnussen’s obvious potential and improving performances had earned him a permanent place on the Australian relay teams, along with a number of notable medals. At the 2010 Pan Pacific Championships in Irvine, he swam the anchor leg in the 4x100m freestyle team’s silver medal effort, before winning gold in the same event at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, setting a new games record in the process.

However, it was 2011 that established Magnussen as a name to be reckoned with at the world’s premier meets. He made his first statement in his kickoff event in Shanghai, when his 47.49 lead-off in Australia’s winning 4x100m freestyle relay effort marked the fastest-ever in a textile suit, eclipsing Pieter van den Hoogenband's pre-polyurethane suit time of 47.84. Four days later in the individual 100m freestyle, he was sixth at the turn, and then produced a blistering second fifty as he came home to win it in 47.63. On the final night in the event, he swam the 4x100m medley relay’s fastest freestyle leg by far, almost catching the victorious Americans as the Australians finished second.

Preparations for the 2012 Olympics were promising as Magnussen improved his own textile best to record the fastest ever non-polyurethane 100m freestyle at the Australian Championships, winning in a time of 47.10. Despite strong performances in London he was unable to repeat his World Championship heroics as he lost out on the 100m freestyle gold by just one-hundredth of a second. He also picked up a bronze medal in the 4x100m medley relay.

With the Barcelona Championships just weeks away, Magnussen has once again positioned himself as a real contender in the freestyle sprint events, and goes into the meet with four of the year’s five fastest 100m freestyle times (topping at 47.53), along with the second-fastest 50 dash (21.52).

“Both the 50m and 100m events in Barcelona will be very competitive with many swimmers in great form, and it will be a big challenge for me, but I am really looking forward to it,” said Magnussen. “I was pleased with my racing at the French Open in Vichy and I’ve had a great preparation leading into the World Championships. I will be entering Team Camp with my team mates in the Australian Swim Team to finish my preparations and work on those finer details that are important going into big meets. My focus for Barcelona is really on executing my race plans and the different aspects I have been working on with my coach and support team. I am really committed to supporting my Australian team mates in their pursuits and making a strong contribution to our overall team results.”

Being away from the Australian winter in the lead-up to Barcelona suits Magnussen, as by his own admission he is a big fan of warm weather and the beach, and has enjoyed the hot weather of France and Spain. He is also a rugby league fan and tries at every opportunity to catch his favourite team, the Canterbury Bulldogs, on TV. However, come the end of July it seems more likely that it will be the Bulldogs watching Magnussen on TV rather than the other way around.

“We are really excited to welcome a sprinter of James’ calibre to the arena family,” said Giuseppe Musciacchio, Arena General Manager of Brand Development. “His rapid rise to prominence and his consistently improving results have shown him to be an athlete of immense talent in swimming’s most competitive disciplines. It is also very pleasing to add another Australian to our Elite Team along with Emily Seebohm. Together we believe we can achieve great things – arena is a really good match for James, given our focus on youth and innovation and quality, while for us he is a bold and appealing personality for the brand in the sport’s most prominent events. Every time a champion like James chooses to work with us, we appreciate that little bit more that we’re doing things right at arena. We are looking forward to our future collaboration with James, and the chance to help him realize his full potential.”

James Magnussen at Vichy - Photo Credit Stephane Kempinaire

James Magnussen at Vichy - Photo Credit Stephane Kempinaire


Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2 available at Swimmer.com.au

Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2

If there is one thing swimmers are not, they are not uniform. All genders, backgrounds, personalities and ethnicities are drawn to the rush of battling towards the touch. Why then are most racing swimsuits black? While black may work perfectly for some swimmers, some of us would like a little variety in the pool to help bring our best come race day. Not to mention, a more colourful suit helps our competitors identify who is beating them to the finish.

Thankfully, we have brands like Arena who are making changes to the boring black racing swimsuits with a vibrant new collection of racing suits made to look good and perform great.

Arena has recently released their new and improved Carbon Pro racing swimsuit range called the Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2, a replacement for the original Carbon Pro.

What makes this new swimsuit awesome is that they are not only amongst the worlds fastest racing suits but they are super bright and colourful. The Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2 racing swimsuits are  brightening up swim meets around the world. While the Orange and Dark grey Carbon Pro Mark 2 have been released, Arena are expecting to release new colours including Cyan and Fuchsia later this year. So now you can stand out on the blocks and look good while you kick butt in race!

The Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2 racing line is not just about the look though, it is also about the state of the art technology behind the knee-lengths and jammers. For those who aren’t too concerned about the technical side of their suit let us put it simply: it makes you faster.

For those of you who want to know how it makes you faster, continue on with this blog while we explain to you what the Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2 offers.

1) Making You Glide Faster Through the Water 

Our skin has this unfortunate characteristic of not fitting well into water, even if we swimmers feel more comfortable in water than anywhere else. When we swim our skin and curves cause for drag which ultimately adds precious seconds to our swim time. The Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2 has two main ways of dealing with this.

To smooth down our muscle curves and any excess fat, the suit offers an Intelligent Muscle Compression System. This basically allows the suit material to stretch the perfect amount before stiffening to compress the muscles. It enhances compressions on areas of the body that are not as active while releasing compression where the muscles are active; creating a balance that does not constrain a swimmer’s ability to perform.

The suit itself also is designed to not cause drag in the pool. A poorly designed swimsuit will slow you down as much or more than swimming naked would. The material of the Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2 is made with a water repellent coating and low profile bonded seams that make sure your suit isn’t slowing you down.

2) Giving You Freedom of Movement

Kicks, dives, turns and even pre-race stretching are negatively affected by suits that are not flexible enough to handle powerful, quick and strong movements. The Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Mark 2 has a Power Return Construction designed to help the fabric spring back quickly into place after you make a motion. For example, when you kick the fabric stretches then with the power return construction, the material quickly snaps into place. Taping in key areas aids this quick snap back movement.

3) It keeps you confident

Swim suits are not just about all the technology that comes with the suit, it is about how it makes the swimmer feel. The variety of colours offered in racing suits are meant to give racers an extra confidence boost. Just a little increase of positivity can affect the outcome of a race. To win, you ultimately need to believe in yourself first.


New Procedure for Returning your Arena Carbon Pro Racing Suit


Updated 13th May 2013 - Swimmer.com.au

In light of the recent evolutions after the publication of the news on Carbon Pro, the Arena Group have decided to make some adjustments in the policy for replacements to customers, with the key objective of expanding the potential remedies offered to customers and to minimize the inconveniences created through the replacement of the suit.

The key points are the following:

  1. Arena wants all world-wide requests of replacement to be managed through the dedicated website: http://support.arenapowerskin.com/
  2. All swimsuits will be replaced, even without a proof of purchase. The only requirement is that the swimsuit must be in good conditions (= not broken) and that it shall be shipped back to arena
  3. A solution for customers with urgent need of replacement has been introduced
  4. Arena will manage through DHL both the collection of the old suit directly from the customers and the delivery of the new suit.
  5. The old swimsuit does not have to be shipped back immediately by the customer, but only when the new one will be ready to be shipped. That’s very important as almost all Federation are officially establishing allowance periods in which the Carbon Pro can still be used in national events.

Here below the detailed description of all the steps of the replacement procedure:

  • Customers have to go on the Arena website: http://support.arenapowerskin.com/
  • The system will ask demographics info, which will be useful for the following steps of the procedure (name, nationality, address, …)
  • The customer has to confirm that:
    • They own a Carbon Pro
    • The suit is in good conditions (not broken)
  • The system will propose to the customer 2 options for the replacement:
    • OPTION A: Replacement with a new Carbon Pro MK 2: the replacement will take at least 8 weeks or more, particularly depending on the location of the customer, so this option will be good only if the customer can wait for his replacement
    • OPTION B: Immediate replacement with Revo+ and Voucher for purchasing a new Carbon Pro MK 2 at reduced price: that’s the best option for customers who want a quicker solution for the replacement (in this case the replacement can be completed in about 2 weeks)

If the customer chooses OPTION 1 (replacement with a new Carbon Pro MK 2):

  • Arena will ask them to keep the suit (and ideally continue using it) until Arena advises that the new one is ready
  • Once the new suit will be ready, the system will send them an email and we’ll advise the local DHL to contact the customer for the collection of the old suit
  • DHL will organize the pick-up directly at the customer’s provided address and ship the old suit directly to Arena
  • The old suit will be controlled in the Arena warehouse by a dedicated team
  • The replacement will be approved (unless the suit is broken)
  • Arena will ship the new suit through DHL directly to the consumer

If the customer chooses OPTION 2 (replacement with R-evo+ and voucher):

  • Arena will advise the local DHL to contact the customer for the collection of the old suit
  • DHL will organize the pick-up directly at the customer’s house and ship the old suit directly to Arena
  • The old suit will be controlled in the Arena warehouse by a dedicated team
  •  The replacement will be approved (unless the suit is broken)
  • Arena will ship the R-evo+ through DHL the directly to the customer
  • Arena will send an email with a voucher with a list of selected retailers (SWIMMER.COM.AU is a Selected Retailer for Australia)
  • The voucher will guarantee a 35% discount (off the recommend price in each market) for purchasing a new Carbon Pro MK 2
  • The voucher must be used by 31/12/2013 and it can be spent in one of the “selected retailers” in each country (SWIMMER.COM.AU is a Selected Retailer for Australia)

The above procedure will be applied world-wide.

If you have any questions or need assistance in returning your Arena Carbon Pro Racing Suit please contact us at info@swimmer.com.au and our staff will be happy to assist you.


Arena Responds to Carbon Pro Replacement Requests


Arena is responding to numerous consumer queries and requests following its announcement to replace three models of the first-generation POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro swimsuit range with the new Mark 2 version.

The company has expressed profound apologies to all consumers for the inconvenience caused by arena's decision to waive approval codes on the old model Carbon-Pro. It added further that it is doing everything in its power to rectify the situation as quickly as possible, and to minimize the impact of the switchover.

In a number of countries – among them USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Ireland and Austria, National swimming Federations have decided on or are considering a special dispensation allowing the first-generation POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro suits to be worn in national competitions during the transition period. The company has expressed its gratitude to those federations that have done so.

In acknowledging the inconvenience caused and considering all consumer responses and suggestions, Arena has also decided to upgrade the list of remedial offers to those in possession of one of the suits concerned. All consumers owning a POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro suit carrying the old approval codes will have the option to get their suits replaced with an equivalent Mark 2, even if they don’t have any proof of purchase.

“It was easy for us to make the right decision in the interest of the sport,” said Giuseppe Musciacchio, head of arena Brand Development. “We clearly see that anticipating all the consequences of our decision, in the very short time we had, is somehow more complex so we are ready to adapt our actions as we go. We live in a world where communication between brands and their consumers has become faster and more direct. We can hear what our consumers are asking us to do and we have to listen to them. In the end, they are the real owners of the brand.”

As the company embarks on the significant task of replacing the three models concerned, it has appealed for patience as it works through the process. While every effort will be made to expedite the replacement, arena anticipates that it may take some time for some consumers to receive their Mark 2 product. In the interim, the firm is exploring avenues to assist those who have urgent needs for FINA-compliant suits. One such option will be to offer athletes other racing suits from the POWERSKIN range.


New information on Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro compliance with FINA regulations



As of 7th of May 2013, the following Arena POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro models are not valid anymore for FINA sanctioned events:

  • Women’s full body open back (FINA approval code AR220993)
  • Women’s full body closed back (approval code AR220994)
  • Men’s jammer (approval code AR141364).

Arena is introducing a new version of the POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro (called Mark 2), which is available with immediate effect, with the following FINA approval codes:

  • Women's full body open back – Mark 2 (AR221039)
  • Women’s full body close back – Mark 2 (AR221028)
  • Men’s jammer – Mark 2 (AR141028)

If you are going to compete in a FINA sanctioned event and need details on how to get hold of the new POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro Mark 2 suits, click here to view the Arena FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, or visit the POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro return page.


Arena Waives FINA Approval on three models of Powerskin Carbon-Pro





Superior performance, quality products, transparency and ethical and fair business practices have been Arena’s key values since its inception forty years ago.

Consistent with these principles, all Arena products are designed and manufactured using the most innovative technologies and applying strict quality controls to ensure the highest consumer satisfaction for performance, quality and safety.

In February 2013, FINA, the international governing body for all aquatic sports, requested compliance information regarding one of the Arena POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro racing suits (woman full body open back – FINA approval code AR220993), purchased during routine testing.

Arena immediately launched an additional quality control investigation on a broad scale, showing that all raw materials used to manufacture all models in the POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro product family are fully compliant with FINA rules and regulations. Deeper checks suggested that a change in the manufacturing process, following a significant surge of market demand, may have caused an unintended - and unexpected - reduction of the permeability to air of some of the racing suits produced between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

Only part of the production is affected by the anomaly, which has absolutely no impact either on the safety or on the performance of the products that are potentially non-compliant.

Nevertheless, as it would be impractical to test all POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro racing suits on the market, Arena wants to ensure that not even one non-compliant suit will be used in any FINA official competition.

Arena, therefore, advised FINA of its decision to withdraw the approval codes of concerned POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro models:

  • AR220993 – woman full body open back
  • AR220994 – woman full body closed back
  • AR141364 – man jammer

Consequently, as of May 7 onwards, all POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro suits to be used in FINA sanctioned events will have the following approval codes:

  • AR221039 – woman full body open back
  • AR221028 – woman full body closed back
  • AR141028 – man jammer

A complete list of all Arena racing suits approved by FINA can be found at fina.org.

Arena has already started delivering the new version of POWERSKIN Carbon-Pro suits (Mark 2) to Teams and Individual Swimmers, in view of forthcoming FINA events.

“Arena apologizes for any inconvenience – said Cristiano Portas, Arena CEO – but its commitment to fully comply with FINA rules and, more broadly, its commitment to fair competition in the world of swimming must be given the highest priority”.


Swim and be Stylish


A lot of people think you can’t be stylish in training swimwear. Contrary to popular belief, let me tell you those people are completely wrong! There is no reason why you can’t look amazing and train for a the race of the season at the same time! Summers not over until the sun stops shining so there's just enough time to get yourself a great looking swimsuit and accessories to match.

One Piece swimsuits are a great choice for swimmers who want to feel secure when training. I love the AMANZI Duchess one piece swimsuit as it has a very modern and busy print and almost looks like it should be a dress on a fashion week runway. The Duchess is made from AMANZI Armor which is a chlorine resistant fabric, meaning you can stay in the pool as long as you want the chlorine won’t ruin this gorgeous swimsuit.

Now you can't have a swimsuit without accessories. Due to the intricate design on the Amanzi Duchess swimsuit, the accessories should be somewhat simple, so they don’t take the attention away from the swimsuit. Personally I would go with the Finals Splice Red silicone swim cap. It's great for this look because it has the splice of red matching the swimsuit but doesn’t stand out too much.

This is why I also think the Arena Black Mesh Training Bag works well with the Duchess swimsuit. This versatile bag will hold all your swimming essentials, but will not take the eye off of your gorgeous Amanzi swimsuit! Plus, you can also leave it poolside with your wet swimming equipment. Now I know we don't want to take the attention away from the swimsuit but I just couldn't resist adding a little bling which is why I chose the Maru Pulse Mirror Gold goggles to go with this swimsuit. These goggles have gold mirror lenses that have UV protection and have anti-fog properties. They also have a very comfortable silicone suction seal to make sure they stay on when you’re diving.

Oh and one last thing. Don't forget to get yourself the Finals clear soft silicone ear puddy. They’ll fit your ears no matter what your ear shape and size as they are completely mouldable.

The outfit I have put together is ideal for girls and young women who want long lasting swimwear and equipment, but do not want to compromise on style. It is also great for lounging around after you’re done training! Just put on a cute little cover-up, grab a coconut water and relax by the pool. Well we all know that won't happen after a hard training session, but we can only dream!