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Limited Edition Powerskin ST

Arena just released swimwear inspired by team USA’s swimming deck apparel! The LTD Edition – Arena Powerskin ST offers awesome swimwear for athletic swimmer who are big fans of team USA or who just like high quality athletic swimwear. Arena’s Powerskin ST is one of the top choices out there for competitive swimmers and with this new line of USA inspired prints it looks better than ever before. Briefly we’ll go over all you need to know about this limited edition line of Arena Swimwear. P.S. swimmer.com.au is the only place you can get this special line of swimwear from in Australia.

For Women

The Features

  • X Raptor Material- Special knitted material that uses strong compression to help reduce drag in the pool.
  • Chlorine Durable- The Powerskin ST is built to last for individuals who are serious about swimming.
  • Price Competitive- This line of racing swimwear is priced to be accessible to most budgets.

The Print

We really like Arena’s interpretation of the deck apparel of the USA swimming team. Basically the print features rings of interlaced bright colours to make for a rejuvenating and inspiration design that is perfect for racing. To check out the prints yourself you can take a look at the Black/Silver Powerskin ST Kneelength, the Navy/Silver Powerskin ST Kneelength, the Yellow/Silver Powerskin ST Kneelength or the Red/Silver Powerskin ST Kneelength.

For Men

The Features

  • X Raptor Material- The raptor material uses special knitting that offers compression and dynamic movement, so you can perform at your best in the pool
  • Chlorine Durable- The Powerskin ST is built to last for individuals who are serious about swimming.
  • Price Competitive- The quality of the line of Powerskin ST surpasses the asking price, but we won’t tell Arena. We want to keep this swimwear affordable for our customers!

The Print

Clean and mean, the Powerskin ST design inspired by team USA offers a design with rings intertwined to create a powerful design that is perfect for getting you amped for kicking butt at your next swim meet. You can preview the print by looking at the Black/Silver Powerskin ST Jammers, the Navy/Silver Powerskin ST Jammers, the Yellow/Silver Powerskin ST Jammers or the Red/Silver Powerskin ST Jammers.

Not Into the Powerskin ST?

Picking out the perfect athletic swimwear for race day is a challenge. You’ve got to find the perfect price, features and design to really get you in the zone. Our site specifically shoots to offer a variety of athletic swimwear for competitive swimmers at great prices, so be sure to explore the rest of swimmer.com.au to find swimwear that matches your needs.  




Rose Coloured Womens Swimwear for the Pool

Areana Womens Rose One Piece

Wake up and smell the roses every time you hit the pool this summer with Arena’s new line of rose coloured swimwear. This athletic swimwear from Arena offers a perfect cut for swimmers who participate in competitive or fitness swimming, but it also adds a bit of girly beauty. Who says you can’t embrace your inner femininity and work hard in the pool too? The world’s toughest athletes out there have women among them now, so we might as well bring our love of things girly, like the colour of roses, to all of the sports us women kick butt at. Without further ado let’s take a peek at the rose-coloured swimwear just released by Arena.

What could make the colour of roses even prettier? Crystals that are the colour of roses! Check out the Womens Crystal One Piece to see Arena’s take on rose coloured crystals. The print of this one piece has stunning rose coloured crystals scattered across the straps and chest of this delightful athletic one piece swimsuit. This particular cut is made with swim pro straps and a medium cut that is ideal for ladies who spend a lot of time training hard in the pool, because it provides support and comfort that is needed by athletic and fitness swimmers.

Don’t See Any Athletic Swimwear You like Here?

Sometimes finding the perfect piece of swimwear can take us on a difficult journey. We here at swimmer.com.au want to help all of you out there by offering the best swimwear and swim accessories at one convenient website, so you don’t have to spend hours and hours navigating one million different websites in search of swimwear that you want. Take a browse through our site to see if any other swimsuits catch your fancy, and don’t forget our swimwear on sale section if you love a bargain! Also, be sure to stay tuned to our blog for the latest releases from all the top swimwear brands.


Delightfully Vivid Girls Swimwear from Arena

Arena Girls One Pieces

Having trouble finding the one piece swimsuit that just needs to be added to your collection? Well, you may want to check out Arena’s new line of girls athletic swimwear to see if anything strikes your fancy. The one pieces of this line offer a plethora of colours and fun made just for girl swimmers. Check out the following prints to see if there is something that you want!

All Heart

Hearts, hearts everywhere! If you just love hearts, you’ll love the Arena Ticker Girls One Piece. This one piece is covered in big, bold and beautiful hearts. The Girls Ticker Jr One Piece is perfect for girls who really feel the love every time they hop in the pool.

A Little Punk Rock

This eclectic one piece is perfect for little ladies who are bit wild. The Arena Fancy Girls One Piece features human skulls, diamonds and a bunch of other surprises in bold neon on a midnight black background. Get in touch with your rock n’ roll lifestyle with every stroke.



Master your technique with Arena Swim Snorkels

Arena Snorkels

Freestyle is such a simple stroke, but there are so many different aspects of the stroke that one must master to do it well. One of the more difficult aspects of the freestyle stroke for many swimmers to master is the breathing technique. Learning proper alignment for breathing is tricky in the freestyle stroke.

The bigger problem with learning the freestyle technique is when swimmers actually fear breathing in water by mistake. An animal instinct drives many swimmers to have this fear, and at first it can be difficult for many swimmers to overcome. Yet, for some reason no swimwear company has thought to release swim accessories to help swimmers get over this fear- until now.

Arena has just released swimming equipment and swimming accessories that can assist swimmers in learning proper breathing techniques during their freestyle stroke. The Arena Swim Snorkel allows swimmers to feel how little or how much they are actually rotating their head while they are swimming. Rotating the head too much is a very common mistake in new freestyle swimmers, and this give swimmers real-time feedback on when and how much to correct the rotation of their head.

Some of you experts out there may be wondering since we are talking about breathing techniques for the freestyle stroke, how come we haven’t brought up the old-school snorkel? Arena also offers a Swim Snorkel in our wide collection of swim accessories on our website here at swimmer.com.au. Snorkels also serve as great swim accessories to let swimmers learn to focus on their swimming technique.

Working on swimming technique is one of the most difficult parts of being a swimmer, but lucky for us the top swimwear companies make interesting tools and toys to help us become the best swimmers we can be.


All About Plus-Sized Women Swimwear from the Bodylift Range of Arena Swimwear

Arena Body Lift Collection

Arena just released a brand new line of plus-sized swimwear for women. The Arena Bodylift Range is designed to offer comfort that helps curvy women feel and look amazing in the pool. The comfortable and fashionable styles of the Bodylift Range offer a wide range of features that help enhance support in the water. In this blog we’ll briefly go over the two fab styles and the high-technology features of this fresh new line of swimwear from Arena.

The Features

  1.  Adjustable Straps

Having fixed straps can make a swimming experience extremely uncomfortable. That is why Arena offers adjustable straps. With these adjustable straps, the swimmer can easily fit her swimwear straps to match the size of her chest, arms and shoulders.

  1.  Stomach Flattening Swimwear

Using a series of lining and folds, the Bodylift Swimsuit Range helps keep the tummy nice and flat. This allows for graceful movement through the water, so we can think more about swimming instead of our stomachs.

  1.  Bust Support Swimwear

The entirety of the cut swimwear from the Bodylift Range creates high support to really help control the chest. Just using under-wire and moulded cups is often not enough, so Arena created a design of swimwear that integrated all parts of the swimsuit to have an uplifting effect on the chest. This support makes athletic, fitness and recreational swimming a lot more enjoyable.

  1.  Body Shaping

The compressive and soft fabric of Arena’s plus-sized swimwear helps create a smooth and flattering look for the pool. The swimwear is made just so that there is minor compression, but it doesn't make it too tight like other inferior versions of plus-sized womens swimwear.

The Styles

Here at swimmer.com.au offer we offer two styles of the Bodylift Range of Arena swimwear. Each offers a unique look, so you can choose the style that speaks to your preferences.

The midnight Black Womens Mesh Solid One Piece Swimsuit offers a classic design for ladies with traditional tastes. The medium cut and criss-cross straps reminds us of vintage swimwear styles that flatter the shape of women’s bodies. This Mesh Solid One Piece is perfect for ladies who love to bring their sense of style to the water!

The other option for styles in the Bodylift Range of swimwear is the Womens Makimurax One Piece Swimsuit. This one piece features slices of rose colour on the sides and straps that compliments the luscious black of the rest of the material. The straight strap back offers a modern twist to this classic cut, and as a bonus, it makes the swimwear straps even easier to adjust. If you want something luxurious to wear to the pool, you’ll just have to try out the Womens Makimurak One Piece.

Want More?

We’ve got more plus-sized womens swimwear featured at discount prices right here at swimmer.com.au. Be sure to browse our website to find the swimwear that matches your needs!


Read About the Latest Swim Technology Features for these New Arena Goggles



Every swimmer knows that a good pair of goggles is an absolutely essential piece of equipment for the pool. As more enhanced swim technology comes out, it becomes more difficult to sort through all the options. That is why we've taken the time to create this blog to go over the goggle technology offered by Arena Goggles. The Tracks Mirrors and the Tracks Goggles both offer all of the following swim technology features.

Dual Straps vs. Single Straps

Single strap goggles are fine for casual swimmers and kids, but if you are a fitness or athletic swimmer dual straps are definitely the way to go. Dual straps provide a comfortable and secure fit that you don’t have to worry about when doing laps. With the easy-to-adjust tabs you can get just the right fit with both the Tracks Mirrors Goggles and the Tracks Goggles.

Hydrodynamic Designs

Goggles with hydrodynamic designs are meant to get you through the water with the least amount of resistance. If you are a competitive swimmer, you probably already know how much drag can impact your finishing swim time. With the smaller designs of lenses of the goggles and curved surfaces, these goggles will have you soaring through the water.

Soft Silicone Seals

Silicone is one of the most malleable materials in the world, so that is why silicone seals are perfect for swimming goggles. The silicone seals tightly across the swimmer’s face to block water from getting under the lens. With Arena’s special formula for soft silicone, this awesome technology is comfortable too!

Interchangeable Nose Bridges

Both pairs of the Arena goggles come with a pack of three different nose bridge options. Given the huge variety of shapes of noses, having a comfortable and fitting nose bridge makes wearing swimming goggles a whole lot easier.


What swimmer does not have a deep disdain for having fog on their goggles? We all know that the anti-fog feature do not last forever on any set of goggles. Starting with anti-fog lenses is a good place to start then later you can consider purchasing anti-fog spray.


The skin isn't the only part of the body that sun impacts negatively; the eyes are also a very sensitive area too. With Arena goggles you can know that your eyes are protected from the harmful rains of the sun, and since there isn't such thing as sun screen for eyes this is a really good thing.

A Little Touch of Style

Last, but not least, Arena also offers a Racing Goggles Silicone Strap Kit with four different colour straps, so that you can customize your Arena swim goggles.

To view our entire Googles range visit swimmer.com.au


Happy Swimming!


Go Pro with Arena’s Mens and Boys Athletic Swimwear



Looking for high-quality athletic swimwear that offers simple design with the best materials out there? Look no further than Arena’s new line of mens and boys athletic swimwear. It has all the best features checked off on the list of things athletic swimmers need in their swimwear. Chlorine-resistant- check! Inner brief support- check! Polyester and PBT material- check! Long leg- check! Everything you need in a solid jammer can be found in this new line. So enough gabbing about it, let us briefly introduce you to the variety of options offered by Arena’s athletic swimwear.

For the Men

If you love the colour green, you are going to like what you see with the very Green Wing Mens Jammers. These jammers are fitted with a 45 cm leg and inner brief that makes for a comfortable fit for long hours of swimming. Made with Arena’s signature Max-Life material, the polyester and PBT material are meant to hold their shape and colour.

For the Boys

For boys styles we have two distinct options. First off we have the B Slice Jr. Jammers Red and the B Slice Jr Jammers Blue. These jammers have a unique slice design with stand-out colours. Made with polyester and PBT material, you can count on them to retain their quality through the countless hours you spend training in the pool.

The other equally bodacious options are the Boys Board Jammer Youth Royal and the Boys Board Jammer Youth Green. These solid-coloured jammers are perfect for young men who are training to become future Olympians!

Want More?

Don’t see any jammers that fit your style? Be sure to browse around our site here at swimmer.com.au. We offer the best swimwear out there with the top swimwear technology, so that you can spend less time shopping and more time swimming.


New Mother and Arena Athlete Therese Alshammar Recommences Training for the Olympics

Arena Goggles all ages

Arena Athlete Therese Alshammar- Olympian, mother and all around awesome lady- returned to training for the Olympics after giving birth to her son Fred. She already holds the record of being the oldest women world champion in history, and she is well on her way to shattering that record again if her Olympic campaign is successful.

Since pregnancy and motherhood, Alshammar definitely has not been slacking off. She even trained up to four days before Fred’s arrival, and she returned to light training just three months after his birth. Over the course of the pregnancy she gained 20 kg of weight, but she is already well on her way to shedding that off. We have confidence in the determination of Alshammar, so it will be no surprise to us if she ends up in the Olympics again, even at the age of 39.

When asked by Arena interviewers whether she needed to train harder after pregnancy, this is the answer she gave:

“Not necessarily more time, but you have to use more imagination; you have to be more creative in how you keep your body at peak performance. One of my beliefs is that you have to change something each season to keep it at its optimum peak powers.”

As for her diet, Alshammar says she has a sustained a rule that anything goes before and after exercise. She does incorporate carbs and fruit, but she also has a special affinity for dark chocolate.

For now, everyday Fred, Alshammar and the father go to Alshammar’s training sessions as a family. Perhaps Fred will be the next Olympian in Alshammar’s now two generation Olympian family- Alshammar’s mother was H Btitt Smedh, a 100m breastroke finalist in the 1972 Olympics.  Between genetics and exposure, Fred is already off to a good start.

Like Alshammar’s Story? Check out Arena’s Swim Accessories

By supporting the brands of athletes who inspire us, we are not only investing in high quality swim gear, but we are also investing in the success of the athlete. If you’d like to give a little extra support to Alshammar perhaps check out the Cobra Mirror Goggles, 3D Race Caps, Spider Jr Goggles (Navy& Green) or the Spider Jr. Goggles (Violet Pink). Or perhaps check out our expansive collection of Arena swimwear offered right here at swimmer.com.au

-Happy Swimming


New Arena Swim Bags with YouTube Reviews!

Arena BackPacks


Part of being a swimmer is hauling all of the swim gear around, so getting a good swim bag to do so makes life a heck of a lot easier. Arena’s swim bags and back packs really are the best out there when it comes to offering the best features and materials for moveable storage for swimmers. Let us briefly introduce the best of the best of the Arena swim bags, so that you can either drool over or buy one of these totally sweet bags.

1. The Spiky 2 Backpack

We were going to tell you all about this rad swim equipment bag ourselves, but it turned out YouTube did the work for us. Check out a detailed description and review of the Spiky 2 Backpack from Arena by following this link. It comes with green accent in the Spiky 2 Backpack Royal and orange accents in the Spiky 2 Backpack Fluro Orange.

2. Fastpack 2.0

Again, the nice people of Simply Swim have done a great job of offering a visual and verbal description of the bag on YouTube. So check out the review to the Fastpack 2.0 by following this link.

3. Mesh Bag

This simple mesh bag from Arena did not have a YouTube video, but we’ll go ahead and describe it for you. This mesh bag is made from 100% polyester material that is perfect for taking in and out of the pool. It can easily carry all of your swim gear securely with the cord closure system. Perfect for athletes who like a simply grab and go bag.

Don’t See Anything You like?

Be sure to check out the rest of our website for more swim bags! We also just happen to be having an end of summer swimwear clearance sale you may want to check out for some great bargains on swimwear and swim accessories!


Arena Athlete James Magnussen Opens up about his Race Priorities

James Magnussen

At national titles at Brisbane in April 2014, Arena athlete, James Magnussen was shockingly defeated by Cameron McEvoy in the 100 metre freestyle final. In an interview with smh.com.au, Magnussen discussed how his ambitions for beating the world record altered his performance for the worse.

"I've got this mindset where I start chasing that world record and I think to give myself a chance of getting it. I just go out too hard and the rest is history.

... I botched my start and botched my turn and they're pretty simple areas to get right; so I self-destructed a bit but we have plenty of time to (the Commonwealth Games)," Magnussen told smh.com.au.

I think most competitive swimmers can relate to this story. Often it is the things that we practice one million times that we end up messing up at swim competitions, and even the smallest mistake can mean not being first to touch out in the fierce competitive world of swimming.

McEvoy, who took home the victory, claimed to be more competing against himself. McEvoy told smh:

"We were like, alright we can work on this, this and this; try to beat my own time leading up to the Commonwealth Games, that's what swimming, or sport, really, is about. You're always trying to best yourself every time you set out to whatever competition you're doing."

There definitely is a lesson to be learned from this story. Rather than competing against some abstract idea, whether it be to beat world records, shoot for the Olympics or impress that cute girl at the meet, it is always better to just focus on doing our personal best in the pool. In the end, during swim meets it is all about your own personal performance in the pool, so focusing on anything outside of your own body is just a distraction.

Part of being able to focus on doing our best is having high quality swimwear that doesn’t distract us. That is why for mens swimwear and boys swimwear from Arena we really liked the straight forward athletic cut of their new line of swimwear. The design of these athletic jammers feature a snug fit with a no frills print that will let you keep your focus in the water. If simple and high quality swimwear seems to fit the bill for your swimming needs check out the Arena Board Mens Jammers and the Arena Board Boys Jammers.