Funky Trunks Polar Wild Collection

Funky Trunks

The New Funky Trunks Polar Wild Collection has just been released at Swimmer.com.au.




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Trash Mag, No Idea, Trading Faces by Funkita & Funky Trunks


Every year the Funky brand continues to impress the world with their innovative and stylish swimwear. The bright colours, high quality and comfortable cuts make for swimwear that really stands out in the market. That is why each and every year we feature their swimwear on our website, because we just can’t simply get enough.

This year is no exception! Funky Trunks and Funkita both released fabulous swimwear with wonderful features that we wanted to share with your, our lovely readers. First take a quick peak at this new swimwear that features a comic book/soap opera theme with dramatic colours and text along with baseball cards. Random, as is often the case with Funky styles, but that is part of what makes their swimwear so fun!

For the fellas, you can choose between the:

For the ladies take a gander at the:

Without further ado, let us tell you about the five unbeatable features of all these pieces of brand new swimwear from Funky Trunks and Funkita:

  1. Swimwear Made For Swimmers By Swimmers
    The founders of Funky Trunks opened up shop basically to create a design for mens trunks that was more comfortable to wear in the pool. The resulting design is the one they still use today in the mens and boys trunks, but even beyond their signature cut, they’ve tried to stick to the same philosophy of creating comfortable and practical swimwear.
  2. Fast-Drying Swimwear
    This is nothing worse than having to deal with a piece of swimwear that seems to absorb all the water in the pool. Funky designed a special material that does not absorb as much water, so that it dries rather quickly after getting out of pool. This also means less wringing out of the swimwear, so that it will last longer than other swimwear options.
  3. High Definition Colour Fastness
    Part of what makes Funky Trunks and Funkita stand out from other brands are their uniquely colourful and crazy designs. With their High Definition Colour Fastness these design are even sharper in the pool creating a stand out look that is great for swim practice or a day at the beach.
  4. Swimwear That Retains It Shape
    Have you ever had swimwear that just seems to droop in all of the wrong places? Funky’s signature swimwear material has shape retentive properties meaning that it stretches then snap back into place with each and every use. This result is a piece of swimwear that lasts a lot longer with optimal functionality.
  5. Chlorine-Resistant Swimwear
    The material of the Funky brand is chlorine resistant, so that even if you plan on spending a tremendous amount of time in the pool, the colours and shape of the swimwear will hold up to the challenge.

Like the sound of all this? Then check out all of the Funky Trunks and Funky Swimwear we have to offer at our website.

-Happy Swimming!


Bondi Brollies Funkita & Funky Trunks Swimwear


Hello Everyone!

As some of you may already know, swimmer.com.au is based out of Australia, so we take special pride in anything local to the land down under. So we were super excited when Funky Trunks and Funkita, also Australia-based swimwear companies, released a swimwear line inspired by Sydney Australia’s ever-popular Bondi Beach.

For those of you who haven’t been to Bondi Beach, let us tell you all about it. When you walk on the beach you are surrounded by picturesque golden sand beaming with light. This golden hue is complemented by the unbelievably turquoise water and perfect waves. The waves are so ideal that it is a famous surf spot, but there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy.

This is the beach to go to if you ever find yourself in Sydney. What it has to offer goes way beyond just surfing, sun worshiping and swimming. You can experience the beyond-the-beach feel with the fine dining, colourful and quirky shopping markets, unbelievable walking trails and nightlife for those who prefer their beach with a party. No matter what sort of lifestyle you like natural to diva shopper to partier to family man, you’re going to find something you’ll love doing at this world class beach.

What also makes this beach standing out is that at any time of year it is buzzing with activity from dawn till late night. Whether you want to grab an early morning coffee or a late night cocktail, you’ll find an activity to enjoy amongst the unbelievably gorgeous scenery.

Funky Trunks and Funkita captures the beach in a unique way with the Bondi Brollies print. This print uses a design that takes a bird eye’s view of the beach, so that you get an overhead view of a golden sand beach covered in colourful umbrellas. The result is a lovely beach time scene that reflects the buzz of urban beach such as Bondi Beach.

This fun and colourful print is available in mens swimwear, boys swimwearwomens swimwear, girls swimwear. For the grown men check out the signature Funky Trunk fit with the Funky Trunks Bondi Brollies Mens Trunks. For boys check out the long-lasting Funky Trunks Bondi Brollies Boys Trunks that will last many a swim practice. For the little guys who want to look like their dad and big bros, check out the Funky Trunks Bondi Brollies Toddler Boys Trunks.

For the ladies, we have a selection of one pieces and two pieces. For women we have the:

For the gals we have the:

For the little girlies, we have the ever so cute Funkita Bondi Brollies Toddler Girls One Piece.

Not A Fan Of The Beach?

Stay tuned to our blog and website to see other fab releases from the top swimwear brands out there. We’ll keep you updated as per usual!

-Happy Swimming!


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How Training Equipment Can Make You A Better Swimmer


Swimming is a sport where athletes are constantly evolving their technique. The movement of every stroke, kick and undulation impacts the results, so athletes spend hours upon hours training to refine and perfect their strokes. A big part of training effectively is learning how to integrate training equipment into the regular swimming repertoire.

This guide will briefly go over how to use training equipment properly and what some of the benefits are to swimmers.

Training Equipment Guide

  1. Kickboards

Why Use A Kickboard

Like all swimwear equipment, the kickboard helps swimmers to get a more well-rounded cardiovascular workout. The kickboard allows swimmers to focus on working their legs, hips and stomach for technique. Also, it allows the arms to rest if they’ve been put through a particularly vigorous regime.

How To Use

There are a variety of ways to use a kickboard to help work on your swim technique, but the basic position is to grip the rounded of the board with your hands. The elbow rests near the square end of the kickboard. Although a lot of your body is on the kickboard, you want to avoid leaning on it as much as possible, because this means you’re working a lot less.

What Type Of Kickboard To Use

We recommend the Speedo Elite Kickboard Red which offers an ergonomic design with optimal buoyancy.

  1. Snorkels
    Why Use A Snorkel
    A snorkel allows swimmers to focus on their stroke rather than needing to worry about breathing. This is especially beneficial for freestyle since it allows swimmers to practice on focusing on starring at the bottom of the pool rather than breathing from side to side.

How To Use A Snorkel

Properly place the strap of the snorkel around your head and adjust to the appropriate size. Place the end of the snorkel in your mouth with the rubber inside. Immerse head underwater and inhale and exhale.

What Type Of Snorkel To Use

The perfect snorkel for swimmers is the Arena Center Snorkel Black which offers swivel head support, padding on head support and is made from liquid silicone & PVC for a comfort, stable and high quality piece of swim equipment.

  1. Fins/Flippers

Why Use Fins/Flippers?

Using fin/flippers offer numerous benefits to swimmers. They enhance flexibility and the cardiovascular workout of swimming. They give a swimmer the feeling that they’re moving fast through the water, and it is a lot of fun. Also, the flippers help swimmers improve their swim position, so they can begin to feel what it is like to swim with proper form.
How To Use Fin/Flippers

Place the fins securely on your feet. Kick as you would normally to use the flippers. Caution: Do not get too used to using flippers, because they can actually change your form for the worse.

What Type Of Flippers To Use? 

The Speedo BioFuse Training Fins are especially engineered to increase a swimmers speed through the water. The dual density of the Biofuse Flippers offers a stiff blade yet a soft, comfortable foot pocket making these flippers perfect for extended use at swim practice.

  1. Paddles 

Why Use Paddles

Paddles take the hands out of the equation of swimming, so that swimmers can focus on their arm technique. A similar way to emulate this equipment is to make a fist or squeeze a tennis ball by swimming, but the paddles make it so swimmers propel more accurately through the water by providing a cup to push the water back.

How To Use Paddles

Place hands inside of the paddles then preform the desired stroke. Make sure to not overuse the swim paddles, because they do put extra strain on the shoulders.

What Type Of Paddles To Use?

We recommend using the Speedo Biofuse Powerpaddle Set which is specifically engineered for maximum comfort and fit. The ergonomic design allows swimmers to grip without hand fatigue. The stiff plastic blade swishes through the water with a large amount of speed and power.

  1. Pull Buoys

Why Use Pull Buoys

A pull buoy allows a swimmers to focus on the action of the arms to move forward by isolating the hips and thigh. This increases arm strength, shoulders, chest and core.

How To Use A Pull Buoy

Hold the pull buoy in between the thighs. The hips and legs will float at the surface of the water. Use your arms to pull yourself forward. Be careful not to overuse this tool, because it can result in poor form with an arching in the lower back.

Which Type Of Pull Buoy Should I Use?

We recommend choosing between the Zoggs Pull Buoy and Vorgee 4 Layer Blue & Aqua Pull Buoy.

Go Ahead And Check Out Our Swim Equipment Training Section

We offer the best of the best swimming training equipment out there, so go ahead and check it out to see what you find. All of these pieces of equipment can help take you to the next level in your swimming game!

-Happy Swimming


Which New Speedo Swimwear Fits Your Personality (GIRLS ONLY!)

Speedo Girls Swimsuits 2015

Speedo always has the most fun and high quality swimwear that is perfect for all the little mermaids out there swimming the oceans, pools, lakes, or whatever else happens to be blue and wet. We are super excited to introduce the new line of girls one pieces from Speedo swimwear. This year the designers at Speedo have really outdone themselves with extra adorbs swimwear that we know every gal out there will love.

There is just one problem with all this coolness. It is so hard for a girl to choose! To help you out, we’ve matched swimsuit to personality to help you narrow down the search (hopefully). So without further ado, let’s get that going!

For The Lover, Not The Fighter

If you are one  of those girls who is just so nice and friendly to everyone, because you can see the beauty in everything and everyone, we commend your attitude. Also, we want to point out you’ll love the big heart on the Speedo Heart Wingback Toddler Girls One Piece. The heart is scrolled in rainbows on a rainbow background for an exciting take on the old theme of love.

For The Crazy Girl

Are you just a little bit on coocoo side? Then you’ll love the wild pattern of the Speedo Jasmin Girls One Piece. The quirky design of this one piece features swirls of colour and fun to create a wacky pattern you aren’t going to forget anytime soon. This one piece is perfect for girls who don’t mind showing off their wild side at swim practice!

For The Party Girl

Are you the life of the party? Do you love candy, socialising, piñatas, music and all that fun stuff. Then you’ll love the carnival theme of the Speedo Egypt Girls One Piece. This one piece has a purple background with neon lights and shapes in a carnival theme. The Speedo Egypt Girls One piece is meant to find a home with a girl who views every day as another chance to celebrate.

For The Speedo Girl

If you are Speedo girl through and through who even dreams maybe of being a Speedo swimmer for the Olympics of one day, then we have two awesome options for you. First off, there is the Speedo Monogram Girls One Piece which comes in a light purple. On the print are hundreds of Speedo “S” shapes creating a fun and intricate pattern. The other option is the Speedo Mandala Girls One Piece. This one piece features a bust filled with laser-like colours with a small white Speedo logo in the center. The neon colours contrast starkly with the midnight black to create an eye popping style. If you are really into swimming, you’re going to love these two swimsuits.

For The Indecisive One

Don’t see anything you like yet? Then be sure to peruse around the rest of our website. Here at swimmer.com.au we offer tons of girls swimwear, so that young ladies everywhere can enjoy the pool in comfort and style.

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New And Inspiring Womens Swimwear From Speedo

Speedo Womens Swimsuit 2015

Finding the exact piece of swimwear can be an expansive journey for us swimmer. We at swimmer.com.au try to minimise your search by offering the best of the best swimwear for you all here in one convenient spot you can access from the comfort of your home. We wanted to highlight some of our latest release from Speedo, because we thought many of you lovely swimmers out there may be interesting.

The exhilarating and exciting new womens one pieces from Speedo are made with the high quality one expects from Speedo. The material is tough and chlorine-resistant. The designs offer a genuine creative edge that’ll make your visits to the pool more enjoyable.

Without further ado, let us introduce the latest releases of women one pieces from Speedo.

Drift Into The Nile

The sacred Nile has fed civilizations that have developed along it for time immemorial. Tap into the sacred river with the Speedo Nile Womens One Piece. The design of this womens one piece features blue aquatic ripples with bright twinkles of light and mystical slices of purple. The resulting aesthetic is one that takes the breath away with the beautiful combination of colours and patterns. This is the perfect one piece for ladies who love the beauty of water ripples.

Swirl Your Way Into The Water

This next one piece offers a unique design for the print which may remind you of China. The Speedo Sara Womens One Piece features scrolling blue lines on a China white background. This playful one piece offers a unique and light hearted design that’ll make time at the pool even more enjoyable. This one piece is perfect for ladies who love a little bit of elegance and class, even when they are working hard in the pool.

Show Your Speedo Pride

Want to show your Speedo pride? Then you’ll love the Speedo Monogram Womens One Piece. This one piece has the Speedo signature “S” as a design with hundreds of speedo “S” shapes scrolling up and down the one piece. The Speedo brand has a long tradition of excellence, so there is nothing wrong with wanting to show off the fact you’re a Speedo girl if you ask us!  

Embrace The Aquatic Side Of The World

Do you love everything to do with the water? Then you’ll love the Speedo Aquiece Womens One Piece. The wild abstract design of this one piece offers aquatic colours and splashes for a unique look that is perfect for the water. The Speedo Aquiece Womens One Piece is perfect for ladies who don’t mind making a splash with the design of their swimwear.

Stay Tuned!

We’ve dropped a ton of new swimwear, so stay tuned to our blog to hear about all of the latest swimwear available here at swimmer.com.au. P.S. Make sure to check out sales sections, because we have countless bargains on swimwear and swimwear accessories available to you!

-Happy Swimming!



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New Kneelengths From Tornado

Tornado Kneelength Swimsuits 2015

Kneelengths provide an awesome options for female competitive swimmers, because they minimize drag in the pool to help our swimmer ladies reach touch out first. Tornado just released a line of brand new kneelengths we wanted to draw to the attention of all our swimmers out there. Without further ado, here is a brief introduction to all the different designs offered by this new line of kneelengths from Tornado.

Wish Upon A Shooting Star 

With the Tornado Hurricane Green Kneelength and the Tornado Hurricane Pink Kneelength you get a chance to wish upon a shooting star you hit the pool. Each kneelength has a front panel of dozens of shooting stars zooming down the length of the straps and torso. The Hurricane Green Kneelength has a midnight black background while the Hurricane Pink Kneelength has a purple background. Good luck on deciding which one you want- maybe you’ll just have to give in and get both!

A Simple And Fun Design
Do you want a pretty straight forward kneelength with just some minor touches of colour? Then you’ll love Tornado Dynamo Purple Kneelength, the Tornado Dynamo Orange Kneelength and the Tornado Aspire Kneelength. Simple and clean, these professional looking kneelengths have an awesome look for competition.

Take Off

The Tornado Medallion Kneelength features an electric streak of yellow going across a black background. This energetic design will inspire you to work your very hardest every time you hit the pool. If you need that little bit of extra oomph to motivate yourself in the water, the Medallion Kneelength would be the ideal choice for you.

Need A Sense Of Direction?

Some of us have this way of sort of meandering along in life. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that, but sometimes things need to get done! The Tornado Come Catch Me Kneelength’s design features arrows to remember you to keep moving forward. Once you get that sense of inner drive and direction, you are bound to do great things.

Power Stripes

Do you need a boost of power? Then check out the empowering designs of the Tornado High Voltage Blue Kneelength, the Tornado High Voltage Pink Kneelength and the Tornado Sunset Womens Kneelength. All of these kneelengths feature powerful lines of colourful that complement the contours of the body. Wearing any of these kneelengths will surely get you amped up for racing towards touch out.

Flower Power

This is the  most girly of all the kneelengths, but there is nothing wrong with a little bit of girliness if you ask us. The Tornado Azalea Womens Kneelength features purple Azaleas pouring down as if they are raining out of the sky. Feel a touch of spring every time you hit the pool with the Azalea Womens Kneelength.

Want More Kneelengths?

Then take a spin around our website! We offer tons of options for kneelengths and other swimwear from the top swimwear brands out there. We like to do the heavy lifting of choosing all the best swimwear out there, so that you can access them all at one convenient stop.

-Happy Swimming!

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Why Choose Jammers? Plus New Jammers From Tornado

Tornado Jammers 2015

Jammers are a style of swimwear that were invented in the early 20th century. At the time, swimmers wore bulky woolen garments that were not ideal for any form of swimming, but especially for competitive swimming. In the 1936 game, a former Olympian Adolph Kiefer, introduced Jammers. His were made of nylon, which although a huge improvement upon wool, is not what we use today. Today most jammers are made of a combination of spandex and Lycra which allow for maximum fitting and minimum drag.

Jammers offer specific advantages to those who are looking for competitive swimwear. Basically, the compression provided by the jammers reduces water resistance by smoothing over the legs. The material actually used to create Tornado Jammers actually makes you slippery, so that you can glide  through the water with more ease. When you are just swimming casual laps, this is no big deal. When just a small part of a second can mean the difference between first and second place, jammers can make all of the difference.

Let us briefly introduce you the new releases of Jammers from Tornado swimwear to see if there are any you would like to add to your collection.

The designs of the Tornado Hurricane Blue Jammers and the Tornado Hurricane Green Jammers have strips of colour intertwining down the legs like shooting stars. The Tornado Medallion Jammers and the Tornado Come Catch Me Jammers have thick strips of neon colour shooting down the contours of the thigh muscles. The Tornado Metallica Jammers have a swath of bold colour and strips of grey to create a unique design. The Tornado Energize Jammers offer neon purple combined with white and black to create an energetic design. The Tornado Wingz Jammers offer a fire bird design that’ll give you wings in the pool. The Tornado Turbo Red Jammers have white arrows pointing you in the right direction, forward. Last but not least, the Tornado Turbo Blue Jammers, offer powerful strips of colour to inspire you to work hard in the pool.

Despite their differences in aesthetic, all of these Tornado Jammers are made of top quality materials. The cloth is a mixture of latex and Lyrca that is designed to hold the form of the swimwear. This is really important, because when swimwear loses its form it increases the amount of drag of the swimwear, slowing down the swimmer. Not to mention droopy swimwear looks just a tad bit on the silly side. In addition, they are made of chlorine-resistant material that will stand up to many hours in the pool without the brilliant designs and colours fading.

Want More?

At swimmer.com.au we offer swimwear from all the top brands to make the shopping experience a tad bit easier on swimmers. As a bonus, we offer the collection of swimwear at discount prices, so that all of you chlorine lovers out there can get good bargains. Stay tuned to our blog to hear all the latest releases from Tornado and other top swimwear brands.

-Happy Swimming!

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Which Tornado Womens One Piece Matches Your Personality and Style?

Tornado One Piece Swimsuits 2015

Well, let’s find out!

1. Electric Lady

Are you one of those women who just has an electrifying personality that energizes everyone around you? Then you’ll love the Tornado Hazardous Yellow Womens One Piece and the Tornado Harzardous Orange Womens One Piece. Both of these one pieces are covered in zigzagging thunderbolts to create an eye popping design. The difference between the two one piece is the Hazardous Yellow Womens One Pieces has yellow lightning bolts while the Harzardous Orange Womens One Piece has orange lightning bolts.

2. The Well-Balanced Women

Are you well-rounded? Do you seem to just have it all? Then you’ll love the balance of colours in the Tornado Geotech Womens One Piece. Various of green and black create a pattern of balance and fun using triangles and swirling swashes of colour. A unique design fit for a woman who wants a well-balanced look for the pool.  

3. The Techie 

Do you love just about anything involving the latest technology. Then check out the futuristic look of the Tornado High Speed Womens One Piece. Zooming strips of yellow and light blue on a black background create a modern feel. If you want a peak into the future of swimwear design, this may just be it.

4. The Optimist

Do you always look on the bright side of things? Then you’ll love the bright and brilliant colours of the Tornado Variance Womens One Piece. Squiggles of luminescent neon colours wiggle up and down the swimwear to create a spaghetti bold of striking colours. This one piece will energize you the moment you put it on!

5. Dark and Quirky

Can you see the humor in the darker side of life? Then you’ll love the dark and random colours of the Tornado Fractilize Womens One Piece. Shards of triangles dance over a midnight black background to create an intriguing pattern. You can work on your evil laugh every time you wear this one piece to the pool.

6. The Counselor

Are you one of those people who are always trying to make the pieces fit to improve your life and the lives of those around you? Then you’ll love how the curved triangle shapes of the Tornado Pin Wheel Womens One Piece all come together to for an amazing pattern. This one piece demonstrates how when we make everything fit that it can create something exceptional and beautiful.

7. For The Time Burton Fan 

Do you love the mix of blacks, purples and pinks that Tim Burton films are often known for? Then you’ll love the mix of colours on the Tornado Starstruck Womens One Piece. Squiggles of black and pink make their way across a midnight black background. This is a perfect one piece for women who have a unique sense of taste.

8. The Confuse One

Are you one of those people who always seemed to be mixed up? Then you’ve found your match in bathing suit form! Check out the strange mixture of colours and shapes of the Tornado Focus Womens One Piece. Maybe the name of this one piece, Focus, will also remind you to zoom in on life, so that you’ll stop missing as many things!

9. A Fan Girl

Are you someone who gets really invested in a topic, so that some many even give you the title fan girl. Well get those people back with a little pun action of the Vibrations Womens One Piece. Neon purple stripes fan out on a black background to make a pleasing aesthetic. With this one piece, you’ll more than likely become a fan girl of tornado swimwear!




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Free Your Inner Wild Child With Finals Swimwear!

The Finals Wild Child Swimwear 2015

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

In this life we are only given one chance. Do you want to live in a way that isn’t genuine to your true nature? Or do you want to finally release the hidden wild child, so that she can be free to roam. With the Finals new line of swimwear you can let the wild side loose every time you hit the pool. A combination of their super comfortable and durable designs with their colourful and crazy designs, every gal feels their best when in these new one pieces.

So get ready to get in touch with your inner Tarzanna with these new one pieces! Let us introduce you to our favourite of the bunch.

The Abstract Gal

Do you like designs that are a quirky and abstract? Then you’ll love the whirlwind of a print found on The Finals Jungle Cat Purple One Piece and The Finals Jungle Cat Blue One Piece. Leopard prints are spun in a hurricane with snake print and various shades of coloured making for an extremely wacky design. This is the swimsuit you want when you don’t mind being a little bit “out there” with your style.

The Neon Princess

Neon yellow straps, shiny pink accents and a rainbow of spots, The Finals Wild Child One Piece embodies a bright, explosive side of every female. The thin straps and low cut back make from a comfortable and casual fit that allows you to maneuver around the pool with freedom. Get ready for a wild ride every time you hop into the pool with the Finals Wild Child One Piece.

The Kitty With Claws

Are you tiny bit feisty? Don’t hiss! We’re sorry we asked. The Final Clawz One Piece is a blue and pink explosion of shiny material with leopard spots that you aren't going to forget any time soon. You’ll really be in tune with your inner kitty cat every time you hit the water - even if that does seem like a tad bit of an odd combination.

Just Be You!

Ultimately swimwear is all about expressing the inner you, so don’t be afraid to express yourself swimwear or no. We hope that you find some swimwear here at swimmer.com.au that helps you feel comfortable in your skin in and out of the pool!

-Happy Swimming

P.S. Stay tuned into our blog for the latest releases from the top swimwear brands out there!

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