Swim in Pink: 10% OFF Everything Pink to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Swim in Pink

Every year during the month of October there is an annual campaign to increase awareness of breast cancer via fundraisers and wearing pink. By participating during the month, even by just wearing pink, we draw attention to the disease. The purpose of drawing attention is to get women and men to take the steps required to detect breast cancer early and to help raise funds to find a cure. Swimmer.com.au wants to help swimmers wear pink in and out of the water to raise awareness by offering a 10% discount on everything pink on our website for the month of October 2014. Simply enter promotion code: PINK in the coupon section on checkout.

Donate to the Cause with Vorgee Wave of Hope Swim Caps & Goggles

Vorgee’s Special Edition Wave of Hope Products not only raises awareness to the cause, but a certain amount of the profits go to fundraising for breast cancer research. The line offers two unique swim caps in pink (of course) and white and a high quality pair of pink goggles.

The two swim caps of the Wave of Hop line feature a stylized wave along with the famous ribbon. It comes in pink with the Wave of Hope National Breast Cancer Fund Pink Swim Cap or you can opt for white with the Wave of Hope National Breast Cancer Fund White Swim Cap.

Our personal favorite from this line are the Vorgee Missile National Breast Cancer Foundation Mirrored Lens Goggles, because this is an exceptional product even with the charitable aspects aside. These are ultra-light lenses that are perfect for athletic and fitness swimming. The eye seals are actually super soft and comfortable with silicone material, but they also work great for sealing the water out. There are four interchangeable nose bridges, so that you can custom fit to you. Now they’ve topped it all off with pink straps. BRB- I need to go buy a pair of the Vorgee Missile National Breast Cancer Foundation Mirrored Lens Goggles for myself.

Wave of Hope

Additional Pink Products with 10% Off

The deal with 10% off pink products is not limited to Vorgee, but it is everything with pink on swimmer.com.au. Simply enter the promotion code: PINK in the coupon section on checkout. Here are some highlights of pink products that you can get a great deal on to help raise awareness for breast cancer.

The Swimwear

What is more pink than flamingoes? We’re not sure! For womens swimwear we are offering the Funkita Flaming Go Go’s Sports Bikini that is covered in flamingos seemingly raining down from the sky. As a bonus, this sports bikini as a cute tie in the front that makes for a cute cut, but no worries, it will stay on while you are working hard in the water.

For the younger girls, we have the Funkita Pink Army Girls One Piece that is covered with pink, black and white spots, so that your girl could camouflage into a flock of flamingos or a barrel of cotton candy.

For the littlest of the ladies, we have the Speedo Large Spot Pink Toddler Girls One Piece. Covered in sweet little polka dots, this pink style is just perfect for little swimmers in the making.

The Clothes

You can also have any pink dry land accessories for 10% off. Hot pink clothes, like the Running Bare Bionic Action Back Tank Marilyn, is a great way to take your breast cancer awareness with you beyond the pool. Plus, even past breast cancer awareness month this hot pink top is an awesome style and cut for running.

The Swimwear Accessories

A hot pink towel? Need we say more? Check out the towel at the Speedo Border Towel Pink and Black.

Lastly, we also have a really pink Speedo Pink Teamster Backpack for all of your swim gear. Even when you are on the go with your swimming gear Backpack you help make a positive impact on the world.

Pinked Out Yet?

Explore our website to find other pink products that you can add to your collection this October. If you don’t want any pink swimwear or accessories, you can always donate money directly to the Breast Cancer Foundation.




Dinos, Monsters and Pirates from Rival’s Toddler Boys Swimwear

Rival Swimwear Boys

Dinos, Monsters and Pirates from Rival’s Toddler Boys Swimwear

Dinosaurs, monsters and pirates - what more could a little boy ask for? Rival’s new swimwear and sun top line shows that Rival swimwear designers are totally in tune with what little boys love. Getting swimwear boys love is especially great in the case of sun tops, because it can be a challenge to convince your little one he needs to wear a sun top to protect his skin against the sun. With these super cool boys sun tops and boys jammers, you may have a hard time explaining to him why he can’t wear his swim gear everywhere.

Toddler Boys Sun Tops

Can we hear you roar? With the Dino Long Sleeve Toddler Boys Sun Top your little guy will be roaring all over the place with this dinoed out sun top. The orange and red T-Rex decal on the front compliments the blue of the long sleeve sun top. This sun top is so cool even I want one, so I know your toddler is going to love it!

A little more scary option is the Diego Toddler Boys Sun Top. This sun top isn’t for the light of heart with big scary white teeth on the front of this black top. In other words, it is something that every little boy would love, especially to scare their siblings. The short sleeves make it comfy for hot days in the sun.

Arghhh, who be out there in the distance? For boys who be fascinated with everything involving pirates, they’ll be happy swimming the seven seas with the Captain R Long Sleeve Toddler Boys Sun Top. The Captain R Long Sleeve Sun Top from Rival features a captain’s face, complete with a mustachio and eye patch. When wearing this sun top we may or may not make ye walk the plank.

Toddler Boys Jammers

Jammers provide boys with a comfortable fitting swimwear that stays on securely in the pool. The Predator Toddler Boys Jammers and Take Off Toddler Boys Jammers provide two fun designs with midnight black and printed side panels. These jammers will match just about anything, not that your little guy cares too much about colour coordination at this age.

Stay Cool With Rival

There are lots of awesome options beyond these for toddler boys swimwear from Rival here at swimmer.com.au. Explore our website to find the coolest swimwear for your toddler, but careful, you may find something for yourself too!


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Go on a Floral Safari with Womens Rival Swimwear

Rival Swimwear Floral Safari

Go on a Floral Safari with Womens Rival Swimwear

Does a safari in the jungle sound like an excellent idea for a trip for you? But a safari doesn’t fit the budget right now? Well, we have the second best thing to a safari, Rival’s new line of safari-themed womens swimwear. Rival Swimwear designers took inspiration from the bright colours of the jungle then applied the palette to this fabulous line of womens swimwear that is available in regular and plus sizes.

The Plus Sized Safari Style

The Sexy Samba Womens one piece swimsuit features cascading panels of the safari floral print that meet at the hip for a flattering cut. Black material makes up the rest of the swimwear to create an overlapping effect that reminds one of the overlapping materials of the dresses of Greek goddesses. The moulded cups, classic leg line and clipped back make for an extra comfortable and supportive one piece. This swimsuit is perfect for ladies who want a classic look for the sun, surf or swimming pool!

The Standard Safari Style

In standard sizes Rival swimwear offers the Surfin Safari Womens One Piece Swimsuit and the Surfin Safari Womens Sport Bikini. Both of these pieces feature a print with bright jungle florals that remind us of the wide variety of colours in the jungle. Both cuts offer unique, string strap configurations, making them also  perfect for casual swimming. The Surfin Safari Swimsuits are perfect for ladies who want a wild jungle style every time they hit the water.

Want More Wild Styles from Rival Swimwear?

Be sure to check out our discounted Rival swimwear throughout the site to find a print and cut that works for your personality and swim style. This year Rival swimwear offers a huge variety of amazing styles, so you are bound to find a swimsuit that you are just in love with. Disclaimer: Browsing our site for too long can lead to an excessively large swimwear collection.

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Back to Basics with Rival Swimwear

Rival Swimwear Basics

Swimming is all about mastering the basics. The technique of the perfect stroke never changes, but we must constantly modify our technique to try to perfect our stroke. In the swimwear world, some classic and basic swimwear styles are just too good to go. Recently Rival Swimwear went back to basics by releasing clean and colourful swimwear designs in womens swimwear, mens swimwear, and boys swimwear.

Neon and Black for Everyone

Ever since neon fabric was created in the 1980’s, swimwear companies have been utilising the colour combination of neon and black to create sleek and attractive swimwear. This basic colour combination just looks great in the water, and that is why this swimwear style has never gone out of fashion. The new Bauhaus prints from Rival utilises a variety of neon stripes mixed with black to create a basic print that is good for athletic and fitness swimming.

For women, you can get the Bauhaus print in the Bauhaus Womens One Piece Swimsuit and the Bauhaus Womens Sports Bikini. Both of these styles have thin black straps that match the black of the print. The combination of neon and black will be stylish this year, next year, the next and so on, so with Rivals’ long-lasting swimwear you can keeps these swimsuits in your regular rotation for many swim seasons to come.

For the men and boys, you have two awesome options with this print. The first option is the Bauhaus Mens Trunk and the Bauhaus Boys Trunk offering a solid print across the entirety of the trunk. The other option is the Bauhaus Mens Jammers or the Bauhaus Boys Jammers, these offer the jammer cut with a side panel of the print swerving down each leg. Both the Bauhaus Trunks and Bauhaus Jammers are cut specifically for the comfort of athletic and fitness swimmers, so either choice would be a good one.

Pink and Blue For the Ladies

Sometimes with swimwear, it is best to just keep things simple. With the Pink Bahamas Womens Sports Bikini you have a solid coloured swimsuit with no distracting designs. Sometimes all of the prints of swimwear can just serve as a distraction. With the Bahamas Sports Bikinis you have a simple colour that will stay bright through this swim season thanks to Rival’s signature chlorine-resistant material that prevents fading in swimwear.

Neon Rainbow for the Ladies

The classic colours of the rainbow are okay, but they look even better in neon. The Long Island Womens One Piece Swimsuit offers a very neon rainbow with neon orange thin straps. Why choose just one colour for swimwear when you can have all the colours with this playful athletic one piece swimsuit?  The Long Island Womens One Piece is perfect ladies who love the classic colourful prints in their swimwear style.

Stay tuned!

Follow our blog if you would like to keep up-to-date with the latest releases from Rival swimwear and other top swimwear brands. P.S. Make sure to check out our 'swimwear on sale' section for some great bargains on high quality swimwear.

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Tutu Cute with Springtime Junior Range from Rival Swimwear

Rival Swimwear Tu Tu

Do you smell something? We can smell the fresh blooms featured on Rivals new line of junior springtime swimwear. Maybe you can’t smell the beautiful blossoms from all the way over there, so take a closer look at these junior swimwear options that are really just too cute! The new floral swimwear line from Rival features girls and toddlers sizes, so all the little ladies in your life can join in on the fun.

Kids Only!

Big girls just love their flowers everywhere, even in the swimming pool! Let them take their love of flowers into the water with the Peppa Potts Girls One Piece Swimsuit and the Peppa Potts Girls Sports Bikini. The Peppa Potts prints are bursting with hundreds of colourful flowers, so many that it’d be tough to count every single flower on the print. With pastel and dark blooms the print balances light and dark colours to make for a harmonious style that isn’t often seen in children’s styles. The Peppa Potts swimwear is great for young ladies who have an appreciation for natural beauty and colourful flowers!

For the Toddler Girls!

There is one question that will help you figure out which of these toddlers one pieces you should get for you little girl: to tutu or not to tutu? The Peppa Potts Toddler Girls Mahalo One Piece Swimsuit is simply cut like a big girls one piece with thin straps and 100% polyester material. This is a good option for little girls who may not be too thrilled with a tutu on their swimwear.

For girls who can’t get enough of tutus, the Peppa Potts Toddler Girls Tutu One Piece Swimsuit will be a much welcomed gift. The tiny purple tutu compliments the colourful florals of the print to make for a perfect fashion statement for your miniature fashionista. The purple criss-cross spaghetti straps also just happen to match the purple of the tutu. We bet any little girl would look cute as a button swimming away in this one piece from Rival swimwear.

Let us not forget to protect your little girl’s skin from the sun. The Ariel Long Sleeve Toddler Girls Sun Top provides a cover up for little ones. The floral sleeves and mermaid decal print is something that most toddlers would adore to wear! Heck, we even wish they made one in adult sizes for us to wear to the pool!

Swim Away Little Ladies! 

If the floral swimwear from Rival isn't exactly what you were looking for, we offer plenty of other toddlers swimwear and girls swimwear here at swimmer.com.au. Stay tuned to our blog for the latest releases on swimwear from the top brands in the industry!

-Happy Swimming!

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On the Prowl with Rival’s Brand New Swimsuits

Prowl with Rival Swimwear

Every stroke gets you a little bit closer. Every time your refine your technique, you get a little bit faster. With every lap, you grow a little more determined. In swimming, it is just you, the water and whoever dare takes you on in the pool. Whether you are trying to beat your personal best or take on a foe at swim competition, swimmers know it is all up to them to achieve their dreams. You, the water and the swimwear you choose to wear can mean the difference between victory and failure.

So why not go with a swimwear brand that motivates your inner instincts to beat out the competition? The new action packed swimwear styles from Rival swimwear will have you thrusting through laps like never before. The mens swimwear, womens swimwear and girls swimwear from this series from Rival is meant to get your head in the game, so that you can be the best swimmer you can be.

The Predator Swimwear Line

The Predator Womens One Piece Swimsuit, Predator Womens Sports Bikini and Predator Boys Trunks features a print inspired by the voracious attitude of a predator. Animals that are predators are required to always have that killer instinct in order to survive. The killer instinct is not all that dissimilar to our aggressive instinct to reach our goals in and out of the water. The camouflage Predator print features swathes of red, pink, orange, black, peach and blue. The intensity of the colours will amp up your attitude every time you hit the pool.

The Swimwear Line for Carefree Crusaders

Some swimmers don’t channel their inner predator so much when they hit the pool- rather they channel more of an inner peace warrior. Even when we are pushing our hardest in the pool, in a way the water serves as an escape from the rest of the world. No matter what is going outside of the water, as swimmers we can control our performance in the pool. The carefree design of the Point Break Womens One Piece Swimsuit and Point Break Girls One Piece Swimsuit is perfect for water warriors who use the water as a place where they can demonstrate their personal performance. The kaleidoscope design of the Point Break Girls One Piece Swimsuit print makes for an eye popping look that looks great in the pool.

Don’t See Anything You Like Yet?

All of us swimmers have our own individual tastes, and that is why we offer so many type of swimwear here at swimwear.com.au. If you don’t see anything you like in this blog to express your “on the prowl attitude” be sure to check the rest of our website for a print that speaks more to your inner swimmer.  Warning: If you look through our website too long, you may want to add too many new pieces of swimwear to your collection!

-Happy Swimming!

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Be Inspired by Rival Athlete Tara Coleman

Tara Coleman Rival Swimwear

Tara Coleman is one of the top competitors in Australia in Surf Life Saving events, including the Coolangatta Gold, Australian Titles and the Nutri-Grain Ironwoman Series. She spends a good deal of time training for these events often starting early in the morning then to bed by around 8pm. She states that one of the most challenging aspects of training is keeping up the motivation to work hard during the winter, when cold conditions make the idea of training much less appealing.

Only in her early twenties, she finished 5th out of 15 the females who finished the Coolangatta Gold in 2013. Out of the male and female competitors, she finished 59 out of 166. Just finishing such a gruelling competition that includes 14.65 km of running, 23 km of surf ski, 3.5 km of swimming and 5.5 km of boarding, is a victory in itself.  Last year was the first year ever females were allowed to compete in the long course with the males, and Coleman participated in the ground breaking event. Coleman’s final time for this race was 04:35:04, while the female who finished first, Elizabeth Pluimers, came in first at 04:19:39.  At such a young age Coleman has many years to go competing, and her current promising performances probably foreshadow more victories to come.

It is athletes like Tara Coleman who keep us all inspired when we are working either on our fitness or athletic swimming goals. Her achievements show us that we all could work a little harder, even if we have no intention of being iron woman.  If you want to channel some good juju from Tara Coleman, why not try out some Rival swimwear? Rival helps sponsor Coleman’s career, and by supporting their swimwear brand we support her athletic endeavors. As a bonus, every time we put on our Rival swimwear we can be reminded to work just a little bit harder by thinking of Tara Coleman’s drive and ambition.

Lucky for you, Rival just released a ton of new womens swimwear and girls swimwear for us to enjoy! We are going to highlight some of our favourite swimwear from Rival’s fresh new line of athletic swimwear.

For those who want to dream of a tropical paradise to motivate themselves to work harder in the pool, the Rio Womens One Piece Swimsuit and the Rio Girls One Piece Swimsuit are perfect swimsuits to add to your swimwear collection. The Rio One Piece features yellow, mandarin and lime stripes on the bust with black material making up the rest of the swimsuit. The bright colours will help lift your attitude every time you hit the water.

For ladies who wish for endless summers, we highly recommend the Summertime Womens One Piece Swimsuit, the Summertime Womens Sports Bikini and the Summertime Girls One Piece Swimsuit. These swimsuits feature neon streams of summer colours on a midnight black background. Energise with the neon colours of summer with the Summertime Swimsuits from Rival.

Next time you feel like you can’t go any further or any faster remember the drive and ambition of Tara Coleman and athletes alike. We know you have it in you to give just a little bit more, so don’t give up. Pick up some Rival swimwear to travel with you on your journey in the pool!

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Take a Trip to the Copacabana Beach and Rio with Rival Swimwear!

Rival Swimwear Copacabana

Do you need a vacation? As swimmers, we know that not just any vacation will do for our very special needs. We swimmers need big white sandy beaches, lots of water to play in and perhaps even some fruity drinks. If you are in a vacation state of mind, get away with the new line of beach themed athletic swimwear from Rival. The line features mens swimwear, womens swimwear and girls swimwear with beautiful images of Copacabana Beach and Rio. Although we may not be able to actually visit these places in reality we can visit them with our imagination every time we wear an item from this new swimwear line from Rival. If you close your eyes when you are doing laps, it is almost as if you are swimming in the ocean. Right?!

If you want swimwear that captures a collage of images of the beach to accompany you to the pool then we have the perfect swimwear for you! The Copacabana print features a mishmash of colorful photos taken right at the Copacabana beach. Warning: If you wear the Copacabana print your swim team may be begging you take them on vacation, so be weary of whom you wear this travel-themed swimwear around! You can check out this fun print with the Copacabana Mens Trunks, Copacabana Womens One Piece, Copacabana Womens Sports Bikini, the Copacabana Girls One Piece and the Copacabana Girls Sports Bikini. As a pro tip we wanted to mention there is a size for most of the family in this print, and the matching swimwear would look great in all the family photos you want to take on this year’s vacation! P.S. You didn’t get the idea from us.

For women swimmers who would like a little bit of a different style that still captures the natural beauty and magic of Rio and Copacabana, we highly recommend checking out the Wipeout Womens One Piece Swimsuit. The Wipeout Womens One Piece features a print with horizontal strips of photographs in colour and black and white. The multitude of different designs and photos captures many interesting elements of the natural beauty of South America. This a perfect one piece for women who love travel more than almost anything else - besides swimming of course!

Don’t see anything you like yet from the Rival beach-themed swimwear line? Make sure to stay tuned to our blog for tons of brand new releases from the top swimwear brands at discounted prices. If you are looking for a good deal on athletic and fitness swimwear, make sure to check out our 'swimwear on sale' section too! We need to make room for all the new collections, so there are lots of great bargains to be had today.

-Bon Voyage!

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Fun Water Activities for the School Holidays

School Holiday Fun

We are so glad in Australia that the warm weather is finally coming! After the long, hard winter it is time to hit the beach and water for some much earned fun. Those lucky kids also just happen to have a holiday coming up, so we thought we’d give you some ideas to inspire the kids in the pool in case they catch the “I’m bored” syndrome that is so prevalent among today’s youth!

1. Swim Lesson/Swim Team
It is never too early or too late to start swimming for fitness, athleticism and fun. Help your little one become at one with the water by signing them up for activities at your local pool.

2. Go Fishing
Most kids only have so much of an attention span for fishing, but if you are fishing chances are you are near some water that looks mighty inviting to jump into. With the Rival Off the Hook Boys Trunks you can spend part of the day fishing then the other part swimming to make for the perfect warm spring day.

3. Swim with the Mermaids
Ariel must have been crazy for wanting to come to land, because we have to agree with her crab friend Sebastian that life is much better down where it’s wetter. Embrace the mermaid beauty with the Funkita Ocean Princess Girls One Piece Swimsuit.

4. Be a Super Hero
Every boy wants to be a super hero. Let your little boy really get into character with the Q Swimwear Crazy Heroes Jammers. These fun boys jammers feature two colorful super heroes that will inspire your little guy to save the day.

5. Count the Colors or Dots
For our little ones, every day is a new learning opportunity. It shouldn’t stop with swimwear! Practice your colors and count the stripes with your little girl when she wears the Funkita Rainbow Racer Toddler Girls Tankini. For boys, have him try to count all the dots on the Funky Trunks Anti Freeze Toddler Boys Trunks- that should keep him busy for at least a little while.

6. Bikini Babe in Training
We all remember being little girls wanting to be big girls. It was fun to wear makeup, talk about boys and wish to be older- although now many of us wish we could go back to simpler days. Let your girls play pre-teen with the Hive Euphoria Girls Sports Bikini.


Celebrating 21 years of Rival Swimwear

Rival Swimwear  21 yr Celebration

All the way back in 1993, Brian and Corin Powell split with Arena International to create their own swimwear brand in Australia. They wanted to devote more time to creating competitive swimwear that matched the vision they had for the future of swimwear. The brave move of these two swimwear brand founders has resulted in some of swimmer.com.au staff’s favorite swimwear that offers swimmers around the world style and comfort!

For the past 21 years, Rival swimwear has worked hard to produce swimwear that offers high technology swimwear features with the latest trends and colours. It is the swimwear brand for swimmers who not only love high quality chlorine-resistant swimwear, but who also have a high sense of style. To celebrate this monumental birthday we wanted to feature their latest swimwear in our blog! If you love Rival swimwear as much as we do, then you are going to love their new line of prints.

For womens swimwear, Rival is offering two fabulous pieces of athletic swimwear that we want to tell you all about.  For starters, the piece that honours Rival’s swimwear legacy the most is the Off the Hook Womens One Piece. This one piece features the Rival logo with ocean-filled letters running vertically up and down the swimwear. The one piece swimsuit has magenta straps and trim which compliment the blue of the ocean-filled text. This is a great one piece that lets you sport your love of Rival swimwear AND your love of the ocean!

The Copacabana Womens Sports Bikini is the other featured design that Rival swimwear is releasing for women. This sports bikini’s print features a collage of photographs of the breath-taking Malibu! Images of swimming pools, a pink hotel and a beach are all of photographic quality, so you may just want to step into the realistic scenes portrayed on your sports bikini! We also liked the pink straps and trim that complimented the collage of photographs perfectly!

In mens and boys sizes, Rival also released a line of signature Rival swim trunks and Rival jammers. The jammers and trunks both feature a print with the Rival logo printed in ocean-filled text. The cool colours of the black and blue are perfect for athletes who like to sport their favorite swimwear brand, but they like their swimwear to have a boss sense of style too. A perfect style for men and boys who love the Rival swimwear brand!

We are excited here at swimmer.com.au to see what Rival will offer the swimwear world for the company’s next 21 years. The fun and fashionable designs of their swimwear truly offer something unique to the world of swimming, and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

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