How Fins Can Make All the Difference 


Want to improve your technique and fly through the water effortlessly? Love them or hate them, you need fins to get you where you want to go! Fins teach your body how to move through the water at maximum efficiency and speed.

One of the top reasons that swimmers use fins in training is to perfect their technique. When you use fins, you move through the water faster and your body naturally remains higher. Of course, that is exactly the technique you are always aiming to achieve. Beginners tend to move slowly through the water and let their legs sink down. In fact, even the most experienced swimmers will get slower and lower when they are tired out. This is where fins come into play. Fins that are made out of silicon, like the DMC Swim Elite and DMC Swim Warrior, can help you to perfect your technique by keeping your feet higher up in the water.

On top of just keeping your feet closer to the surface, fins are also a critical strength training tool. It is all too easy to get into the habit of moving yourself forward with just your arms. While that is great for improving your upper body strength, it will leave your legs weak. To improve your full body strength, fins are the way to go. They force your leg muscles into action and make them strong. This is particularly valuable for your ankles. Fins not only increase your ankle strength, they also make them more flexible. It is important to create a straight line between your knees and toes for maximum speed and that is exactly what fins force your feet into doing. And, after you ditch the fins, you’ve got the strength and flexibility to maintain that technique effortlessly. If you are having trouble building up leg strength, go for a fin like Arena Powerfin for power training. They’ll have your legs in top shape in no time.

There is more to technique development than just leg movement and flexibility. Swimming is all about moving your entire body like one flawlessly connected machine. If you are going to become a truly great swimmer, timing is everything. You need to get just the right rhythm and timing so that you can move seamlessly from one phase of the stroke to the next. If you struggle to get that perfect pairing of technique and speed, check out fins like Speedo Biofuse Training Fins, which are all about speed training. Once you’ve mastered your technique, those fins will help you speed up until you’re flying though the water effortlessly.

Whatever your particular goal, ultimately it all comes down to neuromuscular patterning, which is really all about muscle memory. By using fins to create the perfect blend of technique, timing, and speed, you teach your body what your goal technique feels like. Later, when you are not wearing the fins, your muscles and nerves still remember that perfect feeling and your body can recreate it. After time, that flawless technique is just second nature and you will naturally gravitate toward it—with or without your fins!



Using Aids to Master Your Technique


Looking to improve your technique? Get some help! If you really want to become a great swimmer, you need more than just some water and a swimsuit. Swimming aids can truly make all the difference in your training. So, when you are ready to go from beginner to winner, here are a few aids that you will need.

One of the most useful aids is a snorkel. The right snorkel can do wonders for your stroke technique and body position. A snorkel that is specifically designed for swim training like the Vorgee Centre Snorkel or the Michael Phelps Focus Snorkel will totally eliminate distraction. By allowing you to keep your head exactly where it needs to be, you can focus all of your attention on your technique rather than wasting energy thinking about breathing.

A lot of new swimmers have a tendency to focus their gaze on the other side of the pool. When you do this, your legs and hips tend to lower and slow you down. Other newbies get into the habit of looking too far down which is just as bad. By keeping your face down, you are creating a constant drag. A swim training snorkel allows you to keep your head just at the surface so that you can keep your eyes on the water directly in front of you and minimise any drag.

Once you have got the whole breathing things under control, it is time to focus on training your arms. A pull buoy is the perfect way to master your upper body technique while building up some serious strength. Pros refer to this as “pulling” because you are using just your arms to pull your body forward. Needless to say, this is a serious workout. Using a pull buoy on a regular basis will transform your upper body strength. To get started with pulling, you just stick the pull buoy between your upper legs and force your upper body to do all of the work.

Like any job, it is important to have the right tools to do what you need. Swim training aids like the Vorgee 4 Layer Pull Buoy and the Funky Trunks Pull Buoy were designed specifically for pulling and will never let you down. They will not only help you to master your upper body movements and build up the muscles in your upper body, they will also auto-correct your body position. From beginners to pros, we all tend to let our lower body sink into the water. A pull buoy will stop this bad habit before it starts. The asymmetric shape of a good pull buoy will keep your hips held high in the water to prevent drag and bad posture. Basically, you can think of it as an exercise tool that helps you perfect your form and technique. What more could you ask for?

Once you have your upper body covered, it is time to think about your lower body. Kickboards will do exactly for your low body what pull buoys do for your upper body. The Funkita kickboard is a favourite among swimmers across the globe. It targets and tones your lower body while developing strength in your legs and core.

From head to toe, there is a swimming aid that will help you become the best. So, when you are ready to take your training to the next level, grab an aid before you hit the water!



The Latest and Greatest DMC Fins


You have probably seen DMC Swim Fins before. The Australian and International Olympic Swimming team members have been sporting these world class fins for years. Whether you are a novice swimmer or an Olympic hopeful, DMC has the fins that’ll put an extra kick in your stroke. Here’s a look at two of their best fins.

DMC truly become a world class gear company with the release of their DMC Elite Swim Fins. The Elites are hands down the best training fins out there. In fact, they are so impressive, the have won a design award for their revolutionary form.

Rather than using rubber, the Elites are made from silicone and that is what makes all the difference. The ultra-light weight fins are designed specifically to prevent abrasion so you can focus on your form rather than messing around with your fins. In fact, every aspect of the Elite fins are designed with comfort in mind. The foot pockets are flawlessly formed to prevent foot cramps while the ankle cut-outs are ultra-effective in creating a chafe-proof way to keep your foot in place.

Even better, the density of silicone creates a lift that’ll propel your feet up and keep them just below the surface. Their flawless design helps any swimmer, from beginners to world class swimmers, to maintain the perfect form. By training with fins on, you’re able to create neuromuscular memory that will strengthen and tone your muscles so that you are stronger when you hit the water without fins.

While the Elite Swim Fins have become a classic, the folks at DMC still have more than a few tricks up their sleeve. If you are looking for the latest (and maybe the greatest), you need to check out the DMC Warrior Fins.

The Warrior Fins are the culmination of more than 40 years of research. Encapsulating every aspect of aquatic propulsion from pool swimming to bodysurfing, the Warrior Fins are the ultimate marriage of form and function.

Based on the award-winning design used for the DMC Elite Fins, the Warrior Fins have it all. Their one-of-a-kind moulding and material compound have a trademarked position that allows a quick thrust response that’ll give you enough torque to propel forward and gain momentum without having to worry about cramps and abrasion.

If you are looking for the maximum thrust with the minimum effort, the DMC Warrior Fins are where it’s it. DMC prides itself on the true Spartan feel of the Warrior fins. There are no other fins in the water that so effortlessly connect foot to fin. If you are looking for no-abrasion fins that’ll keep you in the water as long as possible, the DMC Elite Fins are it.

So, what’ll it be: The DMC Elite Swim Fins or DMC Warrior Fins? Ultimately, they are both world class fins. You can grab the DMC Elite Swim Fins for $59.99 in a range of colours including charcoal, fluorescent green, orange, and pink. The Warriors in their iconic Bronze shade will set you back $64.99 but last you a lifetime.

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The Baltimore Bullet has his sights on another target

Michael Phelps Blog Banner 2

If there is anyone who knows about goggles, it is Michael Phelps. The swimming legend, best known as the Baltimore Bullet, has won more medals than any other athlete in Olympic history. In fact, Michael Phelps has taken home a staggering 77 medals in major competitions around the world. Now the swimming extraordinare is winning a new kind of award. Rather than flaunting his gold medals, he’s now showing off the stellar online reviews for his new goggle line.

Back in 2014, Michael Phelps teamed up with one of the biggest names in swimming equipment, Aqua Sphere. Alongside his Hall of Fame Coach Bob Bowman, Phelps began work with the pioneering aquatics giant in an effort to develop the greatest line of swim training gear the world has ever seen. With Bowman and Phelps’ impressive swimming experience combined with Aqua Sphere’s engineering knowhow, the pool juggernauts’ new project has been gearing up to be a game changer.

So, what does that mean for those of us out there swimming laps every morning? Fortunately, it means some seriously professional gear at reasonable prices. After seeing Phelps’ new range of goggles, it looks like he might have a sound business going by the time he’s ready to quit his day job.

The latest line from Phelps’ goggle collection is the K180, which advertises itself with the simple motto: “small goggle – big vision”. The asymmetrical lenses feature an impressively wide field of vision along with a comfortable, watertight fit.

Michael Phelps K180 goggles are made with ultra-soft Softeril, which is one of the best technologies on the market today. It’s hypoallergenic, comfortable and truly ageless. It is able to retain its perfect shape through anything that you can throw at it so you never have to worry about it becoming misshapen with time.

The anatomic lens shape gives a water-tight fit while the curved lens and integrated strap loop enhances hydrodynamics. And, of course, the key feature in the K180 goggle line is the flawless 180-degree panoramic vision field. Thanks to the EXO-Core technology, these goggles are strong and streamlined. On top of this, you’ll also find all of the basics here like 100% UV protection, an easy-adjust head strap and three interchangeable nose bridges.

The Michael Phelps K180 line is a safe bet for anyone in need of a quality pair of goggles and they are great value so you can’t really go wrong here. The only real question is: which K180? Your main decision here is about smoked lens vs clear. Ultimately, any serious swimmer should have both on hand for different times. When it’s overcast or you are swimming indoors, you’ll need the clear lens while summer days will call for the tinted.

In terms of style, the Michael Phelps K180 Lady Smoke Lens Aqua & Silver Goggles are an incredibly popular pick for ladies swimming under the sun while the Michael Phelps K180 Smoke Lens, Trans & Black Goggles gives guys a sleek look. If you are looking for a clear lens, check out the Michael Phelps K180 Clear Lens, Aqua & Silver Goggles or Michael Phelps K180 Clear Lens Silver & Black Goggles for the perfect combination of form and function.



The Flying Fish Breathes Underwater

Michael Phelps Blog Banner 1

Michael Phelps has made a name for himself underwater and he knows a thing or two about what it takes to hold your own down there. When it comes to swimming gear, nobody knows better than Michael Phelps. The career of the 22 time Olympic medal winner depends on his ability to fly through the water faster than your average goldfish.

The greatest thing about Michael Phelps’ swimming gear is that it just fades into the background. His equipment is the last thing that the award-winning swimmer wants to think about when his is facing off against some of the toughest men and women in the sea. The perfect swimming gear should create a seamless connection to the swimmer. This is particularly true when it comes to underwater breathing equipment.

When you get your hands on the perfect snorkel, you should never have to give it a second thought after you get into the water. If you are going to focus on your speed and form, you need to totally forget about breathing. With the right snorkel, you can breathe as easily in the pool as you can on the street. Fortunately for you, the right snorkel is just a click away.

As you have probably heard, Michael Phelps has teamed up with Aqua Sphere, the number one swimming equipment manufacturer on the planet. Alongside the swim gear giant, the most decorated swimmer of all-time and his coach have launched the Michael Phelps MP Brand of swimming gear. The brand combines Aqua Sphere’s excellence in engineering with Phelps’ and Coach Bob Bowman’s extensive knowledge of what is truly important to swimmers in the water.

With more than 70 years of experience making diving equipment, Aqua Sphere knows a whole lot about creating the perfect fit and seal. They have translated generations of knowledge into the Michael Phelps Focus Training Snorkel and it is seriously amazing. Everything that you have been dreaming of in a snorkel is here. Your days of spitting out chlorine are done.

The Focus swim training snorkel has a low-profile, hydrodynamic tube that reduces drag and makes breathing effortless. The snorkel has been engineered for maximum comfort and durability. The brilliant design allows you to focus all of your energy on technique and proper body position rather than fiddling with your gear.

The adjustable, lightweight head bracket has an integrated cushion that ensures a comfortable fit for any and every head. It is a level of comfortable that feels like it belongs with a much higher price tag but the Focus swim training snorkel goes for a reasonable $34.99.

And that’s not the half of it. The real star of the show here is the patented Comfo-Bite mouthpiece. These silicone-based mouthpieces eliminate jaw fatigue. Because you don’t have to clench your teeth at all, it is a completely effortless process.

The one-way purge valve is positioned to maximise clearing of excess water while the low-profile design allows ease of moment. This snorkel can handle any speed or flip turn that you are ready to throw at it.

Sold? For the ultimate meeting of form and function, grab the Michael Phelps Black & Neon Focus

Snorkel or check out the Focus Blue & White Snorkel for a traditional style. They are both available in a regular fit and small fit.



Speedo Training Kneelengths for Strong Women and Girls


“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”– Anais Nin

Women in the world of swimming are powerful. They put in the work. They put in the time. They know what it means to really give it everything you have when it comes time to enter the water. This attitude of hard work and perseverance is something women swimmers offer in and out of the water.

To tap into the best of yourself you must put forward the courage to try your best. You must reach into your very being to pull out excellence. Part of doing that is finding ways to bolster yourself however possible. Choosing Speedo swimwear is one way of doing that.

While we know kneelengths aren't as glamorous as sports bikinis, they get the job done. They make it so you can tear through the water at top speeds. Speedo has done their best to turn their chlorine resistant training kneelengths Into something worthy of these ladies who exemplify so many exceptional traits.

We wanted to take some time to introduce the lovely prints Speedo is offering on their Chlorine Resistant Training Kneelengths below.

The Prints of Speedo’s Chlorine Resistant Training Kneelengths

Womens Swimwear Speedo

Tie Dye Madness

If you are a fan of bright colours and tie die, you are going to love the Speedo El Matador Womens Kneelength. This really is the answer to all the thousands of boring black kneelengths we’re used to seeing. It is covered with swirling colours from head to toe, so you’ll never feel like there is a dull moment when it comes to your chlorine resistant training kneelength.


Native American Inspired Design

Channel the rich and powerful culture of the Apache with the Speedo Apache Women Kneelength. Speedo designers were inspired by the colours and shapes of traditional Apache art. The result is a spirited print you’re going to love.

Girls Swimwear Speedo

LA Wonderland

Wander into the vibrant streets of LA with this creative print. Covered with everything you’d want from L.A.: palm trees, tropical colours, and urban life. This print almost seems like a work of art! Feel California run through your bones every time you hop into the pool with this creative Speedo LA Wonderland Girls Kneelength.

Classic Tie Dye

This Speedo Coachella Girls Kneelength, features the classic tie dye design that we all know and love. A rainbow of colours explodes to create a vibrant and fun kneelength which will help invigorate your energy before heading to swim practice.

There’s More…

Not in love with one of these kneelengths? Check out the rest of our chlorine resistant kneelengths on our website. We have tons of options for women and girls seeking kneelength swimwear.

Happy Swimming!



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Welcome a 100+ New Speedo Products Here at Swimmer.com.au

Speedo High Summer 2016

New. Tough. Resilient. The new range of Speedo products on swimmer.com.au offers the best in swimwear and swimming accessories. We know you mean business as a swimmer, so we've brought the swimming gear to match your goals. That is why we are now offering over 100 new products from Speedo right here at swimmer.com.au for discount prices.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a future Olympian or casual swimmer, we have the Speedo products you need at discount prices. We've got a little bit of something for every age and gender. The range is all-encompassing, because let’s face it, Speedo is the largest swimwear brand out there. That means they offer some of the best swimwear out there for a wide variety of customers.

We wanted to take a moment to focus on the line of chlorine resistant swimwear from Speedo. We’re really stoked about the prints, so we wanted to give you a sneak peek into these looks.

Speedo Swimwear for Adults

For the Ladies

Feel the glitz and glam of Hollywood when you are in the pool, at least as much as you can while wearing goggles and swim cap, with the Speedo Hollywood Womens One Piece Swimsuit. This print was designed by Matthew Langille who was inspired by Hollywood wall paper. Scrolled across the chest is Hollywood in big block print letters. You’re going to love it.

For the Men

For the guys we have Speedo Kinetic Jammers. Energetic designs with a perfect fit for fitness and athletic swimmers, you’re going to love working hard in these jammers. Built with strong material that is meant to last- there really isn’t more you can ask from a piece of swimwear.

Speedo Swimwear for Kids and Toddlers

Swimwear for Girls

Another one piece designed by Matthew Langille for girls inspired by California, the Speedo Santa Monica Girls One Piece Swimsuit offers all the excitement of Santa Monica on a print. Animated and colourful this is a wonderful choice for little girls who have big dreams to travel the world. Keep them inspired while they are in the pool.

Swimwear for Toddler Girls

Starlight, star bright, will you grant my wish to night with some super cute swimwear? It looks like the skies have granted our wish the totally adorable Speedo Starlight Toddler Girls One Piece Swimsuit. White outlines of star on a deep sky background makes for a one piece that will make your little girls eye twinkle like little stars.

Swimwear for Toddler Boys

What do all little toddler boys love (and many of us adults too)? DINOSAURS. Speedo called it right when creating the Speedo Dinosaur Toddler Boys Trunks covered in colourful dinos. We’re just waiting for Speedo to catch up with the times and offer this awesome print to little girls as well. Just saying!

Swimwear for Boys

Guys like to be cool. There isn't anything much cooler than Speedo swimwear. Top it off with the awesome design of the Speedo Avalon Boys Jammers, you’ll please even the most jaded boy swimmer.

Don’t You Just Love Speedo?

Speedo is a one stop shop for the whole family that you know the quality will be amazing. That is the reputation Speedo has built with many years of producing consistently amazing swimwear for athletic and fitness swimmers. We’re excited to be featuring their swimwear on our website.

-Happy Swimming!

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One Piece or Bikini, Zoggs Will Keep You Swimming

Zoggs Womens One Pieces 2016

“It isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you down; it is the pebble in your shoe.”

-Muhammad Ali

Perseverance. Strength. Goals. Swimming is a tough sport. You can’t do it everywhere. The technique takes seemingly forever to master. It is a full body workout that leaves you tired and hungry.

Yet for some reason we keep coming back for more.

If you are a swimmer that likes to push yourself often in the pool, you need swimwear that is up to the challenge. Zoggs swimwear is your brand. This brand is built with top notch materials designed to help you fight it out in the pool day after day.

If you are ready to step up your swimming game, we have an awesome line of inspiring and colourful swimwear pieces from Zoggs Womens Swimsuits. This line includes chlorine resistant bikinis and one piece which are both designed for fitness and athletic swimmers.

New One Pieces and Bikinis from Zoggs

Zoggs Prey One Piece Swimsuit

Oh so pretty and deadly, this beautiful one piece looks like a poisonous flower of some sorts. The leaves sprawl out with deadly spines that are simultaneously gorgeous. Come close to take a closer look but you best be wary of the vicious swimmer inside of the Zoggs Prey Womens One Piece Swimsuit.

Zoggs Acid Rock One Piece Swimsuit

This is an odd setup for a print, but we love how unique it looks. Neon pebbles fall from the sky on a dark background. The result is a rockin’ (see what we did there) one piece that offers rock solid support when you are working hard in the pool.

Zoggs Aurora One Piece Swimsuit

Energetic and fun, you’re going to love the playful attitude of the Zoggs Aurora One Piece Swimsuit. Streaks of dozens of colours dance across the print for a spirited look that will have you kicking with joy in the water. The Aurora One Piece is an excellent choice for ladies who love a little spontaneity in life.

Zoggs Rainbow Lava Womens Sports Bikini

Elegant and simple, this understated bikini is absolutely gorgeous. Driblets of neon lava scroll horizontally across the top of this bikini. The bottom is a simple black with the Zoggs brand name written across in Neon. The Rainbow Lava Bikini an amazing sports bikini for ladies who like simple styles for the pool.

Zoggs Cascade Womens Sports Bikini

Want some rainbows and sunshine in your swim life? Driblets of water on a rainbow for the top piece create a unique and refreshing look for the pool. The bottom piece is striking neon pink. The result is a stunning and bright bikini that will help you energize for hitting the pool.

We Have More…

Don’t like this swimwear? Okay! We have tons more swimwear from Zoggs and all of the other top swimwear brands in the world. Search around swimmer.com.au to find the perfect one piece or bikini for your swimming needs. We know you’re going to find a piece of swimwear that you absolutely love!

-Happy Swimming!


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Can You Keep a Secret?

Zealous Secret Garden


Zealous just released a super secretive line of swimwear. Why do we want to keep hush hush about this line? Well here are three very good reasons

  1. It is so fabulous we’re afraid everyone is going to end up wearing the same swimwear to the pool.
  2. It offers fantastic features for athletic swimmers, and we don’t want to encourage our competitors to be as kick butt in the pool as we.
  3. Someone at the office here at swimmer.com.au bet we couldn't keep a secret! This ought to show them!

If you are in the mood for some fashionable and 100% Australian owned swimwear, you've come to the right place. It offers great quality with a choice of thin strap prints and racer strap prints. It is also super durable with chlorine resistant materials.

Anyways, let’s give you a sneak peek into this glorious line of swimwear from Zealous that will have you falling in love with the Zealous Secret Garden Collection.

The New Super Secret Swimwear from Zealous

  1. For the Gardener
    Do you have a green thumb or an appreciation for those that do? Then you’ll love the leafy straps of the Zealous Botanical One Piece Swimsuit for Women and Girls. Covered with plant life that will live you in awe, you’ll love the mixture of colour and fun. Not to mention the deep black background makes it feel a tad on the secretive side- which remember it is! Don’t tell! This is available with Zealous Botanical Girls One Piece and the Zealous Botanical Womens One Piece.
  2. For the Spring Blossom
    We would probably call this one tropical blossom, but the designers at Zealous named it Zealous Blossom Bliss One Piece Swimsuit for Girls and Womens. All the crazy blooms make for a dazzling look that will make you want to visit your favorite tropical paradise. Keep your favorite spots a secret or everyone else will know about them soon enough! This print is available in Zealous Blossom Bliss Girls One Piece and the Zealous Blossom Bliss Womens One Piece.
  3. For the Evergreen Gal
    Do you love to view the world with an evergreen state of mind where you keep your colours in all seasons. Then you’ll love the vibrant design of this one piece. A racer cut makes it perfect for diving and swimming in comfort. This is available in the Zealous Evergreen Girls One Piece and the Zealous Evergreen Womens One Piece.
  4. A Delightful Rainbow Fish
    Swim through the water with ease and grace with this wild looking new piece of swimwear from Zealous. Tons of colours to fuel your zealous personality, which just happens to be your secret weapon in the pool. Take a look at this print which is available in Zealous Rainbow Fish Girls Sports Bikini and the Zealous Rainbow Fish Womens Sports Bikini.
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Swim Australia: Locally Owned Australian Company Releases Swimwear for Women & Girls


Swimmers are in touch with their surroundings more than a lot of people. They know the local swimming holes. They have a deep appreciation for aquatic environments that allow them to practice their sport outside of a pool every now and again.

Buying locally is one of the small things we can do to help cultivate our local economy while simultaneously helping out the environment. AMANZI is a locally owned swimwear company that just released its brand new AMANZI high summer range.

AMANZI is a company dedicated to backing female swimmers and athletes through brand sponsorship and the design of their 100% chlorine resistant swimwear. It is a brand that prides itself on being play yet intellectual, girlie yet athletic, and worldly yet Australian. The diversity of values in the brand shows in the designs which offer something different than any other swimwear brand out there. The designs break the tired stereotypes often seen in swimwear.

If you want to become a part of AMANZI’s innovative approach to not swimming but viewing the world in a unique and positive light, consider investing in some of their swimwear to help continue the fabulous spirit of this Australian swimwear brand.

Anyways! Onto some of our favourite releases from their high summer collection:

  1. Amanzi A Charmed Life
    Explore the wonder and beauty of this one piece or two piece a little bit a time. Charms and other decorations create an elegant and eye catching look that showcases the fact something we already knew- that you are indeed a classy lady.
  2. Amanzi Dreamcatcher
    The world of dreams can be a scary place. Protect yourself when you are in the pool with this dreamy interpretation of the a dreamcatcher with bright neon colour son a midnight black background.
  3. Amanzi Otomi
    Hidden animals among the flowers and vines makes for a magical adventure in this midnight landscape (available in a one piece or two piece). The explosion of neon colours and designs creates a uniquely eye catching look for the pool.
  4. Amanzi Rio
    Love Rio? You’ll love how this piece of swimwear (available in a one piece) captures key icons and cultural influences of Brazil. The jam packed design will inspire you to energize every time you visit the pool.
  5. Amanzi Sakura
    Cherry blossoms spliced into a modern design create an eye opening view. Refresh your spirits with a design that no one will have anything like in the pool- we promise.
  6. Amanzi Seafarer (available in girls swimwear only)
    Covered in cute animations from under the sea, you are going to fall in love with this cute one piece. Perfect for little girls who are lovers of water.
  7. Amanzi Secret Garden
    Make your escape into the magical world of a peaceful secret garden? Well walk on, because this one piece from AMANZI is definitely not for you. Exciting colours and designs create a garden which awakens the spirit for new and better things in and out of the pool.
  8. Amanzi Tribal Vibe
    A sporty and fun print with plenty of colours. Spring your imagination alive with this delightful print with lots of geometrical shapes.

    Conclusion on AMANZI’s 100% Chlorine Resistant Swimwear 

Are you ready to take a ride with AMANZI? Then be sure to check out all of their brand new swimwear. We know you’re going to find a piece of swimwear that you cannot live without.

-Happy Swimming!