Diana Chlorine Resistant Kneelengths

Finding the perfect style of kneelength training suit can be quite the challenge. Some designs of these swimsuits are just way too loud, and they are covered with tacky decoration from the knees to the straps! While others kneelength training suits are just too plain with just black and nothing else. How boring!

We thought that Diana struck a fantastic balance between too much and too little to create their tasteful line of kneelength training suits that come in two fun designs. We wanted to take the time to introduce these fabulous new kneelength training suits that are perfect for swim training, aqua aerobics and general pool use. The unique material of the Diana swimsuits makes the material last longer and dry faster, so this is a swimsuit you’ll have around for a long time!

First up is the futuristic design of the Galactic Kneelength Chlorine Resistant Training Suit. This training suit features an aquatic laser shooting across right side of the training suit in Galactic Blue Kneelength or Galactic Purple Kneelength. The neon of the design stands out from the black of the rest of the training suit. The Diana logo is scrolled tastefully across the laser in cursive to create an out of this world look. Perfect for ladies who like a splash of neon to liven up their workout!

Next we have the whimsical daisy design of the Daisy Kneelength Chlorine Resistant Training Suit. A light purple floral design with stripes gently graces the bust of this kneelength training suit. The Diana logo is scrolled countless times in fun falling letters in the background of this design. For those of you in the United States, this is a perfect style of swimsuit to welcome in spring. Even when the seasons change again, who doesn’t want to relish the wonderful weather of spring everyday by wearing this Diana kneelength training suit?

Stay tuned to our blog to hear all about the latest styles and trends in athletic swimwear fashion.

-Happy Swimming!



Celebrate the Australian Summer in Speedo

Speedo Swimwear

Summer has arrived here at our headquarters in Australia, so we were super excited to release swimwear that matched our seasons. The bright colours of Speedo’s new line will get you super excited for the hot beach weather in which we can completely de-thaw from the chilly winter and spring months. Speedo Swimwear takes its inspiration from a variety of sources from Brazil’s carnival to abstract art to high technology, so there is a little something for everybody. The one transcending theme is that everything has luscious bright colours that’ll set your mood on fire when you hit the water. As Pablo Picasso famously said, “Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”

Brazilian Themed Womens and Mens Swimwear

What adult in their right mind wouldn’t love to join the extravagant Carnival celebration in Brazil? Speedo apparently loved the Carnival celebration well enough to include it in their line of swimwear, and the results are brightly coloured and flamboyant swimwear that’ll let you bring the party to the pool.

One integral part to carnival is the parade with elaborately costumed dancers that parade down the streets. Speedo took Baianas, elaborately costumed ladies and gentlemen sambaing down the street, photograph in motion to create a brightly coloured print that is available in mens trunks and a womens one piece. Check out this fabulous design on the Speedo Baianas Mens Trunks and the Samba Flow One Piece. If you are a swimmer couple this a cute matching design that perhaps you both can agree on, because the ladies will love the neon colours and what sane man minds the idea of a Brazilian women dancing on his trunks?

For the fellas, Speedo created a memorable moment captured at the carnival where those celebrating all had their umbrellas out. Brazil is in the tropics, so it rains a lot! Locals know to come prepared. The illustration of this scene with the crowd, the street lights, the umbrellas, the palm trees and mountains in the background will take you right to carnival every time you wear them. This print is available in the Speedo Carnaval Colour Mens Trunks and the Speedo Carnaval Colour Jammers.

Abstract Womens  Swimwear

Do you dig abstract painting? Then chances are you will love the abstract design of the Speedo Ink Blossom Womens One Piece. The print on this one piece looks as if yellow, red, blue and purple ink were thrown sporadically against a deep purple background. It is very Jackson Pollock, but with girlie colours instead! The pink trim and thin straps compliment the overall playfulness of the print. Great for ladies who love to get a little artsy when they aren’t working hard in the pool.

The other abstract design for the ladies is a psychedelic view of the jungle. Check out the Tropical Reflection One Piece if a fluorescent Alice-in-Wonderland-like jungle sounds like something you wouldn’t mind exploring. The lime greens of the jungle are complimented with bright pinks and blues along with dark midnight black. With a low back and adjustable straps this one piece is perfect for ladies who like to swim in high style and comfort.

High Tech Themed Mens Swimwear

For all the fellas out there, Speedo is offering a choice variety of high technology themed mens trunks and mens jammers. We particular enjoy the Speedo Chroma Motions briefs that have a colourful bar code behind a bold and reflective Speedo logo. This is all one a dark simple dark black background. These swimming briefs are perfect for guys who need a tough pair of chlorine-resistant trunks that are great for athletic and fitness swimming, but they also want a look that show off their unique sense of style.

The other high tech option is the Speedo Oceangraphic Jammers. These black mens jammers have neon green and blue 3D designs on one side panel that fades gradually to black. The side panels curls partially around the leg to create a sleek effect. At the bottom of the panel the Speedo logo is placed in small white letters. Perfect for guys who like a little bit of flair to the swimwear, but do not want to over-do it with too flamboyant of a design.

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Shine Bright in Speedo Swimwear

Speedo Swimwear

Wish you could blast some Pink Floyd while you worked out at the pool today? Well, we can offer you the second best thing with Speedo’s winter release of a line that screams psychedelic with absolutely trippy designs. Perfect for simmers who want to revive their inner hippy or perhaps never put away their inner hippy in the first place. Come check out the far out styles offered in womens one pieces and mens jammers here at swimmer.com.au. Maybe blast some Grateful Dead in the background to get you in the right frame of mind.

Psychedelic Speedo: Womens Swimwear

One of our favourite prints from the Speedo winter line gets its inspiration from a favourite childhood toy! The Speedo Kaleidoscope Womens One Piece looks like a single frame of what you see when you look through the psychedelic toy. The pieces of the design almost seem to radiate with a bright white light. The varying hues of blue and pink make for a stunning look, especially when contrasted with the white and black of the print. Women who want a unique look in the pool with stunning colours will absolutely fall in love with Speedo’s Kaleidoscope.

Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. We thought of Marilynn’s lovely voice singing that song when we saw the luminescent Speedo Facet Womens One Piece Swimsuit. This print perfectly captures how light looks reflecting off different sides of the diamond. The great thing about the Facet One Piece is that you can enjoy all the beauty of the diamond without having to actually pay for one. If you think there aren’t enough diamonds shining the way in your life, indulge in Speedo’s Facet.

Do you absolutely love the designs on psychedelic style tapestries? Then you should check out the Speedo Image Womens One Piece Swimsuit. Speedo gives hippie tapestries a facelift with vivid and bright colours that look great in the pool. We also loved the hot pink racerback straps that compliment the colours of the design of the Image One Piece perfectly. This look is perfect for women who like to bring a little flower power with them to the pool.

Psychedelic Speedo: Mens Swimwear

When you look into a diamond you can see a whole new world where the normal rules of reflection do not apply, and it is a totally mind blowing experience. The Speedo Mens Facet Jammers take inspiration from the many sides of the diamond and how each part reflects light differently. The side panel features the placement print with diamond shards with bold black outlines that match the rest of the jammer.  The Speedo logo is placed at the bottom of the side panel in bright red that contrasts perfectly with the blue of design of the side panel. The Facet Mens Jammers are perfect for guys who really want their performance to shine in the pool.



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Star Light Star Bright Shine in Zoggs Swimwear

Zoggs Swimwear

Zoggs Swimwear is continuing a program in 2014 to get kids in the UK hyped about swimming by sponsoring days filled with water sports ranging from racing to water polo. The Oceans of Fun Programs motivation is to get kids more active, and better yet, more interested in playing in the water. We at swimmer.com.au think that this program definitely deserves two thumbs up, because we can’t imagine a childhood (or an adulthood) not spent enjoying the joys of splashing around in the pool.

We weren’t too surprised to see them come out with athletic swimwear that is star-themed given the stellar performance of the company. When you get high performance Zoggs swimwear, you are investing in a company that gives back to the swimming community. Let us tell you a little bit more about their new star-themed swimwear line that was just released this summer.

The Zoggs Womens Star One Piece Swimsuit features a multitude of colour of striped stars dancing across a purple background. Racerback straps provide extra support for athletic and fitness swimming, so you can feel comfortable with lots of laps in the pool. This design is perfect for ladies who want a style with bright colours for the time they spend working hard in the pool.

For all the girls out there, there is the Girl Stars one piece swimsuit that features pink, white and blue stars in various fun designs. Pink racerback straps add a little bit of girliness to this look that is great for swim practice. The Zoggs logo is scrolled in pink letters on the hip. This look is great for girls who are stars underwater and on solid land.

For all the boys out there, they can check out the loud star patterns on the Boys Red Drummond Trunks and Boys Green Drummond Trunks. The print of these trunks is covered with bold stars to create an intricate design. These trunks are perfect for guys who plan to be the star of their next swim meet.

Remember that all of Zoggs swimwear is made with 100% chlorine-resistant material, so this swimwear is built to last a lot of hours in the pool. Zoggs is the perfect brand for swimmers who would be in the water all day long if things like work and school didn’t stop them.



Reveal your wild side in Speedo

Speedo Swimwear

In the Jungle, The Mighty Jungle, The Swimmers Sleep Tonight

Do you have a wild beast in you that breaks loose every time you hit the water? Your crocodile speed, tiger agility and gorilla strength make you a force that is indestructible. Maybe you can’t even get that wild beast in even when you are out of the water, and you are swinging from vine to vine in your spare time. No judgement here. We at swimmer.com.au barely can contain ourselves either between trips to pool.

That is why we are super excited about Speedo’s new swimwear line that is, you guessed it, jungle themed. Speedo combines all of our favourite things, the jungle and swimming, to make a knock out line that’ll have you begging for more. These jungle prints are available in womens swimwear, girls swimwear and boys swimwear. Sorry older fellas, there are plenty other of new mens Speedo fashions this winter for you to check out too!

Womens Swimwear: The Neon Jungle

Grab your safari hat, taste for adventure and bug spray to get ready to go on a wild adventure in the Speedo Womens Geo Jungle One Piece. This one piece offers a print with triangular puzzle pieces of jungle print and pure neon for a delightful and stunning look. The yellow straps and trim enhances the loud colours of this delicious design. Perfect for gals that love everything neon, but want to make it even louder with jungle designs to really make your look ROAR into the night. By the way, the adjustable straps make sure that you are comfortable with each stroke in the water, because even a lioness likes her comforts after all.

Girls Swimwear: Lions, Tigers and... Bugs? Oh My!

So we aren’t even sure if we like most bugs. Actually we do think that caterpillars and butterflies are beautiful, but from a safe distance that is of course. We require a brave gal such as yourself to explore the absolutely crazy look of the Speedo Girls Beautiful Bugs One Piece. This neon explosion of butterflies and fuzzy caterpillars is a wild look for girls who feel more at home playing in the dirt than in a fancy pants restaurant. At least you can let your truly fierce personality out when you are competing in the pool, especially with the help of this one piece. The Beautiful Bug is perfect for girls who know what they want and won’t let anyone, even scary bugs, get in their way!

Boys Swimwear: Venomous Neon Snake Skin

What could make snake skin even cooler looking? Neon, that is what. Why? Because everything looks cool in radioactive colours. Just ask the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles if you don’t believe us. You can check out this alien-like print on the Speedo Boys Hurricane Trunks and Speedo Boys Hurricane Jammers to see what we mean. The Speedo Hurricane fitness swimwear truly expresses the wild beast you let out every time you are putting in hard work at the pool. Competitors better beware, because we’re pretty sure there is no rule in swimming that says you can’t bite!


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Swim as smooth as Snake in Zoggs

Snake Eyes

Have you ever discovered a shed snakeskin in a unexpected place? What a transformative thing that a creature must shed its skin to continue living. As swimmers we have to shed our own weaknesses in able to become better at our sport. That is why we absolutely love the Snake Eyes One Pieces from Zoggs Swimwear offered in girls swimwear and womens swimwear, because the design of the swimwear reminds us to always shed the old to make room for the new and improved aspect of ourselves.

For womens fitness swimwear, the snakeskin-styled one pieces comes in blue and pink with the Womens Blue Snake Eyes One Piece and the Womens Pink Snake Eyes One Piece.  The photographic quality print shows coils of colourful snake slither across these womens one pieces. Dual straps on each side in two colours create another intertwining look that compliments the undulating design of the snakeskin print. This is a great look for women who love loud looks for their water time.

For girls fitness swimwear, the snakeskin-styled one pieces come in blue and pink too! The fun and scaly design are the Girls Blue Snakes Eyes One Piece and the Girls Pink Snake Eyes One Piece. Two straps on each side make for double the fun with two colours that compliment the snake skin design. This isn’t for gals who just want a plane old piece of athletic swimwear, it is for girls who like wild designs that stand out, just like you do in the pool.

Just like a snake, it is more than the design than the outward designs of these swimwear that make them so unique. Every piece of Zoggs swimwear is designed with tough chorine-resistant material that will last many visits to the pool.  We want to encourage you to give Zoggs a shot, because they design some of the best swimwear out there.

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Shake Your Tail Feather in Speedo

Speedo Swimwear

Ever dream of running off to join the circus? How about joining the carnival to travel from town to town to bring wild rides, circus clowns and cotton candy to people all over the world? As a bonus you can have all the funnel cake you can eat with a ticket to enjoy limitless rides. Be careful though, you may get a bit dizzy after your tenth time going around on the twirling rope swings. If you love carnivals, we have a feeling you are going to absolutely love Speedo’s new line of swimwear.

We are excited to introduce Speedo’s new line of carnival themed womens swimwear and girls swimwear. This line of fitness swimwear allows you to take all the fun of a carnival into the pool with you.  To top it off each individual swimwear in the line offers adjustable straps that is perfect for ladies who like a cozy fit in the pool.  We love being able to combine two of our favourite things: swimming and carnivals!

For all the girls out there, you can enjoy the wild designs of the Girls Tahnees Parade Trickback Pink or Girls Tahnees Parade Trickback Blue. In the Tahnees Parade One Piece the carnival uses the carnival style of flowing feathers and sequins to give you elegant look of the star of the show. The colourful trickback straps allow you to adjust the swimwear to fit comfortably when you are racing all your friends in the pool, but the bright colours also bring out the jewels and feathers of the design. The Tahnees Parade is perfect for gals who don’t mind drawing a little of extra attention with their wild and unique style.

For women swimmers, Speedo is offering the stunning Gradient Feathers print in a womens one piece and womens sports bikini. The Gradients Feathers One Piece Swimsuit has a photographic quality representation of a neon rainbow of beautiful feathers. They look so real you almost feel like if you touch the print of the one piece you will feel feathers instead of Speedo’s chlorine-resistant material. Both the one piece and sports bikini also have black adjustable straps that compliment the shadows in between each feather. The Gradient Feathers Sports Bikini print is perfect for swimmer ladies who love to luxuriate in all the small, beautiful details that life has to offer.

If you don’t see anything you like here make sure to check out our sales section here at swimmer.com.au. We have a variety of Speedo Swimwear on sale that might get you the look you want at a bargain price! Also, make sure to stay tuned into our blog to see what other interesting styles Speedo is introducing this winter.


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Go Wild in Zoggs Camo Swimwear

Go Wild in Zoggs Camo

Unless you run into some really colourful terrain, this new line of Camo Zoggs fitness swimwear will not help you blend into the scenery, but at least it will make you look fabulous in the pool. Instead of the somewhat yawn-worthy style of green camo, Zoggs spiced up the camo look with dazzling neon colours that you are going to absolutely love. Zoggs just released this new line in girls swimwear and womens swimwear here at swimmer.com.au. They also released a whole lot of other cute style that you can check out on our website!

When we enter the pool all of us turn on a different attitude to put on our toughest side forward, and these camo one piece can help you channel your inner tough guy. Instead of fighting against a common enemy, we are fighting against ourselves to be the best swimmer we can be.  If you are ready to step it up with Zoggs Swimwear then check out one of the following style. Get ready to give us 20 by the end of this blog!

For girls and women who like to look tough in pink, check out the Zoggs Womens Pink Camo One Piece Swimsuit and the Girls Pink Camo One Piece Swimsuit. This print captures all of the fun of camo with a bit of girlie style. Splashes of black camo match the black lining and thing black straps to bring this look together.  Wearing one of the Zoggs camo one piece you will be ready to hit boot camp, or even worse, swim practice.

For those who are not all that into this whole pink business, you can take a look at the Womens Blue Camo One Piece Swimsuit and the Girls Purple Camo One Piece. The fun hues of these colours look great on the beach or in the pool. Fun black thin straps make for a comfortable fit for athletic and fitness swimming. Perfect for ladies who want a tough look that also looks a little cute too.

Stay tuned to our blog to read about all the new Zogg styles. Also, make sure to check out the Zoggs fitness swimwear we are trying to clear out of our warehouse in the swimwear sale section of our website.


Channel Your Inner Aztec Warrior with The Finals Swimwear


The Finals released a new range of chlorine resistant swimwear that features brilliantly coloured prints inspired by Aztec art. The patterns of each one piece has neon geometric designs on a black background that makes for a fierce look for training, swim meets or even just lounging by the pool.

For those of you don’t know about the Aztecs, they were an unstoppable civilization that occupied current day Mexico. If it had not been for small pox and other diseases the Europeans contracted to them, it is likely the civilization would still be around today. The Aztec people were an advanced civilization with education, sports, art and laws, but they were also definitely tough warriors that gave the Spanish conquerors a tough time. Despite a lowered population and primitive weapons, the Aztecs almost beat the Spaniards, but unfortunately they were defeated by the Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés.

Anyone who has ever been to a swim meet can relate to the Aztecs, because no matter how good you are there is always someone who can beat you. In the end only one swimmer can take away a victory from each race. Only by giving it all, like the Aztecs did, can you find out who will be the first to touch out. Unlike the Aztecs, you can work harder to succeed at the next match if you lose.

If you have the determination to give it all, then the Aztec one piece from The Finals is for you. These one pieces are available in womens and girls, so no matter what your age you can let your inner warrior out into the pool. These one pieces come in a variety of shades and colour, so let us tell you about the different options available.

For swimmers looking for swimwear that matches the colour of the water, you’ll enjoy the aqua tones of the Aztec Blue & Green One Piece. The background alternates whimsically between aqua blue and sea green.

For those who want a fiery look, you’ll find a perfect match in the Aztec Black & Orange One Piece. A fiery orange is balanced out with a midnight black that will help you easily access all of the passion you have to do your best in the pool.

If you like a colourful look, we think you’ll enjoy the Aztec Multicolour One Piece. Ruby red, forest green, blue and green make up strips of the background to create a unique look that looks great in the water.

Not into any of these designs or colour? Then make sure to check out the rest of the one pieces The Finals released this October at swimmer.com.au. We especially liked their Funnies Range that features a bunch of sparkly and unique designs.


Get Your Bling from Funnies Swimwear


Who says glitz and glamour don’t belong in the pool? The Finals just released a fabulously blinged out line of one piece swimwear that you are going to just love! These sparkling one pieces are known as Funnies swimwear due to their fun-loving designs. Each one piece has a touch or originality that’ll help you shine in the pool.

Let us introduce you to the range of Funnies Swimwear that ad a bit of much-needed femininity to the water. Who says that you can’t still be a kick butt athlete while you are being girlie anyways? All of these fun prints are available in girls one pieces and womens one pieces, so make sure to check each design out!

Welcome to the Jungle

Only the tough can survive among the animals of the jungle, but we think you are cut out to swing in the vines with Tarzan. The Jungle One Piece takes swirls of animal prints in rainbow colours to create an absolutely wild design. Ever seen a pink tiger? Neither have we, but the stunningly hot pink tiger print looks amazing. Great for girls who have a bit of a wild side they like to let loose in the pool.

Panic at the Disco

Do you just love shiny disco balls? You are going to like the print of the Puzzle One Piece that is made of shards of a disco ball on a black background. The reflection of this blinged out one piece is perfect for girls and women who like to shine at everything they do. When you pass your competitors in the pool they’ll be blinded by the light reflecting off your disco-ball-like one piece. Okay, we may be making that last part up, but you get the idea.

Every Girls is a Princess

Are you in touch with your inner princess? With the Princess One Piece you can let her out with this fabulous print that features every princess’ favourite colours: pink, purple and aqua blue. The colours all make a lovely abstract pattern that is fit for any future queen. This one piece is perfect for girls who like all the good things in life, including cute swimwear for the pool.

For the Ice Queens

Can you just not wait for the chill of winter every year? Then you are going to love the Snowflake One Piece that features a print with snowflakes that are shiny as the most beautiful icicles. All of this is on a chilly blue background that looks stunning in and out of the water. This is a perfect look for girls who want to freeze their competition in place.