Conquer your Swimming Goals with the New Womens Active Swimwear from Zoggs Available in Plus-Sizes!)

Zoggs Womens Active 2014

Every time us swimmers hop in the water for a workout we take two things with us: our mind and our swimwear. Conquering the mind to help us achieve our fitness and athletic goals is a huge battle within itself, because we have to turn off all the negative self-talk and focus on the work at hand. This epic fight with the mind is tough, athletes in all sports struggle with it, and as swimmers we often fight this battle solo since it is just us and the pool when we are involved in our sport.

The battle against the mind can take enough of our effort when it comes to working hard in the pool which is part of the reason we here at swimmer.com.au are so fond of high quality swimwear. To us, it isn’t just about the appearance of the swimwear, but it is about feeling comfortable in the pool. When your swimwear is uncomfortable, it just isn’t possible to do your best in the pool. With Zoggs new lines of womens swimwear you can feel like it is your second skin when you hop in the pool.

First off, we wanted to introduce the two high quality athletic one pieces from Zoggs, the Avalon Womens Scoop Crossback and the Tarcoola Womens Boost Crossback. Built with extra support and comfortable scoop back straps, this design is ideal for swimmers who want swimwear that is built for athletic and fitness swimming. As a bonus, the durable Aqualast material of the one piece ensures that this swimsuit will be in your collection for many years to come.

The more traditional option for a one piece is the Sydney Womens Flyback. This one piece is suited for any type of fitness swimming with an athletic cut and straps. As a bonus, this one has some fun neon designs that will bring a touch of style to your swimming routine. Perfect for ladies who like to add a touch of fun to their workout out routine.

For those who want a true athletic swimsuit check out the Torquay Womens Legsuit. This swimsuit is designed for competitive swimming, because it compresses your body in such a way that helps you more easily glide through the water. It is perfect for any body shape, so if you have trouble finding swimwear that fits you just right, you are going to love the Torquay Womens Legsuit.

Don’t See Any Swimwear you LOVE Yet?

We here at swimmer.com.au get that the search for the perfect piece of swimwear can be a bit of task. That is why we offer such a wide variety of options for all ages and sizes, so that you swimmers out there can find swimwear that is just perfect for you. So take a look around our website to see some of more swimsuits from the top swimwear producers in the world!
-Happy Swimming

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Adventure to Under the Sea with Funkita Swimwear

Seashells Funkita Womens and Girls

"Under the sea, under the sea, life is so much better down where it's wetter, take it from me."

So you were either singing along or you think we've gone completely insane! As a swimmer, the Disney Movie the Little Mermaid always had a special place in my heart. Although I have to say I always thought Ariel was bonkers for wanting to come to dry land. Anyways, Funkita just released a new line of sea-themed girls and womens swimwear for us to all enjoy. If you have a plan to the beach or you are just a fan of everything beachy, you are going to absolutely love this new sports bikinis and one pieces.

Sea Shell Swimwear in Girls and Womens

Have you ever gone a long walk on the beach collecting the prettiest sea shells? Or perhaps you are more of a gal who likes to buy them at the tourist shop to let someone else do the work? Either way, if you love sea shells, you are going to love Funkita's new swimwear that features an abstract sea shell design. Ladies, you have a choice between either the Sea Shells Womens One Piece and the Sea Shells Girls One Piece with watermelon pink, green and white coloured shells. The other option offers cooler cotton candy blues and pink with the Mint Shells Womens One Piece the Mint Shells Girls One Piece.

Both of the above mentioned designs are also available in a sports bikini cut that is perfect for cannon balls and lying out in the sun. For women, you can take a look at the Sea Shells Womens Sports Bikini or the Mints Shells Womens Sports bikini. For the young ladies, check out the Sea Shells Girls Sports Bikini and the Mint Shells Girls Sports Bikini.

Mermaid Swimwear in Girls and Womens

The other fun option is swimwear that features a stylised mermaid with rainbow hair and arms covered in bracelets. This is definitely a visually unique interpretation of rainbow that is great if you are an artsy type. For womens sizes, there is the Deep Sea Queen Womens One Piece and the Ocean Princess Womens One Piece. In girl’s sizes, you choose from either the Deep Sea Queen Girls One Piece or the Ocean Princess One Piece. They both are similar prints, but they just have slight differences in colour variations for you to select from.

Don't See Anything You Like?

No worries! We have hundreds of other options in fitness swimwear offered here at www.swimmer.com.au. Pull up a chair and browse a while, so that you can find the perfect piece of swimwear that will inspire you every time you wear it into the water.

-Happy Swimming!


Fabulous Sports Bikinis and One Pieces from Zoggs

Zoggs Womens Sports Bikinis

This month Zoggs just dropped tons of new athletic swimwear for women right here at swimmer.com.au! We are super excited to present this brand new line to you. These brand spanking new one pieces from Zoggs offer a variety of vibrant prints on chlorine-resistant material that won’t let the print fade away. Let us give you a quick intro to the rad styles, so that you can get shopping.

1. She wore an itsy, bitsy polka dot bikini!

Who doesn't love polka dots? That is why we adored the three fantastic polka-dotted options from Zoggs this season. First off, the Lilli Pilli Womens One Piece Twin Back Multi is the perfect meeting of rainbows and polka dots. The print features polka dots in all different colours that truly makes this a fun design.

The other polka dotted option that is equally playful is the Lilli Pilli Womens Sports Bikini. The top of this one piece features polka dots while the bottom features a midnight black print. Perfect for ladies who like polka dots but just in smaller doses.

2.  Life is much better down where it’s wetter…

Some of us swimmers like to blend into our environment by choosing swimwear that has water-themed designs, and this year Zoggs took some creative steps in exploring this theme. One of four favourite takes on this theme is the fish scale covered Keppel Womens One Piece Aqua Back. This is the perfect one piece for all our half humans/half fish out there!  Another fun water design is the Eden Womens One Piece Star Back which has a design of rainbows and raindrops that’ll have you singing in the rain. Lastly, the Lava Beach Womens Sports Bikinis offers a design that is just meant to be worn on the beach!

3. The totally groovy designs

Get ready to get in touch with your inner hippie with the following way radical designs! First off, since we mentioned the word groovy you had to know there would be at least one piece with a tie dye design, so for that check out the swirling tie designs of the Katherine Womens One Piece Star Back or the Sicilia Womens One Piece Twin Back. The other two designs offer prints that think way out of the box just like the peace and love movement. If you like unique ideas and designs definitely take a look at the Congo Womens One Piece Aqua Back and the Malua Womens Sprintback.

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Epic Paintball Battle with the Whole Family from Funky Trunks and Funkita

Funkita Paintball 2014

Mums, dads, daughters and sons, get ready to rumble. Did mum make you go to bed early last night? Did your son leave his dirty socks in the laundry again? Did dad not take the garbage out? Well time to get some of the aggression out with a playful and fun Paintball Battle! Okay, okay, maybe you don't get to actually shoot paintballs at each other, but you can wear matching swimwear that is almost as cool, right kids!?

For Dad

For dad we offer the Paintball Mens Trunks with a paintball-splashed print that looks totally rad. I mean really, your kid is going to think you’re the coolest if you wear these to the pool. Unless your kids are teenagers, in which case they won't think you're cool again probably for another decade, sorry about that. With Funky Trunks signature cut you'll feel extra-comfortable with this athletic cut that is great for swimming laps.

For Mum

Mums get two options in the paintball line, because let's face it, mums are the best. Mum can either choose between the Paintballs Womens One Piece or the Paintballs Womens Sports Bikini. Both come in the delightfully colourful paintball prints that looks as if a rainbow threw up all over you but in a good way. Great for ladies who love embracing all colours of the rainbow!

For Sisters and Daughters

Young ladies, do we have fun and fashionable style for you. The Paintballs Girls Sports Bikini offers a modern and abstract design of a multitude of colours that is perfect for girls with a sharp intellect and good taste in style. The sports bikini cut makes it so you can have the style of the bikini, but still do your cannon balls without worrying about the swimwear coming loose.

For the very little ladies, we have the Paintballs Toddlers Girls One Piece. This too cute version of the Paintballs prints would go great with pig tails and smiles. The comfortable straps are perfect for splishing and splashing all day in the pool.

For Brothers and Sons

For the young boys, check out the totally cool Paintballs Boys Trunks. The design on these trunks looks like you just ran across a paintball battlefield! So get your game face on, because it time to take all your combat skills to the pool to the epic battle to the end!

Little dudes, you are going to totally dig the Paintballs Toddler Boys Trunks. Colourful, cosy and fun, great for splashing and smiling all day in the beach sun.

Paint balled Out? 


Pink Tribe versus the Blue Tribe? Where do you stand?


PInk and Blue Army Funkita

Line drawn in the sand there are two types of people: those who like blue and those who like pink. With Funky Trunks and Funkita's new line of girls swimwear and boys toddlers swimwear, there will be no mistaking whose side you are on in the epic battle of the colour palettes! Whether you are ready or not, it is time to stand up for what you believe in when you hit the water. Let us introduce you to the new pink and blue prints that will serve as your armor for combat.

GIRLS ONLY! The Pink Tribe

Boys in the past may have sometimes gotten away with stealing our colour ladies, but once the Pink and Blue wars broke out boys were absolutely banned from the colour pink with no exceptions. Now the power of pink in the hands where it belongs, so we no longer have to deal with the pesky boys. Let the blue tribe sort those boys out.

For all you strong, creative and smart girls out there, get ready to join the pink tribe by checking out the official uniform the Pink Army Girls One Piece. This swimwear features a scattering of pink, white and black that will have you ready for battle in the water. So grab your Pink Army Girls One Piece, attitude, and strength, and meet the rest of us in the pool.

The All-Inclusive Blue Tribe

Members of the blue tribe began to form together because the pink tribe would just not follow along with the rules. Boys and girls are allowed in the blue tribe, so it is a good tribe for those who do not mind being exposed to cooties and other germs!

For the toddler boys, we have the super cool Anti-Freeze Toddlers Trunks in the classic and cosy Funky Trunks cut with a playful blue, white and black print.  Feel free to wiggle and thrash as much as you want in these comfy trunks all day in the pool.

For the girls, we have the Anti-Freeze Girls One Piece with blue, white and black that'll motivate you to zoom through the pool with your opponents. A huge advantage of this blue swimwear is that you'll more easily blend into the blue hues of water, so make sure to use this camouflage to your advantage in the pool.

Don't Fit into a Tribe?

Maybe there are more than two types of people in this world, and you don't really dig pink and blue. That is okay, just don't let members of the pink and blue tribe know. Come explore the rest of our swimwear options to browse a rainbow of different options. P.S. Don't forget to check out our swimwear sale for great deals of the top swimwear brands out there.


Brand New Mens and Boys Athletic Swimwear from Funky Trunks

Funky Trunks Men Athletic

To do your best in the pool you need a good attitude. You also need technique, training and will-power. Behind all of these lies something simple, something we all wear to the pool- swimwear. As every single swimmer knows, not all swimwear is created equal. The makers of Funky Trunks came into the swimwear world dissatisfied with the quality and comfort of men and boys swimwear, so they made an entirely different quality of swimwear. The type of swimwear that is made for guys by guys, so every stitch, design and feature is created with athletic swimmers like you in mind.

This year Funky Trunks has released a whole new line of trunks for men and boys that breaks the mold again. These pieces of athletic swimwear don't just offer cool and unique designs, but they offer comfort that is just unparalleled in other brands. Let us briefly introduce you 2014's line of Funky Trunks swimwear, because we know swimmers are all really busy people.

Mens Athletic Funky Trunks

For the signature Funky Trunk in mens sizes there are three distinctive colours in three very similar designs, so hopefully shopping won't take you too long today. The prints of these trunks are a sleek maze of hexagon that come in blue with the Liquid Ice Mens Trunks, gold in the Crystal Gold Mens Trunk or red in the Crystal Flame Mens Trunks.  Really it is all up to your colour preference, but we think you look good in gold.

Boys Athletic Frunky Trunks

Rad designs are about with the Funky Trunks designs for boys this year, so hold onto your hats kids when checking out these totally awesome designs. Check out the totally cool hexagon party with the Liquid Ice Boys Trunks and the Crystal Flame Boys Trunks. Warning: these styles are only for future champions, so any of you not willing to give it all should search for a different brand of swimwear!

Mens and Boys Jammers 

Available in both mens and boys sizes, Funky Trunks Jammers offer the same high quality as their trunks. We really liked the explosive designs of the Crystal Gold All-Over Jammer. For those who liked a more toned down style in their swimwear, the Crystal Gold Splice Jammer is probably more of their style.

Want More?

Stay tuned to our blog for the latest releases from Funky Trunks and other top swimwear brands. We here at swimmer.com.au spend time searching for the best swimwear, so you swimmers can spend more time swimming and less time searching for athletic swimwear.


5 Reasons Mums and Daughters LOVE AMANZI Swimwear

AMANZI Radicool Swimwear

AMANZI Swimwear is at it again with athletic and fitness swimwear that is made just for the ladies. Using the latest swimwear technology and unforgettable vibrant designs, AMANZI Swimwear steals our hearts every year with new surprises. If you are the type of female who loves adventures, swimming and festivities then you are absolutely going to love AMANZI. Here are the top reasons that mums and daughters just absolutely love AMANZI swimwear.

  1. Mother and Daughter Sizes

Who doesn't love a little mother and daughterly bonding in the pool? With AMANZI, mothers, daughters, aunts and grandmas can choose matching prints and cuts to sport to the pool, the beach or wherever else you may wear your swim suit! You also can mix and match cuts, so if mum wants to wear a one piece and daughter wants to wear a sports bikini, you can still get the same print. Just think of all the adorable photos in your matching mother and daughter swimwear!

  1. Way Cool Retro Designs

AMANZI has all sorts of designs, but one of their most fashionable designs this year is completely 1980's retro. This totally awesome neon and black 1980's style print is absolutely wild- we know you are going to love it. It comes in all of the following styles: the Radicool Womens One Piece, the Radicool Girls One Piece, the Radicool Womens Sports Bikini and the Radicool Girls Sports Bikini.

  1.  AMANZI Signature Armor Material

Where should we even start with the dozens of features that AMANZI's exceptional swimwear material? AMANZI Armor is breathable, chlorine-resistant, two way stretching, shape retentive, low absorbency, UV protective and super soft.  The AMANZI designers wanted to create swimwear that not only looked cute, but they also wanted to provide fitness and athletic swimmers, basically the best of all swimwear material out there. Warning: once you enjoy the quality of AMANZI material you may become addicted to the AMANZI Brand!

  1.  AMANZI Swimwear is Good for Recreational, Fitness and Active Swimming

Rarely is swimwear as versatile as AMANZI Swimwear when it comes to wearing it just about any place. The practical cuts mixed with the vibrant and sassy designs make AMANZI swimwear the perfect choice for everything from swim meets to pool parties. So be prepared to grab your AMANZI Swimwear for all the water-filled adventures and activities you have planned!

  1. No BOYS Allowed!

There is nothing particularly wrong with boys, well, at least most of the time, but sometimes us girls just want our own swimwear brand. AMANZI designs swimwear for just us gals, so AMANZI spends a lot of time creating styles and prints that are made specifically for women and girls. This is not only nice due to the fact it means the designs are geared towards a feminine style, but it also means the designers dedicate 100% of their time to creating swimwear that fits to female bodies.



Trip back to the 1960s with AMANZI’s colourful swimsuits

Fun AMANZI Swimsuits

Flower power, peace signs and rock n' roll! Are you ready to take a trip back to the 1960's? AMANZI swimwear just released a brand new line of swimwear featuring totally radical designs. We'll briefly give you an introduction to the new girls and swimwear lines then you can get straight to your famous 1960's quotes!

First off, you've got to check out the Chica Bonita Womens One Piece and the Chica Bonita Girls One Piece that feature a print of swirling and twirling colours that'll have you totally tripping out man. Next you'll want to stop by and see the Sherbet Blast Womens One Piece and the Sherbet Blast Girls One Piece that'll make you just as energised as the sweet and sugary sherbet before a hard session in the pool. Last, but not least, take a look at the Fusion Illusion Womens One Piece and the Fusion Illusion Girls One Piece, where the colours collide to create a mesmerising swimsuit.

“If someone thinks that peace and love are just a cliche that must have been left behind in the 60s, that's a problem. Peace and love are eternal." - John Lennon

"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on." - John F. Kennedy

"In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." - Andy Warhol

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." - Martin Luther King

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." - Jimi Hendrix

"You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom." - Malcolm X

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” - Robert Kennedy


Adios! AMANZI Girls are off to Spain.

AMANZI Adventures

The AMANZI Girls are at it again, so they are ready for their annual international vacation. This year the AMANZI girls are taking on Spain! Flamenco, empanadas, the Mediterranean Sea, tapas- what more could a girl ask for? Lucky for us, when the AMANZI girls come back they always bring us back swimwear designs inspired by the cultures and sights they saw while globe trotting.

Unfortunately, we can't all hop on a plane to join the adventurous AMANZI girls in Spain, but we can go there with our imaginations every time we hit the pool with AMANZI's new Spain-inspired swimwear. So let us tell you all about the new Spanish-inspired swimsuits from AMANZI Swimwear that comes in womens and girls sizes.

The print of this swimwear is inspired by Spain where there is a special type of décor, but you have to look up to see it. In Spain it is customary to have decorative tiles covering the ceilings. And well the AMANZI designers just fell in love. So they created the print that you see on the Azulejo Womens One Piece and the Azulejo Girls One Piece. As you can see each individual tile has its own individual design that gives this print a really unique look - you just won't see other swimwear like this at the pool unless it is from another AMANZI girl.

Ultimately that quality of being unique, fun and sophisticated is what AMANZI girls are all about. They like to travel the world to learn more about different culture than bring back what they've seen to design swimwear for their lovely customers.  Keep an eye out for releases from AMANZI Swimwear if you are a fan of international culture and designs for your swimwear!

- Happy Swimming


Florals Now Trending

Amanzi Poolside Pretty

If you haven't noticed, florals are absolutely everywhere in the fashion world this season, so it is no big surprise this style leaked over into the swimwear world.  Not that we're complaining! We at swimmer.com.au can't get enough of the floral fashion ourselves. We are particularly fond of two fabulous floral prints from AMANZI Swimwear!

1)  A Rose is Just a Rose

A rose may just be a rose, but that doesn't make us think roses are any less beautiful! With the Rococo Rose Womens One Piece and the Rococo Rose Girls Ones Piece you can enjoy roses every time you hit the pool with the vibrant, rose-covered print. The print of the Rococo Rose features a midnight black background with gushing blooms of pink roses. This classy style is perfect for ladies who like tasteful swimwear that stands out from other flashy swimwear designs.

2) A Bouquet for Bijou

What gal doesn't like a nice bouquet? How about a bouquet strung with antique bows and pearls? If you like the sound of that, then you are going to the Bouquet Bijou print. This print comes in the Bijou Bouquet Womens One Piece, the Bijou Bouquet Girls One Piece, the Bijou Bouquet Womens Sports Bikini and the Bijous Bouquet Girls Sports Bikini. As a bonus, these swimsuits are all made with AMANZI's signature Armor material, so the florals of your swimwear will stay bright even after hours and hours of training in the water.

Don't See Anything That Matches Your Swimwear Style

Picking out swimwear is such a personal thing that it can be difficult to find the perfect style and cut. That is why we here at swimmer.com.au spend a lot of time picking out the best of the best athletic and fitness swimwear out there, so that you can just browse conveniently on our site. For more fantastic florals, check out Funkita Garden Night and Funkita Garden Princess, both prints coming in sizes ranging from toddlers size 1 to womens size 16, with a choice of the one piece or sports bikini style.

Check out the rest of our site for even more floral prints. We promise you are bound to find a piece of swimwear that will be a perfect addition to your swimwear collection.