10 Facts about Hypnosis to get you Stoked for Hive’s Hypnotic Swimwear Line

Hives Hypnotic Swimwear


Hey everyone!

We are really excited about the captivating Hypnotic print from Hive swimwear! This print offers boundless shades of colours in vertical stripes topped with water droplet accents. Such a unique print required a unique blog, so we investigated some facts about hypnosis, inspired by the super cool name of this swimwear from Hive.

Before we kick off with those facts, let us tell you just a tiny bit about this fab swimwear from Hive. The Hypnotic line is designed for women and girls who feel at ease in the water. When we get into that zone of doing our laps, it almost feels as if we are in a more relaxed mental state, sort of like hypnosis. Wearing comfortable swimwear that allows us to enjoy our time in the water helps us feel truly at ease in the water. When you purchase brands like Hive, you truly get to enjoy that relaxed and fun time in the pool where you don’t have to worry about the support or comfort of your swimwear. Instead you can just focus on your goals in the water.

The Hypnotic line is available in womens and girls sizes in a variety of cuts. For womens sizes check out the Hypnotic Blue Racer Full Piece, Hypnotic Red Full Piece, the Hypnotic Blue Sports Bikini or the Hypnotic Red Sports Bikini. For girls who prefer the bikini style, check out the Girls Hypnotic Blue Sports Bikini or the Girls Hypnotic Red Sports Bikini. For girls who prefer one pieces, check out the Girls Hypnotic Blue Racer Full Piece or the Girls Hypnotic Red Racer Full Piece.

And finally here are our 10 facts about hypnosis:

1. Some people can be more easily hypnotised than others.

2. In hypnosis you are completely awake.

3. You can remember everything that happened during hypnosis, unless perhaps the person performing the hypnosis asks you to forget something.

4. The first recorded description of hypnosis was found in an Egyptian tomb that was created around 1550 BCE.

5. The world Hypnosis has Greek origins - Hypnos means ‘to sleep’.

6. According to people in the field of hypnosis, 15 minutes of hypnosis is like three hours of sleep.

7. When a person is hypnotised they find it easier to accept suggestions. That is why hypnosis is often used to combat addictions.

8. Ben Affleck, Tiger Woods, Mozart and Albert Einstein all used hypnosis.

9. Our brain goes into a state of hypnosis around 2 to 3 times a day naturally.

10. Stage hypnosis is just a very small portion of hypnosis, and this treatment is actually a fairly common therapy treatment.

Are you getting sleepy yet? Stay tuned to our blog here at swimmer.com.au for the latest releases from top swimwear brands!

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5 Quotes from Speedo Athletes to Get You Pumped for New Line of Athletic Mens Swimwear

Speedo Athletic Mens Swimwear

Speedo athletes don’t only offer us inspiration from their phenomenal performances, but sometimes they have a clever bit of advice that anyone can use. There is nothing like a solid inspirational quote to get swimmers and other athletes into the positive mindset needed when training and competing. Here are the five promised quotes from Speedo athletes, and afterwards we’ll get to the promised mens swimwear releases from Speedo.

1. “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

-Emily Seebohm quoting advice from her coach. Olympic Gold Medallist, World Champion and World Record Holder.

2. “I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love today.”

-Bronte Barratt, World Record Holder and Olympic Champion.

3. “Adversity comes in so many forms, but how you deal with it – not the adversity itself – is what defines you, and it can push you far further forward than it can set you back if you choose that path.”

-Kate Ziegler, Two-time Olympian and World Record Holder.

4. "I told myself there was no way I was going to let this training go to waste. It was my time, and I was ready to go."

-Katie Hoff , World Record Holder and Olympic Champion.

5. "With so many people saying it couldn't be done, all it takes is an imagination." 

-Michael Phelps, Olympic Champion and World Record Holder.

If you've made it this far without having the need to go hit the pool after hearing so many inspirational quotes, then you’re lucky enough to meet five of the many new pieces of swimwear released by Speedo this summer.

First off, they've released a wide variety of sleek and professional designs in their briefs cut that offers a supportive and practical cut for the pool. We especially like the powerfully surging designs of the Speed of Light Mens Briefs, the Massai Mens Trunk and the Fractalize Mens Brief. These shooting neon colours on the black background of these trunks will inspire you to push that much harder in the pool.

For guys who prefer the longer cut of jammers, Speedo offers an equally assertive design on their jammers with the I.M. Mens Jammers and the Blaze Mens Jammers, featuring thin neon stripes that compliment the contours of the leg muscles. The powerful design of these jammers will have you pumped to hit the pool with one hundred percent of your energy, focus and strength.

Not Enthralled with Any Designs You See Here?

Finding the perfect swimwear sometimes takes a little exploring, so that is why we offer such a large variety of swimwear from the top swimwear brands from around the world in one place. If you don’t like any of the mens briefs or jammers you see here, be sure to explore the rest of the swimwear options here at swimmer.com.au. Also, stay tuned to our blog for the latest releases in mens athletic and fitness swimwear.

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New Arena Swim Bags with YouTube Reviews!

Arena BackPacks


Part of being a swimmer is hauling all of the swim gear around, so getting a good swim bag to do so makes life a heck of a lot easier. Arena’s swim bags and back packs really are the best out there when it comes to offering the best features and materials for moveable storage for swimmers. Let us briefly introduce the best of the best of the Arena swim bags, so that you can either drool over or buy one of these totally sweet bags.

1. The Spiky 2 Backpack

We were going to tell you all about this rad swim equipment bag ourselves, but it turned out YouTube did the work for us. Check out a detailed description and review of the Spiky 2 Backpack from Arena by following this link. It comes with green accent in the Spiky 2 Backpack Royal and orange accents in the Spiky 2 Backpack Fluro Orange.

2. Fastpack 2.0

Again, the nice people of Simply Swim have done a great job of offering a visual and verbal description of the bag on YouTube. So check out the review to the Fastpack 2.0 by following this link.

3. Mesh Bag

This simple mesh bag from Arena did not have a YouTube video, but we’ll go ahead and describe it for you. This mesh bag is made from 100% polyester material that is perfect for taking in and out of the pool. It can easily carry all of your swim gear securely with the cord closure system. Perfect for athletes who like a simply grab and go bag.

Don’t See Anything You like?

Be sure to check out the rest of our website for more swim bags! We also just happen to be having an end of summer swimwear clearance sale you may want to check out for some great bargains on swimwear and swim accessories!


Speedo Shapes for Toddlers Swimwear

Speedo Toddlers Swimwear

The new line of Speedo swimwear for toddlers is definitely young at heart with its colourful and playful designs any toddler would love. Here at swimmer.com.au we have just released several Speedo prints in toddler girls swimwear and toddler boys swimwear for you to browse through, and we wanted to give you a heads up to the release!

The following prints in toddlers swimwear have a special place in our hearts, because they feature shapes and fun colours. These toddlers swimwear from Speedo really give parents and toddlers a chance to bond by naming the colours and shapes seen on the swimwear. Every day is a learning experience for little ones, so when companies offer swimsuits that help toddler learning skills develop it gets an A+ in our book. Without further ado, here are our favourite toddlers swimsuits from the 2014 Speedo toddlers swimwear line.

Girls Toddlers Swimwear

For parents who really want their little girl to work on her colours and letters, the Carnival Twinback One Piece Swimsuit offers the perfect print. It features the Speedo name printed in alternating pastel colours on a white background. The thin straps are dual coloured pink and purple to make for an extra cute look.

If you want to emphasize shapes and colours with your little girl, check out the Carnival Starback One Piece Swimsuit. The Carnival Starback One Piece features colourful triangles in pink, purple, white, green and yellow. The starback straps offer extra support in a comfortable way that is perfect for little ladies who love to splash all around.

Boys Toddlers Swimwear

The Neo Geo Sun Top and Neo Geo Aquashort offer little boys squares, rectangles and colours to enjoy with this funky design. For fans of videogames, the design of the aquashorts may remind you of the classic video game Tetris. All of this is printed on Speedo’s signature chlorine-resistant fabrics, so the colours and shades of the sun top and aquashort won’t fade from heavy use in the pool.

Want More?

Don’t see anything here that appeals to you? Check out the plethora of options in toddlers swimwear that we carry here at swimmer.com.au. By offering the best swimwear from the top swimwear brands out there, we help you narrow down the search for the perfect piece of swimwear.

-Happy Swimming!

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Peyote Swimwear: Powerful, Pretty and just a little bit Prickly

Peyote Swimwear

Peyote is a type of cactus traditionally used by Native American and Mesoamerican cultures for its medicinal purposes. Inspired by the colourful patterns created by these cultures in their textiles and art, Hive created the Peyote print. The Peyote womens and girls swimwear line colourful zigzagged patterns are a great way to channel our inner swimmer warriors.

Whenever we swim, we are going to battle in some ways. During fitness swimming we are often battling towards our fitness and health goals with each and every lap. For athletic swimming, we are obviously battling towards the finish line by training and racing to the best of our ability. When you wear the Peyote swimwear line from Hive, you really channel the strongest and toughest swimmer that you can be. Stroke on Peyote warrior princesses as we tell you about all the awesome swimwear that Hive just released!

For girls and women out there who prefer a bikini cut, you’ll love the style of the Womens Peyote Sports Bikini and the Peyote Girls Racy Sports Bikini. Both of these bikinis are built with extra support, snug coverage and chlorine-resistant materials, so that you can enjoy your bikini style and challenging swim sessions in total comfort. The bright zigzag pattern accentuates the fun cut of the sports bikini, and it is really is a great style for girls who don’t mind sticking out in the crowd.

The Womens Peyote Racer One Piece Swimsuit and the Peyote Girls One Piece Swimsuit really shows of the Peyote pattern. The steep scoop back and t-strap configuration minimize tan lines and allow for full range of movement in the back and soldiers. We really would love how this one piece swimsuit would look by the beach, so who is taking us to the ocean for a beach vacation to give the Peyote Racer One Piece a sandy test run? Anyone? Come on now!

With Hive swimwear you are always guaranteed top quality swimwear with really fun designs and cuts. Stay tuned for more Hive swimwear releases that’ll have you looking super fashionable and feeling super comfy for your next session at the pool. As always, make sure to check out our sales section for some great bargains on swimwear!

-Happy Swimming!


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The Versatile Straps of Speedo’s Girls Swimwear Line

Versatile Straps

Fitness, athletic and recreational swimmers all have different taste in straps. Straps are one of the most integral pieces of a swimsuits design, and that is why there is such a wide variety of options of strap configurations offered by swimwear companies like Speedo. The new line of Speedo swimwear offers a wide variety of unique strap options for girls swimwear, so we decided to write a blog featuring our favourite straps.

1. The V-Strap

The V-Strap option for athletic swimwear offers the comfort of a more casual swimsuit with the support of an athletic swimsuit. This strap option offers a unique v support that goes to a firm binding horizontal strap. As a bonus, the v-straps are adjustable with little plastic clips, so that the straps can be set to match each individual swimmer’s body type. The V-Strap configuration is featured in the Cosmic Giraffe Girls One Piece Swimsuit, but you can find it in other prints of Speedo swimwear as well.

2.  Convertible Straps

These types of straps provide two unique settings of being either a trickback or a crossback. A trick back offers two vertical straps over the shoulders that connect to one horizontal strap. The crossback has two straps that cross then connect to one horizontal binding strap. The swimwear comes with extra straps, so that you can alternate to whichever strap configuration suits the swimmers preference that day. You can find the convertible straps in the Tribal Stripes Girls One Piece Swimsuit and the Tribal Stripes Girls Sports Bikini.

3. Non Fixed Straps

The Catalyst Girls One Piece Swimsuit by far offers the most freedom in the arms, back and shoulders with their non fixed straps. These thin straps go over the shoulders then criss-cross across the back to make for a casual fit. Some of us just hate to be strapped in by our swimwear, and the non fixed straps give a comfortable alternative to traditional straps.

Don’t See Any Straps You Like

Be sure to surf through our options here at swimmer.com.au to see the huge amount of straps offered by Speedo and other swimwear brands. With the wide variety of swimwear offered on our website, you are bound to find straps that appeal to your personal preferences.

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Which New Vorgee Miss Glamour Silicone Caps Matches Your Personality?

Vorgee Miss Glamour Swim Caps

Do you think you’re ready to get in touch with your glamorous side at swim practice? Well prepare to let your inner Diva out with Vorgee, because you are going to love Vorgee’s new bright and colourful line of Silicone Swim Caps. These delightfully designed and high quality swim caps are perfect for girls and women with unique and sparkling personalities. Read this blog to find out exactly which swim cap is perfect for you?

The Traveler

If you can’t take way to travel the world then you are going to love these two new Russian-themed swim caps. The Babushka Royal Silicone Swim Cap and the Babushka Aqua Silicone Swim Cap feature the traditional Russian dolls. Inside of each doll is a small doll when you crack open the shell. These Vorgee swim caps offer a perfectly international style for swimmers who love learning and experiencing new things.

The Treasure Hunter

Do you love shiny things? How about going on adventures sailing the seven seas in search of buried treasures? If so, you’re going to love the display of priceless jewels on the Jewels Pink Silicone Swim Cap and the Jewels Black Silicone Swim Cap. Prepare yourself for a mighty adventure every time you hit the pool with these blingy swim caps. So grab your ship, eye patch and parrot, because we’re going for a ride with Vorgees new swim caps.

Gals who Love Freedom

If you are an independent girl, chances are that you love the thought of being able to grow wings and fly at some point. When you wear the Flamingos Silicone Swim Cap and the Swans Silicone Swim Cap you can always have the spirit of the freedom of flight with you when you swim. Your feathery friends will help inspire you to always fly towards your dreams.

The Romantic

If you just love to love, we guess you’ll LOVE the Hearts and Flowers Silicone Swim Cap and the Daisy Green Silicone Swim cap. These two swim caps offer a design that shows all the beauty and enthusiasm of new love with bright and cheerful colors. Express your inner love and piece by wearing one of these swim caps every time you hit the pool.

Natural Lover

Do you love nothing better to spend your day outside immersed in nature and possibly immersed in the ocean too? Then you’ll love the natural design of the Birds Silicone Swim Cap. This swim cap is perfect for ladies who love everything about nature and critters.

Don’t See a Swim Cap You like Here?

The great thing about choosing a swim cap is that there are so many designs and brand to choose from. We offer the best swimwear caps from the top swimwear designs at discounted prices, so that you can find the perfect swim gear to help enhance your experience at the pool. Stay tuned to our blog to hear about the latest releases from all your favourite swimwear brands,

-Happy Swimming!


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Arena Athlete James Magnussen Opens up about his Race Priorities

James Magnussen

At national titles at Brisbane in April 2014, Arena athlete, James Magnussen was shockingly defeated by Cameron McEvoy in the 100 metre freestyle final. In an interview with smh.com.au, Magnussen discussed how his ambitions for beating the world record altered his performance for the worse.

"I've got this mindset where I start chasing that world record and I think to give myself a chance of getting it. I just go out too hard and the rest is history.

... I botched my start and botched my turn and they're pretty simple areas to get right; so I self-destructed a bit but we have plenty of time to (the Commonwealth Games)," Magnussen told smh.com.au.

I think most competitive swimmers can relate to this story. Often it is the things that we practice one million times that we end up messing up at swim competitions, and even the smallest mistake can mean not being first to touch out in the fierce competitive world of swimming.

McEvoy, who took home the victory, claimed to be more competing against himself. McEvoy told smh:

"We were like, alright we can work on this, this and this; try to beat my own time leading up to the Commonwealth Games, that's what swimming, or sport, really, is about. You're always trying to best yourself every time you set out to whatever competition you're doing."

There definitely is a lesson to be learned from this story. Rather than competing against some abstract idea, whether it be to beat world records, shoot for the Olympics or impress that cute girl at the meet, it is always better to just focus on doing our personal best in the pool. In the end, during swim meets it is all about your own personal performance in the pool, so focusing on anything outside of your own body is just a distraction.

Part of being able to focus on doing our best is having high quality swimwear that doesn’t distract us. That is why for mens swimwear and boys swimwear from Arena we really liked the straight forward athletic cut of their new line of swimwear. The design of these athletic jammers feature a snug fit with a no frills print that will let you keep your focus in the water. If simple and high quality swimwear seems to fit the bill for your swimming needs check out the Arena Board Mens Jammers and the Arena Board Boys Jammers.


Travel the World with New Vorgee Global Silicone Swim Caps

Vorgee Global Swim Caps

Ready to go globe trotting? Don’t have the budget for it yet? With the new line of Vorgee Global Silicone Swim Caps you can travel the world’s top destinations every time you hit the water. These new swim caps feature 9 of the world’s most desired travelers’ destinations. In this blog we’ll tell you all of the highlights on each swim cap.

Dubai Silicone Swim Cap

Arrive in Dubai in high style on the swagged out United Emirates Airline in your own private lounge seat. When you get there visit the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. After you’ve enjoyed Dubai head out to the desert on a camel to explore the beautiful sandy landscape surrounding the city. Before you head back home make to rub a magic lamp for three wishes!

London Silicone Swim Cap

Ah, London, the city where it always rains. Make sure to bring your umbrella and slickers to enjoy the happening sites of this city. Take a double stacked bus to tour around the city where you’ll see Big Ben and perhaps spot royalty outside of the Buckingham Palace if you’re lucky.

Athens Silicone Swim Cap

Come pay homage to the Greek and Roman Gods in the ancient city of Athens. While you are here be sure to explore the ruins of the Ancient Romans. After spending a hard day exploring indulge in the fine Greek cuisine before dancing the night away in Athens’ downtown district.

Tokyo Silicone Swim Cap

The aesthetic of one of the world’s busiest city definitely justifies the trip to the tiny little island in the Pacific. Explore the elaborate architecture and gardens to immerse yourself into the history and culture of the country. Enjoy some of the world’s best tea and sushi as a treat to the palate.

Venice Silicone Swim Cap

Who wouldn’t love a Gondola through the water-filled streets of Venice? The attractions definitely do not just stop at this magical experience. Make sure to visit for the annual masquerade to find a mysterious and masked prince charming. Shop in the fashion world’s most notorious boutiques in Venice, but try not to drool over the clothes that you may or may not be able to afford.

Australia Silicone Swim Cap
Travel to the land down under for a series of unforgettable adventures. Take a safari to the outback to visit all sorts of amazing critters- from crocodiles and kangaroos. Once you’ve explore the more outdoorsy aspects of Australia, don’t forget the urban life of Sydney, especially visiting the Sydney Opera House for a show. Wrap up this trip with a day or two spent on the beach enjoying the warm sand and water.

New York Silicone Swim Cap
Finally you’ve arrive in the Big Apple. Welcome to the bad traffic, great baseball and unbelievable good hot dog. Make sure to take a stop by the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty before you head back out of town.

Paris Silicone Swim Cap
Welcome to the city of love. Grab you beret, sense of romance and taste for adventure, and we can’t wait to see you here. Make sure to stop by the Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, the Lourve and all the world’s best destinations. Enjoy the cuisine and café culture to top off the experience.

Mexico Silicone Swim Cap

Hola! The hot, hot climate of Mexico awaits your arrival. Between the music, food and sites- Mexico can keep you busy for a long time, so pack your best sombreros to make for a long visit. Prepare your mouth for spicy, taste food then prepare your ears for the sound of maracas, flamenco guitars and Latino beats as you dance the night away.

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Take off in Diana Kneelength Swimsuits

Diana Swimwear

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!”

-Zig Zagler

Swimming is a sport in which we are forced to constantly encounter competition. Whether we are racing to finish first or to achieve our fitness goals, the challenge is always to push harder to improve our performance in the pool. This requires a great deal of hard work and drive to achieve. With the new Diana Swimwear Kneelengths, you can pick out a design that’ll help you channel the best parts of your personality in the pool to help achieve your swimming goals.

Although there are coaches, family, teammates and other competition- ultimately in the swimming world we've got to rely on ourselves. Having the best swimwear helps get us there. So let us introduce you to the killer new kneelengths from Diana Swimwear!

The Cheetah

Get in touch with your inner big kitty cat with the Diana Roar Kneelength. This competitive swimwear will have you pouncing across the pool with cheetah coloured spots along the body of the swimwear. The black spots are highlighted by the midnight black material that composes the rest of the swimsuit. Just make sure you don’t get too into it and let out a big ROAR when you are the first to touch out.

The Space Junky

If you happen to be a fan of the show Fire Fly, you might just HAVE to get the Diana Firefly Kneelength. Just sayin’! The fun sort of spacy design will have you blasting through space, I mean the pool, like you are rocket powered! Diana’s tough chlorine-resistant material will help reduce drag and maintain the integrity of the swimwear, so that you can enjoy this Firefly-themed swimwear long after hopes of the show ever coming back have subsided.

Flower Power

The amount of power flowers actually have is immensely underrated. We’ve all seen examples where the dainty little flower manages to grow through the crack of a sidewalk. Channel this type of perseverance with the Diana Lacy Kneelength that feature blue on light blue floral designs. Intertwining leaves and stems create an intricate patterns that is feminine, but I think all of us here know girly doesn’t mean wimpy!

Retro Gal

The bright colours and patterns of the Diana Zig Zag kneelength reminded us of a mixture of button candy and Tetris. This retro-themed kneelength is perfect for swimmers who love to go old school when it comes to their swimwear. So blast some Madonna from your boom box, put on some legwarmers and hop into the pool!

Something Shiny

There is just one important question we have to ask you before we start this section: do you like your shiny in blue or pink? With Diana’s new Diana Shiny Pink Kneelength and Diana Shiny Blue Kneelength you can have your shiny whichever way you want. Waves of blue and pink sparkle and shine down the entirety of these kneelength to create a truly inspiring design for training and competing!

Want More Kneelengths?

Our site offers a wide variety of kneelength swimwear for you competitive swimmers to choose from here at swimmer.com.au. We get that find just the right swimwear can be quite the journey, so we tried to make the shopping experience a little easier for you by offering the best swimwear from top swimwear brands all at one place.

-Happy Swimming!