Scare of the Competition in These Cool Monster Prints for Kids and Adults

Swimwear Monster Prints 2016
Halloween might only be one day per year but you can rock kooky, spooky and fun looks 365 days! Why not make every single swim a bit more fun with a wild and crazy style. Check out a few of our favourite monster print looks that you can use to scare of the competition. There are tons of great durable, comfortable, chlorine resistant and cool looks for kids and adults of all ages!
Hey, ladies! Has the sugar skull trend gone to your head? If you can’t get enough of this hip Mexican-inspired trend, you will adore the fun and playful look of the Dolfin Sugar Skull One Piece Swimsuit. The vibrant shades of rose, lime and violet will make you never want to take it off. This creepy, kooky, chlorine resistant style will leave you enamoured.
Not into the pastel colours? You will love the vibrant Disseny Sport Shiva One Piece Swimsuit. Inspire your inner goddess with this playful, fun Indian-inspired look. The vibrant, chlorine resistant colours of this show-stopping suit will make you stand out from the crowd.
And let’s not forget about the guys! For you gents who are looking for a cool, playful look, you will love the chlorine resistant Q Swimwear Dragon Jammers. These bold Asian style jammers will have you turning heads every time you strut your stuff around the pool. If you are on the prowl for something creepy and spooky yet a bit more subdued, you will definitely be into the cat eye look of Q Swimwear Panther Jammers.
On the hunt for a creepy, spooky look that will scare off the completion? Check out the 90s throwback style of the chlorine resistant Q Swimwear Grunge Halloween Jammers. These cool skull and cross bones jammers will have you feeling tough and ready to take on the world. The bad boys of the pool will go wild for the vibrant, kooky and spooky Q Swimwear Zombie Metal Jammers. If you love heavy metal and swimming, you have finally found the holy grail in these lime and vibrant purple shorts.
Feeling like a super villain? You will love the bold red and creepy spider themed Agon Skider Jammers. These chlorine resistant, spooky shorts will have your competitors calling for help from Spiderman.
Need some new drag shorts? Look rough and tumble with the spooky, creepy Q Swimwear There Be Monsters Drag Shorts. These ultra-manly chlorine resistant shorts will have you feeling like a solider hitting the shores.
Searching for something for the little ones? Your little guy will love the spooky and fun Monsters Toddler Boys Aqua Shorts. Need some extra coverage for long days out? Grab him the matching 100% chlorine and UV resistant Zoggs Monsters Toddler Boys Long Sleeve Top to complete his kooky look. If he needs an extra sun top, be sure to check out the spooky fun Rival Diego Toddler Boys Sun Top.
Feel inspired? Don’t wait until Halloween! Grab a cool monster print swimsuit or jammers today and blow the competition out of the water.


Are you ready for the 2016 RIO Olympic Games?

Zealous Limited Edition Rio Range 2016

Are you ready for the 2016 RIO Olympic Games? While you might not be able to take home your medal this year, you can look like a world class Olympian in the new limited edition Zealous Rio Range.

A name we have all come to trust and love, the latest line from Zealous is seriously stylish and brilliantly engineered. What better way is there to honour the mind-blowingly talented swimmers who are on their way to Rio?

This year’s summer Olympic games will be held in Brazil’s second largest city Rio de Janeiro from Friday, 5 August until Sunday, 21 August. With the likes of Chad le Clos, Missy Franklin and Cesar Cielo hitting the Rio 2016 Olympic swimming pool, this is sure to be a year full of record-breaking thrills that will keep us all glued to the TV.

When you are ready to turn off the TV and hit the pool, slip on your new Limited Edition Zealous Rio Range gear. Coming out in July, this line has something for everybody. For the ladies, check out the Zealous Rio Womens One Piece Swimsuit. For the gents, go for the Zealous Rio Trunks. Both suits are styled with an explosion of colour. Saturated in deep hues of blue, green, yellow and purple, you will be turning plenty of heads poolside.

But it’s not all about looks, of course! Zealous Swimwear has been endorsed by Olympic Champions and professional athletes for its stellar engineering, durable design and flawless fit. The Australian owned and operated swimwear company is passionate about giving casual and pro swimmers alike exactly what they need to be at their best every single time they dive in.

Zealous Swimwear’s mantra is: Strength // Courage // Inspire. They strive to inspire swimmers with their bold prints while allowing them to glide through the water without having to think about their gear. Every single one of their swimwear products is top quality, chlorine resistant, long lasting and comfortable for leisure and professional athletes.

Like all of their suits, the limited edition Zealous Rio Range has been made from a high grade polyester blend with polyester lining. Every aspect of your suit was meticulously designed using unique, vibrant, one-of-a-kind artwork. Thanks to the chlorine resistant properties of Zealous’ fabric, you can expect your limited edition Zealous Rio suit to keep looking amazing swim after swim.

Made from top grade colour fast fabric, you know that your Zealous suit won’t fade with regularly exposure to the sun and chlorine. In fact, you can expect it to last you for a solid year of regular use without fading. And, since it was finished with reinforced stitching for an ultra-durable fit, you know that it will fit you like a glove every time you slip it on.

Have we mentioned how comfortable Zealous suits are? You will never have to worry about chaffing here! The rubber inside of each suit is tightly enclosed with a binding material that your skin slides smoothly over without chaffing and breaking out into a rash.

What more could you ask for from a suit? When you are ready to start getting into the Olympic spirit, it is time to get your own Limited Edition Zealous Rio Gear!



Why We Love the Speedo Endurance Boys & Girls Racing Range

Speedo Endurance Fastskins

Are you looking for a kids’ racing range of swim gear that is FINA approved and chlorine resistant? You need to check out the new Speedo Fastkin Boys Jammers & Speedo Fastskin Girls Kneelengths. The iconic swim gear brand never fails to impress and their latest line of racing gear is no exception. If you want something that will stand the test of time and give your kids zero-distraction swimming, the Speedo Endurance Boys & Girls Racing Range is exactly what you need. It’s the perfect blend of form, function and (most importantly!) durability.

Speedo has spent the last seven decades perfecting their fabric technology and it shows in the Speedo Endurance line. Their long-lasting Speedo Endurance fabric can stand up to anything that you are ready to throw at it. The 100% chlorine resistant material has a flawless fit for any size and is as durable as it gets. When you are ready to get out of the pool, you will also appreciate the ultra-fast drying material. The trademarked Speedo Endurance+ swimwear material absorbs less water so your suit will dry in a fraction of the time, which is incredibly valuable when you are hopping in and out of the water on a daily basis!

Above all else, the true standout feature of the new Speedo line is the durability. The latest swim gear made from Speedo Endurance swimwear fabric offers a whopping 20 times more fade resistance than standard old swimwear fabrics. The chlorine resistant material will keep your suit looking fresh and new for ages. Another great feature that keeps the Speedo Endurance line of swim gear looking new is the improved snag resistance. The impressive Endurance fabric is exclusive to Speedo swimwear so you won’t find that kind of durability and quality in any other brand. When it comes to long-lasting suits, you really can’t beat Speedo.

As far as girls’ racing gear, the Speedo Endurance Openback Girls Kneelength suit is second to none. This FINA-approved racing swimsuit is perfect for junior swimmers. The wide shoulder straps and open back style allows for that wide range of movement that is so critical for young swimmers who are still in the process of learning how to develop good form and technique.

You can grab a Speedo Endurance Openback Girls Kneelength suit made from FINA Approved Speedo Endurance+ Chlorine Resistant 53% Polyester- 47% PBT Fabric that will last for years.

If you are looking for boys’ swimwear, check out the Speedo Endurance High Waisted Boys Jammers. Made with the exact same FINA Approved Speedo Endurance+ Chlorine Resistant 53% Polyester- 47% PBT Fabric, the jammers have a flawless fit and endless durability.

The Fastskin High Waisted Boys Jammers totally stand out from the crowd. They will look as good on the first day as they do after 100 or even 1,000 swims. The FINA Approved Speedo Endurance+ Chlorine Resistant 53% Polyester- 47% PBT Fabric is flawlessly engineered to maintain its shape, swim after swim.



The New Wave of Colour from Speedo Kneelengths

Speedo Endurance Fastskins

Are you ready for the ultimate marriage of form and function? You have got to see the Speedo Kneelengths line for women and girls. They have got a suit style for anyone and everyone’s style and they deliver all of the quality that you have come to expect from Speedo.

The Speedo Fastskin Kneelength swimsuit line is chlorine resistant and perfect for training. As the world’s leading swimwear brand, Speedo is a name that is synonymous with quality. Speedo has been the brand to beat since they started up in Australia more than 100 years ago. They have learned a lot in the past century and have created a countless line of revolutionary new technologies, designs and innovations.

The latest and greatest from Speedo is the Endurance fabric technology. Made from this amazing new material the new line of Womens Kneelengths and Girls Kneelengths  are 100% chlorine resistant fabric. This means that they will maintain their vibrant look swim after swim.

In fact, these is nothing that Speedo’s Endurance fabric can’t handle. This incredible high-tech fabric is 20 times more fade resistance than conventional swimwear fabrics. This is especially important with the design styles in the new line of Women’s and Girls’ Knee Length swimsuits which are all about looking amazing during swim train.

On top of resisting fading, Speedo’s Endurance fabric has new and improved snag resistance and has been specially engineered to retain its shape, wear and wear. And, let’s not forget about the quick dry technology! The Speedo Women’s and Girls’ Knee Length swimsuits were designed to be less water absorbent so that you will dry faster when you get out of the water- which is important for those ladies and girls who are in the pool every day!

So, if you are looking for a chlorine resistant suit that is perfect for training, look no further. Every suit in the women’s and girls’ line of knee length swimsuits has been designed with a focus on maximising your range of motion. The thick back straps are brought together in the back to create a V-shape, which allows for the greatest range of moment.

Ultimately, only one question remains: which style are you going to go for? As far as women’s suits, the Speedo Bold Womens Kneelength style is gorgeous. With blocks of black, white and yellow stripes, it is one of the standout styles in the Speedo line. For a bolder style, have a look at the ultra-trendy Speedo Apache Womens Kneelength suit. The bright, multi-coloured design will keep you looking sharp. For an equally vibrant but retro look, check out the Speedo El Matador Womens Kneelength suit. Its diagonal, tie dye pattern in shades of neon pink, blue and black will make you the belle of the pool.

If you are looking for a girls’ suit, there is an equally great array of options. For a cute pop of colour and butterflies, check out the Speedo Aurora Girls Kneelength suit. If you have a budding Hollywood diva at home, she will love the Speedo LA Wonderland Girls Kneelength suit with its palm trees and American glamour theme. Not really a girlie girl? Check out the Speedo Coachella Girls Kneelength for your hippie swimmer.




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Shine like a Star in the Zealous All the Glitters Range

Zealous All That Glitters 2016

Zealous means “to be consumed by intense enthusiasm or zeal, inspired by an active interest or passion.” When you see the latest All the Glitters Range from Zealous Swimwear, you will be feeling zealous to slip on one of their stunning suits. This gorgeous, ultra-glamorous line of swimwear will leave you feel like a superstar poolside.

The Zealous Swimwear brand embodies passion, drive and a will to succeed. The company is all about making professional and casual swimmers alike feel comfortable and confident in the pool. With top quality craftsmanship and chic styles, this 100% Australian owned company has built an impressive line of gear and the Zealous All the Glitters Range is no exception.

Like all of their swimsuits, the Zealous All the Glitters Range is made from the highest grade polyester fabric with a polyester lining. Thanks to its super durable chlorine resistant properties, these suits are built to last. Depending on your specific training conditions, your Zealous All the Glitters can last well over a year.

And it’ll look amazing for ages! The Zealous fabric has a superior colour fastness that won’t fade with extended use or harsh sunlight. This means that your All the Glitters suit will look as amazing after your 300th swim as it did after your first dip in the pool. These swimsuits were specifically designed with serious trainers in mind. Designed for frequent training in chlorinated and salt water, your Zealous suit can stand up to anything you can throw at it.

Just as important, your Zealous suit will retain its shape. The soft texture of the fabric fits comfortably next to your skin and moulds to your figure every time you slip it on. Your flawlessly engineered Zealous suit has reinforced stitching for a more durable fit, which means that your suit will fit like a glove for ages.

As comfortable as they are stylish, the entire Zealous All the Glitters Range is built for distraction-free swimming. The rubber in every suit is tightly enclosed with durable binding materials. For you this means the end of chaffing and rashes. And, don’t worry about finding the right fit for your body! These suits were specially designed with serious swimmers in mind. The cut of every suit has been designed to fit an athletic figure, meaning that they will conform to every curve.

So, the only thing left to decide is which suit is right for you! All superstars in their own right, it is tough to choose which is the highlight of the Zealous All the Glitters Range. The Zealous Crystal Dream One Piece Swimsuit is a monocoloured vibrant blue dream. Another gorgeous pick, the Zealous Sherbert Sparkle One Piece Swimsuit is studded with bold shades of aqua, violet, rose and gold diamonds that will leave you shining like a star. Still not sure which one to grab? Check out the Zealous Glitter Snap One Piece Swimsuit. You will glow like a million bucks in this suit full of diamonds.



Go High Tech with the Zealous Mainstream Madness Swim Gear Line

Zealous Mainframe Madness 2016

Flaunt your tech savvy side with the Zealous Mainstream Madness swim gear line. Designed for the chic geek, it is the ultimate meeting of form and function. These Zealous trunks will make you look good poolside and feel amazing in the water. What more could you ask for from your swim gear?

Need to give your routine a boost? Like they say: If at first you don’t succeed, call it “Version 1.0”. If your technique is ready to move to Version 2.0, you need new gear! Enter Zealous Swimwear. Their swim wear was designed with serious athletes in mind and their trunks are exactly what you need to move onto the next level.

Zealous Swimwear has been endorsed by countless Olympic Champions and professional athletes from around the globe. They love it for all of the same reasons that you will love it: solid engineering, durable design and a perfect fit. The Australian owned and operated swim gear company is run by dedicated swimmers who are all about helping other swimmers become their best.

The people at Zealous Swimwear strive to give both casual and pro swimmers exactly what they need to be at their best. Every one of their trucks are high quality, chlorine resistant, long lasting and comfortable enough to wear every single day.

As a swimmer, you know that the number one goal is to find swimwear that you don’t have to think about when you are in the water. If you are tugging at your shorts or feeling them slip and slide, you just aren’t going to be able to be at your best. Zealous Swimwear knows this and they have engineered gear that fits like a second skin. The rubber inside of each suit is fully enclosed within a binding material that your skin smoothly slides over without chaffing or breaking out into a rash.

Made from top grade colour fast fabric, you know that your Zealous suit won’t fade with regularly exposure to the sun and chlorine. In fact, you can expect it to last you for a solid year of regular use without fading. And, since it was finished with reinforced stitching for an ultra-durable fit, you know that it will fit you like a glove every time you slip it on.

On top of that, this stuff is built to last! The Zealous Mainstream Madness swim gear line is made from a top grade polyester blend with a polyester lining. Thanks to the chlorine resistant Zealous’ fabric, you can trust that your Zealous Mainstream Madness trunks are going to keep looking amazing swim after swim.

Ready to make them yours? Go high tech with the vibrant blue circuit board style of the Zealous Powerhouse Trunks. With a classic design, these trunks have just the right amount of flair. Ready to reboot your style? Check out the Zealous Reboot Rage Trunks. These bold black and red square patterned trunks will have you turning heads in and out of the water.






Why We Love the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Line of Goggles

Aquashere Kayenne Goggles 2016

The perfect goggles should be completely forgettable. Like all truly great swim gear, you should be able to slide it on then wear it for hours without distraction. With top quality goggles, you should never have to stop swimming to make adjustments.

If you are sick of tugging at straps and suffering through surprise leaks, you will love the Aqua Sphere Kayenne line of goggles. Like everything that Aqua Sphere puts out there, their eyewear is flawless. Once you try a pair of their goggles, you will be a lifelong fan.

Since their inception, Aqua Sphere has worked with the world’s top swimmers. Working with elite athletes like four-time Olympian Amanda Beard and Ironman World Champion Faris al Sultan, the Italian swimwear company is focused on developing products that give serious swimmers exactly what they need to be their best. Through constantly evolving research and development, Aqua Sphere continues to innovate and offer a complete range of swimwear, eyewear and accessories that are second to none.

The new Aqua Sphere Kayenne Line of Goggles is just another example of their dedication to top quality design and engineering. With oversized, ultra-durable Plexisol® lens for 4-point expanded, 180-degree visibility and 100% UVA/UVB protection, the lens in the Kayenne Line are incredibly impressive.

Anti-fog treated for long lasting clarity, these Aqua Sphere goggles will provide you with perfectly clear vision under even the most trying conditions.

Thanks to Aqua Sphere Kayenne Line of Goggles’ unique One-touch, Quick-Fit Buckle™ you can get a perfect fit with simple adjustments - even while wearing! Forget about the days of stopping to tug at straps! These goggles are easy to adjust in a hurry.

The stabilizing nose bridge keeps your goggles fitting securely and comfortablely and, of course, there is a silicone strap for comfort and durability. Aqua Sphere’s attention to detail really shows in the Kayenne Line of Goggles and you can feel the difference in quality as soon as you pick them up.

So, which one of the Kayenne Line of Goggles is right for you? If you are an outdoor swimmer, you will definitely want to go for a polarized lens. The Aqua Sphere Grey and Orange Kayenne Polarized Lens Goggles or the Ladies Aqua Sphere Kayenne Polarized Lens Goggles in Violet and Pink are great picks for swimming ocean laps.

For a classic clear lens goggle, you will love the Aqua Sphere Black and Silver Kayenne Clear Lens Goggles. Prefer a more lady like look? Check out the Aqua Sphere Fuchsia and Translucent Kayenne Lady Clear Lens Goggles or the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Powder Blue and Glitter Lady Clear Lens Goggles for an extra touch of flash.

And, fear not, smoke lens lovers! We haven’t forgotten about you. For just the right level of smokiness, grab the Aqua Sphere Green and Black Kayenne Smoke Lens Goggles or the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Black and Silver Smoke Lens Goggles. They will give you just the right level of shade combined with top quality vision.




What is the purpose of carbon in a racing suit?

FINA Approved Racing Suits 2016

Carbon? In a racing suit?! Taking a cue from racing cars, the new generation of racing suits has taken on a carbon form. The latest line of racing suits from Arena was developed using some of the most cutting edge technology in the world.

The Arena Powerskin Carbon-Air line is the latest innovation using Arena’s breakthrough carbon technology. Their unique method uses ultra-lightweight fabric with the brand’s trademarked Intelligent Compression to create maximum comfort and speed. It is some seriously impressive and game-changing gear.

But don’t just take our word for it! Ask Olympic medalists Breeja Larson and Cammile Adams or American record-holder and Olympian Connor Jaeger. They are all in love with the astonishing carbon racing suits from Arena.

In the water, Arena’s Powerskin Carbon-Air racing suits’ Carbon Bands lock at a critical stretch point to provide lateral support and control exactly when and where it’s needed. Thanks to Arena’s incredibly light form of Comfortable Compression, you can have amazing streamlining without sacrificing a bit of comfort.

Arena’s Powerskin Carbon-Air’s fabric weighs an incredibly light 125 g/m2. That is a full 30% lighter that the materials in the Carbon-Pro. It doesn’t get any more streamlined than that! Every inch of the Arena racing suits are thoughtfully engineered. The women’s styles are all made with their trademarked SmartStretch shoulder straps, which feature “intelligent stretching” that creates a remarkable level of support without creating tension.

Ready for one of your own? In terms of women’s racing suits, you couldn’t find a better pick than the Women’s Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Knee Length. In the market for jammers? Check out the Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Jammers.

Both of the Arena Powerskin Carbon Air suits provide the benefits of intelligent compression coupled with the unbelievable lightness of a sleekly constructed suit. With the integration of Carbon Fibre Bands into the horizontal weave of the Carbon Air material, the Intelligent Compression is unleashed. This makes your suit easy to put on and keeps it fitting like a second skin for ages.

But don’t click on your order just yet! Arena has a few tricks up their sleeve. Another brilliantly engineered piece of swim tech is the Arena’s incredible carbon flex material. The Women’s Arena Carbon Flex Kneelength as well as the Men’s Arena Carbon Flex Jammers are made with the latest and great technological advancements.

The placement of Arena’s thermal bonded seams and are bio-mechanically aligned to allow optimum freedom of movement. Every single stitch is strategically placed and anchored. The rear seams create an ingenious “tension line” that provides you with a lifting effect on the back of your legs, helping to alleviate the drag that comes from exhausted legs. For the guys, the Arena Powerskin Carbon Jammers have added height in the crotch and waist to provide maximum coverage and comfort.

Swimmers, it is time to forget about your grandparents’ swimming gear! Leap into the 21st century with high tech gear from Arena to get the competitive edge.


The Quirky World of Swim Cap Designs

Training Swim Caps 2016

Looking for a bright and fun way to express yourself? Get a flashy new swim cap! While you might not be able to wear a whole lot in the pool, you can definitely pack some serious style into a little cap. With an endless array of designs, patterns, characters and themes, there is truly something for every fish in the sea.

Channel your inner Flying Fish with the Michael Phelps Dome Cap Black and Silver or Michael Phelps Dome Cap White and Blue, and jet through the water like the world’s great Olympian. The FINA Approved, 100% Silicone cap is made with the best quality construction you will find anywhere.

Feeling cosmopolitan? Check out the international designs and themes from Vorgee Silicone Swim Caps. Announce your wanderlust with themes from Mexico, London, Russia, Dubai, Australia, Tokyo and Paris. Vorgee is one of Australia’s leading swim gear companies and their ultra-comfortable swim caps are made from 100% high grade silicone.

For a totally different look, flaunt your inner geek with a meme theme like the Funky Trunks Grumpy Cat Swim Cap, a quirky Funky Trunks Pool Shark Swim Cap or pay homage to your favourite cartoon dad with the Funky Trunks Homerhead Swim Cap. Funky Trunks’ top of the line swim caps are made from durable silicone and flexible one size fits all design.
Shopping for the little girl in your life? If she has a sweet tooth, she will love the AMANZI Sweet Treats Silicone Swim Cap. Like all of their gear, AMANZI’s swim caps are second to none in terms of quality and durability. For a flash of colour, check out the Funkita Flaming Go Go’s Silicone Swim Cap with its two baby pink flamingos kissing on a hot pink background. Not just cute, this cap is built to last. The exceptional styling combined with Funkita's exclusive C-Infinity chlorine resistant fabric provide superior comfort and durability for prolonged use in the pool and under the sun.
For your little guy, go for the Vorgee Alien Silicone Swim Cap or the Vorgee Dinosaur Silicone Swim Cap. More of a Speedos fan? He will flip over the Speedo Planets Junior Swim Cap. Made with 100% durable silicone, this one size fits all cap will last him for years.
Young and old comic book fans alike we love the villain and hero theme of the Maru Super Hero Swim Cap and the old school cool of the Maru Wow Swim Cap. The ultimate blend of quality and style, Maru is a top pick amongst professional and amateur athletes around the globe.
Looking for a classic polyester swim cap? Check out the Arena Polyester Swim Cap, available in red and blue. The great thing about polyester caps is that it won’t tug at your hair and it is easy to slide on. While it isn’t ideal for serious swimmers, it is the perfect hat for sliding on and off kids with ease. It is also great for casual female swimmers who are sick of getting their hair pulled!
With all of the designs, patterns, characters and themes available, how can you pick just one? Start shopping and get ready to clear out an extra drawer!


The countdown to Rio: What Are the Olympics Going to Be Like for the Swimmers?

Rio Ready 2016

Are you ready for the Olympics? For those of us watching from our couches, it’ll be an exciting time. For those pro swimmers travelling to Rio, it will be the dream of a lifetime. Top athletes from around the globe are counting down the last few weeks until they can turn those dreams into a reality.

The Rio Olympic Games 2016 begin on Friday, 5 August and conclude on Sunday, 21 August. The indoor swimming events will feature 900 swimmers taking to the waters of the Olympic Aquatics Stadium while another 50 swimmers will hit the open waters of Fort Copacabana.

Brazil’s second largest city is in the midst of mad preparation for the world to descend upon their tropical oasis. The first stop for Olympic athletes will be Barra da Tijuca, a newly constructed neighbourhood in Rio that will host the Olympic and Paralympic Village. When they aren’t competing or training, the world’s greatest swimmers will stay in one of seven compounds alongside a total of 3,604 first-class athletes.

Once it is time to hit the water, the Rio 2016 Olympic swimmers will head over to the Olympic Aquatics Stadium which just opened in April. The venue has a capacity of 18,000 spectators and big names like Chad le Clos, Missy Franklin and Michael Phelps are sure to fill up the seats. The Olympic Aquatics Stadium has a training pool and an event pool which will host the swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo events.

The men and women of the Olympic swimming teams will participate in a total of 16 events, including relays and individual competitions in four strokes: freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke.

According to FINA standards, the Olympic swimming pool at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium will maintain a consistent temperature between 25 to 28 degrees C. And the weather outside of the stadium will be amazing!

Thanks to Rio de Janeiro’s location between the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Guanabara and Sepetiba Bays, the weather in the city can change quickly in terms of rain and wind but it consistently stays quite lovely during August.

Olympic athletes and fans can expect average midday temperatures around 24°C while the average day temperature will range between a low of 18.9 °C and a high of 28.1 °C with humidity levels typically around 66.4%. You couldn’t ask for much better weather than that!

One of the best spots during the entire 2016 Rio Olympic Games will surely be the Copacabana zone, where the open-water marathon will be held. Swimmers and fans there will enjoy the gorgeous weather with a backdrop of one of South America’s most beautiful sites. Loved by the entire world for decades now, the Copacabana zone is sure to make everyone fall head over heels for Brazil during this year’s games.

So, future Olympic swimmers, which events are you most looking forward to in the Rio Olympic Games 2016?