The Time Has Come To Buy a PoolMate2 Watch from Swimovate!

151125 - Swimovate

It is that time of year again where we get a bunch of releases to tell you about on our blog here at swimmer.com.au, so stay tuned to hear all of the latest about swimwear and swim accessories. One of the new releases we’re really excited about is the latest release of the PoolMate2 Watch. Many people wonder about whether they need a pool watch or not if there is a pace clock; our personal opinion is that once you have a pool watch a pace clock just won’t cut it for your needs.

Once you have a watch for the pool, there really is no going back. Remember when everyone started getting smart phones at first and you couldn't imagine getting one of those things? Well, any pool watch is sort of the same way. You can’t really see a reason to have one until you get one, then next thing you know you can’t hit the water without it.

The PoolMate2 isn't any pool watch though, it really is something special to come out of this type of technology. It offers features that you’ll actually want to use when you hit the water. Some of our favourite features include:

  • Patented Lap-Counting Technology
  • Water Resistant Down to 50 Meters Deep
  • 24 Clock and Alarm (so can be used like a real watch!)
  • Works with all Major Strokes
  • Stores over 50 Sessions
  • Open Water Track Mode for Swimming in the Ocean, Seas, and/or River
  • Two Year Batter Life
  • Crystal Glass Face
  • Clear Display
  • Chrono Mode

You've heard all of that right! You’d be able to track your laps and distance whether you’re enjoying the ocean on a nice summer day or hitting it in the indoor pool. We’re especially big fans of the clear displays which make it super easy to read the watch in the pool.

What we also like the PoolMate2 watches is that they have an interesting style. If you really wanted to, you could even wear them out of the pool. Although since this is a fancy piece of gear, it probably is a good idea to keep it tucked away and locked up in your swim bag.

The Pool Mate 2 comes in multiple colours for you to choose from to match your personal style. It comes in PoolMate2 Digital Watch Black, PoolMate2 Digital Watch Blue, PoolMate2 Digital Watch Grey and PoolMate2 Digital Watch Purple. These all look equally stunning, and we definitely would have a hard time picking!

Not Feeling the Swimovate Options?

We have other options for swim watches on our website along with a plethora of other swim accessories. Every swimmer has different unique needs. An athletic swimmer is going to have very different needs of someone who just swims at the beach for fun. Make sure you get the tools that are appropriate for you style of swimming to help enrich the experience.

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Bright, Bold & Beautiful

Funkita Zorse 2015

Funkita just released a brand new line of bright and bold prints inspired by cultures around the world. Finding beauty in every corner of life is not difficult to do once you open your eyes. Visiting every corner from the Incas to Safaris, Funkita really made something special when it comes to this line of women and girls swimwear.

Before we introduce these exceptional prints, we wanted to briefly discuss the fantastic features of Funkita swimwear. We love Funkita due to the fact it allows women to choose from swimwear that offers features to customize the swimsuit to the swimmer’s taste.  First off, their swimwear offers two strap style choices for females: the Double Bind Strap on Diamond Styles & Sports Bikinis and the Single Strap Binding on Single & Cross Strap Styles. Secondly, all bikini briefs offer a drawcord that helps the bottom keep a cosy fit.

Beyond these customisable features of Funkita, the swimwear also offers higher quality than the average swimsuit. Every piece of swimwear offers polyester lining for a comfortable fit. Also, the material is chlorine resistant, so it won’t fade or get droop even after many hours of use in the pool.

Now that we've got all the features out of the way, let’s move onto something a little more fun: the prints!

New Swimwear Prints from Funkita

Funkita Inca Icon:

In the Inca Empire women would march along with soldiers preparing their food. It was a brave duty that helps support the backbone of the military driven empire. If you want to harness the historic power of Inca women warriors then consider trying out the Inca Icon Print. It captures Incan designs in brilliant colours. It comes in Women's & Girls Diamond Back One Pieces and Women's & Girls Criss Cross Sports Bikinis.

Funkita Zorse Code:

Call us crazy, but do you see a Zebra in this pattern. Anyways, this print features colourful rainbow stripes on a pitch black background for a shocking effect. It is perfect for those ladies who don’t mind making a splash in or out of the pool with their style. The Zorse Cord prints comes in Women's & Girls Diamond Back One Pieces.

Funkita Aztec Princess:

Want to channel the spirit of powerful princesses from the Aztec Empire? Then check out the new Aztec Princess design from Funkita. This print offers will Aztec designs in vibrant colours that will invigorate your spirit every time you hit the water. The Aztec Princess Print is available in Women's & Girls Single Strap One Pieces, Women's Tri Top Sports Bikini.

Funkita Brand Stand:

Want to show off that you are a Funkita lady? Then check out this print which features a pattern made of bold letters filled with intricate designs. The word “FUNKITA” is printed over and over again for an unforgettable design you’re going to love. The Brand Stand print is available in Women's & Girls Single Strap One Pieces and Women's & Girls Sports Bikinis.



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Aqua Sphere is Here

Aqua Sphere Goggles

Want some fantastic goggles that the likes of Michael Phelps doesn't mind wearing? Well, you've got to check out Aqua Sphere. Unique features and styles make for a killer pair of goggles for competitive of casual use.

We’re really excited about all of the features these goggles of it, so we’re going to get straight to all of the new goggles we just released here at swimmer.com.au.

New Aqua Sphere Goggles for Discount Prices

The Aqua Sphere Kaiman Exo Goggle

These are the upgrade of the goggles every swimmer wants, the Kaiman. It offers all of the fantastic features of the Kaiman goggles- which are listed below- with a few upgrades. The biggest upgrade is the additional stability provided by the bi-material frame. Advanced Fit Technology makes for an extra comfortable and durable fit for swimmers who want something extra comfortable in the water.

The Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggle

Chances are if you've been anywhere around swimmers the past few years you've heard of the Kaiman goggle. Over 8 million sold to swimmers over the world, they really are something special. The Easy-Adjust buck system makes them, well, easy-to-adjust, which if you are a swimmer, know that is not always the case when it comes to goggles. It provides the signature 180-ddegree distortion-free visibility that really is just awesome. Like many of today’s goggles they offer anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating. These really just are an exceptional pair of goggles, and we wish we could just give them away to everyone who loves swimming.

The Aqua Sphere Kayenne

These over-sized goggles are just awesome for visibility. You get a lens with 4-point extension offering a spectacular 180 degree view.  The nose bridge makes for a comfortable fit despite the large size of the goggles.

Aqua Sphere Seal Kid Mask

All of the awesomeness of Aqua Sphere goggles in kid’s sizes. You get the 180-degree visibility which the kids will love when playing and training in the pull. Anti-scratch lenses are GREAT for kids since they have a destructive effect on goggles. As a bonus, they’re available in colours the kids will love.

The Aqua Sphere Vista Mask

A great mask for all the adults out there! Offers a Quick-Fit one-touch adjustment that we’re huge fan of when it comes to swim masks. A comfortable leak resistant silicone skirt which makes wearing a mask a lot more comfortable than usual. It offers the same 180-degrees visibility of the other options.


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Bright, Bold and Funky!


Yay! There is a brand new equipment range from Funky and Funkita. They've pretty much revolutionised the world of gear as we know it! Or at least it looks really cool.

Either way, these are great pieces of gear for a swim team, to give as a gift or to add to your very own collection. The bright colours of the gear also make the hard work of using the gear a little bit more fun. This way when you hit the pool you’ll have awesome gear to help spice up the time spent working in the water.

Let us briefly introduce you to all of this new gear, so that you can add the bright, bold and funky swimming accessories to your collection.

Brand New Swim Gear from Funky!

  1. Funkita Kickboards and Funky Trunks Kickboards

    Gather around boys and girls for the latest version of the kickboard with Funky. If you dread kick sets- join the club! The fun kickboards from Funky make the sets a little more bearable with colourful and comfortable designs. We all know we need our kickboard to help develop core and leg strength, so it is a necessary evil. The special design of the funky kickboard helps to reduce strain on the shoulders during these exercises. Also, it is made from top notch materials, EVA foam, so this kickboard will last for many swim seasons to come.

  1. Funkita Pull Buoys and Funky Trunks Pull BuoysThis every swimmer’s favourite or least favourite piece of equipment. It just depends on who you’re asking. The buoy helps to develop upper body strength. It does this by reducing kick propulsion from your stroke. Also, the asymmetric shape holds the hip high in the water to help train you to keep a better body position. It is shaped in such a way to make it easy and comfortable to grip between the legs. The brand actually added on three new rad colours to help spice up the world of pull buoy fashion! You’ll feel like you’re walking the cat walk rather than working your butt off in the pool during each training session. Okay, maybe that last part was an exaggeration.
  1. Funkita Mesh Gear Bags and Funky Trunks Mesh Gear BagsNow that you’ve got your gear, you need a practical way to carry it to and from practice. Funky and Funkita provide high quality mesh gear bags that are perfect for carrying your swimsuit pull buoys, goggles, kick boards, etc. The Ultimate Gear Bag features a draw string opening that easily opens and closes for quick storage of swimwear. The material of the gear bag is made of an extra durable nylon mesh. The mesh means you can get it wet or have it in the pool for hours without impacting the integrity of the material. If you want something tough and practical for your swimwear gear, this is definitely the bag you want to add to your collection.

Fruity Florals from Funkita

Funkita Tooty Fruit 2015

As swimmers, we all should be well acquainted with the nutritional power of fruit. It gives of the yummy support we need to be high energy in and out of the pool. If you would like a little reminder to eat your fruit more often or just love fruit in general, you are going to love this new line of Floral and Fruit Inspired Prints from Funkita.

Before we get started, let us tell you some of the amazing new features of this new line of swimwear. All of their swimwear features luxurious polyester lining that is perfect for swimmers who want a smooth and comfortable swimming experience. The bikini briefs all feature a draw cord for a customisable fit that will stay on whether you are doing laps or cannon balls. Also, there are options for strap styles if you are the type of lady who loves to have options! This new line offers double bind strap on diamond styles & sports bikinis and single strap binding on Singly & Cross Strap Styles.

Now that you know about some of the fantastic features this new line of Funkita swimwear offers, let us introduce you to all of the fabulous prints that will help you rejuvenate your spirits every single time you hit the water.

Brand New Swimwear from Funkita

  1. Funkita Petty Petal:

    Louds splashes of colour form a bright floral design with the Petty Petal line of swimwear. All of the stunning coloured flowers nearly blend into one another to create an inspiring design. If you are a lady who loves styles that make you want to take a second glance, you are going to love this print. It is available in Womens & Girls Diamond Back One Pieces, Womens & Girls.

  2. Funkita Midnight Reflection:

    What sort of crazy thoughts go across your head at midnight? If you have a wondering mind with a taste for wacky fashion you’ll love the offbeat floral design of Midnight reflection. The vibrant design will be the unique version of you in and out of the pool. Midnight Reflection is available in Womens & Girls Diamond Back One Pieces.

  3. Funkita Coral Bloom:

    Do you love light hearted things with light pastel colours? Then you’ll love the care free design of the Cloral Bloom. This bouquet of fantastic gently hued colours combined with notable can-do attitude will put a smile on your face every time you go to work hard in the pool. The Cloral Bloom is available in Womens & Girls Single Strap One Pieces, Womens & Girls Criss Cross Sports Bikinis, Womens Tri Top Sports Bikini.

  4. Funkita Tooty Fruity:

    You know what is more fun than pineapple? Pastel pineapples plastered in a fantastic pattern to create an absolutely delicious design. A great choice for all the fruit lovers out there who can’t get enough pineapple. The Tooty Fruity Print is available in Womens & Girls Single Strap One Pieces, Toddler Girls One Piece.

  1. Funkita Petal Princess (For Toddlers):

    Cute, cartoon-like petals grace the print of the Petal princess. The playful flowers all look as if they all could have their own individual personalities, and the creativity behind this print makes it the perfect selection for an imaginative toddler. If your little girl has a love of play and fun then the Petal Princess is an excellent choice for her. The Petal Princess print is available in a Toddler Girls One Piece.









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Funkita Funky Trunks retro prints

Are you ready to take it way back? Back to the age of fun? Back to the age of disco? Back to the age of dinosaurs? Okay, maybe for that last one we took it back just a little too far for some of you all. Whether you want to re-live the Stone Age or get funky in the current age we have some wild and wacky prints from Funky all you water lovers out.

Funky just released a line of Retro Inspired prints that is taking it back. All of these prints are filled with shockingly vibrant prints- which by the way are made with chlorine resistant materials. On top of the groovy appearance of this swimwear line, offers fantastically cosy cuts. The jammers and bikini brief offers a customisable fit with a draw cord. Womens cuts offer multiple strap options including double bind strap on diamond styles & sports bikinis and single strap binding on single & cross strap styles.

There is one major problem with this line. Picking out the perfect print for you! To help alleviate this horrific issue we've given you a brief introduction to all of the super retro prints from this line of swimwear.

Funky Trunks Top Bloke:

Sometimes things escape our words. The ultra-crazy design of the Top Bloke line is one of those. You’ll just have to check it out for yourself. It comes in Mens & Boys Trunks.

Funky Trunks Power Pants:

We think we’ll leave the name of this one alone, but there is no denying the print is awfully radical. The crazy scribbles and lines create a unique print that is perfect for swimmers who have their own unique way of looking at things. This print is available in •                Mens, Boys & Toddler Boys Trunks.

Funky Trunks Rubiks Runner & Funkita Rubiks Runner:

Who doesn’t love an intricate tango with a rubiks cube? If you feel the way we feel about these colourful cubes then check out the line of Rubiks Runner swimwear. This line is available in Mens, Boys & Toddler Boys Trunks, Jammers, and Womens & Girls Diamond Back One Pieces.

Funkita Purrfection:

Can you say “meow”? If you feel more like a cat lady than a real lady (despite your affinity for the water), you are going to love the line of Purrfection swimwear. This line is available for Womens & Girls Diamond Back One Pieces.

Funkita Sugar Cube:

Too sweet to handle? If you are a lady who loves being sweet and easting sweets, you might as well see sweat every time you hit the pool with this too cute print. This print is available in Womens & Girls Single Strap One Pieces and Womens & Girls Sports Bikinis.

Funkita Cutie Pie:

Look at the little cutie in her Cutie Pie swimwear. Perfect for little ladies who are just too cute! You’ll have to see it to believe it, so check it out for yourself! This line is available in Toddler Girls One Piece and Girls Single Strap One Piece.




Unique Beauty: Fruit Punch, Peaches and Strawberry Shortcake

Rival 2015 Sports Bikinis

For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness.

For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.

For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.

For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day.

For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.

People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.”

― Sam Levenson

Beauty is not only something that can be found on the silver screen and on magazines, but it is something we see all around us. A big part of enhancing beauty in the world is being generous in everything you offer from the words you speak to the food you eat.

By swimming you offer beauty to the world by staying in shape to optimize your energy to do good things. On a less deep note, you can also make the pool a beautiful place by wearing swimwear with a lovely aesthetic.

If you want to add some beauty to your local swimming hole we recommend checking out Rivals new line of Rival Womens One Piece Swimsuits & Rival Girls One Piece Swimsuits and Rival Sports Bikinis. This piece of swimwear offers vibrant prints and designs that will add a bit of pretty everywhere you go.

As a bonus these new one pieces are made of 100% polyester Chlorine resistant material, so that the designs stay bright and beautiful. The cuts offer adjustable straps and a medium leg height for optimal comfort. Not only are these swimsuits gorgeous, but they also provides optimal comfort for ladies who love to swim!

Without further ado, let us briefly introduce you to the new Rival swimwear.

Brand New Womens & Girls Swimwear from Rival

Tropical Punch for Women

Check out this gorgeous print with the Rival Tropical Punch Womens One Piece Swimsuit, Rival Tropical Punch Womens Sports Bikini and the Rival Tropical Punch Contour Womens One Piece Swimsuit. The Tropical punch line offers a beautiful tropical floral design on a black background. You’re going to love the dazzling neon of these beautiful blooms.

Strawberry Shortcake for Girls

This lovely one piece is drenched with gorgeous colours for an unbelievable abstract design Check it out with the Rival Strawberry Shortcake Girls One Piece Swimsuit and the Rival Strawberry Shortcake Girls Sports Bikini.  Thin straps and an open back provide the arms and shoulders ample room to move in the pool. The gorgeous design will inspire girls to hit the water asap.

Peachy Girls

Everything in life is just peachy and you want to share this message of optimism with the world. The Rival Peaches Girls One Piece Swimsuit provides a bright and cheerful one piece that will put a smile on your face every time you wear it to the pool. The frilly ornaments on the straps will make you adore it even more!

Make a Difference with Swimwear

Every single touch of beauty whether through a smile or a piece of swimwear adds a little bit of good to the world. Be a part of this movement by investing in swimwear.


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Mish Mash Paint Splash

Paint-Splash Funky Captivation 2015

“Don't think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It's self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can't try to do things. You simply must do things.”

Ray Bradbury

We are all creative! Whether you show your creativity in the pool, on the canvas, outside of the box- we all have something to offer. Funky fully embraced the beauty of every human beings capacity to create with its new line of Artsy Paint Funky Patterns. All of these prints feature a wide array of colours intricate design that will help your imagination grow every time you hit the pool.

Before we get started introducing this fantastic line of new prints, let’s talk a little bit about the features. First off, all of Funky swimwear options are created with chlorine resistant material, so that prints hold their fun colour even after tons of use in the pool. Secondly, their swimwear features comfortable polyester lining that prevents chafing and other uncomfortable swimwear problems that no one really wants to discuss in detail. Just know that polyester link is good for your swimming experience.

Beyond that we can get down to the nitty gritty features. All swimwear bottoms have drawcords (on trunks, jammers and bikini briefs), so you can personalize it to your waistline. For the ladies, Funky offers a mix of double bind strap on diamond styles & sports bikinis or single strap binding on sing & cross strap styles.

Now let’s get to the fun part: the prints!


First off, we have the colour card which is basically colourful triangles merging to create a very geometric and edgy design. The triangles meet to form intricate designs that feed the eyes and mind every time you hop into the pool. This style is available in a Girls Sports Bikini, Girls Single Strap One Piece, Womens Sports Bikini, Womens Single Strap One Piece, Boys Trunks, Jammers and Mens Trunks.


Next up we have the Liquified line. Dozens of colours melt together to form swirling and swaying designs that are as fluid as the water you swim through. This is a perfect design for those who are fluid and adaptable to any circumstance. The Liquified line is available in Mens trunks, Jammers, Boys Trunks, Toddler Boys Trunks,  Womens & Girls Diamond back One Pieces, Womens & Girls Sports Bikinis.


Feeling a little goofy? Then you’ll probably love the Wibbly Wobbly line. This crazy print features a mish-mash of geometric shapes that seem to weeble and wobble back and forth for a really non-conventional design that all you rebels out there are just going to adore. This print is available in Mens & Boys Trunks, Jammers, Womens & Girls Diamond One Pieces.


Have you ever seen how cool it looks when paint is in the process of being mixed? If you like that look, you’ll love the design of the Splatterfied link. A tornado of colours creates swirling effects for a free-spirited look that embraces being a little off beat. For all those who march to the beat of their own drum, you’ve found your print. The Splatterfied print is available in  Mens & Boys Trunks, Jammers, Womens & Girls Single Strap One Pieces, Womens & Girls Criss Cross Sports Bikini.

Do you have a bubbly personality with a deep admiration for bright and fun colours? We get it. Why take things to seriously? Even swimming, as serious as we can be about it, is ultimately supposed to be fun. If you love the light hearted side of life then check out the Bobbly Bubbly print. This print is available in Mens & Boys Trunks, Womens & Girls Cross Back One Pieces, Womens & Girls Criss Cross Sports Bikini.




Girls Vacation!

Rival Girls One Piece Swimsuitw

You know what we need? A vacation away from men! Well, at least the men we know. It is that time of year again to hit the beach with the girls for some much deserved time in the sun. It is a time for dancing, gossiping, makeovers and swimming.

Since you are going with the ladies, you know you’re going to want to hit up the beach with style. Rival’s new line of Womens, Girls & Toddler Girls Swimwear offers great swimwear for all ages and sizes. This way when you go to get out of town you have the right swimwear to help you get there!

On top of being stylish, this swimwear is made of top of the line quality material. All of the one pieces swimsuits and sports bikinis are 100% Polyester Chlorine Resistant Swimwear, so you’ll easily be able to sport these swimsuits for years to come. Of course next year we know you’ll need new swimwear to keep up with the latest trends, but just so you know girlfriend!

Introduction to the New Line of Womens, Girls & Toddler Girls Swimwear

  1. Put the Lime in the CoconutIf you want to be in a vacation state of mind every time you throw on your swimsuit, then you’ll love the design of the Coconut Lotion print. It features a cubic collage of beachy scenes in a wide variety of colours. They are available in women sizes with the Rival Coconut Lotion Womens One Piece Swimsuit and the Rival Coconut Lotion Womens Sports Bikini. For girls, you can check them out with the Rival Coconut Lotion Girls One Piece Swimsuit and the Rival Coconut Lotion Girls Sports Bikini.
  1. Get Ready for a Pink Sunset in Tropical ParadiseThese next print features two of our favourite things: pink and tropical trees. The fabulous cuts complement the beauty of the design. Check out this print for women with the Rival Aloha Womens One Piece Swimsuit and the Rival Aloha Womens Sports Bikini. For the little ladies check out the Rival Aloha Girls One Piece Swimsuit, Rival Aloha Girls Sports Bikini, Rival Aloha Girls Sun Top and the Rival Aloha Toddler Girls TuTu One Piece Swimsuit.
  1. A Little Flash of ColourAre you the type of lady who needs a look to match your flashy personality? Then you’ll love the colour-filled print of the Rival Bermuda Womens Sports Bikini. This lovely two pieces features slices of colours to create an energetic look that will have you partying your whole vacation long.

Don’t See Anything You Like

It is a woman’s prerogative to take her time making decisions about fashion. No need to rush! We have plenty of swimwear options for you to peruse for as you go through your swimwear shopping spree online. We know you’re going to find something that you love.


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Looks Like Rain

Funkita Acid Rain 2015

The clouds are rolling in like on a typical rainy day, but there is something a little unusual. Some of the clouds are GREEN, BLACK, RED and a whole monstrosity of colours. What kind of storm could this possibly be? You all better run for cover as Funky’s new storm inspired swimwear hits the racks here at swimmer.com.au.

Before the winds begin to pick up, we better tell you about some of the fantastic features of this Funky Trunks & Funkita swimwear. First off, all of the swimwear is in resilient Chlorine Resistant material which holds it colour and form even after many hours of use in the pool. All of the swimwear offers polyester lining for extra comfort and cushioning. For men and women, all of the jammers and bikini briefs offer a draw-cord for a customisable fit. One last note for the ladies, all the swimwear of these lines feature medium leg cut on womens and girls, and a double bind strap on diamond styles & sports bikinis

The New line of the Funky Swimwear!  

Bring on the Funky Hail Storm!

There is something simultaneously magical and terrifying about hail. Blue, black and white streaks of colours rain down the print of the new Hail Storm line for a powerful look that’ll help push your passion for achieving all your swimming goals by putting in the hard work. The Hail Storm Line is available in Mens Trunks and Jammers, Boys Trunks and Jammers, Womens One Pieces and Sports Bikinis, and Girls Ones and Sports Bikinis.

A Little Bit Out of Funky Acid Rain!

Acid Rain is not as cool as it really sounds. It is terrible for the environment. Hello Funky wanted to go a little more light-hearted with acid rain with their line of eerily Green Acid Rain clouds. Could you imagine green clouds rolling across the horizon? What little green drops of colour would like rolling down the windscreen. If you want to capture how imagination can turn a problem into an interesting spectacle, then you’re going to love the acid rain line. It is available in Mens Trunks and Jammers, Boys Trunks and Jammers, Womens One Pieces and Sports Bikinis, and Girls One Pieces and Sports Bikinis.

Raining Rainbows - Funky Beam Stream!

There can never be enough rainbows in our humble opinions. If the sky would just rain rainbows, I don’t think most people would have an issue with that. It would be like a colour explosion EVERYWHERE. If you are fun of everything colourful then you’re going to love the Beam Stream line from Funky. This is available in Mens Trunks, Womens One Pieces and Girls One Pieces.

Swim on You Crazy Swimming Diamonds

Don’t like any of this new fabulous swimwear from Funky. That’s okay, we guess. There are plenty of other choices here swimmer.com.au that we know will match your individual tastes. As long as you find swimwear that makes your pool time great