Zealous New Line Of Womens And Girls Athletic Swimwear Shoots For The Stars

Zealous Soulawakening

“I'm a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.”

-Mike Tyson

When it comes to striving for what you want in life there is no step to small or large. Each and every day you have to put in the work, so that you can get just a little bit closer to that day you've been dreaming of all this time.

This means sweat. It means time. It definitely means expending energy. In the end when you take hold of that star all of the effort you put in will be worth it. In fact, you may look back at the effort you put in as the most enjoyable part of the adventure.

In the spirit of reaching for the stars Zealous released a whole new line dedicated to the splendour of the night time sky. Make no mistake though, the designs of these swimsuits are not sleepy and restful, but rather they are made with energetic and vibrant colours that will revive your attitude with every stroke.

Let us briefly introduce you to the beautiful designs of Zealous swimwear featured right here at swimmer.com.au.

Dance Among the Stars

Our favourite of all the swimwear prints is the Zealous Sky Dancer Womens One Piece Swimsuit and the Zealous Sky Dancer Girls One Piece Swimsuit.  This design features a variety of pattern with neon colours that will hypnotise the eyes into a higher state of well-being. As soon as you put this swim suit on, you’ll be ready to do lap after lap without any hesitation.

Shoot To The Moon

The Zealous Blue Moon Womens One Piece Swimsuit and the Zealous Blue Moon Girls One Piece Swimsuit both offer dazzling blue designs that will take your breath away. You’ll be ready to shoot for the moon with this inspiring print that will make each and every stroke feel like a day dream. Splashes and ripples of colour explode from the center to create a really energetic design that swimmers will just love.

Harness The Energy Of A Firefly

The Zealous Firefly Womens One Piece Swimsuit and the Zealous Firefly Girls One Piece Swimsuit will have you taking flight through the pool every time you wear it. This luminous print features neon feathers dancing on a deep blue background. The bright pink strips highlight the colour scheme of the swimwear for a well put together style. This is the perfect swimwear for someone who needs a bit of a tickle on the bottom of their foot with a feather to get them just a tad bit closer to the finish line.

Don’t See Anything You Like? 

Stay tuned to our blog for the hottest releases from top swimwear companies like Zealous. We stay on top of the latest swimwear trends, so that swimmers can focus on swimming rather than what they’re wearing. When you come to swimmer.com.au you are offered discount swimwear of the highest quality all at a discount prices.

-Happy Swimming!

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Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

The Finals Shiny Swimwear 2015

What is it about you that separates you from the crowd? Is it your smile? Your sense of humour? Your work ethic? Whatever it is that makes you unique makes you shine like a diamond. Now your swimwear can shine like a diamond as well with a new line of swimwear from The Finals.

Every year, The Finals releases a line of shimmering swimwear with a mix of mind bending and beautiful designs. As a bonus they just happen to glow. This swimwear gives a whole new meaning to the term “having a healthy glow”.

Anyhow, we wanted to briefly introduce you to this line since we just dropped it here at swimmer.com.au, so please come check it out!

New Swimwear Line From The Finals

For The Rainbow Zebra Lover

With black stripes alternating on a glowing rainbow background this swimwear has a contemporary feel. The Finals Sparkle Blast One Piece Swimsuit It is a perfect eye popping look for ladies who don’t mind showcasing bold fashions in the pool.

For The Lady Who Wants To Paint It Black

Are you a Rolling Stones fan? Then you are familiar with the song “Paint It Black”! If you've  never heard that song, go Google it right now. You’ll love the many shades of black in the quirky design of The Finals Illusion One Piece Swimsuit. Vertical thick and bold stripes of gray and black create a striking design that you’re just going to love.

Infatuation With Scribbles

Pink scribbles on a glowing aqua/green/dark blue/light blue/every version of blue background is pretty amazing. The way this swimwear changes in the light with the foil background is our favourite. Do yourself a favour and take a look at The Finals Brush Stroke One Piece Swimsuit!

For the Lover Of Sleek Looks

A simple and sleek look can be found with the shimmering print of the The Finals Irid Oil Foil One Piece Swimsuit. Give it a gander if you are one of those people who likes to keep things simple, yet elegant, when it comes to fashion.

For Those Who Love To Dance In The Rain

The many shades of blue form an interesting droplet pattern on The Finals Droplet One Piece Swimsuit. Check out this glowing one piece if you like to be surrounded by water in and out of the pool!

Don’t See Anything You Like? Keep Looking!

We have a massive amount of swimwear here at swimmer.com.au for our customers to choose from. If you aren't feeling any of these styles then take a look around to find something more suited to your taste. We guarantee you are going to find a style of swimwear that you’ll just have to add to your collection.

-Happy Swimming!

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<3 <3 <3 Your Finals Swimwear <3 <3 <3

Love The Finals Swimwear 2015

There isn't enough love in the world if you ask us! One great way to infuse love into the world around is by sporting love and heart themed swimwear. Every time another person sets eyes on your swimsuit, they will be infused with a love as well. Lucky for you, the Finals just released a fabulous line of heart and love themed swimwear in their Funnies line.

The funnies line from the Finals, for those of you not in the know, features glimmering and shimmering swimwear. This means with every step or stroke you take, the glow of the light will transform the way the swimwear looks at every instant. So not only do you get a whole lot of love when you buy Finals swimwear, but you also get a fancy glow to boot! What more could a lady ask for?

New Finals Swimwear With Hearts And Lots Of Love

The Cat Lover

The Finals Sweetheart One Piece Swimsuit features the classic leopard print with two major twists. Firstly, the black rings aren’t actually rings - they’re hearts! Its adorbs, and you totally need to check it out. Secondly, the black spots are set on a bright pink background that you just going to love. What are you waiting for? Go and check it out already!

The Sky Blue Lover

The Finals Be Mine One Piece Swimsuit features glimmer pink outlines of hearts on a sky blue background for a really stunning swimsuit. With this shade of blue you’ll almost blend into the water! It is complemented by the hearts that shimmer white in bright light then to deep hues of hot pink in low light for a breathtaking appearance!

Put The Lime In the Coconut

Like lime green? Then you’ll love The Finals Peace and Love Foil One Piece Swimsuit. This one piece features a lime green background with pink hearts. We love the light blue straps that complement the colours of the one piece perfect. A delicious and delightful one piece for ladies to enjoy all summer long!

Infatuations With Abstractions

So if you aren't into the idea of having hearts literally all over your one piece, there is a more abstract option that is just as lovely. The Finals Right Angle Foil One Piece Swimsuit features a glowing green background with pink scrolled all over it in attractive scribbles. The shimmering green truly creates a beautiful look that looks marvellous in the water.

Not In Love With Any Of The Above Athletic Swimwear?

Then take a look at the rest our website. We offer a plethora of options for the shoppers who can be on the picky side. We get it! Swimwear is definitely important when you love the water as much as we do. Once you find the perfect style and cut of swimwear the search for the perfect swimsuit is totally worth it. We hope you find that swimsuit right here at swimmer.com.au.

Happy Swimming!

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Be Wild And Free With The Finals Swimwear

The Finals Wild Swimwear

A well-behaved woman is never truly being herself. We all have that little edginess that gives unique quirks to our personalities. These are the parts we need to learn to embrace and share with the world when we want to create an impact that truly counts. Choosing a piece of swimwear that reflects this value of wildness reflects upon this necessity.

The Finals just released fabulous womens and girls sports swimwear with crazy patterns that’ll help you get a little rambunctious in the pool. These one pieces have fabulous prints that you’re just going to love, so let’s go ahead and get to peruse your options.

The New Finals Womens and Girls Athletic Swimwear

If You Are Indecisive…

When you have trouble just picking out one of anything, sometimes you don’t need to! The Finals Ferocious One Piece Swimsuit takes care of the problem of having to pick out just one animal print design for your swimwear. This print features strips of different animal prints in bright colours making for an eye popping design. It is a perfect piece of athletic swimwear for ladies who don’t mind making a bold cannon ball splash every time they go to the pool.

If You Love Big Cats…

Then you’re going to love the neon leopard print of The Finals Wild Child One Piece Swimsuit. This one piece features a whole palette of neon with an emphasis on blue neon, and this colour scheme is emphasized by the thin blue straps. Also, you’ve got to check out the cut of this one piece, because the combination of thin straps and an open back give you ample space to move around without feeling constricted. This is the perfect one piece for ladies who want the world to hear them roar with every stroke they take in the pool.

If You Love Swimwear That Shines And Shimmers

The Finals features of a whole line of swimwear that features shimmering swimwear called the Finals, but this go round we were particularly partial to the shimmering Cheetah print seen on The Finals Clawz One Piece Swimsuit. In each different line the shimmering material of this one piece seems to glow a different colour! Warning, you may not be able to wait to get your paws on this one piece want you see it, because it is just such a stunner for the pool. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Not Anything Here For You?

We know that you are a truly wild and unique lady, so it can be hard to find the swimwear that suits your personality just right. Lucky for you, at swimmer.com.au we offer tons of athletic swimwear for women and girls in different styles, cuts and colours, so you can have your pick from the top swimwear companies in the world for a great site. Give yourself plenty of time to browse on our site, so that you can find swimwear that speaks to your one-of-a-kind soul.

-Happy Swimming





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The Ugliest Swimwear You’ve Ever Seen!


Things are about to get a little bit ugly here at Swimmer.com.au. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. A new line from Dolfin swimwear is really bringing the ugly for womens and girls swimwear. So if you have delicate sensibilities, you may want to close your eyes for the rest of the blog!

For the brave ones out there, it is time to power on to see some of the luckiest swimwear that you can imagine. Ready or not, here comes the Uglies swimwear from Dolfin.

Introducing New Uglies Athletic Swimwear from Dolfin

To start off, let’s all take a trip down to Los Cabos, Mexico with the Dolfin Cabo One Piece Swimsuit.  The print of this one piece is a fiesta in the making with multi-colours of squiggly lines. The blue and white striped trim and straps matches the fun-loving design of this unique one piece that is perfect for swim practice or big trips to Mexico. We could see this one piece in the Sea of Cortez right now!

Wait a second, we were supposed to be explaining how ugly the swimwear is! Whoops! Okay, back to that.

Next up is the disgusting looking Dolfin Gidget One Piece Swimsuit. This nightmare of a one piece is covered in swirling pastel colours outlined by white lines. This scary looking one piece will have you crying for your mama. The light blue and white stripes of the straps complements the pattern in such a way that you’ll want to look away as quickly as possible.

Thirdly we have the vomit-worthy design of the Dolfin Pixie One Piece Swimsuit. We aren’t even really sure what is going on with the design of this one piece. You’ll just have to see for yourself. Or don’t. After all, it is pretty ugly! Multiple colours create a beautiful, I mean ugly, design.

Lastly and least is the Doflin Poppy One Piece Swimsuit. This one piece features an explosion of colours that will make you want to run and hide for your life. Not only is this swim suit kind of ugly, but it is down-right frightening. Only look if you are not prone to nightmare at night. Heck, this may even give you daymares.

So Treat Yourself To Something Ugly!

Come one, come all. Treat yourself to something ugly! There are plenty of options here at swimmer.com.au. It is okay if you don’t like ugly swimwear, we also have some attractive swimwear on our site too.

P.S. Stay tuned to our blog for the latest releases from the top swimwear companies around the world.  We’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest pieces. This way you can spend more time training, less time shopping and more time enjoying life.

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On The Prowl With Dolfin Womens And Girls Swimwear


Sneaking slowly through the pool, the swimmer approaches their target. Little does the unsuspecting swimmer know, the hand on top of the head clearly represents a shark fin. This game of Jaws is about to get serious. The stalk of the prey is finally about to pay off after the long journey through the pool.

Then the whistle blows! Oh no, it is time for a break from the pool. How unfair that the adults get to continue swimming, but now you are forced into a land of exile filled with the re-application of sunscreen, ice cream, pizza and napping on a towel. Life is hard out there for a chlorine-water shark, but someone has got to do the job.

Luckily, there is a swimwear brand that understands the unique camouflage needs of a pool shark! Dolfin has created a line of swimming pool camouflage that will help you blend perfectly into the pool and summertime fun. With Dolfin swimwear you have a wide variety of options on top of these, but we’re particular fond of them. That is why we’ve got a whole blog post dedicated to them.

Without further ado, let us give you a little introduction to this special release from Dolfin.

For the pink lovers, we have a special piece of swimwear that is going to make you squeal in delight. The Dolfin Prowler Pink One Piece Swimsuit is covered with pink strips and a myriad other colours to create an eye popping design. When a lady wants her pink, this is definitely one of the images she has in mind. While this swimwear may not help you blend into the blue of the water it will help you hide among all the tropical coloured beach umbrellas and blankets.

For those who are really looking for a swimsuit that’ll help them win at jaws, they’ll love the blue hue of the Dolfin Prowler Blue One Piece Swimsuit. This lovely one piece features nice straps that allow complete movement of the back and shoulders, so that when at play in the pool swimmers are unhibited to go their fastest to get their snack of smaller fish. The Dolfin Prowler Blue One Piece is the perfect piece of swimwear for tom girls who are always playing hard when they are at the pool.

Now that you've got the low down on these two fabulous pieces of swimwear you are equipped to make the best decision for your swimming game strategy this summer. There is a whole summer of fun ahead, well at least for some of us in the world, so it is time to prepare for having a blast. Long days, long swims and tons of fun await us at the pool this year.

P.S. If you aren't into the prowler design of swimwear then check out the other options here at swimmer.com.au. We have tons and tons of great swimwear for everyone in the whole family!

-Happy Swimming!

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Funky Trunks Polar Wild Collection

Funky Trunks

The New Funky Trunks Polar Wild Collection has just been released at Swimmer.com.au.




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Trash Mag, No Idea, Trading Faces by Funkita & Funky Trunks


Every year the Funky brand continues to impress the world with their innovative and stylish swimwear. The bright colours, high quality and comfortable cuts make for swimwear that really stands out in the market. That is why each and every year we feature their swimwear on our website, because we just can’t simply get enough.

This year is no exception! Funky Trunks and Funkita both released fabulous swimwear with wonderful features that we wanted to share with your, our lovely readers. First take a quick peak at this new swimwear that features a comic book/soap opera theme with dramatic colours and text along with baseball cards. Random, as is often the case with Funky styles, but that is part of what makes their swimwear so fun!

For the fellas, you can choose between the:

For the ladies take a gander at the:

Without further ado, let us tell you about the five unbeatable features of all these pieces of brand new swimwear from Funky Trunks and Funkita:

  1. Swimwear Made For Swimmers By Swimmers
    The founders of Funky Trunks opened up shop basically to create a design for mens trunks that was more comfortable to wear in the pool. The resulting design is the one they still use today in the mens and boys trunks, but even beyond their signature cut, they’ve tried to stick to the same philosophy of creating comfortable and practical swimwear.
  2. Fast-Drying Swimwear
    This is nothing worse than having to deal with a piece of swimwear that seems to absorb all the water in the pool. Funky designed a special material that does not absorb as much water, so that it dries rather quickly after getting out of pool. This also means less wringing out of the swimwear, so that it will last longer than other swimwear options.
  3. High Definition Colour Fastness
    Part of what makes Funky Trunks and Funkita stand out from other brands are their uniquely colourful and crazy designs. With their High Definition Colour Fastness these design are even sharper in the pool creating a stand out look that is great for swim practice or a day at the beach.
  4. Swimwear That Retains It Shape
    Have you ever had swimwear that just seems to droop in all of the wrong places? Funky’s signature swimwear material has shape retentive properties meaning that it stretches then snap back into place with each and every use. This result is a piece of swimwear that lasts a lot longer with optimal functionality.
  5. Chlorine-Resistant Swimwear
    The material of the Funky brand is chlorine resistant, so that even if you plan on spending a tremendous amount of time in the pool, the colours and shape of the swimwear will hold up to the challenge.

Like the sound of all this? Then check out all of the Funky Trunks and Funky Swimwear we have to offer at our website.

-Happy Swimming!


Bondi Brollies Funkita & Funky Trunks Swimwear


Hello Everyone!

As some of you may already know, swimmer.com.au is based out of Australia, so we take special pride in anything local to the land down under. So we were super excited when Funky Trunks and Funkita, also Australia-based swimwear companies, released a swimwear line inspired by Sydney Australia’s ever-popular Bondi Beach.

For those of you who haven’t been to Bondi Beach, let us tell you all about it. When you walk on the beach you are surrounded by picturesque golden sand beaming with light. This golden hue is complemented by the unbelievably turquoise water and perfect waves. The waves are so ideal that it is a famous surf spot, but there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy.

This is the beach to go to if you ever find yourself in Sydney. What it has to offer goes way beyond just surfing, sun worshiping and swimming. You can experience the beyond-the-beach feel with the fine dining, colourful and quirky shopping markets, unbelievable walking trails and nightlife for those who prefer their beach with a party. No matter what sort of lifestyle you like natural to diva shopper to partier to family man, you’re going to find something you’ll love doing at this world class beach.

What also makes this beach standing out is that at any time of year it is buzzing with activity from dawn till late night. Whether you want to grab an early morning coffee or a late night cocktail, you’ll find an activity to enjoy amongst the unbelievably gorgeous scenery.

Funky Trunks and Funkita captures the beach in a unique way with the Bondi Brollies print. This print uses a design that takes a bird eye’s view of the beach, so that you get an overhead view of a golden sand beach covered in colourful umbrellas. The result is a lovely beach time scene that reflects the buzz of urban beach such as Bondi Beach.

This fun and colourful print is available in mens swimwear, boys swimwearwomens swimwear, girls swimwear. For the grown men check out the signature Funky Trunk fit with the Funky Trunks Bondi Brollies Mens Trunks. For boys check out the long-lasting Funky Trunks Bondi Brollies Boys Trunks that will last many a swim practice. For the little guys who want to look like their dad and big bros, check out the Funky Trunks Bondi Brollies Toddler Boys Trunks.

For the ladies, we have a selection of one pieces and two pieces. For women we have the:

For the gals we have the:

For the little girlies, we have the ever so cute Funkita Bondi Brollies Toddler Girls One Piece.

Not A Fan Of The Beach?

Stay tuned to our blog and website to see other fab releases from the top swimwear brands out there. We’ll keep you updated as per usual!

-Happy Swimming!


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How Training Equipment Can Make You A Better Swimmer


Swimming is a sport where athletes are constantly evolving their technique. The movement of every stroke, kick and undulation impacts the results, so athletes spend hours upon hours training to refine and perfect their strokes. A big part of training effectively is learning how to integrate training equipment into the regular swimming repertoire.

This guide will briefly go over how to use training equipment properly and what some of the benefits are to swimmers.

Training Equipment Guide

  1. Kickboards

Why Use A Kickboard

Like all swimwear equipment, the kickboard helps swimmers to get a more well-rounded cardiovascular workout. The kickboard allows swimmers to focus on working their legs, hips and stomach for technique. Also, it allows the arms to rest if they’ve been put through a particularly vigorous regime.

How To Use

There are a variety of ways to use a kickboard to help work on your swim technique, but the basic position is to grip the rounded of the board with your hands. The elbow rests near the square end of the kickboard. Although a lot of your body is on the kickboard, you want to avoid leaning on it as much as possible, because this means you’re working a lot less.

What Type Of Kickboard To Use

We recommend the Speedo Elite Kickboard Red which offers an ergonomic design with optimal buoyancy.

  1. Snorkels
    Why Use A Snorkel
    A snorkel allows swimmers to focus on their stroke rather than needing to worry about breathing. This is especially beneficial for freestyle since it allows swimmers to practice on focusing on starring at the bottom of the pool rather than breathing from side to side.

How To Use A Snorkel

Properly place the strap of the snorkel around your head and adjust to the appropriate size. Place the end of the snorkel in your mouth with the rubber inside. Immerse head underwater and inhale and exhale.

What Type Of Snorkel To Use

The perfect snorkel for swimmers is the Arena Center Snorkel Black which offers swivel head support, padding on head support and is made from liquid silicone & PVC for a comfort, stable and high quality piece of swim equipment.

  1. Fins/Flippers

Why Use Fins/Flippers?

Using fin/flippers offer numerous benefits to swimmers. They enhance flexibility and the cardiovascular workout of swimming. They give a swimmer the feeling that they’re moving fast through the water, and it is a lot of fun. Also, the flippers help swimmers improve their swim position, so they can begin to feel what it is like to swim with proper form.
How To Use Fin/Flippers

Place the fins securely on your feet. Kick as you would normally to use the flippers. Caution: Do not get too used to using flippers, because they can actually change your form for the worse.

What Type Of Flippers To Use? 

The Speedo BioFuse Training Fins are especially engineered to increase a swimmers speed through the water. The dual density of the Biofuse Flippers offers a stiff blade yet a soft, comfortable foot pocket making these flippers perfect for extended use at swim practice.

  1. Paddles 

Why Use Paddles

Paddles take the hands out of the equation of swimming, so that swimmers can focus on their arm technique. A similar way to emulate this equipment is to make a fist or squeeze a tennis ball by swimming, but the paddles make it so swimmers propel more accurately through the water by providing a cup to push the water back.

How To Use Paddles

Place hands inside of the paddles then preform the desired stroke. Make sure to not overuse the swim paddles, because they do put extra strain on the shoulders.

What Type Of Paddles To Use?

We recommend using the Speedo Biofuse Powerpaddle Set which is specifically engineered for maximum comfort and fit. The ergonomic design allows swimmers to grip without hand fatigue. The stiff plastic blade swishes through the water with a large amount of speed and power.

  1. Pull Buoys

Why Use Pull Buoys

A pull buoy allows a swimmers to focus on the action of the arms to move forward by isolating the hips and thigh. This increases arm strength, shoulders, chest and core.

How To Use A Pull Buoy

Hold the pull buoy in between the thighs. The hips and legs will float at the surface of the water. Use your arms to pull yourself forward. Be careful not to overuse this tool, because it can result in poor form with an arching in the lower back.

Which Type Of Pull Buoy Should I Use?

We recommend choosing between the Zoggs Pull Buoy and Vorgee 4 Layer Blue & Aqua Pull Buoy.

Go Ahead And Check Out Our Swim Equipment Training Section

We offer the best of the best swimming training equipment out there, so go ahead and check it out to see what you find. All of these pieces of equipment can help take you to the next level in your swimming game!

-Happy Swimming