Michael Phelps Exceeds Expectations with His New MP Xceed Goggles Range

Michael Phelps Xceed Goggles 2016

Looking for the perfect racing goggles? Michael Phelps has got you covered! His new Xceed racing goggles are flawlessly designed to give you a real competitive edge every time you slide them on.

As usual, the Baltimore Bullet is at the top of his game. His gear, like his swimming game, is consistently flawless. This new line of eyewear is no exception.

Combining their patented curved lens technology with a hydrodynamic low profile fit, the new Michael Phelps Xceed Racing Goggles are causing a real stir in the pool.

But don’t take it from us! Let’s here from the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, had to say about them: “The XCEED goggles are the best goggles that I have ever worn– they are super comfortable and the vision is insane. The ability to see so clearly with incredible peripheral vision allows me to see the wall and other swimmers underwater unlike ever before.”

If they are good enough for Michael Phelps, they will easily meet the needs of every amateur and pro swimmer out there. Like all of his gear, Michael Phelps’ new XCEED goggles have been masterfully engineered. The man knows what it takes to speed through the water and he has made sure that his gear enables every swimmer to be at their best.

The patented curved lens on the Michael Phelps XCEED Goggles expand your field of vision so you’ll never need to alter your head position to see through them. And, thanks to the anti-fog treated polycarbonate lenses, you know that you will always have picture perfect vision!

Made with ultra-soft Softeril gaskets and engineered with Exo-Core technology, the Michael Phelps XCEED Goggles provide a watertight seal and maximum comfort so that you can focus on your form rather than your gear!

The compressed Micro-Gasket provides a leak resistant seal with a low profile design and high-quality, low-profile silicone strap with textured grip effect mean that your Michael Phelps XCEED goggles will stay exactly where you want them to be BUT if you do need to make a quick adjustment after you dive in, the hydrodynamic, low-profile head buckle make last minute fixes a breeze.

Best of all, these guys are built to last. Designed and manufactured in Italy and FINA approved, the Michael Phelps XCEED goggles have a semi-rigid exoskeleton that maximizes their structural strength and stability.

So, the only question remaining is: what colour? Whether you are an indoor or outdoor swimmer, Michael Phelps has got just what you need. The Michael Phelps XCEED Yellow & Black Clear Lens Goggles are a perfect pick if you are regularly do your laps in the pool and need to have a clear view of your competition. If you are lucky enough to live by a great outdoor swimming area, grab the Michael Phelps XCEED Grey & Black Smoke Lens Goggles or go bold in the Michael Phelps XCEED Blue & Black Smoke Lens Goggles.

Starting at just $39.95, you know these Michael Phelps XCEED googles will last you for ages and give you a competitive edge in the water.


Flying Through the Water with Michael Phelps Alpha Pro Fins

Michael Phelps Fins 2016

Feel like you are turning into a fish? You need the right fins! Fortunately, Michael Phelps AKA the Flying Fish is here to help.

In case you missed the good news, Aqua Sphere has teamed up with the most awarded swimmer of all-time, Michael Phelps, to create the world renowned “MP” brand of swim gear. At the top of their game as a premier swimming equipment manufacturer for fitness and recreational swimming, aquatic exercise, and triathlons, Aqua Sphere knows a thing or two about engineering perfect gear.

As a swimmer, you know how important it is to have the right gear. You need to be able to move through the water gracefully and distraction-free. When it comes to fins, you need a flawless fit.

As usual, the latest and the greatest addition to the Michael Phelps line is a brilliantly engineered piece of gear. So, if you are looking for fins that will last you for years to come, you have to check out the Michael Phelps Alpha Pro Neon Fin set.

Designed by Michael Phelps and his coach Bob Bowman, every single detail of the Michael Phelps Alpha Pro Fins have been carefully scrutinised to ensure that they can hold up to the highest standards of the best swimmers out there.

People who know swim gear are seriously impressed with these flippers. "A lot of the fins out there today are flat and swimmers learn to kick with their feet apart, which isn't a very natural motion. I'm very pleased with these fins because they're shaped in a way that you can kick the way you're going to when you're swimming," said Coach Bob Bowman. If you can impress a guy who has spent so many hours in the pool, you know that you can impress even the toughest critics.

The Michael Phelps Alpha Pro Fins are a whipping 70% lighter than the traditional swim fins and will help you fly through the water at record speeds. Don’t let your fins hold you back! While other cheap fins will weigh you down, these fins will keep you at the top of your racing game.

Designed to mimic a swimmers natural competitive kicking tempo with an asymmetrical short blade design, these fins will simply feel like an extension of your leg. Thanks to this unique asymmetrical style, your feet are able to move through the water in the same natural way they would move without fins on.

The Rigid EVA foam construction of the Michael Phelps Alpha Pro Fins ensures enhanced propulsion while providing the ultimate standard of comfort. It’s truly the perfect blend of strength and flexibility!

At just $44.95, the Michael Phelps Alpha Pro Fins are a great investment. Constructed from ultra durable closed cell foam, these fins are built to last everything that you can throw their way. Forget about investing in buying cheap fins year after year. These are the fins that you can trust for swim after swim.


What Are Nose Clips and Do You Really Need Them?

Nose Clips 2016


Do you need a nose clip? Do you really know what they are? If you are thinking about getting a swimming nose clip AKA a nose plug, there are a few things that you should consider before you grab one. It might seem like it’s easy enough to just pick up the first one that you see, you will find that their appearances can be deceptive. They actually vary more than you might think!

First things first, let’s talk about their function. Nose clips are basically just little pieces of wire that keep water out of your nose. They come in a range of colours as well as varying sizes for different age groups.

Whatever your age group, nose clips are good for beginners. You should plan to stick with your nose plug for at least the first year when you first get started in the water. A good nose clip will help you learn the freestyle stroke. It will keep the water out of your nose so that you can focus on just breathing through your mouth. You can also master the backstroke and butterfly stroke without having to worry about sucking water up your nose. This is a seriously important function that can make a major difference in the learning process.

As a bonus function, nose clips can be great long-term for serious swimmers who have an allergy to pool chemicals like chlorine. That means that you don’t have to give up your favourite hobby just because of a pesky little allergy!

Really, you can’t lose with a good nose clip. So, are you ready to go shopping? Let’s talk styles, colours and sizes. First up is one of the biggest names around the pool: Speedo. The Speedo Universal Nose Clip comes in a range of colours and its universal size means that it suits every age group. The nylon/silicone blend makes it comfortable and durable.

The Zoggs Nose Clip is another great pick. It has an easy fit frame that works for every age group. The ultra soft silicone nose pads are as comfortable as nose clips can get. It comes with a handy case so it’s easy to keep track of and there are a range of colour options. Another one size fit all option, this nose clip is great for every age group so you won’t have to worry about little ones growing out of it.

Another one of the most popular picks out there is the Finals Swim Nose Clip. Made from stainless steel construction and a latex coating, this nose clip is built to last for years to come. It’s one size fits all uber comfortable sizing means that this clip can literally last a lifetime.

Another great choice from Finals is their The Finals Standard Nose Clip. This durable nose clip is made from a pure metal construction for ultra strength and durability while its latex coating keeps it comfortable  The attached head strap means that it stays in place with a worry-free fit!





Everything You Need to Know About Junior’s Racing Suits

Junior Racing Suits 2016


Are your kids ready to start racing? Congratulations! Now here is your homework. While swim meetups can be a lot of fun, there is a lot of preparation that goes into them. The first step is to get the right junior’s racing suit.

Before you pick out a suit, you need to know a few things about compression level, fabric, and sizing. Choosing the right racing suit might seem like a daunting task but it’s easier than you might think. Like all sports gear, you need to find just the right combination of form and function for your little athlete.

When it comes to girls racing suits, you can find all of the basics in a suit like like the Arena Powerskin ST Kneelength swimsuit. This strong, knitted fabric is endlessly durable and provides a compression level that will reduce drag and help her keep the perfect form.

For another seriously impressive girls racing suit, check out the Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Kneelength. This racing suit has an intelligent compression level that makes the fabric feel like an unbelievably light second skin. The construction of this Carbon Air suit is seriously state-of-the-art suit and will keep the suit’s sizing perfectly fitting.

Another ultra popular girls junior suit is the The Speedo Fastskin Openback Girls Kneelength swimsuit. Made from chlorine resistant fabric, this suit is very durable and has just the right sizing and compression level to help her speed through the water. Its flawless fit will let her focus on her form and forget about her suit.

Looking for something a bit trendier? Check out the gorgeous Arena Limited Edition Powerskin ST Shark/Silver/Orange Kneelength. She will look like a star poolside in this beautiful racing suit. This stunning number is made from the most durable fabric out there and the best compression level that you will find anywhere.

When it comes to boys junior racing suits, the Arena Carbon Flex Jammers are second to none. Everything from the compression level to the sizing to the stitches of the fabric have been scientifically engineered. With a flexible fit and maximum compression, these jammers are the most comfortable suit to ever hit the scene. He won’t have to worry about tugging at suit in this easy-to-wear piece of gear.

Another great pick from Arena is the Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Jammers. WIth an intelligent compression fit and otherworldly lightness, these jammers are seriously sleek. Made from their ultra light, trademarked Carbon Air, this suit is state of the art. It is great from swimmers of all shapes and sizes.

For an incredibly hip style, check out the Agon Flames Jammers. The second-skin sizing and compression level makes these cool jammers popular with amateur swimmers and serious racers alikes.

FINA Approved, the Speedo Fastskin High Waisted Boys Jammers are made from chlorine resistant fabric that will keep them looking amazing swim after swim and a compression level that will have him flying through the water.

Now that you have got your junior’s racing suits covered, maybe it’s time to grab yourself a suit?




Q Swimwear Drag Shorts   

Q Swimwear Drag Shorts 2016

Looking to up your game in the pool? Up your swimwear game! Drag shorts are an incredibly useful training aid. They can totally transform your training routine and help you get the most out of every minute that you spend in the pool.

Drag shorts are the perfect aid to help you build up the muscles of your chest, neck, shoulders and biceps. The latest Q Swimwear Drag Shorts are exactly what you need to maximise your workouts and take your training routine to the next level.

Made from multiple layers of mesh fabric, Q Swimwear Drag Shorts work by creating more resistance in the water which forces your body to work harder and build stronger muscles all over your upper body.

Like all things from Q Swimwear, the latest drag shorts are not just about their function in the water. Q Swimwear is, and always has been, all about style. Why bother making a perfectly engineered piece of gear if it is too ugly for anyone to want to buy? Q Swimwear knows that we want to look good when we hit the water!

Q Swimwear is all about representing that unique brand of Australian cool. The company is driven by innovation, opportunity and resourcefulness. Their style is so laidback and effortlessly cool that you can practically smell the surf. Q Swimwear pushes the boundaries of conventional swimwear in terms of both form and function. Whatever your style, they have got it.

With Q Swimwear, there are never any surprises after you make a purchase. The company is known for its ultra high quality gear that stands the test of time without costing an arm and a leg.

Convinced? Now, the only thing left to do now is name your style. All of the Q Swimwear Drag Shorts are made with double layered 100% polyester mesh fabric so you can go crazy with the pattern and know that you will still be getting a top quality pair of drag shorts.

For the bad boys out there, check out the dark side of Q Swimwear with the Q Swimwear Bone Daddy Drag Shorts with a skull and skeleton theme. If you are less doom and gloom and more of a bad boy pirate, go for the Q Swimwear There Be Monster Drag Shorts.

More of an outdoors man? You will love the vibrant look of the natural landscape on the Q Swimwear Northern Lights Drag Shorts or you can show off your warrior spirit with the hunting themed Q Swimwear Pixeld Camouflage Drag Shorts.

Looking to show your whacky side? Go for the Q Swimwear Contradictory My Dear Watson Drag Shorts. The bold black and white print will keep them looking. Another bold black and white style is the Mustache. It’s a great way to show off your love of facial fur even when you are soaking wet.

Before you buy, give the sizing some thought though. The Q Swimwear drag shorts run LARGE to give swimmers a better drag effect. If you prefer a bit less drag, opt for a smaller suit size.


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Throwback Style from the Latest Q Swimwear Range of Jammers


If you are looking for Jammers that look as good as they feel, look no further. With custom designed gear made for swimmers by swimmers, Q Swimwear is at the top of its game. The American company is focused on creativity, self-expression and high quality. Their latest range of Jammers is just another reason to fall in love with Q Swimwear’s amazing style all over again.

Q Swimwear is all about innovation and that laid back, effortlessly cool confidence that can only come from the coast of Southern California. The guys at Q Swimwear are all about bringing you high quality, innovative gear at an affordable price without sacrificing style.

The new range of Jammers from Q Swimwear are exactly what you’d expect from the hip So Cal company. If you are looking for Jammers that fit like a second skin and last for ages, get ready to fall in love with the latest and the greatest from Q Swimwear.

The Q Jammer features a full coverage, compressive fit that offers freedom of movement and drag reduction. Made of a signature blend of 53% Polyester- 47% Polyester PBT with 100% polyester lining, these Jammers are ready for anything that you can throw at them.

In fact this revolutionary material has been engineered to last 10 to 20 times longer than traditional swimwear. This quality means that your new Q Jammer will maintain its flawless fit and elasticity for years to come. With a fabric weight of 200 gr/sq. cm and UV/SPF 50+ Protection, the Q Jammer is at the top of its game.

Now that you have found a high quality, high fashion design, the only question is: which style? When it comes to Q Swimwear, that isn’t always an easy question. Known for its ultra-stylish design, Q Swimwear is always ready to help you make a splash at the pool.

The latest range of Q Swimwear Jammers has a bit of something for everyone. One of their greatest range of styles is on the retro side of the new Jammers line. If you are looking for a throwback style, get yourself the Q Swimwear My New Mix Tape Jammers. For a more subtle pattern, check out the notebook doodle tribal style of the Q Swimwear Biogenesis Jammers.

For you gamers out there, don’t miss out on the Q Swimwear Galaxy Assault Jammers. Are you part man, part swim machine? Let your true circuits show with the Q Swimwear All My Circuits Jammers.

For a retro take on the ombre trend, you will fall head over heels for the Q Swimwear Shattered Ombre Jammer. For even more colour, check out the bold layered on look of the Q Swimwear Dotted Striped Jammer.

Are you sad that you can’t be rocking your 70s moustache in the pool? You can show off you moustachioed love with the Q Swimwear Mustache Jammers.

With a price point just under $50, the Q Swimwear Jammers are an obvious pick for anybody on the hunt for high quality, fashionable gear.

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High Style from the New Q Swimwear Range of Jammers

Tired of constantly having to replace your swim gear? Are you bored with the predictable range of boring and cheesy designs that most swimwear companies offer? If you want something fresh and durable, your search ends here. For modern looking swimwear that will stand up against anything you can throw at it, you have got to check out Q Swimwear.

The latest line of Jammers from Q Swimwear is a total game changer. These are truly the ultimate marriage of form and function. The people at Q Swimwear are serious swimmers and they know exactly what real swimmers are looking for in a good pair of Jammers. This American company is all about durability and design.

And, they can put their money where their mouth is! Q Swimwear isn’t just durable, it is nearly miraculous. Made from a signature blend of 53% Polyester- 47% Polyester PBT with 100% polyester lining, these Jammers have been engineered to last 10 to 20 times longer than traditional swimwear.

The Q Swimwear Jammers offer full coverage with a compressive fit that offers freedom of movement that is second to none. With a fabric weight of 200 gr/sq. cm and UV/SPF 50+ Protection, the Q Swimwear Jammer is made for business. Their gear will fit perfectly and maintain its elasticity for years.

While the high quality of engineering is what keep people coming back to Q Swimwear, it is their ultra-hip range of styles that will make you fall in love with them. The pioneering company prides itself on creativity, self-expression and high quality. Their latest range of Jammers doesn’t disappoint. Within this incredibly diverse range, you can easily find something for anyone and everyone.

The latest range of Q Swimwear Jammers has some uber chic styles. For a classic geometrical pattern with a twist, check out the trendy green style of the Q Swimwear Pointillism Jammers. For a bit more flair, the Q Swimwear Mystic Waves Jammers are a great pick as are the aqua-themed Q Swimwear Waves of Wrath Jammers. The layered design takes the basic piece of swim gear and turns it into modern art. Another artistically made and flawless designed pair of Jammers is the Q Swimwear Cascadia Jammers. The painted-on style creates a cool look that you won’t get sick of for years to come.

Ready to reconnect with your underwater roots? Check out the Q Swimwear Tide Pool Jammers for a stunning, reflecting pool design. For another subtle but amazing outdoor themed design, check out the Q Swimwear Northern Lights Jammers.

For a black and white style, you will love the Q Swimwear Tropical Twilight Jammers’ palm tree pattern or the jagged monochromatic stripes of the Q Swimwear Shibori Jammers. Looking to get a bit flashier while you are splashing around? The Q Swimwear Rainbow Mountain Jammers will be just up our alley.

Starting at $48, the long-lasting Q Swimwear Jammers are a bargain. Now, which pattern are you going to choose?

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Feeling the Animal Magnetism from the New Q Swimwear Range of Jammers       

Can’t keep your inner tiger leashed? We’ve got the gear for you! For the ultimate blend of quality and fierce design, you have got to check out the New Q Swimwear Jammers.

No swimwear company out there today can complete with Q Swimwear’s effortlessly cool design and endlessly durable fabrics. The latest Jammers from this iconic swimwear brand most definitely don’t disappoint.

For Jammers that will feel like a second skin and allow you a maximum range of movement, Q Swimwear is where it’s at. Made of a signature blend of 53% Polyester- 47% Polyester PBT with 100% polyester lining, these Jammers offer a full coverage, compressive fit with drag reduction.

The design of the Q Swimwear Jammers was engineered by swimmers for swimmers. These guys know how important it is to be able to get into the water and totally forget about what you are wearing and focus on what is really important: swimming!

Not only are these Jammers comfortable, they are as durable as swimwear gets. The revolutionary material from Q Swimwear has been engineered to last 10 to 20 times longer than traditional swimwear. This high quality engineering means that your new Q Jammer will maintain its flawless fit and elasticity for years to come. With a fabric weight of 200 gr/sq. cm and UV/SPF 50+ Protection, the Q Swimwear Jammer is at the top of its game.

And wait until you see the designs! If you are going to get Jammers that will last you for years, it is important that you like them for just as many years. It is easy to find the perfect style for you in the new Q Swimwear Jammers. The Southern California company is focused on creativity, self-expression and high quality. Their dedication to meshing form and function shows through in everything that they do.

With a price point just under $50, the Q Swimwear Jammers are an obvious pick for anybody on the hunt for high quality, fashionable gear. Now that you are ready to get your hands around the high quality, high fashion designs from Q Swimwear, the only question is: which style?

For a cool, retro-style design, check out the Q Swimwear Shark Attack Jammers. The black, blue and red design is perfect for showing off your bad boy side. For something that will intimidate all of your competitors, step into the eye of the tiger. The black and white design of the Q Swimwear White Tiger Jammers will have you looking like a wild animal in and out of the water.

Looking for something a bit darker? Check out the Q Swimwear Panther Jammers. The wild design is understated but hip. For a much bolder look, call on your inner Spiderman! The bold red and black Q Swimwear Spider Jammers will have all eyes on you. For a cool in the pool look, you will love Q Swimwear Octopus Attack Jammers.


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The Battle of the Ages – One Piece v Bikini which is better?

Zealous Bikinis and One Pieces 2016

There are so many option out there when it comes to swimwear that is suitable for training. If you are torn between a sports bikini and a one piece, we have got you covered! Whether you are a pool newbie or are just looking to mix things up, it is easy to find the perfect suit once you know what you are looking for.

When you are searching for a swimsuit that is suitable for sports, you are going to a find a million and one different sports bikinis and one piece options. Deciding which one is right for you takes some planning. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for when you start browsing.

When it comes to one piece swimsuits, a lot of women are in love with racer back swimsuits. Ultimately, it has a lot to do with personal preference but you’ll generally find that racer back suits allow a great freedom of movement and you don’t have to mess around with falling straps.  If you don’t like the feel of the racer back, check out anything with a relatively high back and neckline. Lower necklines and back cuts just aren’t supportive enough to be suitable for training.

While it might not be as sexy, a lower leg cut is usually your best bet too. You don’t want anything so high or tight that you can’t focus on getting laps in! Ultimately, it is still preference though. If you prefer a slightly higher cut, go for it. Just make sure you don’t have to tug at it.

As far as sports bikinis go, the fit will depend on what you are doing. While they can be suitable for training, not all two pieces are created equally. A wide open centre allows you to flaunt your abs and will let you go faster in the water. Longer tankini styles are great for relaxing at the beach but will definitely create lag in the pool.

Another thing to think about is bust support. While all of us have different needs in that department, some support is essential for everyone. You want to focus on keep everything where is should be and having enough support so that you can move easily and without feeling like you are about to pop out of your suit!

Front lining is always important for both bust support and overall comfort. It’ll make your suit last longer and fit better. Make sure it is  chlorine resistant fabric too or it’ll never hold up. In general, you should make sure that you have good coverage. Whether you go with a sports bikini or one piece suit, you need to make sure that you have enough coverage on the top and bottom. Swimming is a full body sport and you need to make sure your swimsuit is going to stay in place. Don’t be afraid to get crazy when you are trying on suits! If you are a total newbie, you might need to try a few suits before you know exactly what works for you.

While there are some seriously gorgeous sports bikini and one pieces out there, there are some major differences between fashion swimsuits and gear that is suitable for training. Before you buy, check for technical info. Look for fabric that is chlorine resistant and cuts that are suitable for training.

Ready? Let’s get shopping, ladies!

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Surf or Turf: Aquatic Print vs Floral Print Suits


Swimwear is a commitment! Who wants to bother with a draw full of cheap suits when you can invest in one high quality swimsuit? The only problem with that is the fact that you have got to love your swimsuit. The better quality your suit is, the more you need to be enamoured with the design because you know that you will be holding on to it for a long time.

So, the age old question remains: floral or aquatic print? Do you want to go for a bold print or something more subdued? Which will you love for 1000 swims to come? Whether you are a girlie girl or a woman of the sea, we have got the suit for you.

First up: the sea fare! Zealous swimwear is known for their gorgeous aquatic designs and the Zealous Aquamarine Womens One Piece Swimsuit is no exception. This Racer Cut suit is blue with a multicoloured, underwater coral pattern. It’s not all about looks though! Zealous gear is as functional as it is beautiful. The keyhole back design and supportive straps make for a comfortable and supportive fit. With a front lining, supportive 20mm straps and a medium leg line, this suit will feel like a second skin every time you slide it on.

Another fabulous floral pick is the Zealous Coral Cluster Womens One Piece Swimsuit. With a black background and a flash of multicoloured coral pizazz, this suit is simple and elegant. Its full open back, medium to high leg line and thin 9mm straps make it ultra easy to wear on top of being stylish.

Thinking about going the floral route instead? The AMANZI Majestic Bloom Womens One Piece Swimsuit is seriously stunning. Made from chlorine resistant fabric, you know this training swimsuit will look amazing for ages. This incredibly durable one piece has a unique bold photographic print that is meant to represent an eternal spring. From the tulips of Turkey to the roses of Germany to the lotus flowers of Egypt to the orchids of Singapore, the designers from AMANZI have selected their favourite pics from around the globe and created a mesmerising swimsuit with them. Did we mention that it is practical too? With 100% polyester lining, AMANZI Armor Chlorine Resistant Fabric, 50+ UV Protection, bar tack reinforcement and medium leg height, this is a serious swimsuit for serious (and stylish!) swimmers.

For another fun floral suit, check out the Funkita® Pretty Petal Womens Diamond Back One Piece Swimsuit with its multicoloured, pastel floral pattern. This gorgeous suit has a diamond back design allows for a full freedom of movement, thin pink double bind straps and moderate cut leg provide maximum comfort. Thanks to the C-Infinity Fabric, which is chlorine resistant,  shape retaining, quick drying and offer 50+ UV protection, your Funkita® Pretty Petal Womens Diamond Back One will retains its vibrant colours swim after swim.

So, what’ll it be? Are you a floral fox or an aquatic angel? Whatever your style, choose a suit that will love you back!

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