Take a Trip to the Copacabana Beach and Rio with Rival Swimwear!

Rival Swimwear Copacabana

Do you need a vacation? As swimmers, we know that not just any vacation will do for our very special needs. We swimmers need big white sandy beaches, lots of water to play in and perhaps even some fruity drinks. If you are in a vacation state of mind, get away with the new line of beach themed athletic swimwear from Rival. The line features mens swimwear, womens swimwear and girls swimwear with beautiful images of Copacabana Beach and Rio. Although we may not be able to actually visit these places in reality we can visit them with our imagination every time we wear an item from this new swimwear line from Rival. If you close your eyes when you are doing laps, it is almost as if you are swimming in the ocean. Right?!

If you want swimwear that captures a collage of images of the beach to accompany you to the pool then we have the perfect swimwear for you! The Copacabana print features a mishmash of colorful photos taken right at the Copacabana beach. Warning: If you wear the Copacabana print your swim team may be begging you take them on vacation, so be weary of whom you wear this travel-themed swimwear around! You can check out this fun print with the Copacabana Mens Trunks, Copacabana Womens One Piece, Copacabana Womens Sports Bikini, the Copacabana Girls One Piece and the Copacabana Girls Sports Bikini. As a pro tip we wanted to mention there is a size for most of the family in this print, and the matching swimwear would look great in all the family photos you want to take on this year’s vacation! P.S. You didn’t get the idea from us.

For women swimmers who would like a little bit of a different style that still captures the natural beauty and magic of Rio and Copacabana, we highly recommend checking out the Wipeout Womens One Piece Swimsuit. The Wipeout Womens One Piece features a print with horizontal strips of photographs in colour and black and white. The multitude of different designs and photos captures many interesting elements of the natural beauty of South America. This a perfect one piece for women who love travel more than almost anything else - besides swimming of course!

Don’t see anything you like yet from the Rival beach-themed swimwear line? Make sure to stay tuned to our blog for tons of brand new releases from the top swimwear brands at discounted prices. If you are looking for a good deal on athletic and fitness swimwear, make sure to check out our 'swimwear on sale' section too! We need to make room for all the new collections, so there are lots of great bargains to be had today.

-Bon Voyage!

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Fun Water Activities for the School Holidays

School Holiday Fun

We are so glad in Australia that the warm weather is finally coming! After the long, hard winter it is time to hit the beach and water for some much earned fun. Those lucky kids also just happen to have a holiday coming up, so we thought we’d give you some ideas to inspire the kids in the pool in case they catch the “I’m bored” syndrome that is so prevalent among today’s youth!

1. Swim Lesson/Swim Team
It is never too early or too late to start swimming for fitness, athleticism and fun. Help your little one become at one with the water by signing them up for activities at your local pool.

2. Go Fishing
Most kids only have so much of an attention span for fishing, but if you are fishing chances are you are near some water that looks mighty inviting to jump into. With the Rival Off the Hook Boys Trunks you can spend part of the day fishing then the other part swimming to make for the perfect warm spring day.

3. Swim with the Mermaids
Ariel must have been crazy for wanting to come to land, because we have to agree with her crab friend Sebastian that life is much better down where it’s wetter. Embrace the mermaid beauty with the Funkita Ocean Princess Girls One Piece Swimsuit.

4. Be a Super Hero
Every boy wants to be a super hero. Let your little boy really get into character with the Q Swimwear Crazy Heroes Jammers. These fun boys jammers feature two colorful super heroes that will inspire your little guy to save the day.

5. Count the Colors or Dots
For our little ones, every day is a new learning opportunity. It shouldn’t stop with swimwear! Practice your colors and count the stripes with your little girl when she wears the Funkita Rainbow Racer Toddler Girls Tankini. For boys, have him try to count all the dots on the Funky Trunks Anti Freeze Toddler Boys Trunks- that should keep him busy for at least a little while.

6. Bikini Babe in Training
We all remember being little girls wanting to be big girls. It was fun to wear makeup, talk about boys and wish to be older- although now many of us wish we could go back to simpler days. Let your girls play pre-teen with the Hive Euphoria Girls Sports Bikini.


Celebrating 21 years of Rival Swimwear

Rival Swimwear  21 yr Celebration

All the way back in 1993, Brian and Corin Powell split with Arena International to create their own swimwear brand in Australia. They wanted to devote more time to creating competitive swimwear that matched the vision they had for the future of swimwear. The brave move of these two swimwear brand founders has resulted in some of swimmer.com.au staff’s favorite swimwear that offers swimmers around the world style and comfort!

For the past 21 years, Rival swimwear has worked hard to produce swimwear that offers high technology swimwear features with the latest trends and colours. It is the swimwear brand for swimmers who not only love high quality chlorine-resistant swimwear, but who also have a high sense of style. To celebrate this monumental birthday we wanted to feature their latest swimwear in our blog! If you love Rival swimwear as much as we do, then you are going to love their new line of prints.

For womens swimwear, Rival is offering two fabulous pieces of athletic swimwear that we want to tell you all about.  For starters, the piece that honours Rival’s swimwear legacy the most is the Off the Hook Womens One Piece. This one piece features the Rival logo with ocean-filled letters running vertically up and down the swimwear. The one piece swimsuit has magenta straps and trim which compliment the blue of the ocean-filled text. This is a great one piece that lets you sport your love of Rival swimwear AND your love of the ocean!

The Copacabana Womens Sports Bikini is the other featured design that Rival swimwear is releasing for women. This sports bikini’s print features a collage of photographs of the breath-taking Malibu! Images of swimming pools, a pink hotel and a beach are all of photographic quality, so you may just want to step into the realistic scenes portrayed on your sports bikini! We also liked the pink straps and trim that complimented the collage of photographs perfectly!

In mens and boys sizes, Rival also released a line of signature Rival swim trunks and Rival jammers. The jammers and trunks both feature a print with the Rival logo printed in ocean-filled text. The cool colours of the black and blue are perfect for athletes who like to sport their favorite swimwear brand, but they like their swimwear to have a boss sense of style too. A perfect style for men and boys who love the Rival swimwear brand!

We are excited here at swimmer.com.au to see what Rival will offer the swimwear world for the company’s next 21 years. The fun and fashionable designs of their swimwear truly offer something unique to the world of swimming, and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

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Swim Into Shape

Spring Into Shape

As the weather gradually warms up, our bodies begin to transition from a time of winter rest to spring energy. Swimming is great form of exercise for your cardiovascular, muscular and respiratory fitness making it the perfect activity to get fit. Not to mention swimming is a lot of fun while still being low impact on the joints and other parts of the body.

To really get the most out of a fitness swimming routine, you need some gear to optimize your comfort and performance during each swim session. The following are some basic fitness swimming accessories and swimwear to help you get into shape this spring.

The Swimwear

For the Ladies

Us women are lucky, we have multiple styles of swimwear to choose from for fitness swimming. High quality fitness swimwear helps offer us support and comfort when spending extended time in the pool. Also, it offers high quality material that is meant to last even with frequent exposure to chlorine of pools.

For a bikini style we recommend the Speedo Cross Trainer Shocking Pink & Graphite Sports Bikini that offers maximum support in the tops with cute little strips of pink for a touch of style. If you are more of a one piece type lady then check out the Zoggs Avalon One Piece Swimsuit with sassy strips of pink and white across the bust. For plus-size women who want a little extra lift and coverage for working hard at the pool check out the Speedo Hydralift Womens Kneelength. We offer tons of fitness swimwear on our website, so if these styles do not appeal to you, shop around swimmer.com.au. (P.S. Don’t forget the sales sections!)

For the Men

We know you guys don’t want too many frills from your swimwear, so we’ll just bring up some high quality fitness swimwear that are perfect for extended use in the pool. Your first option is the Speedo Endurance Mens Briefs which is a simple black brief cut built with Speedo’s super tough Endurance material.

Fitness Swimwear Accessories

When you first start fitness swimming you may think you don’t really need swimwear accessories. The truth of the matter is that swimwear accessories can enhance the experience while protecting your body.

For example, a swimming watch like the Swimovate PoolMate Watch can help you monitor your progress every day when you go to the pool by tracking your lap times, stroke efficiency and calorie burn with each visit. Over time you can track the progress you make and work to improve your stroke techniques and lap timing to try to reach your fitness goals.

Another extremely important part of swimwear accessories is having a really solid pair of goggles that will protect your eyes and allow you to see. When you are putting in hard work at the pool the last thing you want to deal with a cheap pair of goggles fogging up and leaking. One of our favorite pairs of goggles out right now at a reasonable price is the Vorgee Venom Silver Tinted Lens Goggles. These goggles of anti-fog and bio seal features, so your vision and eyes are in the clear whenever you hit the water.


In order to start fitness swimming on the regular these are basic tools that you need. You may notice as you swim more and more you’ll gradually collect more gear. This is not unusual in the swim world at all, so welcome to the club. We hope this spring that you take the steps needed to improve your health, so don’t forget to start visiting the pool regularly.


Rose Coloured Womens Swimwear for the Pool

Areana Womens Rose One Piece

Wake up and smell the roses every time you hit the pool this summer with Arena’s new line of rose coloured swimwear. This athletic swimwear from Arena offers a perfect cut for swimmers who participate in competitive or fitness swimming, but it also adds a bit of girly beauty. Who says you can’t embrace your inner femininity and work hard in the pool too? The world’s toughest athletes out there have women among them now, so we might as well bring our love of things girly, like the colour of roses, to all of the sports us women kick butt at. Without further ado let’s take a peek at the rose-coloured swimwear just released by Arena.

What could make the colour of roses even prettier? Crystals that are the colour of roses! Check out the Womens Crystal One Piece to see Arena’s take on rose coloured crystals. The print of this one piece has stunning rose coloured crystals scattered across the straps and chest of this delightful athletic one piece. This particular cut is made with swim pro straps and a medium cut that is ideal for ladies who spend a lot of time training hard in the pool, because it provides support and comfort that is needed by athletic and fitness swimmers.

Don’t See Any Athletic Swimwear You like Here?

Sometimes finding the perfect piece of swimwear can take us on a difficult journey. We here at swimmer.com.au want to help all of you out there by offering the best swimwear and swim accessories at one convenient website, so you don’t have to spend hours and hours navigating one million different websites in search of swimwear that you want. Take a browse through our site to see if any other swimsuits catch your fancy, and don’t forget our sales section if you love a bargain! Also, be sure to stay tuned to our blog for the latest releases from all the top swimwear brands.


Delightfully Vivid Girls Swimwear from Arena

Arena Girls One Pieces

Having trouble finding the one piece that just needs to be added to your collection? Well, you may want to check out Arena’s new line of girls athletic swimwear to see if anything strikes your fancy. The one pieces of this line offer a plethora of colours and fun made just for girl swimmers. Check out the following prints to see if there is something that you want!

All Heart

Hearts, hearts everywhere! If you just love hearts, you’ll love the Arena Ticker Girls One Piece. This one piece is covered in big, bold and beautiful hearts. The Girls Ticker Jr One Piece is perfect for girls who really feel the love every time they hop in the pool.

A Little Punk Rock

This eclectic one piece is perfect for little ladies who are bit wild. The Arena Fancy Girls One Piece features human skulls, diamonds and a bunch of other surprises in bold neon on a midnight black background. Get in touch with your rock n’ roll lifestyle with every stroke.


Is there such thing as too much glitter? We don’t think so. Check out the Girl Flake Jr One Piece if you love everything just to be oh so glittery. This girls one piece features a print with glitter thrown across the chest of the swimwear on a bright pink background. With the Girls Flake Jr One Piece now you can glitz on at the pool too!

Bold Colours!

Big and bold colours are unique style of their own. With the strong chlorine-resistant material of Arena, you can sport one piece with striking colours that won’t fade away. Check out the wide variety of colours of the Girls Malteks Youth one piece to find the colour that just screams your personality!



Master your technique with Arena Swim Snorkels

Arena Snorkels

Freestyle is such a simple stroke, but there are so many different aspects of the stroke that one must master to do it well. One of the more difficult aspects of the freestyle stroke for many swimmers to master is the breathing technique. Learning proper alignment for breathing is tricky in the freestyle stroke.

The bigger problem with learning the freestyle technique is when swimmers actually fear breathing in water by mistake. An animal instinct drives many swimmers to have this fear, and at first it can be difficult for many swimmers to overcome. Yet, for some reason no swimwear company has thought to release swim accessories to help swimmers get over this fear- until now.

Arena has just released swimming equipment and accessories that can assist swimmers in learning proper breathing techniques during their freestyle stroke. The Arena Swim Snorkel allows swimmers to feel how little or how much they are actually rotating their head while they are swimming. Rotating the head too much is a very common mistake in new freestyle swimmers, and this give swimmers real-time feedback on when and how much to correct the rotation of their head.

Some of you experts out there may be wondering since we are talking about breathing techniques for the freestyle stroke, how come we haven’t brought up the old-school snorkel? Arena also offers a Swim Snorkel in our wide collection of swim accessories on our website here at swimmer.com.au. Snorkels also serve as great swim accessories to let swimmers learn to focus on their swimming technique.

Working on swimming technique is one of the most difficult parts of being a swimmer, but lucky for us the top swimwear companies make interesting tools and toys to help us become the best swimmers we can be.


All About Plus-Sized Women Swimwear from the Bodylift Range of Arena Swimwear

Arena Body Lift Collection

Arena just released a brand new line of plus-sized swimwear for women. The Arena Bodylift Range is designed to offer comfort that helps curvy women feel and look amazing in the pool. The comfortable and fashionable styles of the Bodylift Range offer a wide range of features that help enhance support in the water. In this blog we’ll briefly go over the two fab styles and the high-technology features of this fresh new line of swimwear from Arena.

The Features

  1.  Adjustable Straps

Having fixed straps can make a swimming experience extremely uncomfortable. That is why Arena offers adjustable straps. With these adjustable straps, the swimmer can easily fit her swimwear straps to match the size of her chest, arms and shoulders.

  1.  Stomach Flattening Material

Using a series of lining and folds, the Bodylift Range helps keep the tummy nice and flat. This allows for graceful movement through the water, so we can think more about swimming instead of our stomachs.

  1.  High Support

The entirety of the cut swimwear from the Bodylift Range creates high support to really help control the chest. Just using under-wire and moulded cups is often not enough, so Arena created a design of swimwear that integrated all parts of the swimsuit to have an uplifting effect on the chest. This support makes athletic, fitness and recreational swimming a lot more enjoyable.

  1.  Body Shaping

The compressive and soft fabric of Arena’s plus-sized swimwear helps create a smooth and flattering look for the pool. The swimwear is made just so that there is minor compression, but it doesn't make it too tight like other inferior versions of plus-sized womens swimwear.

The Styles

Here at swimmer.com.au offer we offer two styles of the Bodylift Range of Arena swimwear. Each offers a unique look, so you can choose the style that speaks to your preferences.

The midnight black Womens Mesh Solid One Piece offers a classic design for ladies with traditional tastes. The medium cut and criss-cross straps reminds us of vintage swimwear styles that flatter the shape of women’s bodies. This Mesh Solid One Piece is perfect for ladies who love to bring their sense of style to the water!

The other option for styles in the Bodylift Range of swimwear is the Womens Makimurax One Piece. This one piece features slices of rose colour on the sides and straps that compliments the luscious black of the rest of the material. The straight strap back offers a modern twist to this classic cut, and as a bonus, it makes the swimwear straps even easier to adjust. If you want something luxurious to wear to the pool, you’ll just have to try out the Womens Makimurak One Piece.

Want More?

We’ve got more plus-sized womens swimwear featured at discount prices right here at swimmer.com.au. Be sure to browse our website to find the swimwear that matches your needs!


Read About the Latest Swim Technology Features for these New Arena Goggles



Every swimmer knows that a good pair of goggles is an absolutely essential piece of equipment for the pool. As more enhanced swim technology comes out, it becomes more difficult to sort through all the options. That is why we've taken the time to create this blog to go over the goggle technology offered by Arena goggles. The Tracks Mirrors and the Tracks Goggles both offer all of the following swim technology features.

Dual Straps vs. Single Straps

Single strap goggles are fine for casual swimmers and kids, but if you are a fitness or athletic swimmer dual straps are definitely the way to go. Dual straps provide a comfortable and secure fit that you don’t have to worry about when doing laps. With the easy-to-adjust tabs you can get just the right fit with both the Tracks Mirrors and the Tracks Goggles.

Hydrodynamic Designs

Goggles with hydrodynamic designs are meant to get you through the water with the least amount of resistance. If you are a competitive swimmer, you probably already know how much drag can impact your finishing swim time. With the smaller designs of lenses of the goggles and curved surfaces, these goggles will have you soaring through the water.

Soft Silicone Seals

Silicone is one of the most malleable materials in the world, so that is why silicone seals are perfect for swimming goggles. The silicone seals tightly across the swimmer’s face to block water from getting under the lens. With Arena’s special formula for soft silicone, this awesome technology is comfortable too!

Interchangeable Nose Bridges

Both pairs of the Arena goggles come with a pack of three different nose bridge options. Given the huge variety of shapes of noses, having a comfortable and fitting nose bridge makes wearing swimming goggles a whole lot easier.


What swimmer does not have a deep disdain for having fog on their goggles? We all know that the anti-fog feature do not last forever on any set of goggles. Starting with anti-fog lenses is a good place to start then later you can consider purchasing anti-fog spray.


The skin isn't the only part of the body that sun impacts negatively; the eyes are also a very sensitive area too. With Arena goggles you can know that your eyes are protected from the harmful rains of the sun, and since there isn't such thing as sun screen for eyes this is a really good thing.

A Little Touch of Style

Last, but not least, Arena also offers a Racing Goggles Silicone Strap Kit with four different colour straps, so that you can customize your Arena swim goggles.

To view our entire Googles range visit swimmer.com.au


Happy Swimming!


The Time Has Come to Pick Your Tribe Girls: Pink vs. Blue

Hive Girls: Pink vs. Blue


There are only two types of girls in this world, those who like pink and those that like blue. When it comes time to battle it out for the epic swimwear wars, there can be no overlapping the tribes. You have to pick your allegiance, it is now or never. So who will your allegiance be to? The pink or the blue team?

After picking whether you’ll be a blue swimmer or a pink swimmer, next you need to find out how you exactly fit into the tribe. By reading the following descriptions of Hive swimwear below, you’ll find out exactly what swimwear will match your personality. Beware: once you choose a tribe, you can’t switch back.

The Blue Hive Swim Tribe

When you are a blue type of girl, you prefer to keep things calm and easy. When it comes to beating your enemy in the swim lanes, you focus on what you are doing rather than your competitor. The blue team strategically has divided their tribe up into three positions. Now you have to figure out where you fit into the tribe by reading the descriptions of blue swimwear from Hive below.

1. The Leader

The leader is always encouraging all of her teammates along. Her optimism is contagious, and she helps push everyone their hardest in the pool. Her positive personality deserves a flowery and bubbly swimwear like Girls Flower Bomb Blue Bikini or the Girls Flower Bomb Blue Full Piece.

2. The Ambassador

The ambassador is the type of girl that everyone gets along with, so she takes this to her advantage by getting information about the other team. She knows all about the competition, so that her team can work to beat them when it comes to the next meet.

Her complex personality deserves intricate swimwear like the Girls Delirium Blue Sports Bikini or the Girls Delirium Blue Racer Full Piece.

3. The Strongest Athlete

This girl is more focused on her own performance than working with the team. When she goes into the water it is just her and the water. Her motivation and power is enough to serve as an example to her other team mates. Such a unique girl deserves a unique piece of athletic swimwear like the Girls Euphoria Sports Bikini or the Girls Euphoria Racer Full Piece.

The Pink Hive Swim Tribe

Tribe pink is all about team work, hard work and every type of work. Their enthusiasm and love for swimming helps drive them to touch out. This tribe prefers to keep the path to victory simple by just having two positions to fill. Find out which Hive swimwear is perfect for you by reading the descriptions below.

1. The Motivator

The motivator of the team spends a lot time encouraging her other teammates to do their best. Sometimes she could even stand to spend more time encouraging herself, but she feels the need to help others feel their best in the water. Such a positive personality deserves a flowery and brightly coloured swimsuit like the Girls Flower Bomb Pink Bikini or the Girls Flower Bomb Pink Full Piece.

2. The Terminator

This girl is all about the competition. It is a good thing she just also happens to be a great swimmer too. When it comes to training she is always the girl working hardest in and out of the water. Her powerful personality is fiery and deserves swimwear like the Girls Delirium Red Sports Bikini or the Girls Delirium Red Racer Full Piece.

Become part of the Hive Tribe today.

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