Getting in Shape with Dolfin Aquashape Main Summer 2016 Collection

Dolfin Aquashape 2016

Are you on the search for the perfect training swimsuit? It is time to check out the Dolfin Aquashape Main Summer 2016 Collection. Featuring a stunning array of knee length suits, you will fall head over heels for these ultra-comfortable, durable and beautiful suits.

As one of the world’s leading sports swimwear brands for over 50 years, Dolfin Swimwear is popular with recreational and competitive swimmers alike. Thanks to their innovation in style and fabric technology, Dolfin is now a favourite pick among some of the greatest swim teams on the planet.

Catering to everyone from young swimmers going for their first lessons to competitive swimmers on their way to the Olympics, Dolfin Swimwear has great quality swimwear at a great price for everyone in the water.

One of our favourite suits of the year is the Dolfin Aquashape Kneelength suit. Perfect for water aerobics and training, this is the perfect suit for you ladies who like a bit more coverage and extra security. Featuring a u-back style, the Dolfin Aquashape Kneelength suit provides full coverage and offers ample support with the wider shoulder straps. Chlorine resistant and offering bust support as well as tummy control, what more could you ask for in a suit?

You’ll be clamouring for the 100% RELIANCE™ Polyester Dolfin Zip Front Navy Kneelength suit. This zip front SPF 50+ aquatard is navy with a light aqua stripe down either side of the suit with a light blue accent zipper in the front. This gorgeous fully lined suit offers maximum coverage and is easy to take on and off and features a locking, covered zipper for extra comfort and security. Thanks to the shelf bra with removable cups, you have plenty of support and comfort every time you slip it on.

Not into navy? You will adore the Dolfin Aquashape Purple Women’s Zip Front Kneelength in black with purple stripes down either side and a purple zipper in the front. This beautiful suit offers maximum coverage. You can leave the competition behind in this awesome swimsuit! Like all of the suits in the Dolfin Aquashape Women’s Zip Front Aquatard collection, this 100% Reliance™ polyester, fully lined, SPF 50+ features a shelf bra with removable cups and a locking zipper with a cover.

Last but certainly not least, check out the Dolfin Zip Front Turquoise Kneelength swimsuit. This stunning aquatard is navy with a turquoise stripe down both sides and features a turquoise accent zipper in the front. Offering maximum coverage and an easy on and off fit, this 100% RELIANCE™ polyester, knee length suit will slide on like a second skin and provide you with hours of distraction-free swimming.

Whether you go for the Dolfin Zip Front Kneelength swimsuit in turquoise, navy or purple, you will be blown away by the comfort level and attention to detail that goes into every single Dolfin suit. If you have never tried this world renown brand, there’s no better time than now!



Cool New Looks from the Boys’ Zoggs Summer 2016 Line

Zoggs Main Summer Jammers 2016

When it comes to kids’ gear, durability is always a top priority and nobody knows about last-lasting swimming gear like Zoggs. This award-winning Australian swim gear company provides a warranty that is second to none on all of their suits.

A revolutionary industry leader, Zoggs created the impressive Aqualast swimwear with one goal in mind: to make the world’s most durable swimsuits and jammers. And they’d done it! Their swimwear is amazingly resilient. In fact, they are so proud of their gear that they stand behind it with the industry’s only lifetime guarantee.

Ready to pick up a pair of boy’s jammers that he can wear every single day until he outgrows them? Check out the new Boys’ Zoggs Summer 2016 Line. These jammers will maintain a perfect fit and vibrant colours until he grows out of them.

Of course, it’s not all about function and durability. This Aussie owned and operated swim gear company makes cool, fashionable gear that he will love showing off to his friends every time he hits the pool.

One of the most beloved jammers in the Boys’ Zoggs Summer 2016 Line are the Zoggs Cleveland Boys Mid Jammers. The traditional, timeless style is sure to stay in fashion for countless years to come. Available in navy or black, these jammers are perfect for serious and casual swimmers alike. Designed for boys age 6-14, these jammers feature a comfortable 32 leg. Of course, like all of the Boys’ Zoggs Summer 2016 Line jammers, the Zoggs Cleveland Mid Jammers are made with Aqualast materials.

On the hunt for a longer leg? Check out the Zoggs Blaze Boys Jammers. Designed for boys aged 6 to 14, these jammers have a 39 cm leg. Available in black or navy, the Zoggs Blaze Boys Jammers have a vibrant splash of colour on the leg that give them a trendy edge.

Does he love a bright and bold style? Check out the Zoggs Grid Work Boys Jammers for boys aged 6 to 14. He will look ultra-cool poolside with the geometric patterned azure and aqua leg design on these 39 cm long leg jammers made with Aqualast.

Is a secret bad boy? He will adore the Zoggs Skull Boys Jammers for boys aged 6 to 14. With a 39 cm leg, these hip multi-coloured shorts are dotted with a skull themed pattern.

Are you searching for some great, durable shorts for younger boys? Have a look at the Toddler Boys’ Zoggs Summer 2016 Line. One of our favourite looks is the Aqualast Zoggs Cranky Crab Toddler Boys Hip Racer, with a 17 cm leg, made for boys 2 to 6 years old. For a longer style, grab a pair of the Zoggs Cranky Crab Toddler Boys Mini Jammers with a 28 cm leg and all-over cartoon crab pattern. Before you buy, don’t miss the adorable crab pattern on the Zoggs Cranky Crab Toddler Boys spliced Mini Jammers.

Not a cranky crab kind of boy? He is sure to love the Zoggs Surfing Penguin Toddler Boys Jammers, available in a spliced or all-over pattern, with a 23 cm leg. This cute blue jammers will be a hit with any surf dude or animal lover.



Looking Hot in Zoggs’ Summer 2016 One Pieces

Zoggs Main Summer 2016 One Pieces

Hey, ladies! Are you looking for a stylish, comfortable, flattering suit that’ll last you for a lifetime? Believe it or not, such a thing really does exist! Thanks to Zoggs, you really can have it in all in one single swimsuit.

Forget about choosing between stylish and practical suits. And the days of replacing your swimsuit every single year? Those dark ages are in the past! Aussie owned and operated swimwear company Zoggs has created a new industry gold standard to beat: the lifetime warranty.

Run by quality-obsessed swimmers, Zoggs is the first swim gear company in the world to provide a lifetime guarantee with their swimwear. This means that you can choose a chic, flattering suit and wear it every single swim. What more could you ask for?

This award-winning swim wear company engineered an amazing fabric that they call Aqualast. Once you put on your first Aqualast swimsuit, you’ll never go back. Its durability and fit is truly second to none.

But, of course, what’s an amazing quality suit worth if you don’t love how you look in it? Every water-obsessed woman out there knows that you need to feel amazing in your swimsuit or it’ll spend its days gathering dust in your drawer. Zoggs truly understands this and has spared no expense in making your suit flawless.

With a wide range of sizes and shapes, there is a Zoggs suit that will fit you like a glove. With varying leg heights, adjustable straps and bust sizes that go up to an F cup, Zoggs designed their suits with every woman in mind. They have an extensive range of multiway back types as well as front lined suits which allow you to focus on your form rather than the fit of your suit.

And you’ll never feel self-conscious in your Zoggs wear! Thanks to their booty enhancing suits and tummy control, you can confidently flaunt your assets around the pool. Carrying a little extra weight? They didn’t forget about you pregnant ladies! Zoggs has some of the best fitting maternity swimwear on the market.

Ready to get your own Zoggs swimsuit? For a vibrant splash of colour, check out the Zoggs Circuit Womens One Piece Swimsuit available in sizes 8 to 18 with a fly back. For a bold and bright star back suit, you will fall in love with the Zoggs Neon Zee Womens One Piece Swimsuit, available in sizes 6 to 16 with adjustable straps. Like all of the swimsuits in the Zoggs Womens Summer 2016 One Piece collection, these suits are made with Aqualast and offer a lifetime guarantee.

On the hunt for a modern look? You will fall head over heels for Zoggs Geo Chrome Womens One Piece Swimsuit designed with bold, geometric red accents and an aqua back, available in sizes 6 to 16.

Love the speed back style suits? Go for Zoggs Solar Womens One Piece Swimsuit. Black with a vibrant splash of aqua and blue along with azure accents and straps, this gorgeous suit is available in sizes 8 to 18.

Last but not least is our favourite look of the season! For kaleidoscope of beauty, get yourself a Zoggs Amara Womens One Piece Swimsuit with a twin back available in sizes 6 to 16.


The Ultra-Durable Looks from the Men’s Zoggs Summer 2016 Line

Zoggs Main Summer 2016 Mens Jammers

How long did your last pair of swim shorts last? One season? Maybe two if you were lucky? If you are sick of searching for new gear every single year, you will love the new Men’s Zoggs Summer 2016 Line. Built to last, these ultra-durable looks will stand up to the test of time. You can literally keep wearing them until you are too old to lower yourself into the pool!

While there are a lot of companies out there that advertise long-lasting gear, Zoggs stands behind it. Their new Aqualast swimwear is unlike anything else on the market. In fact they are so confident in the quality, durability and reliability of their revolutionary Aqualast material, they are putting their money where their mouth is. Zoggs is the first and only swimwear company on the planet to offer a lifetime guarantee on their fabric. How impressive is that?

Born in Australia, Zoggs’ dedication to quality has propelled them to be one of the biggest names in the industry. Whether you are just swimming to get fit or have dreams of bringing home the Olympic gold one day, Zoggs is a full service swim brand that has got you covered.

Spurred by a passion for swimming and designing truly innovative products, these guys understand swimmers at all levels and ages. After winning Best Swimwear Brand 2013, Zoggs has just gotten better every with every single line they’ve put out there. The latest Men’s Zoggs Summer 2016 release is surely one of the most impressive lines out there today.

Available in sizes 12 to 22 with a 48 cm leg, these jammers are perfectly designed to fit every size and body type. Thanks to the durable fabric and impeccable attention to detail, these will fit you like a second skin every single time you slide them on.

If you are looking for a pair of cool, comfortable and durable jammers, look no further than the Zoggs Blaze Mens Jammers. Like all of the new Zoggs shorts, these jammers are made with Zoggs’ legendary Aqualast material. Grab them in black with grey, lime and yellow accents or check out the navy version.

Looking for something a bit flashier? You will love the new Zoggs Darwin Jammers! Check out the Zoggs Darwin Neon Red Mens Jammers with a bold geometric pattern or try the Zoggs Darwin vibrant yellow and black Men’s Jammers.

Another one of our favourite looks of the year is the Zoggs Swift Mens Jammers. Available in blue and grey, these hip jammers are just bold enough to be interesting while just classic enough give you that timeless look that’ll keep you loving these jammers for years.

Into a bit more colour? Show off your artistic side with the Zoggs Technic Multi Mens Jammers or rock every colour under the sun with the Zoggs Spectrum Mens Jammers.

Whichever jammers you decide to go for, you can trust that Zoggs will always stand behind their products with an industry-leading guarantee.



The Endless Array of Sizes and Looks from Zoggs Summer 2016 Women’s Line

Zoggs Main Summer 2016 Body shapes

On the hunt for a durable, fashionable swimsuit? Look to Zoggs! This award-winning swim gear company is second to none when it comes to cool looks and crazy long-lasting material. If you are looking for a swimsuit that’ll truly last you a lifetime, Zoggs is the number one brand out there.

This Australian owned and operated company is the first swimwear company on the planet to offer a lifetime guarantee. Zoggs, who won the illustrious Best Swimwear Brand award, has created the revolutionary new material, Aqualast. Thanks to the quality, durability and reliability of their unique Aqualast material, you can trust that your suit is going to stand up to all that you can throw at it.

Zoggs is run by swimmers for swimmers. The folks at this innovative company know how important it is to find a suit that will suit every woman of every shape and size. Thanks to their attention to detail, you know that your Zoggs suit will stay in place for hours. Forget about the old days of tugging at your suit mid-swim! These suits have a flawless fit.

One of the top picks from the new women’s summer range is the Class Diva line of suits with its range of lime, rose and aqua designs. The Zoggs Class Diva Womens One Piece Swimsuit is available in a wrap front style in sizes 8 to 22 size with a low cut leg and tummy control. You’ll love the ultra-flattering rose and lime geometric pattern over the waist!

With its 50 shades of blue, the Zoggs Zen Resort Womens One Piece Swimsuit collection is stunning.

Love the classic style of black and white gear? You’ll fall head over heels for the Zoggs Bohemian Magic group of suits. Go for the Zoggs Bohemian Magic Womens One Piece Swimsuit with its Mesh X Over strap and classic black with white accents, available in sizes 8-20 with a medium cut leg.

For a different take on the black and white look, check out the Zoggs Bohemian Magic Scoopback Womens One Piece Swimsuit, available in sizes 8 to 22 in black with an ornate white pattern, tummy control and medium cut leg or the Zoggs Bohemian Magic Squareback in black with white floral accents. For the ultimate chic, high fashion look, you’ll adore the Zoggs Bohemian Magic Hi Front Womens One Piece Swimsuit, available in sizes 8-18.

Do you prefer a Kneelength suit? You will adore the cute but ultra-practical Zoggs Torquay Navy Womens Kneelength navy suit with blue accents, available in sizes 12-22.

Last, but certainly not least, check out the Zoggs Cottesloe Black Womens One Piece Swimsuit, available in sizes 8 to 20 in navy and black with a medium cut leg and bust support.


Why We Love Zoggs 2016 Girls Swimwear

Zoggs Main Summer 2016 Girls

Are you looking for some cute, durable girls swimsuits? We’ve got you covered! For the ultimate blend of fashion, fun and resilience, you have got to check out the Zoggs 2016 Girls Swimwear collection. With so many styles and colours, there is sure to be something that’s just perfect for your little swimming princess!

If you have never used any of Zoggs’ gear before, prepare to be impressed. This award-winning Australian swim gear company is at the top of its game. Designing gear for everyone from toddlers in swimming lessons to women on their way to the Olympics, Zoggs is a pro at catering to every level.

Whether you are six or 60, you can count on your Zoggs swimsuit lasting you a lifetime. Thanks to their revolutionary Aqualast material, their suits are sure to outlast every other suit on the market. In fact, they stand behind their durability promise! They are the one and only swimwear company on the market to offer a lifetime guarantee with each and every one of their swimsuits. So, when you buy a Zoggs suit, you know that you are buying top of the line quality, durability and reliability.

Ready to get your little girl her very own Zoggs swimsuit? She is sure to love the Zoggs Flower Festival Girls One Piece Swimsuit for girls ages 6 to 14. Available in a yaroomba style with a floral violet, rose and aqua design with bright pink straps or with a rowlee style in blue with floral accents on the side.

Is she more of an artsy kind of gal? If so, she will adore the Zoggs Tribal Art Girls One Piece Swimsuit designed for girls aged 6 to 14. Available in a rosy, multi-coloured doodle design with a blue fly back or a bold aqua, lime and rose hand-drawn pattern with a cross back style or a pink and aqua Zoggs Tribal Art yaroomba style one piece suit.

If your little gal is a budding hippie, she will fall in love at first sight with the Zoggs Zesty Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Designed for girls aged 6 to 14, this duo back, multi-coloured vintage throwback is sure to make her the envy of the pool.

For animation and cartoon lovers, grab the Zoggs Rascals Bella Girls One Piece Swimsuit with a cross back, designed for girls ages 6 to 14.

And we haven’t forgotten about the youngest little girls! For little swimmers aged 2 to 6, check out the Zoggs Daisy Stripe Toddler Girls Classic Back One Piece Swimsuit with navy strips, a daisy accent and polka dotted back. For an extra bit of frill, be sure to look at adorable Zoggs Daisy Stripe Frill Toddler Girls One Piece Swimsuit.

Available in a yaroomba, classic or scoop back style, your little lady is sure to go crazy for the under-the-sea theme of the Zoggs Carnival Toddler One Piece Swimsuit.

If she loves ruffles and checks, you are sure to put a smile on her face with the Zoggs Happy Check Toddler Girls One Piece Swimsuit available in tie back style or a classic back and patterned with the happiest emojis around!



Prints that Rock

Rock and Roll Swimwear Prints 2016

If you are looking for cool styles and bright colours that will make you stand out from the squad, look no further than our collection of the greatest chlorine resistant prints that rock! Forget about wearing the same old dull black uniform this year. From florescent bikinis to Jammers that’ll get you noticed poolside, here is a quick rundown of our favourite bright colours and styles for women, men, boys and girls.

Let’s start with the ladies first, of course! You can have all eyes on you in the Dolfin Blitz Pink Winners One Piece Swimsuit. Not a pink swimsuit kind of gal? Show off your wild side in the Disseny Sport Wolf Night One Piece Swimsuit. Fancy yourself a modern fashionista? The Maru Queen Women’s One Piece Swimsuit will knock your socks off. If you are feeling California cool, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on the Speedo Venice Women’s One Piece Swimsuit.
Wearing a knee length suit doesn’t have to mean forgoing style! If you love a full coverage fit and a bright colours, check out the chlorine resistant Arena Limited Edition Powerskin ST Kneelength which is available in green, cyan and orange designs.
For the girls, stand out from the squad in the gorgeous Native American themed AMANZI Dreamcatcher Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Looking for something a bit more psychedelic? Check out the Hive Atoll Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Searching for a chlorine resistant bikini? She will flip for the AMANZI Radicool Girls Sports Bikini or the ultra-bright and bold Funkita Sugar Cube Girls Sports Bikini.
And we haven’t forgotten about the boys! For you old school cartoon lovers, grab a pair of the cool Maru Bang Boys Jammers. For boys with their eyes on the future, check out the hyper-modern Tornado Cyber Boys Jammers. If he’s a little devil, he will adore the Maru Demon Boys Jammers. If you are in the market for chlorine resistant trunks, check out the Speedo Skulls Boys Trunks for a bright and bold pick.
For you guys looking for 90s throwback styles with bright colours, you’ll dig the Q Swimwear Grunge Halloween Jammers. For a modern and hip look, check out the Dolfin Blitz Blue Jammers in bright colours of lime green and cyan blue. If you believe that real men wear pink, it will be love at first sight with the Dolfin Blitz Jammers in rose pink with bold orange and black accents. If you like a more classic style with just a bit of flair, you will love the Dolfin Sting Jammers which come with a bright aqua blue or fluorescent green side accent. Searching for chlorine resistant trunks? Our top pick of the year are the Disseny Sport Puntos Trunks.
Not ready to upgrade your suit yet? Add some pizzazz with a new swim cap. Make waves with the Dolfin Sonic Lime Lycra Swim Cap or rock every colour of the rainbow in the Dolfin Zip Lycra Swim Cap.
Alright, swimmers, now it is time to stand out from the squad! Grab one of favourite chlorine resistant chic styles in bright colours and you’ll never go back to boring old black.


Looking Cool in Winter Blues

Winter Blues Prints 2016
On the hunt for some cool styles in winter shades? If you love the blue hues of the season and want to grab a fashionable, chlorine resistant swimsuit for yourself, we have got you covered! Check out our favourite blue hues of the year for men, women, girls and boys.
Firstly, let’s talk about our blue hues in chlorine resistant suits for women. Want a cool new style? You’ll be looking anything but ugly in the Dolfin Lollie Uglies One Piece Swimsuit with its vibrant, throwback style in shades of lime, aqua and navy. For classic look with a bit of an edge, you will love the Dolfin Sting Blue One Piece Swimsuit.
One of our favourite looks of the year is the ultra-high fashion Arena Samba Deep Sea & Blue Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. For a super modern and chic look, you’ll adore the Finals Matrix Foil One Piece Swimsuit. Looking for a chlorine resistant bikini in your favourite blue hues? Check out the Hive Pacifica Women’s Sports Bikini.
For your little lady, you can channel her love of the underwater world in the Zealous Aquamarine Girls One Piece Swimsuit or check out the artsy style of AMANZI Bluebelle Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Want a super vibrant style? There are endless chlorine resistant styles in blue hues. She’ll be as pretty as a picture in the AMANZI Sakura Girls One Piece Swimsuit or, if she is more of a bikini girl, go for the classic Funkita Hail Storm Girls Sports Bikini.
On the hunt for a classic, cool men’s look? Search no further than the Arena Board Royal Men’s Jammers. If you like a modern, bold style, you will definitely want to grab yourself a pair of the Zoggs Darwin Blue Men’s Jammers. And speaking of modern, the Rival Off The Hook Men’s Trunks are definitely have one of the freshest looks of the year.
Want Jammers with a style that is somewhere in the middle? For the perfect mix of classic and cool, check out the Zoggs Geo Sport Spliced Men’s Jammers. And, last but certainly not least, the black and blue kaleidoscopic Speedo Kalido Men’s Jammers are one of our top picks of the year.
Looking for a suit for the little one? For a hyper-modern look check out the Speedo Abyss Boys Jammer or the ultra-flashy Tornado Carnival Blue Boys Jammers. Searching for chlorine resistant trunks that he will love? You have got to see the Funky Trunks Chevron Stream Boys Trunks. Does he love the traditional look? Get him a pair of the Arena Board Royal Boys Jammers.
Want to complete your look? Grab some essential accessories! We adore the Speedo BioFUSE Grey & Japan Blue Endurance Fitness Fin Set for intense training. Want to fly through the water? Michael Phelps has got you covered with his MP Focus Blue & White Centre Snorkel.
Ready to upgrade your vision? Check out the trendy and practical Zoggs Fusion Air Blue & Yellow Gold Mirror Lens Goggles. Before you finish your shopping trip, be sure to also pick up your own Funkita Ocean Sun Backpack to carry it all away in!


Bird of a Feather: Stunning Nature-Inspired Women and Girls Looks

Bird Prints for Swimwear 2016

It’s time to get back to nature! If you love beautiful bird and feather swimwear prints, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want a sports bikini, a one piece or a knee length suit, there are gorgeous styles out there for everyone from toddlers taking their first lessons to women who are ready to go pro. Check out these stunning nature-inspired looks for women and girls.
Ready to go bold? Make a splash with the stunning AMANZI Toucan Tango Women’s One Piece Swimsuit or take a mini tropical getaway in the Zoggs Prey Women’s One Piece. Looking for a suit that’ll turn heads? You will fall head over heels for the Zealous Soaring Skies Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. Are you more of a bikini lover? Check out the gorgeous design and flawless fit of the stunning Hive Hypnotic Red Women’s Sports Bikini.
And forget about the days of boring cookie-cutter girls swimming suits! The perfect suit is out there waiting for your little one! Are you searching for a swimsuit that is as bold and bright as your athletic girl? Let her soar above the crowd in the Zealous Soaring Skies Girls One Piece Swimsuit. If she loves the ultra-girlie look, she will adore the Maru Flutter One Piece Swimsuit.
Think there aren’t any cool knee length suits out there? Think again! Let her flaunt her flawless style in the Maru Flutter Kneelength. If you have a little one just starting swim lessons, get her excited about her new gear with the Zoggs Pretty Bird Toddler Girls Frills One Piece or the Zoggs Pretty Bird Toddler Girls One Piece.
Want a matching mum and daughter look? Check out the AMANZI Otomi Women’s One Piece Swimsuit and AMANZI Otomi Girls One Piece Swimsuit. Another one of our favourite duos is the Zealous Firefly Women’s One Piece Swimsuit and Zealous Firefly Girls One Piece Swimsuit or the Zealous Blue Moon Women’s One Piece Swimsuit matched with the Zealous Blue Moon Girls One Piece Swimsuit.
For an ultra-bold show-stopping mum and daughter style, check out the Zealous Soaring Skies Women’s One Piece Swimsuit and the AMANZI Tropicana Girls One Piece Swimsuit. And don’t think that we forget about you two-piece lovers! For the same cool style, check out the AMANZI Otomi Women’s Sports Bikini and the AMANZI Otomi Girls Sports Bikini.
As every swim parent knows, you can’t just show up at practice with a cute swimsuit. You need all the essentials! Make her feel like the belle of the swim meet in an ultra-cute Funkita Flamingo Go Go's Swim Cap.
And that’s all you need to take your love of the water to bright blue skies! Whether you go with a vibrant Toucan-inspired look or bold Zealous Firefly Women’s One Piece Swimsuit or something in between, you are sure to make waves this summer with a gorgeous nature-inspired look!


Get in Full Bloom with this Season’s Floral Prints

Swimwear Floral Prints 2016

Not into the plain black and blue suits that are dominating the racks this year? Embrace all things colourful with our favourite fresh and bright looks of the year that will set you apart from the competition. And, best of all, all of these looks are all chlorine resistant so they will stay looking flawless swim after swim.
First up, the Uglies! While their name might be ugly, these swimsuits are anything but! As always, some of our favourite picks of the year come from the Dolfin Ugies line. With gorgeous styles like the Dolfin Dazzle Uglies One Piece Swimsuit and the Dolfin Lollie Uglies One Piece Swimsuit, you can’t go wrong with this collection.
Living a charmed life? Flaunt it! Grab the beautiful AMANZI A Charmed Life Women’s One Piece Swimsuit and feel stunning every time you hit the water. Another amazing look, the Maru Tahiti Women’s One Piece Swimsuit could stand on its own in any art competition.
On the hunt for a more modern floral style? We adore the ultra-chic Zoggs Acid Rock Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. One of the other stand-out picks this season is the tropical and fresh Zoggs Prey Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. It’s so vibrant that you’ll feel like you are on an exotic getaway every time you slide it on.
If you want to stand out from the crowd, check out the fresh and bright Rival Tropical Punch Women’s One Piece Swimsuit or the ultra-flattering Speedo Contour Women’s Botanica One Piece Swimsuit.
For you ladies looking for something bright and fresh yet subdued and classic, you will love the fashionable Rival Classic Samba Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. A bit of diva? Check out the Speedo Hollywood Women’s One Piece Swimsuit. You will feel like a star as soon as you slip it on.
Of course, it’s not all about one pieces. If you want a fresh, bright, colourful bikini with a flawless fit and chlorine resistant fabric, check out the Hive Atoll Women’s Sports Bikini. Love all things girlie? You will fall head over heels for the colourful and cool AMANZI Bijou Bouquet Girls Sports Bikini.
And don’t forget about the little ones! There are so many gorgeous, chlorine resistant girls’ suits out there this year. By far and away one of the most beautiful suits we have seen this year is the Rival Peppa Potts Girls One Piece. If your little girl is into bright, colourful looks, she will love the bold aqua, rose and lime look of the Zealous Evergreen Girls One Piece Swimsuit.
If she loves bikinis, you are in luck! There are an endless number of stunning, chlorine resistant suits out there that look and fit like a dream. One of the most popular suits of the year is definitely going to be the bright sea foam green Hive Euphoria Girls Sports Bikini. If she loves pink, she will fall in love at first sight with the AMANZI Bijou Bouquet Womens Sports Bikini.
So, what are you waiting for? Choose the fresh and bright look that suits your style and you’ll be feeling unstoppable next time you dive in.