Arena Odense Mens Jammers

Arena Odense Mens Jammers

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The Arena Odense Mens Jammer is black with a stripe down both legs that features the word Arena in different colour backgrounds. These jammers feature the Max Life® Long Lasting Performance fabric and the Arena logo on the front. This comfortable jammer is perfect for competitive or leisure swimmers.

  • Max Life® Fabric 
  • 54% Polyester / 46% Polyester PBT
  • Italian Fabric by Carvico
  • 45cm Leg
  • Front Lined
SKU: 2A353-50

Product Features

Max Life

Max Life is the revolutionary new swimsuit made to last. Designed to provide long-lasting comfort and performance, its innovative, superior quality fabric guarantee extraordinary resistance to chlorine, extreme resilience and perfect fit, making it the most elastic and durable swim suit available to athletes.  A state of the art suit that moulds to the body allowing the best freedom of movement, resists abrasions and piling, feels smooth to the touch and offers excellent UV protection.

45cm Sides

Provides 45cm in length down the outside leg of your jammers.

Front Lining

Provides peace of mind during activity, that you have the maximum coverage and support.

Size Chart

Arena Mens Size Chart

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Odense Mens Jammers is manufactured by Arena Swimwear. For over 35 years Arena has equipped the world’s leading swimmers and lovers of watersports with racing, training, and leisure swimwear and accessories built on a foundation of in-depth research, technical know-how, and an unyielding commitment to quality. Arena is the authentic waterwear brand for athletes and real sport lovers. Wherever there are water sports, there is Arena.

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